The Research and Analysis Project Primark

1. Introduction


The Research and Analysis Project study is written based on the Subject: The concern and fiscal public presentation of Primark shops limited over the three twelvemonth period 2007 to 2009. This study highlights more on the operations, scheme, concern and fiscal public presentation of Primark shops limited. This is written in comparing to one of its rivals, BHS Limited.


The ground why I have chosen this subject is that, as a pupil comptroller, concern and fiscal analysis is really of import as it will widen my apprehension of fiscal analysis of companies. I will be coming across them on the practise field and that I should be able to analyze them without any trouble.

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More so companies want to hold a deep apprehension of where their concern is taking to and so be given to trust on their concern and fiscal public presentation analysis. This will assist them to recognize their strengths and failings and non merely that but besides the chances and menaces which lie in front of them. It will besides assist companies forecast in front of clip based on the historical fiscal analysis made. In this manner companies will be able to suggest healthy schemes in the nutriment of their company justifying an uninterrupted growing in both gross revenues and profitableness.

Bing a guideline in analyzing the fiscal state of affairs of a company, this analysis is besides relevant and critical in modern twenty-four hours concern worldwide as it outlines the complete image of the company in inquiry.


Bing one of the most popular vesture retail shops Primark shops limited has gotten into the media in both good and bad name.

As a low cost-focus giant in the vesture industry, Primark shops limited has been pulling a really big market in the United Kingdom. Despite its low cost, it is besides criticized on its low quality criterion as compared to its rivals like Marks and Spenser, BHS and Debenhams.

With these high valued rivals holding ‘store wars ‘ with Primark Limited, I have become acute to cognize how good Primark is making in footings of its concern and fiscal public presentation.

I am besides really funny about the impact to the profitableness of Primark on the ethical issues refering Primark utilizing child labors in 3rd universe states to do its merchandises. hypertext transfer protocol: //

I will besides wish to cognize how the recent economic downswing affected the fiscal public presentation of the concern of Primark between the 2007 to 2009 periods.

With a recent alteration in turnover of 13.64 % in 2009-2008, I am acute to cognize what contributed to this alteration.

Throughout this undertaking, I have made a clear appraisal between Primark shops plc and BHS limited.


The chief aim of this study is to analyze the concern and fiscal operations of Primark shops limited.

This will be looking at whether it is worthwhile to put in the low-priced vesture retail merchant, Primark. Since both possible and bing stockholders are acute on cognizing the profitableness and traveling concern of Primark shops limited, this will function as a usher to them on whether it is worthwhile to sell their portions, invest in purchasing more portions from Primark or to keep on to what they already have in the company. I have hence analysed the fiscal public presentation of Primark shops in both in comparing to its old old ages and one of its chief challengers in the United Kingdom.

This undertaking goes farther in measuring the internal and external environment of Primark utilizing the SWOT analysis in analyzing Primark ‘s strength, failing, Opportunities and Threats.


In this undertaking I have looked into replying the undermentioned research inquiries so one can come out with a graphic decision as to whether it is financially feasible for stockholders and possible stockholders to go on to put their involvement in Primark.

How successful is Primark in footings of its profitableness and turnover every bit compared to its challengers in the same market?

What are some of the strengths and failings, chances and menaces impacting the traveling concern of Primark?

Has the Return on Capital Employed of Primark Improved with clip?

Has the recent unfavorable judgments by the populace on its ethical stance in utilizing providers who use child labor affected its turnover adversely?

2. Information Gathering


Annual studies for the fiscal old ages 2007 to 2009:

I was able to acquire entree to the fiscal studies of Primark and BHS limited for the periods between 2007 and 2009. I so read through the three twelvemonth consequences. This was a really of import portion of my work as these were comparison specific information. Here it showed the fiscal statements and the fiscal ratios of both companies

Chairman of the Associated British Foods plc ‘s study: this gave me entree to the most recent study update on the gross rush in the twelvemonth 2010. This was helpful in updating my undertaking because as at the clip I had started this undertaking, the 2010 fiscal study of Primark had non been released to the public sphere and so the president ‘s study from the parent company ‘s one-year statement provided me with some recent updates in relation to its subordinate, Primark.

Books and diaries:

I was able to acquire some background information associating to fiscal analysis of concerns by trusting on books and diaries. It helped me understood better the fiscal ratios and tendencies in the fiscal statement. It was a encouragement to my analysis as it enabled me to acquire deeper cognition of consequences demoing on the fiscal statements.

Web sites ( electronic beginnings ) :

It was much easier and quicker to utilize the cyberspace to research information. I used chiefly the Primark web site and the BHS website alongside the fiscal times and FAME.

Fiscal Analysis Made Easy ( FAME ) :

This is an electronic beginning which provides fiscal analysis of the UK ‘s prima companies. Consequences of the top 1.7 million UK and Irish companies for the last 10 old ages. This shows the statement of fiscal place, income statements and other information utile and associating to the fiscal analysis.

Emerald [ electronic resource ] .A

This gave me entree to direction research diaries from MCB University Press. It hence provides service entree to more than 20,000 direction articles, with a full text archive traveling back to 1994. I was able to read through some of the articles associating to fiscal analysis to derive more apprehension on the subject chosen.


A major portion of this research is done through researching secondary informations. Bing information already accessible by the populace as trust on publically available information is relevant to this analysis. I foremost of all read through the one-year study of Primark shops limited and BHS limited to acquire the apprehension of how they have operated throughout the three old ages. I besides read through their company profile from their web sites and other rival sites like BHS and Marks and Spenser to derive some more cognitions of their operation in the vesture retail market.

I was able to garner some more information through the usage of the library and BBC docudrama. Researching through the library was a spot hard as compared to utilizing the electronic library to research on the two companies.

The fiscal information between old ages 2007 and 2009 were considered and used in the analysis because as at the clip of this undertaking, the 2010 fiscal study had non been released to the public sphere.

I was able to acquire client ‘s position on Primark by reading from ailments and complements made in a forum online at references like the

I did most of my research utilizing information from online beginning. I was a get the elaborate fiscal information of both Primark and BHS from online as good. Apart from the online beginning, I was able to trust on books as good like the ACCA ‘s Kaplan text books and that from BPP ‘s text book. Further, I used the diaries from ACCA pupil ‘s accountant magazines to assist me compose and understand my research good.

The articles from the fiscal times Newspaper was besides really helpful in my research as it gave me up to day of the month information and happenings in the retail industry.

Accounting Techniques USED

Some of the fiscal ratios used in replying and apprehension of the research inquiries posed in 1.5 above were ;

Gross Growth ratio: this showed the tendency of growing in gross for the three twelvemonth period 2007 to 2009 and besides compared to BHS.

Profitableness and return ratios: This showed how good Primark has improved in footings of Profitability for the three twelvemonth period and besides every bit compared to BHS.

Working capital ratios: this is an index of short-run fiscal credibleness of Primark. This is the liquid capital available with the company to transport on with its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. This considered cardinal ratios like the creditors payment period and stock turnover.

Efficiency ratios like the net income per employee and turnover per employee were all considered. This was able to demo how efficient Primark has been managed in relation to its workers.



Primark Stores Ltd. , a subordinate of Associated British Foods plc ( ABF ) , is a prima and spread outing international vesture retail merchant.

As at December 2010, it operated a sum of 215 shops in and around the UK with 150 shops in the UK, 38 in Ireland, 19 in Spain, 2 in the Netherlands and Portugal every bit good 3 in Germany and 1 in Belgium. Spain ( Plenilunio ) and Ireland, where it trades under the Penneys trade name. It was foremost established in 1969 as Penneys in Mary Street, Dublin.

Primark carries a full scope of sections: Women ‘s wear, Lingerie, Children ‘s wear, Menswear, Footwear, Accessories, Hosiery and Home. The company has several trade names, which include Atmosphere, Secret Possessions, Primark Essentials ( for Women, Men and Children ‘s quality rudimentss ) , Early Days, Rebel and Young Dimension.

Primark marks immature, fashion-conscious under 35 ‘s, offering them high quality, manner rudimentss at value for money monetary values. Almost half of gross revenues are in Women ‘s wear. A one-fourth of gross revenues is dedicated to Menswear and Children ‘s wear, with other points representing the staying gross revenues.

The company has developed computerised imposts clearance, dedicated repositing and distribution services to back up the person shops and facilitate stock control, thereby guaranting immediate gross revenues analysis.

In the following few months a farther 41 shops will be added, chiefly those acquired from Littlewoods, with a entire investing of some ?700 million. New shops late opened include Dundrum Town Centre and Dundalk ( Ireland ) ; Leicester, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Hull, Cardiff, Oxford, Metro-Centre, Sutton, Ayr and Leeds, Harlow, Preston, Luton and Maidstone. ( and )


British Home Stores Limited otherwise known popularly as BHS is a privateA British retailA section storesA concatenation with its subdivisions chiefly in the high street locations, they chiefly sell vesture and family points such asA bed-linen, A cutter, A crockeryA andA illuming. The BHS operates a entire shop of about one hundred and eighty six ( 186 ) shops throughout theA United Kingdom. The Company has been a component of theA FTSE 100 Index, but is now portion of the Arcadia Group since 2009.

Company Scheme

In a extremely competitory market place in which all UK retail merchants are contending to prolong their gross revenues against a lag in consumer disbursement, Primark is making unusually good.

The UK high streets and promenades are packed with no-frills manner retail merchants. That means that Primark has plentifulness of rivals all taking at the same type of clients. It is non easy to sell inexpensive manner. Well-established challengers such as BHS and Matalan are fighting, while consequences at Primark are dining.

The market section targeted by Primark is the manner witting under-35s with the slogan “ Look good wage less ” . It offers stylish apparels at really competitory monetary values ( for illustration, denims for ?4 ) and sensible quality: in other words, a value for money scheme. In competitory scheme footings, Primark is a prosecuting a authoritative ‘focus cost leading ‘ scheme.

The American direction professor Michael Porter of Harvard University developed a well-known attack to the competitory scheme of houses. He argued that companies could accomplish a higher rate of net income ( or at least possible net income ) in one of two ways: they could either supply a merchandise or service that is indistinguishable to that provided by rival companies, but at a lower cost than rival houses, or they could supply a merchandise or service that is differentiated from that of rival houses such that clients would be prepared to pay more for their merchandise than for a rival house ‘s merchandise. ( R. M Grant ( 2005 ) ) .

The first attack would intend that the house has aA cost advantage over rival houses, leting it to prosecute a ‘Cost Leadership ‘ scheme ; the 2nd attack would intend that they had aA differentiationA advantage, leting it to prosecute a ‘Differentiation ‘ scheme. Firms selling a ‘no-frills ‘ merchandise are normally trying a cost leading scheme, such as Easyjet ( UK ) or SouthWest ( USA ) air hoses. The ‘focus ‘ portion of Primark ‘s scheme is the specific client section it focuses on i.e. that of the under-35s. It is non trying to sell to everybody. It has selected a peculiar client section, merely as the ’18-30 ‘ vacation company has selected a clear market section based on age group within the leisure industry.

In the last three old ages Primark has got a batch of things right. Some of its strongest successful rivals are BHS, TK Maxx and George at ASDA. However, although all three are in the ‘value ‘ section and hence have similar market placement, the other three have different schemes to that of Primark. TK Maxx sells heavily-discounted prestigiousness trade names and George at Asda has created its ain private-label trade name largely at out-of town shops. Primark is a high street retail merchant which has a household of trade names and focuses much more on purchasing, logistics and supply concatenation direction instead than branding.

In its chase of ever-lower costs, squads of purchasers in UK and Ireland travel internationally both to place manner tendencies and to seek out the most competitory providers. The company uses computerised imposts clearance ( velocity to market ) and dedicated repositing and distribution installations, such as the elephantine warehouse owned and run by the logistics company TNT but dedicated entirely to Primark stock distribution. This one warehouse is centrally located for the whole UK market, near a junction of the M1 expressway and it houses 50 % of Primark ‘s UK stock, having 30 lorry tonss each twenty-four hours. ( This warehouse was destroyed by fire in November 2005 ) . Computerised repositing and distribution systems are linked to computerised day-to-day gross revenues and stock information ( rapid restocking of fast-selling points ) by size and coloring material for each point in every shop to optimize turnover. ( )


3.4.1 Revenue Growth













Figure 1

From the above graph of Primark shops limited, the gross has improved significantly since 2007. This has risen from 1,298,396 in twelvemonth 2007 by 18 % to 1,533,794 in 2008 and so farther to 1,743,006 by 13.6 % in 2009. This has been really astonishing as these rushs in gross are coincidently at the same period as when the planetary economic downswing took consequence. The addition in gross could be as a consequence of the recent new Primark shops opened across the United Kingdom and other European states.

On comparing this to the BHS limited, BHS limited besides performed good and better in twelvemonth 2009 with a 31.8 % rise above that of twelvemonth 2008 despite the bead of 1.67 % in 2008.

Primark shops outperformed BHS limited in the portion of the dressing retail market as it continues to turn its gross every twelvemonth.

Profitableness and Return Ratios

3.5.1 Operating Net income Growth













Figure 2

With a high net income of 96,426 in twelvemonth 2007, the operating net income fell from 96,426thGBP in 2007 to 76,274thGBP in 2008 which represents 26 % , In malice of this autumn in 2007, Primark began to acquire better with a good operating net income of ?86,015thGBP in twelvemonth 2009. The autumn in the net income between old ages 2007 and 2009 was because some disbursals like Administration disbursals was invariably increasing from 131,745thGBP in 2007 to 223,912thGBP in 2009. Apart from this, the cost of gross revenues had besides increased from 1,070,225thGBP in 2007 to 1,433,079thGBP in 2009. These contributed to the little autumn in net income as at 2009.

On comparing the consequences of the operating net income to that of BHS, in twelvemonth 2007 BHS did good in guaranting it maintained a net income degree of 35,500thGBP but could non make better than Primark Stores in the same twelvemonth and even old ages 2008 and 2009. BHS net income began to fall in twelvemonth 2008 and later drastically fell from 15203 in 2008 into a loss of 53,535thGBP in twelvemonth 2009.

Overall I will state that despite the 2008 autumn in the operating net income of Primark, it outperformed BHS significantly.

3.5.2 Net income after Interest and Tax













Figure 3

Similar to the operating net income growing discussed above, the net income after involvement and revenue enhancement have besides experienced a downward incline from 44,102thGBP in twelvemonth 2007 to 14,714thGBP in twelvemonth 2008 but so rose to 29,795thGBP in twelvemonth 2009. There was a net involvement as follows, twelvemonth 2007 had a 46,604thGBP with twelvemonth 2008 holding ?55,737thGBP and twelvemonth 2009 holding a 38,422thGBP. Besides, the one-year revenue enhancement was 19,750thGBP for 2007, 2008 paying 41500thGBP whereas in 2009 they paid 29,795thGBP. These important sums of involvements and revenue enhancements for the old ages besides partook in the inauspicious consequence on the net income after revenue enhancement and involvement.

The immense involvement list was as a consequence of the involvements being paid to the bank, engage purchase, leasing and other involvements paid.

Relatively, the BHS net income after revenue enhancement besides fell even more drastically than Primark, it had a net income after involvement and revenue enhancement at 27,638 in twelvemonth 2007 but so subsequently fell into a loss in 2009 at -62,022thGBP.

3.5.3 Net income Margin













Figure 8

Primark shops plc was able to accomplish a favorable net income border throughout the three old ages from 4.92 % in 2007 to 2.94 % in 2009. This was a little autumn from 4.92 to 2.94. This was partially due to the uneffective control of costs and gross revenues in Primark.

But on comparing this to BHS ltd, BHS had a good net income border of 4.46 % but so reduced to 2.53 % in 2008 and so farther to -5.54 in 2009.

3.5.4 Net Assetss Turnover













Figure 12

This measures the ability of Primark to pull off its net assets really good to bring forth gross.

This is calculated by spliting the gross revenues gross of Primark against its capital employed. Primark was able to acquire a comparatively sensible figure of 6.32times as at 2007compared to BHS which had 3.39times. Primark ‘s net plus turnover continued to lift from 6.32times in 2007 to8.73times in 2009. This is an indicant that Primark has expeditiously been able to pull off its net assets really good. Compared to that of BHS who ‘s net assets indicates that there could be inefficient direction of its net assets.

3.5.5 Return on Capital Employed ( % )













Figure 14

One of the major grounds why people make investing is to acquire a hearty return on capital invested. Therefore the return on capital employed is used to mensurate the success of a concern in accomplishing its aims

Primark ‘s return on capital employed shows the relationship between its net income and its capital employed.

From the above, we can see that Primark had a sensible return on capital employed for 2007 of 31.06 % but decreased to 15.69 % and 25.68 % in 2008 and 2009 severally. This indicates that the per centum of return on capital employed by Primark into its concern is going low and that it is a mark of inefficiencies in its concern this can hence be attributed to the lessening in the border of net income in 2007 and 2009.

The BHS had a really low return on capital employed in twelvemonth 2009 at -22.63 % after falling from 15.11 % in 2007. This is non really good for BHS as it implies inefficiencies in concern operation for BHS.

3.5.6 Return on Shareholders ‘ Fundss ( % )













Figure 15

This is the relationship between the net income after involvement and revenue enhancement and stockholder ‘s financess. And it is measured as net net income divided by stockholder ‘s investings.

As the chief end of every company is to maximize net income, this ratio will assist to mensurate the extent to which this net income is attained. Both the officeholder and the prospective stockholders of Primark will happen this ratio peculiarly of import. This is because it will be able to demo to them how efficient the resources of Primark have been put to utilize.

From the above we can see that Primark shops had a high return on stockholder ‘s financess at 40.69 % in 2007 but so decreased to 22.02 % in 2008 and 34.73 % in 2009. This shows that every bit at 2007, the stockholders of Primark was able to acquire good return from their investing into the vesture retail concern. But so they found their return in the subsequent old ages cut downing. This is besides because of the decrease in the net income border between 2007 and 2009.

Comparing this to BHS, it had a good return on stockholder ‘s financess in 2007 at 20.83 % but so drastically decreased to -143.71 % in 2009. This is as a consequence of its 2009 net income border or -5.54 % .

Here I will state despite the autumn in Primark ‘s return on stockholder ‘s financess, it is seen to be executing better than BHS in the same industry.

3.5.7 Return on Total Assets ( % )













Figure 16

This measures Primark ‘s net incomes before involvement and revenue enhancements against its entire net assets. This will demo how effectual Primark is utilizing its assets to bring forth net incomes before contractual duties must be paid. In twelvemonth 2007, Primark had a high return on entire assets of 5.21 % which indicates that Primark is puting sagely and that it is extremely likely that it will be making net income through this. It subsequently fell to 2.23 % and 3.76 % in 2008 and 2009 severally but every bit compared to BHS which fell to -10.65 % , Primark was able to keep its strength in maximising Net income by puting sagely despite the autumn in 2008 and 2009.

Hazard Ratio

3.6.1 Current Ratio













Figure 4

The current ratio of Primark shows at what ratio Primark shops ‘ current assets can settle its current liabilities for a peculiar period. In other words, it will demo the ability for Primark to settle its short-run debts duty as they fall due.

There is a recommended general threshold of 2:1, it is by and large accepted that any ratio below the degree of 2:1 shows that the company is confronting liquidness jobs. In other words if a company ‘s current ratio is below the 2 ; 1 so it means the company ‘s current assets is non able to cover its current liability.

From the above, we can see that Primark ‘s current ratio is far below the recommended general threshold of 2:1 and that this indicates that Primark has been sing liquidness jobs throughout the three old ages from 2007 to 2009. From the balance sheet of Primark shops, we can see that it had entire current assets of 311,444thGBP in 2009, 285,747thGBP in 2008 and 219,237thGBP in 2007 but had an inordinate current liability of 1,162,552thGBP in 2009, 1,101,359thGBP in 2008 and 1,019,899thGBP in 2007. This could be the ground for the inauspicious province of Primark ‘s current ratio. The inordinate rush in the current liability was due to increase in short term loans and overdraft throughout the three twelvemonth period

Meanwhile, BHS seem to hold performed a spot better than Primark even though it could non make the recommended threshold as good and a fell from 0.81times in 2007 to 0.75 in 2008 and so subsequently to 0.59 in 2009.

3.6.2 Gearing %













Figure 7

This shows that the per centum of capital employed financed by the debt and long-run finance is rather high. High geartrain is besides associated with a higher finance cost and that the higher the pitching the higher the hazard to equity holders. This is because the dependance on adoption and long-run support is high. Though there are no recommended best degrees in geartrain, it is advisable that Primark sustain a sensible balance between its debt and other long-run adoptions with equity.

The geartrain degree for Primark shops is really high in all three old ages with 579.48 % in 2007, 745.16 % in 2008 and so 683.57 % in 2009. From the balance sheet of Primark, we can see that the entire long-run adoptions including debt had increased from 48,646thGBP in 2007 to 52,009thGBP in 2009 but with equity capital staying changeless at 50,000thGBP throughout the three old ages.

In comparing to the BHS ltd, BHS was able to prolong a below 100 % pitching degree between old ages 2007 and 2008 at74.14 % and33.77 % severally. It subsequently rose significantly in 2009 at 757.34 % above its old old ages and Primark shops in that same twelvemonth. This shows that both Primark and BHS are prone to the hazard of non being able to settle their debt.

3.6.3 Interest Screen













Figure 9

Interest screen indicates the figure of times a house ‘s net income before involvement and revenue enhancement for a given accounting period can cover its related involvement cost. This will demo clearly the ability of Primark to pay its involvement with its available net income. This ratio can besides be used to entree the house ‘s adoption capacity and besides to measure its hazard of increasing its debts in the hereafter.

From the above, we can see that the involvement screen for Primark shops was at 2.37 times in 2007 but so fell to 1.51times and 2.33times in 2008 and 2009 severally. This degree of involvement screen is non really high and this indicates that the ability of Primark to cover its involvement with its available degree of net income is rather low. This can besides bespeak that the degree of fiscal hurt that can be suffered by Primark in the close hereafter should the involvement screen maintain cut downing can run high and this may impact its future adoptions.

In comparing to BHS ltd, BHS was able to prolong a high involvement screen than Primark in twelvemonth 2007 at 10.73time but so fell to 7.49times in 2008. It subsequently fell significantly to -17.22times in 2009. This shows that even in BHS ltd, they are really likely to endure a great fiscal hurt in twelvemonth 2009 and to do affairs worse may besides impact their hereafter adoption capacity.

Working capital ratios

3.7.1 Creditors Payment Time period













Figure 10

The creditors ‘ payment period ratio mensurating how long on norm it takes a Primark to pay its creditors. This is calculated by spliting the trade creditors entire figure shown in its histories by its cost of gross revenues, or gross revenues, and so multiplying by 365days ( ) .

The company was able to pay hard currency to its providers and other creditors within 16.5day ( about 17days ) in 2007 but so rose to 20.64days ( about 21days ) and 19.82 yearss ( about 20days ) in 2008 and 2009 severally.

Primark shops has been able to keep a moderately good period in paying off its debt and should it go on to increase its recognition period, Primark shops will be able to trust on the available financess to keep growing till the payment period is due.

The rush in creditor yearss is besides an indicant that Primark shops could be sing hard currency flow jobs and so is trusting on recognition purchases.

It is a good concern patterns that Primark continue to keep a sensible period to pay off its debts but will be unethical should the period exceed their payment yearss.

Similarly, BHS besides has been able to increase its payment yearss from 30.07days to 39.44 yearss in 2007 and 2009 severally. But unlike Primark the figure of yearss taken by BHS in all three periods is higher. This means that it takes BHS ltd much more yearss to pay its creditors than that of Primark and that there is a hazard of it transcending its payment period.

3.7.2 Stock Employee turnover













Figure 11

The stock turnover ratio is a relationship betweenA Primark ‘s cost of goods sold of a period in clip and its cost of mean stock during a peculiar period. This is expressed in figure of times.A Stock turnover ratioA indicates the figure of times the stock has been turned over during the period and assesses the efficiency with which Primark is able to pull off its stock. This ratio shows whether Primark’sA investing in stockA is within proper bound or non. hypertext transfer protocol: //

From the above tabular array, we can see that every bit at twelvemonth 2007 Primark had a stock turnover of 7.59times but the decreased to 7.07times in 2008 and farther to 6.71times in 2009. Having a diminishing stock turnover implies that Primark has invested a batch in stock and that there are some indicants of hapless quality of goods, accretion of stock and besides slow-moving fabrics. This could intend inefficient direction of stock because the fabrics are non often sold but bulk is held.

Similarly, BHS has besides decreased its stock turnover from 10.84times in 2007 to 10.15times in 2009.

There is no regulation of pollex for the reading of stock turnover ratio but norms may be different for different companies depending upon the nature and status of concern.

Primark and BHS are in the vesture retail industry and that their merchandises can merely travel out of manner after a long period of clip if the stock turnover keeps low.

Efficiency ratios

3.8.1 Turnover per Employee ( Unit )













Figure 17

Unlike that of BHS which had a decreasing turnover per employee from 59388units in 2007 to 54646units in 2009, Primark as at 2007 had a turnover per employee for the twelvemonth 2007 as 68419units lifting to 73567units and 79856units in 2008 and 2009 severally. This shows that the employees of Primark worked truly difficult to increase their turnover units. As a affair of fact, employees can set in their really best if there is the motive. it is possible that Primark motivated its employees through so the best gross revenues can be gotten.

3.8.2 Net income per Employee ( Unit )













Figure 18

The net income per employee as at 2007 was 3365 units for Primark but as at 2008 it reduced aggressively to 1376unit and so rose somewhat to 2350units in 2009. The ground could be that every bit at the period between 2008 and 2009, there was a recession and that clients were a spot restrained in their purchasing. This has hence affected the overall profitableness of Primark.

Compared to that of BHS ltd, as at 2007 the net income per employee was 2647 units but diminished significantly to -3028units in 2009, this confirms the of -53,535thGBP loss made as 2009.


3.9.1 Primark ‘s SWOT analysis

This analysis has been designed to critically measure the Strengths Weaknesses and their present Opportunities and possible Threats of Primark.


Primark ‘s buying power allows them to make a majority buying and in the terminal go throughing the benefits to clients from these economic systems of graduated table.

They besides tend to maintain their operating expenses every bit low as possible wherever they can.

With their modern logistical, Primark shops have up-to-date manner, every bit shortly as it reaches them.

Because of the good quality but low priced merchandise of Primark, it has successfully attracted clients thereby spread outing its client base. This is as a consequence of their cost-saving scheme to concern which has been adopted. ( ) .

Primark besides has a mark of pulling people below the age of 35

With over 400 firstA tier providers Primark gets more flexibleness therefore take downing their providers power to deal.

Primark has a close relationship with their providers leting them to understand their demands.

Primark takes advantage of the low labor cost outside of the UK with merely about 2 % of its providers in the UK or Ireland.

With an effectual and efficient research squad working indefatigably around the universe to happen modern tendencies in supplying the most stylish apparels for its clients.

With a better hard currency flow and changeless addition in net income annually, Primark has so far proven they are efficaciously taking attention of the marketA section they have identified and that they have the right systems in topographic point.

Since 2005, they have continuously been winning several awards like the value for money award by Prima High Street Fashion Awards for 3 old ages continuously plus the Retailer of the Year award by BCSC Gold Awards 2A old ages besides continuously. ( ) .


Critics have stood against Primark impeaching them for holding unethical on the job conditions. In 2005 it was called the least ethical apparels store and ranked 2.5 out of 20 on an ethical index. In 2008, BBC exposed Primark, when it carried out an probe about its providers and found out that their abroad providers in states such as India were utilizing child labourA and had hapless on the job conditions for the workers.

Primark denied holding any cognition of this and has since taken several stairss to battle this issue.

Primark does little in footings of advertizement which is an advantage to its rival ‘s.

Primark has non yet taken advantage of the on-line gross revenues nor catalogue is common these yearss among most major vesture houses and that this has become one of its major failings.

There is the perceptual experience by some clients and non clients that Primark ‘s merchandises are of hapless quality and that its challengers have tried to distinguish by selling good quality merchandises. ( )


Primark has the chance to buy and sell high quality apparels to manner witting people thereby sharing their high quality merchandises and services overseas holding been successful in set uping themselves as a good trade name which is apparent by their fiscal success.

They have the advantage of traveling planetary.

Primark besides has the added chance to diversify for illustration by spread outing their market to provide older coevalss as good. ( )


Primark ‘s chief menace is the competition it faces from other dressing companies in and around the United Kingdom like BHS, Next, Zara and more.

Furthermore, there are some new entrants in the market like Armani who are presenting cheaper lines as good, this they call the Armani exchange. Even though Armani is non as lower monetary value as Primark, their merchandise is perceived to be of a higher quality than that of Primark.

Their deficiency of advertizement can pull clients off to its rivals like BHS, Armani and Marks and Spenser. ( )

Recent Development

In the class of composing this undertaking, the parent company of Primark, the Associated British Foods Plc published its 2010 one-year study and highlighted the recent rush in the gross of Primark. The president of the Associated British Foods Plc disclosed that Primark had an exceeding twelvemonth in 2010 where gross had increased by 18 % with like-for-like gross revenues growing of 6 % and besides net income jumping to 35 % in front.

He besides said that the shops in Continental Europe, in peculiar those in Spain performed beyond what was expected and this has been an encouragement for enlargement into new markets like these. The UK, being the most of import market for Primark had like-for-like gross revenues to be really strong, peculiarly by comparing with other high street retail merchants. Harmonizing to the study, the weak economic system in Ireland, had an unfavorable consequence on its trading.

Net income was 35 % in front and runing border improved well from 10.9 % to 12.5 % . This betterment was mostly driven by economic systems of graduated table as grosss increased, and by sterling ‘s comparative strength against the US dollar in the first half which benefited the cost of goods sourced in dollars and sold in the 2nd half. However, we expect some of this border betterment to be eroded in the comingA fiscal twelvemonth due to higher cotton monetary values and cargo costs and additions in VAT, already implemented in Spain and planned for the UK in January 2011. Primark continues to take the turning value sector of the market with its on-trend merchandise offering and committedness to keeping its place of monetary value leading on the high street. hypertext transfer protocol: //


Primark, along with its rivals, operated in an highly tough consumer environment. It was nevertheless able to present first-class gross revenues and maximise net income proving that its ware and pricing are attractive in all market conditions

Primark has grown invariably over the past three old ages despite the recent economic downswing which led to the prostration of so many retail houses in the industry across the Earth. It is one of the few vesture retail companies which continuously made net income despite the economic catastrophe.

Apart from this, Primark has besides been criticised late by the media for prosecuting providers who use child labor for production of the merchandises they sell. Even though this is against the Child LabourA Prohibition and RegulationA Act 1986, it was expected that these unfavorable judgments would impact the profitableness of the house. But from the above analysis, it can be seen that despite these unfavorable judgments, the company continued to be maximise net income.

Despite the fact that non-Primark clients are continuously oppugning the quality of Primark ‘s merchandises, Primark has been successful in viing really good in the retail vesture industry particularly against challengers like BHS and TKMax.

Primark has continuously stayed focal point on selling low cost vesture to its clients despite the competition in the UK dressing retail market.

Primark ‘s public presentation for the last three old ages has been impressive because of the undermentioned ground ;

Primark is making good because it understand its clients ‘ demands really good, and therefore provides high manner points at inexpensive monetary values. By far they have been smart in their choice of which catwalk manner points to copy for its market.

Besides, they have a really clear market positioning at the inexpensive terminal of the market. And therefore helps them avoid some of the ‘stuck-in the-middle ‘ placement jobs faced by other rivals such as BHS and Marks and Spenser.

Looking from the above analysis, we can besides see that they manage their costs really good. This is evidently important for concerns prosecuting a low-priced scheme.

Primark ‘s ‘ is at the minute utilizing the ‘no-frills ‘ scheme and still looks to the hereafter as a cost leader. Their cost leading scheme would be absolutely sustainable if Primark continues in its effectual cost direction. In other to go on to be a market leader with this scheme, I believe Primark must practically non merely be low cost but lowest cost in their market section.

So far so good, I will state that Primark ‘s scheme has worked really good for them, nevertheless they need to see how long they will go on keeping this success and distinguish itself from its challengers.

This undertaking can be concluded by adverting that the vesture retail industry in the United Kingdom is confronting high degrees of competition between assorted participants. But the terminal consequence shows, the consumers are most benefited from it.

Apart from this, looking at the net income per employee, it is obvious that the employees are good motivated to sell more to maximize net income for the administration.


In other for Primark Stores to go on in their best fiscal and strategic public presentation, the must transport on to break their supply concatenation and seller base to keep cost leading and perchance rush to market, in other words they can be the first to bringA the latest manner and tendencies to the market, make full the spreads in their portfolio.

Primark should besides be sing publicizing particularly their aggregation and in new markets. They can besides get down an online concern and implement and communicate to clients their attempts towards holding the most ethical working conditions, concern for environment and human values.

Furthermore, they must spread out to markets where they can retroflex their theoretical account. They may non be able to spread out to developing and emerging markets as in these markets they may non hold any competitory advantage.


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