The Problems of Youth in Uganda Essay


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This drawn-out essay is dedicated to the Almighty God for the gift of love. life. strength and attention throughout. To my mummy Loy Wanyana. my beloved sister and brothers particularly Joseph W. and Kenneth W. who took the enterprise to steer me all through the undertaking. You ever be remembered.


Despite the attempts done by the Anglican Church of Uganda in bettering the spiritualty of the young person. many challenges remain to the people particularly the young person of St. Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli Parish no concerns have been put to the young person because Church leaders and parents together with the community members have come out to put schemes to work out the job that the young person victims of. This is why this drawn-out essay is to rouse the community and combat the young person to travel and contend these jobs which have brought long life effects on this coevals.


The intent of the survey was to analyze the jobs confronting the young person in St. Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli parish the survey was promoted by observation of Acts of the Apostless of individuality characterized with anti-social behaviours where many young person indulge in drug maltreatment. colza. larceny intoxicant ingestion. Specifically the survey sought to measure the causes. effects of the jobs confronting the young person in St. Mark Kamuli Parish. Across sectional study was designed in garnering informations and a entire sample of 78 respondents including the young person. church seniors. female parents and male parents brotherhood. young person leaders was used. The primary information was collected utilizing a structured questionnaire and interview usher. Both qualitative and quantitative informations were collected.

Therefore. exigency steps such as sensitisation and instruction of parents. church workers. listening to the young person. equilibrating their demands with the Church are needed. These will lend to the presentation of hapless diet in the country observed.


The survey was intended to analyze the jobs confronting the young person in St. Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli Parish.

Given the mention

Much has been written about youth civilization and some of us reckon we are get downing to understand it. In the universe of music. athleticss. media. first-class work has been done. we know how to associate to adolescents. We know what they like ; we know what they don’t like. We know how to divert them. and sometimes we think we know how to make out to them ( Mark Ashton 2010 )

Many immature people today are populating in a society which is neglecting to run into their basic demands. God’s program was that kids and immature people should be brought up in the loving ambiance of a place. But many immature people who come into our churches come from unstable places and some think the. Bible has little to learn about young person growing but the Bible Tells about God’s covering with the young person because God is the God of all ages.


In this subdivision. the research worker reveals the different statements. counters statements and defends establishing on the subject. Problems confronting the young person in St. Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli parish.

When you look at the Anglican community in general. you find out that at that place many young person and they do come to church though the Christian church is non making good with those adolescents. Mark Ashton says ( young person decay is now puting in earlier than of all time earlier. We used to be able to maintain them until they were in teens. And much has been said about their behaviours of music. athleticss. magazines and we know how to associate with them. we know what they like and how to divert them but all this is no more ) . Below are the jobs that are barricading them to experience like their God is a God of all ages.

Changing ethical motives among the young person in the Church terminal society whatever the instance. seeable alterations in the kingdom of moral that can be noticed. Persistently. the different beginnings of mass media call people’s attending to different worlds. Like their alterations in the dressing when their in public topographic points which so much affect the people who look at them.

Synod ( 1993 ) observed that adult movies. violent computing machine games and sexually expressed magazines are keys in propagating moral devolution among the young person. This is true when we look at different intelligence documents we have in Uganda like Red paper. Onion. Kamunye and many others.


They show adult Acts of the Apostless behaviours even in the schools and places. Some visit the cyberspace picture and this has spoiled many immature work forces and adult females because they are attracted to hold a travel about such hence gestations. smoke and many others.

Church leaders. politicians. societal workers and the elder’s coevals invariably decry. the young person of today as being slack and immoral. Whereas the young person in their bend look upon church leaders. instructors. and parents of being old to understand them. The young person claim seniors coevalss do non understand them in this coevals they refer to as “dot com” . When the young person bend to their parents. they are shocked with what they find. Olivia one of the young person said she was aghast when her father’s brother ( Uncle ) asked for sex from her yet he is one of the “strong Christians” extremely respected. She says she feels bad to see his male parent sermon.


In the yesteryear. young person had clip with their uncles. aunts and expansive parents learn them about how to populate in community. on how to dress particularly when it came to the misss going an grownup. their physical alterations. and all. In add-on. there were induction ceremonials like Circumcision. where male childs and misss learned all about gender and duties from the small town “consultants” parents did non hold to speak to their kids about such affairs. Today that tradition system in society has broken down and parents do non cognize where to get down from and this has become a job that the young person are confronting.

Harmonizing to Barker ( 1995 ) . the Anglican Church is excessively conservative with the liturgical manner of worship which makes the service rigid and non lively. Young person have non been included earnestly in the church construction to utilize their religious gifts. At times if they are included. they are merely marionettes. They are non allowed to give sentiments and they have non been given a opportunity in decision-making.

Besides the young person go toing church are sexually active and this has led to unwanted gestations that often lead to abortion in this parish. The church has made small or no impact against the AIDS epidemic. The church leaders ne’er even discourse the loaming catastrophe in the church and as a consequence many young person find their parents and instructors ill equipped and of afraid to learn them about sex issues.

Rev. Gideon Byamugisha ( 2000 ) points out that speaking about sex in the church is really hard because church leaders have non done it before and sometimes they believe that the church is excessively holy to speak about sex. This in return has caused jobs like cross coevals sex to the immature because church leaders have failed to transport out their duties. Wining a conflict requires cognizing the enemy. So when it comes to the enemy known as HIV/AIDS. many young person are nescient about the diseases. how it spreads and what can be done to halt its spread. Their ( young person ) ignorance leaves them vulnerable to infection.

Sarah Mukisa. Population Secretary ( 2007 ) noted that economic conditions make it hard for immature misss to afford basic necessities. therefore take them to seek favour from older work forces who normally have money to offer and them finally doing the immature misss stoping up with unwanted gestations that affect their hereafter like go forthing school.

Differences and inequalities between males and females in duties done. entree to command over resources plus determination devising chances ( consecutive talk vol. 14 August 2008 ) . These differences and inequalities have affected the young person. and particularly the misss in such a manner that they have fewer rights. lower instruction and less entree to resources and determination devising than work forces. Thus an unfastened door for maltreatment indirectly gives to those in control. Meanwhile the weaker 1s seek to make illicit patterns in order to last. therefore encouraging larceny and harlotry among the young person misss.

Secondary school pupils have non been spread of the infiltration of drug maltreatment. Harmonizing to an unwritten interview with some of the pupils. bulk confessed to holding been exposed to drug usage at an early age of adolescence. This is as a consequence of the amusement made through the media that makes the drug appear attractive. For blink of an eye adverts which portray successful movie histrions and music creative persons who use drugs and this entices the young person to besides seek them out.

Harmonizing to Douglas. S. Winnail ( 1980’s ) asserts that one of the most surprising developments of the last 50 old ages has been a dramatic displacement a manner from Judeo Christian moral values that provide the foundation of Western civilisation. the older coevalss wonder why this is go oning and where it will take through the immature people seem unmindful to the corner. “We have passively accepted a easy deteriorating youth scene without expressing a croak of protest. This shows that the church and society has permitted in a manner the escalation of moral degeneracy among the young person hence doing jobs to them.


The conservativeness of the Anglican church of Uganda has made more youth to abandon this mainstream church to other churches therefore stoping up in cults because most cults are converting these young person by usage of money to lure and angle them from St. Mark Kamuli Parish. If they leave the church. no active people will assist in mission. assisting the needy. orphans. the ill and the old people. At the terminal the Church will luck future good trained curate and Christians to travel on with the religion.

Pentecostal churches are turning quickly and deriving the bulk of the young persons by utilizing the advantages of the failing of the Anglican Church. They are deriving. the Anglican Church is losing severely and one time youth leave the church that means there will be no future Christians in the Anglican communities therefore doing the services dull. It besides increases diminution in the religious growing of the church. The young person who could a strong church family of the Anglican community can impact the church once they desert.

Pre-marital sex appears to be broad among these young person. Contraceptive usage among sexually active young person is by and large low. which is reflected in high degree of teenage gestations. abortions. HIV infections and sexually Transmitted Diseases. Society has filed to supply immature people with information they need to prorogue sex until they are physically. sexually and emotionally mature. The church has besides failed. Basic information about gender and generative wellness is missing therefore many young persons have ended up going victims of larceny. cross coevals sex. harlotry The young person who are addicted to football and other athleticss should be advised by their leaders. parents. instructors and church workers to hold the right clip for that. And this should non be like a occupation to gain a life but a leisure clip for loosen uping so that they can be active in making other developmental things like brick prevarication. agribusiness. and many others.

Picture: 3.

Many young person who are involved in these batting activities end up offenses like robbery where they ever think they can acquire a life if they bat the money

Drug maltreatment has lead to the harm of physical or mental wellness among the young person as in the instance of intoxicant users who develop necropsy chiastic harm or lung malignant neoplastic disease for the tobacco users. This I besides associated with frequent offenses among the young person. The offenses often committed by drug users are those which the drug users can derive more money to obtain adequate drugs to fulfill their wonts like larceny. harlotry and other illegal activities.

Cross coevals sex relationships have increased on the degree of HIV/AIDS infections among the young person. They are involved in hazardous sexual behaviours and about half of them with more than one spouse of which those spouses have other spouses. This has given in a opportunity for HIV/Aids infections among the young person who are exposed to unprotected intercourse as I intervened one who said “I can non eat sweet raped in kavere” ( polythein bag ) significance she can non play sex utilizing a rubber.

Thingss like bating in athleticss has affected the young person so much because they waste a batch of clip in statements over their lovely squads like Manchester United. Liverpool and in this they get more if their anticipations are successful. This has besides increased on more offense rates because some of them are stealing money from places and other beginnings therefore stoping up in prison

The young person have besides been involved so much in self-destruction. Many are the times the young person victims of jobs like larceny. harlotry and alternatively of being ashamed in public. they end up killing themselves to happen a manner out. This is really. The force per unit area they undergo makes them hold sudden alterations even in behaviours.

MY Argument

The changing ethical motives among the young person in the church and the society could be solved of we look back on what usual to be done. In Africa. ethical rules and regulations were preserved and there are really few instances that have lost truck. If these regulations and rules are good restored. they can assist the young person of this epoch to accommodate good in the society and besides in Church. There were narratives and Glory stating which were of import ways of import ways of intrenching ethical values and motives to the immature 1s.

Besides at that place many narratives in the Bible that are really helpful in the guiding of the young person to populate a God fearing life. For Christians there no demand for turn outing ethical motives. They do be and God revealed them to humanity. It is of import to cover with internal factors of action ( faith and belief ) as a Christian as Paul says: –

So I say. unrecorded by the spirit. and you will non satisfy the desires of the iniquitous nature. To the iniquitous nature desires what is contrary to the spirit and the spirit what is contrary to the iniquitous nature. They are in struggle with each other. so that you do non make what you want. But if you are led by the spirit. you are non under jurisprudence. The Acts of the Apostless of the iniquitous nature are obvious: sexual immorality dross and orgy ; devotion and enchantress trade. hatred. strife. green-eyed monster. tantrums of fury. selfish aspiration. discords. ( Galatians: 5:16 – 21 )

The church hence must come up with schemes that can assist the young person to populate a reverent life. to state them to avoid life and appareled half necked in public because God exists and hence ethical motives do be.

The job of young person being marionettes in the church can be solved if the church leaders give them different chances to pattern their endowments. This is their age and they feel it in them. They want to read lessons. preach. lead services. and sing in Church. Music can short-circuit rational barriers and take the massage straight to the bosom. The church besides needs to prophesy the word of God and besides to demo the young person that God is God of all ages.

The Bible tells us to go through on the religion in Christ that lives in us to others. For Paul was besides go throughing his ministry and faith a immature adult male Timothy when he wrote to him the two missive of Timothy. There is no manner the senior can go through their religion to the young person unless they live as function theoretical accounts to them. Let the young person be kept in the centre of the church so that they can cognize God. With this in head. we can happen out their religious apprehension and possible as adolescent. Let’s avoid seting them on force per unit area so that we help them accomplish great religious accomplishment hence being the hereafter church curates of God.

The silence on cross-generation sex must be broken to avoid instances of AIDS. early gestations. abortions. Let the church and community speak out about these issues as many times as possible in public. Using appropriate and take away massages for different audiences. Let church leaders and parents give advice on what sexual brotherhoods are and what clip they can be good and what clip they are unsafe. This will truly assist the young person to cognize what to make when. how to make it. where to make it and why to make it. Youth are more likely to be convinced by what you are stating to them with cogent evidence.

We should supply counsel to immature people. harmonizing to Luther Martin. “What purpose do we older flock exist. other than to care for instruct and convey up the immature. It is ultimathy impossible for young person to instruct and protect themselves. this is why God has entrusted them to us who are older and from experience give what is best for them.

The church should besides non be soundless on issues of drug maltreatment among the young person. Christians who are tempted to utilize or mistreat drugs and intoxicant should hesitate to believe about them from a spirituals position. These substances have a direct religious consequence on our organic structures which are the religious residence of the Holy Spirit and so they should be treated as sanctum ( 1 Cor. 3:16 – 17 ) . We should inform the young person that it’s non the drugs and intoxicant that are abused. but our organic structures. Let them besides be cognizant of the destructiveness. disruptiveness and unprofitability to our households. societies as a whole.

The young person who are addicted to football and other athleticss should be advised by their leaders. parents. instructors and church workers to hold the right clip for that. And this should non be like a occupation to gain a life but a leisure clip for loosen uping so that they can be active in making other developmental things like brick prevarication. agribusiness. and many others.


The intent of the survey was to analyze the jobs confronting the young person in St Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli Parish. Establishing on the findings. the undermentioned decisions were made:

( I ) . The findings revealed that the young person cognition about the jobs they face was varied runing from prophesying the Word of God. families with one another. sharing and distributing the Gospel of Christ. being followings of Jesus Christ to devotedness and desire to follow Jesus and his instructions. Although assorted happening were given on how youth understand Christianity. there is demand for the Church to learn the young person about the construct of Christianity so that they avoid public life of pretension that their Christians yet when they are out of the Church that

( two ) . Youth ever want to pass some clip with the grownups because they don’t want the childhood experience. So seniors should be good illustrations to the young person who are impersonators of what they see from the seniors. We need to construct up thoughts with them instead than knocking them for listening to music holding hapless friends. watching telecastings. Let’s non merely have the negative attitude towards them but have the right attitude.

( three ) . The consequences of the survey besides show that the Church if the Church could manage little different groups at ago them it could be essay for the young person to turn spiritually stronger. Finally the jobs confronting the young person in St Mark Church of Uganda. Kamuli parish were the conservativeness of the church. deficient financess. HIV/AIDS. fortune of parental negotiations with the young person. inequalities between male and female. moral devolution among the young person. drug maltreatment.

Therefore. the Church demand to learn the young person about Jesus’ call for the evildoers. That is the call to state “NO” to the old selfish life of wickedness and to state “YES” to Jesus. Inward belief must be accompanied with outward obeisance to Christ.


Establishing on the findings. the survey recommended the following for increasing religious developments among the young person of St Mark Church of Uganda Kamuli Parish: Jesus. from clip to clip. sent out his adherents for experience and exercisings. He was rather cognizant of the disciple’s restrictions. but they had to larn by exposure to the different state of affairss. The Church should besides larn to let the young person to take part in their preparation course of study. However. this exposure should non be without necessary instructions. ordinances. and supervising from seniors

Harmonizing to the observation made. sensitisation and instruction of parents. church leaders is the major recommendation by the research worker whereby in order to cover good with the young person. the church should lift up in the instruction of the young person workers and parents in Kamuli parish on how to cover with the young person in conveying them to Christ and in order to be in place to control parents’ ignorance in conveying up their kids as good Christians.

In order to be able to get the better of the causes of the jobs confronting the young person. parents. church leaders and other attention givers should follow to the modern methods of life unlike the traditional 1s of where young person are looked at as being unconstructive. They are restricted from conveying up thoughts because of the traditional belief but so it’s high clip for them to sit with the seniors on a unit of ammunition tabular array and portion thoughts and experiences.

In order to forestall unwanted gestations. AIDS/HIV. abortions. drug maltreatment. young person should be given negotiations through wirelesss. literature and conferences that can assist them to populate a life the a approval to them. their parents and the glorification traveling back to the Godhead God. Detecting their endowments. the young person should besides be given clip to develop their gifts like singing. athleticss. leading that through such. their leaders can assist them to cut down on the hazards that they may confront if they are idol and bored.


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