The Purpose Of The Criminal Justice System Criminology Essay

“ The intent of the Criminal Justice System ( CJS ) is to present justness for all, by convicting and penalizing the guilty and assisting them to halt offending, while protecting the inexperienced person. It is responsible for observing offense and conveying it to justness ; and transporting out the orders of tribunal, such as roll uping mulcts, and oversing community and tutelary penalty ” . hypertext transfer protocol: //

For many old ages the condemnable justness system ( CJS ) has come under terrible examination and widespread argument peculiarly from the media and the populace, the utmost deficiency of assurance within the system, frequently being the choice of the clump. Despite the above statement made by the Criminal Justice System many uncertainties are raised over whether or non the CJS helps support the inexperienced person or penalize the guilty. The bulk of the public frequently hear, read and in many instances see unsafe, sexual, violent or other serious offenses being carried out yet we still have no reply who these wrongdoers are or why they are still on the streets and have non been punished. This public uncertainness frequently raises the inquiry whether the justness system is distant, unexplainable and unanswerable.

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Harmonizing to the British Crime Survey ( BSC ) ( offense in England and Wales 2001/2002 ) who estimated there was merely a small over “ 13, million offenses which took topographic point in 2001 ” . Although these figures do sound dismaying one must first understand that offenses are non needfully offenses until they are proven in the tribunal of jurisprudence which means many would hold that 13, million offenses have taken topographic point. However on the other manus it can be said that the British Crime Survey estimated 13, million offenses which is still a astonishing sum, but from a more functional point of position how many condemnable Acts of the Apostless have taken topographic point and have non been recorded which in many eyes would paint an even awful image efficaciously raising an issue of trust between the populace and the condemnable justness system.

In order to measure this inquiry thoroughly we must understand and carefully place the significance of justness as a whole, merely so can we afford to strike the balance between the felon and the victim.

Justice is in many instances is identified as the power to construe the balance between right and incorrect. If one uses a encyclopedia for definition, justness is illustrated as “ The being of a proper balance: a just test, which, among other things, achieves a proper balance between the ability of the suspect to set up artlessness and the ability of the prosecution to set up guilt ” ( encyclopaedia web site )

As the beginning of the essay stated, the function of the CJS is to protect the inexperienced person and to penalize the guilty. We will now try to detect how and through what procedure these two contrasting thoughts are balanced.

The prison population stands at, 82, 000 harmonizing to the Policy Green Paper made available in March by the Conservative Party, titled `Prisons with a intent ‘ . ( Prisons with a intent, pg17 ) Again, mentioning back to the `Prisons with a intent ‘ article above, provinces that Over 18,000 captives have been released early since June 2007, which had resulted in 300 offenses, incorporating at least one slaying being committed by wrongdoers who should hold been in prison. This assumes that all felons, including those that committed violent offenses, are being given the chance for early release. However, the information from the Ministry of Justice shows that early releases from detention is provided for captives functioning between 4 hebdomads and 4 old ages for the concluding 18 yearss of their sentence topic to meeting of rigorous standards ‘s and supplying a release reference. ( Ministry of Justice, pg. 3 ) Therefore early release is merely provided to those approaching the terminal of their term making short prison sentence. In malice of the conservative principle, felons who have committed violent offenses, sexual wrongdoers, captives who have escaped from detention and other would non be allowed for early release. Having said this, one must bear in head those captives being released early might hold non been rehabilitated decently to be returned out back into the community.

Having heard the aforesaid, many will still reason with the fact that the CJS favor felons, as it sets out their rights, instead than advising the victim of how processs are traveling and what actions have taken topographic point to convey the suspect to justness. This is emphasised by a study created by the Government ‘s offense and justness advisor Louise Casey who estimated that merely 24 % of people feel they are decently informed about what happens to people convicted of offenses in their local country.

The thought of misgiving is frequently the umbrella term used for the abortion of justness on any peculiar party whether it ‘s convicting an guiltless individual or let go ofing a guilty individual. Street force, drunken bully and stab exerting packs although these are non new offenses on the streets of many communities they are of many that invariably ignite the fuel of inquiries refering offense. Why are these and many more offenses invariably happening and what steps are authorities taking in order to protect the inexperienced person and transport out justness?

The whole thought of the condemnable justness system if we are looking at the quotation mark above from the CJS website many would reason is that it is at that place to protect the inexperienced person by penalizing the guilty. Therefore, significance, each bureau must intercede consequently with the same aspirations and outlooks, the constabulary must work with the crown prosecution service and others must make likewise. Having said this many instances have frequently been abandoned due to deficient grounds or deficiency of informant, efficaciously intending the condemnable justness system themselves corrupting the cause of justness and weakness to protect the populace.

In 1993 a black adolescent named Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a white pack in what many noted as a racially incited slaying onslaught that lead to one of the most of import enquiries in the history of the justness system. This enquiry known as the Macpherson study was led by Sir William Macpherson. This reports decision was cursing of the British legal system and the manner it handled instances, peculiarly that of the Steven Lawrence slaying and other cultural minority instances. The study, published in 1999 identified cardinal operational failures within the constabulary force and more worryingly institutional racism within the work force ( Slapper & A ; Kelly, English legal system, pg.386 ) .

Similarly but more late the populace was informed of a published authorities study which identified that the populace are entitled to cognize who wrongdoers are and what actions are being taken against them in order to see public certainty within the condemnable justness system. When inquiry by the public Gordon brown decided to keep a meet with victims of offense to discourse what steps to take in protecting the inexperienced person. The result was slightly distressing as the bulk of them reasoning to the thought of calling and simulating wrongdoers alternatively of trailing possible intuitions who frequently end up being whipping boies for in most instance constabulary.

Despite Crime being lower than old old ages, more officers policing the streets than of all time before and severally the figure of people in prison have duplicating does non reply why 73 % of the public believe that this respects the rights of felon and merely 33 % believing that it looks after the demands of the inexperienced person.

The crown prosecution service is non so historical in its creative activity, as it came approximately from the prosecution of offenses act 1985 ( POA 1985 ) ( Gillespie, The English Legal System, pg.282 ) and became initial in 1986. Before this the constabulary had the powers to move as both the research worker of a offense and the prosecuting officers of a offense.

Harmonizing to subdivision 37 of the Police and Criminal Act 1984 ( Gillespie, The English Legal System, pg.289 ) , when person is being investigated by the constabulary after an apprehension, the constabulary may take one of four actions.

“ Options figure one is to let go of the suspect without charge an on bond therefore enabling the Criminal Prosecution Service to make up one’s mind whether to prosecute. Second option is to let go of the suspect on bond but non for the intent of the CPS to make up one’s mind whether to prosecute ( i.e. to let extra probe to be made. The 3rd option is to let go of the suspect without charge and without bond. Finally the 4th option is to bear down the wrongdoer ” .

Most significantly to many the thought of recreation after apprehension and rehabilitation is frequently the focal point in the inquiry to whether the “ condemnable justness system finds it hard to strike the balance between penalizing the guilty and protecting the inexperienced person ”

Simple cautiousness these are a figure of discourtesies including expense orders,

Conditional cautiousnesss many would refers to these as community sentences but holding heard a simple cautiousness these are cautiousnesss which have adequate grounds, the prosecuting officer is satisfied with the grounds and the wrongdoer has admitted that he has committed.

The Final warnings and rebukes under the ss 65-66 offense and upset at 1998 ( CDA 1998 ) defined for juveniles under the age of 18

Community service whether or non this can assist is frequently questionable foregrounding a wrongdoer with bright apparels can do a rebellious act

Renewing justness, does this assist the victim, or lessen the sentence for captives does a victim privation to travel through more sorrow once more this frequently raises the chief methods used by the condemnable justness system

On several occasions a individual has wrongfully been arrested or stopped and searched on the land of intuition and certainly if the hertz was non created the figure of suspects in tribunal would hold been far higher than what it is peculiarly on the evidences of “ Prima fascia ” which has frequently sparked changeless differences between the constabulary and the populace ‘s perceptual experience of them

Prima fascia is based on the thought “ that in any given apprehension, is at that place adequate grounds that can perchance do the specific instance at least arguable ” ( The Criminal Process pg.148 ) Castorina V main constable of Surrey ( 1988 ) ,

Regardless what has been said above the UK justness system is really much adored by many around the universe and frequently imitated widely. This, nevertheless, does non pardon the fact that offense has risen invariably and the justness system has non followed, the Torahs have non adapted and many believe that the British populace still have a condemnable justness system that finds it hard to foreground the balance between penalizing the guilty and protecting the inexperienced person.

This is highlighted by instances such as the Norfolk husbandman ( Tony Martin ) who shot a teenage male child as he tried to burglarize his stray farmhouse. The husbandman was charged with slaying and given three life sentences. ( The Guardian Apr-2000 ) .

Harmonizing to a statement put frontward by the Home Office in July 2006 which reiterate the importance of the populace in facets to justice “ We need to rebalance the system in a manner that gives the observant public much greater engagement in the condemnable justness services they receive. That starts with guaranting the demands of victims must be at the bosom of what the condemnable justness system does. ” ( Home Office 2006 pg4 ) .

To summarize, the condemnable justness system is as Winston Churchill said “ … non the best system we have but it ‘s our system ”


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