The Relationships Between Different Characters English Literature Essay

As character development is an indispensable portion in novels, it becomes easier to discourse the kernel of the subject. The essay references about how the characters develop in ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ and ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ with the aid of the secret plan construction of the novels. A good nexus can be seen between the secret plan construction and the development of characters. Character development and secret plan construction play some or the other function in each and every novel. Character development and secret plan construction play a important function in different plants as the authors use them to do their plants interesting. Let ‘s hold a glimpse upon what the authors want to portray through their ain designed work. As[ 1 ]“ You ca n’t happen person who does n’t desire to be found. ” said by Isabel Allende for ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ signifies that a reader can non happen a character which the writer does non wants to demo as the power to develop the secret plan with the aid of the characters lies to the writer and the ‘someone ‘ in the quotation mark reflect to a peculiar character itself. Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘s position upon this work ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ was[ 2 ]“ The universe must be all fucked up when work forces travel first category and literature goes every bit cargo. ” By giving this position, the writer expressed his position that all people should esteem the literary work as it is really of import to make so and the work will be respected merely if the secret plan is good developed and organized with the aid of characters. These were the positions of the authors which reflect the heads of the funny reader.

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The novels on which I am composing my essay are ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ by ‘Isabel Allende ‘ and ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ by ‘Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘ which are written in different parts of the universe in different epoch ‘s and besides by different writers so so I found the dealingss in their single plants.

The Supernatural component plays an of import function in developing the characters, thereby back uping the construction of the secret plan. Clara uses her supernatural powers foretelling the hereafter of the characters. This in bend magnifies the events and fortunes take topographic point as per the wants of the writer. The patterned advance of the secret plan is besides based on how the characters are made to respond to a peculiar state of affairs. Rosa ‘s decease which was foretold by Clara, creates a scene, which crafts out the matrimony of Esteban with Clara. Jose Buendia, is portrayed ab initio as possessing the independent power of prognostication. But the events foretold by Melquiades prove to overmaster the foresight of the character, revolutionising the manner of the advancement of the novel. Jose and Ursula are disheartened with the foresight of the birth of a kid with a pigtail. This clouds the floaty disposition of the novel which is believed to be one of the causes of its humungous success.

Writers tend to utilize character edifice with the assistance of a peculiar facet running throughout the novel. This development of the character in the progressive chapters further curates the adulthood of the secret plan conveying about an outstanding piece of work. Prostitution is blended attractively along with the different factors in the novels by both Allende and Marquez. Transito Soto, who was projected as a non entity and an object of pleasance, turns out to be the exclusive assistance for Esteban Trueba towards emancipating his girl.[ 3 ]“ Exemplifying the power of the sex industry, in merely two yearss Transito does what Senator Trueba has been unable to make ” this quotation mark merely reflects the aid and the forfeit done by Transito Soto towards Esteban. The events meaning child harlotry and incest in ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ facilitate the turnaround of the characters from one property to the other. Marquez possesses this typical characteristic of intermixing the lone facet with the natural.[ 4 ]“ In our universe of kid maltreatment, harlotry, sexually transmitted diseases, colza etc… , we are able to see the unusual sexual relationships depicted in this novel as no more eccentric than what we see traveling on around us. ” goes every bit accepted in the secret plan construction.

The secret plan in its greathearted journey besides gives birth to the events linked with depression and unhappiness. Such affectional scenes help the reader take a dip into the temper of the writer. A poignant ambiance with a touchy word from the author creates a state of affairs taking the secret plan to the darker side of human life. Isabel Allende allows Esteban Trueba to non merely acquire addicted but besides to travel in depression now and so. This dependence brings him to a state of affairs, where he needs to turn to another individual. This individual comes in camouflage of a character, developing the secret plan and puting the foundation for a long term base. Transito Soto projected as a cocotte, comes to the writer ‘s deliverance here. Similarly in ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ there are case of the characters traveling into sad temper.

Similarity for cordial reception, we get state of affairss like necropsy of the Clara after her decease ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ and similar scene is created within the fresh ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ . So it can be learnt that secret plan can besides construction itself harmonizing to the manner of the people populating in that period. Plot creates confusion in readers due to presence of many characters holding same names.

Therefore it becomes hard for the reader to place the correct one when he may be reading the novel, but if the reader cleverly focuses on it so he will certainly detect that there are characters with similar names but their function played differs. It has major portion in the novels ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ and ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ as there are many characters which are named same after their male parents and sires. The kernel of giving same name to the characters portrays the continuity in household and besides supports the full secret plan by finally assisting the character to develop in the readers mind.

Writers besides have the inclination to take an unusual event like the happening of natural catastrophe in the secret plan to upset it and to explicate a alteration in the secret plan narrative. Mentioning of temblors as a natural catastrophe has been taken as a support to develop the secret plan of ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ to some extent and it besides has a great consequence upon the bing characters in the secret plan any how the writer of ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ has besides successfully shown pestilence and battle which is once more a portion of the natural catastrophe and unusual event. Writers besides use political relations as an component to develop the characters and we can see events in ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ which clearly shows the political reappraisals and the similar case on political relations can be generated from ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ where the political positions in Mocondo are portrayed.

The writer Sheree Rehema ‘s position point upon character development provinces that,[ 5 ]“ As writers, it is our Duty To make loveable, luring Fictional characters And do atrocious, evil things to Them ” . This quotation mark says that the authors use their characters to develop the relation between the secret plan constructions. The secret plan besides develops develop due to adverting the events of incest in ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ and ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ . The author besides tries his best to develop the secret plan with the aid of the characters by adverting the house as the universe as we can see the ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ revolves around Tres Marias and where as the secret plan for ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ goes around with Macondo. From this affair we can mention that the reader is merely engrossed in the mentioned towns or metropolis and the universe around them is non taken as such into consideration. The major state of affairs in the fresh ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ is seen when Arcadio turns out to be barbarous subsequently on as he was ab initio sulky, this besides develops his character.

It proved to be true that the connexions in literature can besides be positively conveyed and we get a clear thought that there is a presence of associating in the relationship between secret plan construction and character development in ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ and ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ . The authors of both the novels has developed their secret plan constructions along with the character development as the nature of the characters keep on altering along with secret plan. Henceforth it is a really good undertaking to associate the secret plan construction with the character development in these novels ‘The House of the Spirits ‘ and ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ . The attempts of Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez have shown a positive impact upon the readers for their secret plan construction and character development.


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