The Relationship Between Father And Daughter English Literature Essay

In this term paper I will compare two books that I truly liked: “ The lovely castanetss ” and “ The prevaricators ‘ nine ” . I decided to compose about them, because I believe that both narratives are really similar and really good written. I besides think that the writers of these books are admirable adult females who have struggled with life, society and household. For this ground, I consider of import to compare the two books. I will get down to compose about “ the lovely castanetss ” . At the beginning, I did non wan to complete reading the book, because it is a difficult narrative that talks about the raping of a small miss. Therefore, I felt so angry and frustrating. But so I understood that I had to go on reading the book if I wanted to cognize the significance of it.

The point of position of the lovely castanetss is first individual and it is narrated by Susie Salmon, the miss that was dreadfully raped and murdered by her neighbour. The full narrative is about the heartache that the Salmon household is experimenting after Susie ‘s decease. However, there was a member of the household who suffered the most: Susie ‘s male parent, Jack Salmon. This adult male loved her girl so much that when he knew that she was killed, life became a snake pit for him. As a consequence, his matrimony was really affected and his married woman cheated on him. I found a quotation mark that explains the relationship between Susie and her male parent:

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“ His ain male parent had taught him how to construct ships in bottles. They were something my female parent, sister, and brother could n’t care less about. It was something I adored. The lair was full of them. He would name me in whenever he was ready ” ( Sebold, Alice P, 45 )

Unlike her siblings, Susie enjoyed her male parent ‘s avocation. This adult male loved to construct ships in bottles, because his male parent taught him how to make them. So, he shared this avocation with their kids, but the lone 1 who liked and attention about it was Susie because she had a really strong relationship with her male parent. Therefore, when she passed off, his male parent Jack wanted to decease every bit good.

On the other manus, Mary Karr in her book “ The prevaricators ‘ nine ” showed that her relationship with her male parent was really particular and alone. For illustration, she mentioned that he used to be a really lovely male parent with her and her sister and that even though he was many old ages in the war, when he came back place he ever wanted to pass clip with his household. However, Mary ‘s male parent did non hold a good relationship with the remainder of the household, because his female parent in jurisprudence did non like him and as a consequence, his matrimony was falling apart. This quotation mark explains the state of affairs he was populating:

“ Mother threatened divorce a batch of times, and Daddy ‘s response to it was normally a sort of patient eye-rolling. He ne’er spoke of divorce as a n option. If I asked him disquieted inquiries about a peculiarly awful battle, he ‘d merely state I should n’t speak bad about my female parent, as if even proposing they might divide up insulted her somehow ” ( Karr, Mary dad, 35 )

As we can see, Mary ‘s male parent did non desire to acquire divorce possibly because he wanted to be with her two kids. Furthermore, he said to Mary that even though he had struggles with his married woman, she had to love her female parent no affair what. I think this adult male showed that he was a good hubby and a good male parent since he ever asked Mary to esteem her female parent. This instance is really similar to the struggle that Susie ‘s parents had in the book “ The lovely castanetss ” . As we know, when Susie died, all the household struggled with the fact that she was non longer with them. Each of them faced Susie ‘s decease otherwise. The male parent, for illustration, was obsessed to happen the slayer, the sister Lindsay did non desire to speak about it, the brother was really guiltless to recognize that her sister had passed off and the female parent decided to rip off on her hubby to “ alleviate the hurting ” . I said before that Susie ‘s male parent and Mary ‘s were similar because both work forces were married with adult females that, from my point of position, did non care about their kids. Mary ‘s female parent cared merely about herself. She merely wanted to hold merriment and acquire another hubby that is why she went on a trip with his Latin-american fellow and left her kids. Susie ‘s female parent did the same thing when she decided to travel to another province in order to be entirely and cover with her girl ‘s decease.


I believe that in the two books that I decided to compare, the relationship between siblings is one of the most of import subjects. In this portion of my term paper, I will compare Susie ‘s relationship with her brother and sister and Mary Karr relationship with her sister Lecia.

Susie Salmon had one brother called Buckley and one sister called Lindsay. The tree of them were really closed and cared really much about each other. There is a quotation mark on the book “ The lovely castanetss “ where Susie says that one time she saved her brother life.

“ a three-year-old Buckley had swallowed it. Buckley was choking, his organic structure bucking, and I carried him with Nate draging into the garage, where my male parent ‘s cherished Mustang sat. I put Buckley in the dorsum and grabbed and grabbed the keys from the fresh terra-cotta pots where my male parent hid them. I sped all the manner to the infirmary. “ if the had n’t been at that place ” , the physician subsequently told my female parent “ you would hold lost your small male child ” ( Sebold, Alice P, 93,94 )

As the quotation mark explains, Susie saved her brother because she loved him really much. She besides had the bravery to make it since many people would non make bold to make what Susie did. Susie loved Buckley so much that she did non believe about anything but to safe her small brother. Later in the book, this strong connexion is demonstrated when in one of the chapters, Buckley said to his pa that Susie touched his cheek and that he felt that Susie was seeing them from Eden.

Susie besides got along good with her sister Lindsay. Both misss enjoyed being together, non merely because they were sister but besides because they were the same age. As a consequence, when Lindsay knew that her sister was dead, she did non desire to speak about this tragic event to anybody. For me, it is really apprehensible the manner that Lindsay felt. Some people like her trade with decease like by being rather and reserved. Some others portion their feelings in order to let go of their hurting. But what truly cares is to retrieve the people who we love.

Now, the writer of “ The prevaricators ‘ nine ” besides had a good relationship with her sister Lecia. These two misss suffered a batch non merely because they had many jobs in their place, but besides because they have an alcoholic female parent and a hysterical grandma. I found a quotation mark that explains how Mary Karr felt strong because of her sister:

“ Lecia and I both behaved like barbarians at any chance. When she was merely twelve, Lecia could crush the bullshit out of any neighbour boy up to the age of 15. For my portion, I can retrieve standing behind the drainage ditch in our pace cursing Carol Sharp for bloodying my olfactory organ ” ( Karr, Mary dad, 40 )

In this quotation mark, Mary Karr explains that she used to play buffooneries with her sister and that thought she had jobs in place, she tried to bury them by playing with her Lecia. From my point of position, it is really hard to populate you life usually when you know that your household is aching each other. For this ground, I admired Mary Karr really much, because she tried to bury all her jobs. Unfortunately, when you are a kid, all these household struggles affect you and the lone thing that you can make about it is to travel on with your life merely as Mary Karr did. On the other manus, I besides believe that she was witting about her household jobs, but she could non make anything about it. I can non conceive of what it feels like to populate with a household that is full of injury and that does non care about you. For illustration, Mary Karr ‘s expansive female parent was a acrimonious adult female who did non love their expansive kids and who lived in the yesteryear. That is why Mary Karr did non endure when her expansive female parent passed off. Alternatively, she felt alleviated and free.

Susie Salmon besides had a particular expansive female parent, but unlike Mary ‘s she was a good individual who loved their expansive kids really much. This adult female was an alcoholic but she took cared of their expansive kids while her girl Abigail decided to travel to another province. These two adult females were so different, but as any human being has defects. Now, in the following pages of my paper I will speak about the function of the female parents in the two books “ The lovely castanetss ” and “ The prevaricators ‘ nine ”


It is good known that a female parent represents many of import things in a household. She is the 1 who takes attention of her kids, because she has a protective inherent aptitude that a male parent does non hold. For this ground, it is incredible for me to understand why Susie ‘s female parent abandoned their kids in order to bury her dead girl. I can understand that it is really painful to lose your girl, but by abandoning your other kids you are non traveling to decide anything. Now, I besides comprehend that as human beings we need to hold our infinite, because is our right. But when you have a household like Susie ‘s female parent you besides have to believe about them.

Another thing that besides surprised me was that Susie ‘s female parent cheated on her hubby. Even now I can non understand what she did. There is a really good quotation mark that explains Abigail ‘s attitude harmonizing to Susie ‘s point of position:

“ Len kissed her forehead difficult and closed his eyes. She took his manus and placed it on her chest. She whispered in his ear. I knew what was go oning. Her fury, her loss, her desperation. The whole life lost toppling out in an discharge on that roof, choke offing up her being. She needed Len to drive the dead girl out ” ( Sebold, Alice P, 152 )

This adult female desired to bury her girl ‘s decease by rip offing on her hubby. She thought that her hurting was traveling to vanish if she transferred all his sorrow in another individual, but I think that is non the right manner to decide our jobs. She could hold gone to a healer or speaking to her hubby about Susie ‘s decease. Infidelity is something that I can non grok.

Unfortunately, Abigail ‘s unfaithfulness did non convey Susie back. Alternatively, this misrepresentation caused Abigail more hurting and more compunction to her life. At the terminal of the book, we know that Abigail returned with her household because Jack had a bosom onslaught, but we ne’er knew if she stayed once more with them or if she decided to be courageous plenty in order to state her hubby that she had cheated on him with Len Fenerman.

In the book “ The prevaricators ‘ nine ” Mary Karr explained that her female parent was ever worried about herself, merely precisely like Susie ‘s female parent. You might believe that I am judging these adult females really hard, but I merely can non understand why they behaved that manner with their kids. I mean, when you decide to hold kids is because you know that you have to take attention of them, yet there are some female parents that do the opposite thing.

Mary Karr ‘s female parent for illustration, tried to be a good female parent, but I feel that she had a really difficult background that did non let her to populate her life peacefully. Even Mary Karr recognized that when she finished her book, it was really difficult for her female parent to read it. At the same clip, Mary said that she was really supportive when the book was done. Another thing that it was difficult to absorb for Mary and her sister Lecia was unrecorded with their stepfather Hector. He invariably had statements with Mary ‘s female parent and they did non hold a good relationship. There is a quotation mark that explains this state of affairs:

“ Other darks were occupied with Mother and Hector combat. The litany of his unconditioned low-lifedness got seared into skull during this clip. Hector was a cunt, was her chief kick. Besides, he lacked paid employment, which meant Mother accused him of sponging off her all the clip ” .

As this quotation mark explains, Mary ‘s stepfather did non back up his married woman economically. Therefore, Mary ‘s female parent argued with him and had many struggles. Plus, he was an alky who was worried more about imbibing than about taking attention of his married woman, his house and his stepdaughters. When I think about the jobs that Mary had to cover with, I truly felt sorry for her. She was merely a kid when her parents got divorce and when he had to accept a new male parent figure. I can see Mary ‘s life like a pursuit. During her childhood, she lived so many bad things that made her stronger, but at the same clip made her more vulnerable.

In order to reason this term paper in the following to pages, I will speak about the most hard subject in both books: raping. The ground why I decided to compose about it at the terminal, was because I want to reflect about how raping can alter your life.


The books that I decided to compare in this term paper talk about a really difficult subject: raping. In the lovely castanetss, the chief character Susie Salmon was dreadfully raped and killed Bi her neighbour Mr. Harvey. This narrative is fiction, but the writer of it was raped in existent life. For that ground, she wrote this book.

As we know, Susie Salmon was a 14 twelvemonth old miss who had a normal life and who wanted to fell in love for the first clip. Unfortunately, all of her dreams were destroyed by a disgusting and ugly adult male named Mr. Harvey. He took away Susie ‘s artlessness when he raped her. After this, he decided to kill her so she could non impeach him of anything. But Susie was non dead in a one hundred per centum, because her spirit went to heaven. She saw her household and her slayer from at that place. She saw all the hurting that Mr. Harvey had caused after he killed her. But she besides saw that her household got over her decease and moved on. Here is a quotation mark in which Susie explains her raping:

“ Mr. Harvey made me lie still underneath him and listen to the whipping of his bosom and the whipping of mine. How mine skipped like a coney, and how thudded, a cock against fabric. We lay there with our organic structures touching, and, as I shook, a powerful cognition took clasp. He had done this thing to me and I had lived ” . ( Sebold, Alice P, 14 )

The lone thing that I can state about this quotation mark is that I can non conceive of what this miss felt in that minute. For me, it is really hard to understand how these felons can be. I mean, this adult male took advantage of a kid who was non large or strong plenty to support herself. Killing a individual is atrocious, but killing a child who is weak and guiltless is the most ugly act in the universe. From my point of position, Mr. Harvey was a trash of the Earth who did non merit to be alive, because she besides killed other kids. All of them were misss that had a life, dreams and hopes for the hereafter. But this slayer ruined their lives and left sorrow in their households.

Finally, in the book “ The Liars ‘ nine ” Mary Karr narrates that she was raped, when she was a small miss. This event changed her life and her position about the universe. The quotation mark says:

“ He pulled me off my trunkss and underwear and threw them in the corner in a ball, over where I knew there could be spiders. He pushed down his bloomerss and set my manus on his thing, which was unlike any of the male childs ‘ gag about hot Canis familiariss and garden hosieries. It was hard as wood and felt large around and felt large around as my arm. He wrapped both my custodies around it, and showed me how to skid them up and down ” ( Karr, Mary P, 66 )

When I read this fragment of the book, I truly felt so angry and defeated. I can to conceive of the despair that Mary Karr experimented. She as Alice Sebold experienced how it felt to be raped and humiliated by a adult male. But at the same clip this atrocious experience made them successful and brave. So, my decision for this term paper is the undermentioned: every individual forms his character based on his personal experiences. As a effect, in life we can follow two waies: the 1 that is related with hatred, retribution and unhappiness and the 1 that is connected with love, success and hopes. I believe that the writers of the books that I compared follow the 2nd way, because they decided to mend their emotional lesions in order to travel on. That is a lesson that all human existences should larn.

Cipher said that life is easy. Cipher said that life is pink colour. However, Gods made us strong to accomplish any nonsubjective that we have. He made us intelligent to understand that life is something that id full of bad and good minutes. For this ground, these two writers, Alice Sebold and Mari Karr win when they decided to state their narratives to the universe. They had a batch of hurting in their lives, but they besides decided to bring around their injury to travel on and hold a good life.


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