The Present Day Syllabus In Sri Lanka Education Essay

The history of Education in Sri Lankan dates back more than 2300 old ages. The fundamental law of the state has enclosed instruction as an cardinal right for all. Sri Lanka has one of the highest literacy literary rates in Asia. Hence, instruction plays a critical portion in the life and civilization of the state. The modern Sri Lankan instruction system began with the reaching of British colonial swayers in the 1800s, which gave instruction system which was based upon church ‘s monopoly. However, in 1942 free instruction system was established with the backing of Dr CWW Kannangara. The modern instruction system although based upon British system.

Several superficial alterations took topographic point under consecutive authoritiess after station independency epoch ; these alterations included the medium of linguistic communication and several alteration of syllabus both at primary and secondary.

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This paper uses a frame work designed to reexamine a present twenty-four hours course of study in regard of reproduction instruction and the quality of informations and information given to striplings and the cultural and value position held by both the grownups and intellectuals in Sri Lanka.

Although the research was concentrated to a certain extend towards the analysis of the course of study and cultural tabu, it was discovered the cognition of reproduction instruction was at a low moderate degree even though Sri Lankan literacy ranking holds one of the highest in the universe.


First and foremost I wish to pay my gratitude to the Junior Command and Staff College and for giving me the chance to compose this thesis.

I unfeignedly thank Oversing Directing Staff, Gp Capt USK Senarathatha, MSc, psc for the really adept counsel given to me from A to Z in write the thesis, specially by rectifying service composing process and edifice up of chapters to run into the criterions expected by the JC & A ; SC.

I besides wish to admit Mrs Dinusha ( Arts teacher, R/ Gairanagama Vidyala, Balangoda ) for to administer questionnaire, to carryout interviews and aid in roll uping informations and with literature on the capable affair.

Finally I wish to admit with a sense of deep gratitude, my darling married woman Mrs Dilini Yatanwala ( Science teacher, R/ Gairanagama Vidyala, Balangoda ) for her aid and encouragement given to me in this attempt including proposing and counsel in roll uping informations and advised throughout the research.


Title page I

Declaration two

Abstract three

Recognitions iv

Contentss v

List of Tables six

List of figues eights

List of exposure nine

Chapter 1: Introduction 01

Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal 07

Chapter 3: Methodology 10

Chapter 4: Datas Analysis 13

Chapter 5: Suggestions and Decisions 24

Bibliography/ Mentions

Annex A: Questionnaire distributed among pupils


Table 1: Datas collected by School No 01 aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ 17

Table 2: Datas collected by School No 02 aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ 19


Fig I. Analysis of informations school No 01 18

Fig two. Analysis of informations school No 02 20


Pho I. Photograph of school traveling male childs 2

Pho two. Photograph of category room 6

Chapter ONE



Backdrop of sexual and reproduction: Knowledge, Extra course of study and societal rightness are the chief expected or the chief political orientation that have been tough or inculcate in the head of pupils in traditional instruction pattern in Sri Lankan school system. This includes alleged facts of life viz. including nutrition, Childhood, pubescence, map of sexual variety meats, construct and immortality every bit good as sexually transmitted double daggers etcaˆ¦ how of all time teachers seldom about ne’er explain or discuss of how babes are conceived. The cultural tabu of Sri Lanka has made the state of affairs an unthinkable or unethical to educate or discourse with bush leagues of the sex instruction and reproduction information.

The unfastened economic system and the globalisation have converted the Sri Lankan traditional society a complicated and western oriented society. Due to this grounds it is imperative that bush leagues or the pubescence should be educated of gender and reproduction. Further garment industries have created a new staff of life of societal environment, sexually arisen telecasting plans, printed version of sexual phantasies, bluish movies and easy entree cyberspace, illegal abortion and sexual oriented offenses committed by felons are in the rapid addition.

3 The well-known fact is that there is non a regular system in Sri Lanka or anyplace for that affair in most society to educate pubescence of their sex feelings and wonder in immature grownups. Further, as a South Asiatic state Sri Lanka, consist of truth of societal belief, speak different types of linguistic communication, and captivate truth of values from different societal groups. In this context, the tradition household parents and grownups are either unwilling or embarrassed to educate their kids on gender and sex instruction for that affair. It is found that the underestimation of its significance is found behind the tradition household construction in Sri Lanka.

Soon, it is found that most of the societal jobs are based upon gender and reproduction. This includes unplanned gestation, addition in the rate of female parents decease giving birth, child deceases, self-destructions, sexually transmitted disease are important. To avoid intensifying this state of affairs it is imperative that sexual instruction is given to immature grownup before it is excessively late.

Due to this grounds instruction on reproduction and gender is found to be important. Meanwhile the importance of go throughing down information on sensitive topic of gender is found to be debatable due to the societal tabu and traditional attitudes in Sri Lanka. Even though the school course of study touches upon this subject, the wealth of cognition the instructors airss is about ne’er discussed with pupils straight.

In this context, happening the world of whether the school system gives equal cognition on reproduction and gender to pubescences is studied in deepness.

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6 Cultural tabus and traditional attitudes of instructors unwillingness to give necessary accent to arouse instruction is ensuing in an addition of adolescent gestations and sexually communicated diseases

Problem statement:

7 The age of pubescence is an of import phase of a immature grownup. It is said to be where a kid crosses over to a immature grownup. In this phase a rapid growing in physical, mentally and societal is clearly seeable. Human growing can be categorize from the twenty-four hours of conceive in female parent uterus as speedy, decelerate once more rapidly when attacks adulthood. It takes clip by the pubescence to understand the physical alteration in his or her organic structure. Some are disturbed over these modifiers. The deficiency of scientific cognition by the bush leagues is found to be the chief class for this. The complex societal environment that the immature pubescence has to grown up will supplement this state of affairs.

8 In this context the school system in Sri Lanka has been introduced with truth of course of study into the survey of human organic structure and its ‘ luster. Even though the textbook has included with critical information about reproduction and human organic structure the bush leagues are faced with practically application of this cognition, in the same clip the cognition given to them be given to be wrong, likewise the system is faced with many troubles. In this scenario transporting out a survey with respect to reproduction instruction in Sri Lanka and grade of cognition attain through the system is the intent of this survey.


9 The survey is done to measure how much of cognition is gain through the school course of study in regard of reproduction instruction. Before traveling in to the capable affair is critical that we do hold a clear image of definition.

Adolescent or pubescence:

10 Harmonizing to Mr David Bacon the construct of pubescence was began in the recent yesteryear. It is treated, as an of import phase of a adolescent as they goes through a period were they show a rapid development in physically, sexually and mentally.

11 The construct environing stripling or puberty alterations among states, geographically and culturally. Further, he states that stripling is a direct consequence of the industrialisation and urbanization.

12 Harmonizing to Mr Osubell striplings is a period where adolescent changes their attitudes, duty, privileges environing him or her. In this context the alterations that occurs this period of life is ineluctable.

13 Mr. Lands a psychologist province most crude society ‘s immature transportations to grownups straight where else in western states immature lives where no civilizations exist.

14 There is difference among many about the specific degree for age for pubescence. Harmonizing to Hurlock the age bound begins from age 11 or 12 and expands up to 21 the new lawfully recognize age. Therefore for male child the age expand from 11-21 and for girls 10-21. Harmonizing to Mr Jerslid and Mr Fleming age, 12-20 is considered as idle age for lucifer this description. Nevertheless, Mr Mussen categorise age 11-18 as tantrum this description.

The pubescence ages are categorized as follows harmonizing to Mr Stort

i. Adolescent ( 10-13 Old ages )

two. Middle Adolescent ( 13-16 Old ages )

three. Post Adolescent ( 16-20 Old ages )

Reproduction instruction

15 Reproduction instruction can specify as follows. Reproduction instruction is non merely about wellness attention of reproduction organ but of understanding and acknowledging the map of variety meats and wellness attention of the same in order to accomplish a healthy society.

16 Through this instruction it will supply information on nutrition, immunizing, kid goon, Adolescent, map of reproduction variety meats, household planning, construct and immortality every bit good as sexually transmitted double daggers, other double daggers and safe sex etcaˆ¦ to accomplish healthy life manner.


To analyze the note book given to school bush leagues in regard of reproduction.

To determine how much of cognition is gain by pubescence.

To determine the troubles faced by instructors in educating on the topic.

Importance of the Study

17 In the present context, the Sri Lankan instruction system should give more importance this stage of instruction ; the ignorance will hold damaging effects on any society. The damaging effects of ignorance can be seen about every twenty-four hours by media, Murder, suicide based on control sexual desire among young person. This reproduction instruction will distinct human signifier animal. Worlds are intelligent, philosophical animate being non merely sexual desired animate being. This theory must be inculcated in heads of the striplings from twenty-four hours one.

18 The instructors who are carry oning this topic must be given particular preparation to consistently near the topic as any other subject. Although a mythology attack is soon available, both instructors and pupils have found hard country that is difficult to learn and understand. In the interim, this instruction provided some comprehension ; it is non been tough to do the usage of cognition to a more meaningful sex experience or sex life. Due to this, it is of import to look in this country with more importance.

19 Further, more grounds to for survey of the topic is found as follows ; to a individual further survey of this subject, to individual re-starting the survey of this topic, to a cognition searcher this hunt would assist vastly.

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Chapter TWO

Literature reappraisal

20 The survey or any research carried out in regard of reproduction instruction in school course of study is about rear to happen. However, Mr Amerasinghe ( 2009 ) carried out a research, into part of school civilization to the psychological demand of stripling. Harmonizing to Mr Amerasinghe, it is of import that stripling are given preproduction instruction. Further, he states that the new coevals seeks more cognition on this subject than the old coevals, although Sri Lanka is traditional civilization.

21 Harmonizing to a research carried out late in United States of America, approximately 85 % of stripling expect some kind of sexual instruction signifier category room. About 1500 in-between category stripling pupil was taken for this secrete research, of them about 98 % them stated that adolescent demand to be educated on sexual inside informations and when ask on what inside informations following countries were highlighted by the most.

Human purgative and made

Female reproduction variety meats and map

Female menses rhythm

Pre and station matrimony moralss, doctrine and scientific cognition

Family be aftering


Male female sexual behavior


Homosexual behavior


Sexual powerlessness


22 Further, the research worker found that pupil have stressed that these subjects must non be merely included course of study, but taught with great importance.

23 The research carried out by Mr Farell ( 1978 ) concluded that striplings gain cognition as undermentioned beginnings ; 45 % from friends, 35 % from school, 12 % from parents and the remainder from media.

24 Harmonizing to Mr Ivon and Mr Shorok ( 1974 ) due to miss of cognition of the sexual adulthood, adolescent tend to confront with hard inquiry environing following countries.

The mental emphasis and shudder of stripling about menses.

The hard-on, sexual powerlessness, interjection lending to quake which lead stripling to incorrect decisions due inaccessibility of cognition.

Masturbation, homosexualism, experimental sexual brushs would make mental shudder with the guilt feeling by the stripling.

Mental depression, shudder, embarrasses created by menses among striplings.

25 Almost every county have concluded that stripling must be given sexual instruction in schoolroom. In Sri Lanka Education ministry have made an attempt through its text book on wellness scientific discipline. In this book a quotation mark from Mohandas Gandhi provinces, “ Through instruction it is critical those striplings are given cognition to command sexual desires ” . The co-relation between sexual instruction and offenses committed of sexual nature can be defined as follows harmonizing to Gandhi ‘s vision.

26 What kind of precedence should be given? Does generative instruction demand precedence in schoolroom? Generative instruction can be divided into two as follows.

Controling sexual desires and winning them.

Rejuvenation of desires and achievement

“ In first context, it must be included in the instruction system and the later is harmful for adolescent therefore should be excluded from instruction. Almost every faith has interprets “ passion ” as enemy, where choler and covetous as approaching 2nd ” . ( Gandhi,1959.40.41 )

27 The remark made by Gandhi on whether to adolescent should be given generative instruction in schoolroom as follows ;

“ In the present context, adolescent obtain cognition through assorted methods that would misdirect them. Controling sexual desire and accomplishing can non be done through disregarding it. Therefore, stripling should he given way on generative instruction for them to utilize reproduction variety meats for correct usage ” . ^Gandhi, 1959:41 )

28 Likewise, Gandhi has besides commented the importance of preparation instructors are equal of import on presenting this topic.

“ By whom this topic should be taught? Person who has ability to command his sexual desire should be idle. Likewise, instructors trained to present progress scientific discipline topics, instructors who conduct generative instruction should be trained excessively. For illustration, some who can command sexual desire, some who studied about it, and some who is competent should be used for this topic ” . ^Gandhi, 1959:42 )

29 It is clear the above quotation marks are really much related to this research and to the generative instruction.

Chapter THREE


1 The research will reexamine the degree of part of the note book and its contents given to adolescent on reproduction. To accomplish this nonsubjective facts and informations from notebook for generative instruction from grade 7 to rate 11 will considered when supplying information.

2 Another aim of this research is to determine how much of cognition addition by stripling. To accomplish this, two schools from both rural and urban are selected, 20 pupils from each school is selected and given the questionnaire, the informations and facts are presented utilizing tabular arraies and confabs for analyzing intent.

3 Likewise, another aim was to determine the troubles faced by both instructors and educating on this topic and pupils in larning. To accomplish this 10 pupils and instructors was selected and interviews were conducted. The information and facts are used do for a qualitative analysis.

Population and Selection of a sample

4 To determine informations and facts for this research, Twenty pupils each 10 male and 10 female from Rajasinghe cardinal college of Dehiowita educational division is selected.

5 Further, Twenty pupils each 10 male and 10 female from Magammna college of Dehiowita educational division is indiscriminately selected.

6 Likewise, 10 pupils from Dehiowita National College, Dehiowith educational division is besides indiscriminately selected for informations and facts garnering. Finally, 10 instructors who conduct scientific discipline, wellness and physical surveies from same division are selected to informations assemblage.

Methods used assemblage of informations from the sample

Tools and inside informations

7 A questionnaire was prepared to garner informations. The 20 pupils from Rajasinghe cardinal college are given the questionnaire. The pupils are given specific clip bounds to finish and same is analyzed.

8 Further, same questionnaire was given with clip restriction to Magammna college of Dehiowita educational division.

9 Likewise, 10 pupils from Dehiowita National College, Dehiowith educational division was given target inquiry with interview method were used to garner informations. The information from 10 instructors whom carry oning scientific discipline, wellness and physical surveies were extracted, interview method was used to garner informations.

10 Further, information and information were gathered from text editions and instructors ‘ guild book of class 7 to rate 11, furthermore, magazines covering information on generative instruction was besides referred, and cyberspace and encyclopedia were referred when garnering information.

Restrictions and Constraints

Following restriction and restraints were faced.

I. Although this research should include informations from all the schools merely three schools were selected for the sampling.

two. The figure of categories selected had to be demarcated when trying.

The questionnaire had to be constrained based on the age bound, knowledge degree and clip restriction for the same.

Time restraint and restriction for aggregation of informations.

Due to cultural tabu, both pupil and instructors were hesitating to come with their sentiment on this subject.

Due to non-availability anterior research on this subject, the informations for Literature reappraisal were rare to happen.

Chapter FOUR

Datas Analysis

1 The proposed course of study way for new immature instructors, and to detect the present cognition of instructors on the generative wellness scientific discipline through the provided enchiridion, the aim of roll uping data/information to supply the consciousness of generative wellness to school kids utilizing the selected chief two topics.

Health & A ; Physical Education


2 Therefore utilizing wellness & A ; physical Education subject the generative cognition is provided through the class 7 to 11 utilizing the undermentioned methods in different phases.

Table No 4.1

Capable: wellness & A ; physical Education








Wonder of human Body & A ; Healthy Life

Human Reproduction

I. Female reproduction Variety meats

two. Male reproduction Variety meats

Duties of kids

Identifying Sexual assault and misconduct behaviors?



Procuring Ethical motives

Sexual singularity

The importance of sex instruction among the young person

disadvantages of unwholesome sex

Duties of sexual battle

Gender Role for Social Existence



Wonder of Human organic structure

Sexual transmitted diseases & A ; bar!

3 Harmonizing to the above tabular array 4.1 Health & A ; physical Education topic does non incorporate in twelvemonth 7 course of study & A ; Human reproductive cognition is given to pupils from twelvemonth 8 category ‘s, under the topic of Health & A ; Physical Education, it is been presented in several subtopics, under the Lesson “ Wonder of Human Body ”

4 In Year 9 “ Health & A ; physical instruction ” capable includes the Pride of Procuring Ethical motives lessons been used to discussed the subtopics “ Sexual singularity ” The importance of sex instruction among the young person ” disadvantages of unwholesome sex ” Gender Role for Social Existence and the of these subjects been discussed briefly.

5 Year 10-11 Health & A ; physical Education Subject is non a compulsory topic and it is been presented as a selectable topic due to this ground importance of the topic is neglected

7 Year 7-11 Health & A ; physical Education Syllabus way and the manus book provided instructors and the item incorporating the Human reproduction following findings was discovered.

8 Furthermore, under the scientific discipline capable human reproduction cognition is provided utilizing the undermentioned faculties from twelvemonth 6 to 11

Table 4.2

Subject: Science







Life Existence and Physical Associates ”

Human generative Variety meats





Part 11 lesson 2

Bionic Reproduction

Human reproduction

Male reproduction System

Male reproduction System map

Female Reproduction System

Female Reproduction System Function


Female generative period rhythm

Sexually Transmitted diseases

Cell population

9 Harmonizing to above tabular array under scientific discipline capable how far the human reproduction cognition has been provided to pupil was investigate and found that it merely included in twelvemonth 7 & A ; 11 course of study under scientific discipline topic.

10 Further, in twelvemonth 7 textbooks it was limited A? pages supplying the male & A ; female generative organ diagrams. Compared to the other Human organic structure System which been described over the text edition, it give the feeling that the room provided to this subject is limited.

11 Year 7, 11 on the geographic expedition of twelvemonth 7 instructors manus book followers was discovered and it contained less information compared to Health & A ; physical instruction instructors manus book, though more information inside informations has been provided to the twelvemonth 11 instructors manus book which helps instructors to educate the pupil to greater widen

12 Finding of sexual cognition among the schoolchildren: In order to analysis, it following questionnaire was developed to roll up informations in two schools incorporating 10 pupils from each school

Table 4.3

School: 01

Year 10



( 10 )


( 10 )

1.Name two secondary sex features ( right replies )

2. Name 3 parts of Male reproduction System ( right replies )

3. Sexually familial double daggers ( right replies )

4. Name the ways of HIV/ AIDS transmitted ( right replies )

5. How to forestall from sexually transmitted bishoprics ( right replies )

13 Harmonizing to the above tabular array 4.3 the questionnaire given to pupil ‘s the subsequent information was gathered, for the first inquiry out of 20 kids merely 09 pupils has given the right replies and for 2nd inquiry merely 7 besides for 3rd merely 5 and for the 5th Question merely 4 has given the right replies.

14 The bulk of pupils in this group has failed to supply right replies to the inquiries, however for the 4th inquiry HIV/AIDS many has given the right replies, this is due to the freely available information on media and other runs carried through the county sing AIDS

15 On the other manus, the cognition of this group seems like below the acceptable degree.

Chart No 4.1

16 The above chart explore the instruction cognition among the male childs & A ; misss about human generative cognition, as per the chart it point out that cognition of females pupils is less compared to boys, one ground for this would be since male childs used talk about this topic among their friends than misss do, farther since their been thought by a male instructor and it would hold been a obstruction to seek extra information required.

17 The 2nd school was selected from the metropolis and same questionnaire was provided to this group every bit good. The below 4.4 chart it explore the cognition of this group.

Table No 4.4

School 2

Year 10


No of male childs

( 10 )

No of Girls

( 10 )

1.Name two secondary sex features ( right replies )

2. Name 3 parts of Male reproduction System ( right replies )

3. Sexually familial double daggers ( right replies )

4. Name the ways of HIV/ AIDS transmitted ( right replies )

5. How to forestall from sexually transmitted disease ( right replies )

19 In this group out of 20 pupils 11 has given right reply to the 2nd Question and 12 pupils has given right reply, for the 3rd Question. 13 has given right reply, 4th inquiry 16 and for the 5th 11 has given the correct reply, in this group each inquiry has more than 50 % right replies compared with old group it is clearly undertaking that the cognition degree of metropolis school higher compared rural schools.

20 As per above chart it project that replying degrees of misss & A ; boys about equal nevertheless like in group 01 male child has more right replies to compared to misss

21 Finding out the communicating spreads between pupils & A ; instructors was an another docket in this analysis, here the purpose was to garner the information by holding unfastened confab with the instructors & A ; pupil in different forums and two groups were selected to roll up informations.

Ten ( 10 ) scientific discipline / wellness instruction instructors

Ten ( 10 ) pupils

22 Harmonizing to the first bunch ( instructors ) they besides have faced many issues to do available the important information to the pupils, by looking at these jobs that they have faced it was easy to happen out the communicating spreads between pupils and instructors

23 The above group was a consist of 3 Unmarried female instructors & A ; 2 male instructors and the remainder was married ( 2 females and 3 males ) , in this scenario the conformity to learn the topic was refused by the 3 single female instructors and remainder confirmed their willingness to learn without a uncertainty,

24 However, the three single female instructors stated that they did non see any trouble in supplying theory cognition to student nevertheless they got embarrassed when the 10-11 pupils are oppugning about practical related information from them.

25 Further, when it comes to twelvemonth 7, 8, 9, order of lessons falls to line during the beginning of the twelvemonth, and during twelvemonth 11 the lesson is scheduled as the last lesson in text book in add-on that during this period pupils are acquiring prepared to O/L test and the instructors & A ; pupil battle to cover-up the course of study during this clip of the twelvemonth, and derive cognition look to be hard.

26 When asking about the topic cognition of the instructors it was noticed that merely two instructors satisfied with their cognition, and four other male /female Teachs admitted that they faced issues when learning the topic, farther the single female instructors said that they are non to the full cognizant about the topic.

27 When asking about the preparation & A ; the provided manus book, the new instructors said that they have non received any preparation sing the topic, and merely two married female instructors has got the preparation who worked for many old ages.

28 In add-on to above since there no proper channel within the school to educate the instructors sing this new topic is besides behind this issue.

29 In many blink of an eyes instructors are utilizing back uping tools to learn the pupils, nevertheless when it was put as inquiry to the instructors merely two members has been utilizing images to explicate lesson to the pupils e.g. Changes during the gestation has been explained by utilizing Images, farther all instructors said that the provided instruction tool are non up standard.

30 When learning the scientific discipline topic to explicate the human organic structure Systems such as biological systems, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, oculus ‘s, ears, nose, fictile theoretical accounts can be used.

31 However, instructors said that it is non possible to utilize fictile theoretical accounts to explicate generative variety meats such as female/ male to student due to the non-availability of these theoretical accounts among schools. Due to these grounds, the instructors are faced with troubles in learning the lesson.

32 The above mentioned 2nd group, had 10 pupils girls/boys and the information gathered during the treatment discovered that larning the human reproductive system within the category suites hard and they have to confront many issues, with these informations it was fruitful the analysis

33 Harmonizing to the pupils most of the instructors try to learn the lesson rapidly and complete it shortly, by making that pupil ‘s said that they are unable to unclutter out the uncertainty they have, and some said instructors try avoid replying inquiry that they raise, besides when the instruction is done by male instructors the miss pupil do non prefer, raise inquiries to unclutter out at that place uncertainty ‘s

34 Further since the lesson is thought without any interaction with the pupils, due this they have no penchant to subject, besides since really seldom have images been used and it has been hard them to absorb the out of the lesson.

35 Further misss said that due to inquiry raised by male pupils sometimes the female instructors besides face troubles in replying them.

36 The pupil said that they prefer to larn human generative system through their friends and larning it from parents and instructors non sufficient to unclutter out the uncertainty that they have.

37 Harmonizing the information analysis of above to groups, when learning human reproductively system both instructors & A ; pupil face troubles and analysis was able place the root caused.

Chapter FIVE

Suggestions and Decisions

1 Written beginnings were used to happen out the cognition degree of generative instruction which is to be given to the pupils of adolescence equal group harmonizing to the school course of study and the text books. Harmonizing to the information obtained, the cognition given in the text books and course of studies were non properly adjustments ( fluctuates ) with the sum of information needed for each class. Therefore, to analyze those written beginnings it is needed to happen out the degree of cognition needed for each class.

2 Sing the cognition given to the pupils in class 7 about generative wellness, merely really few inside informations were found to be included in the text book. Those inside informations are limited to about half a page. But inside informations descriptions are given about the other systems. These two systems are farther discussed in class 11. Between grade 7 and grade 11, Numberss of inside informations about generative instruction are shown in text edition. Though these inside informations are farther discussed in Health & A ; Physical Education text editions in class 8 and 9, as a proper attending is non given to the above subjects the cognition is non decently shown to the pupils.

3 As endocrine development is increased with some of the nutrients used in the present ( Chicken ) , girls pubescence is accelerated. Most of the misss have to confront the above state of affairs when they are in grade 7. However, no information is found about the Generative systems in Science or Health text editions.

4 Besides in the Science capable though scientific inside informations are farther discussed, a lesser attending is given to the practical side it. So sing the class 11 text edition the cognition given about the Reproductive wellness instruction must be changed with the age. Harmonizing to the above decisions, it is needed to further analyze text editions to make the alterations to give a proper generative Health Education.

5 In schools, proper attending is non given to the Health and Physical Education topic. Therefore, the pupils do non decently analyze the inside informations about generative Health instruction. Therefore inside informations about generative instruction should be included to the scientific discipline textbooks increasingly in class 8,9,10.The Health and Physical Education topic must besides be given a better attending in schools with interventions of the of the Education Ministry.

6 As pubescence of misss happens sooner than it used to be it is indispensable to include the inside informations about Reproductive Health for class 7students with Science, Health and Physical Education topics.

7 As more attending is given to the athleticss in Health and Physical Education topic, sometimes the topics even thought by the Sports instructor. Therefore, to give a better cognition to the pupils, its needed to give proper topographic point to the generative wellness instruction topic so as the athleticss.

8 The Subject Health and Physical Education topic must be nominated as a compulsory topic for class 10,11 pupils as it would be helpful for the school departers after class 11 to screen out the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours jobs and be a healthy adult male.

9 By including more practical information in instructors manuals than the textbooks instructors can reply the inquiries which pupils inquire beyond the text editions. But in the present what we see id that the instructors manuals has lesser information even than the text edition. This state of affairs must be changed with the intervention of the instruction ministry.

10 Many troubles were identified by analysing the informations collected from the sample taken to happen out to happen out the cognition of generative wellness instruction.

11 It was found that the male pupil has given accurate replies than the female pupils and besides the pupils learnt by the male instructors seem to be much knowing.

12 A better cognition was found in pupils of the school selected in the town country than the school selected from the rural country. The ground for this is deficiency of resources in rural countries.

13 The ground for this is the deficiency of instructors in the rural schools, engineering and the mass media. Besides it is considered as non polite to talk about the facts about the generative wellness instruction. Harmonizing to the above grounds, the cognition of the pupils in the urban countries can be considered as much knowing people than the pupils from the rural countries.

14 For the inquirer used to entree the cognition about the generative wellness instruction some inquiries were included about HIV/ AIDS. From the all three schools selected as samples, most pupils have answered these inquiries better than the other inquiries. The ground for this is the information given by the mass media about HIV/AIDS.

15 It was found that for the inquiry inquiring for the desire of larning about generative wellness instruction all of the pupils have given the reply that they like to larn about that. By analysing the Data obtained utilizing the sample it was found that they like really much to larn about this topic though the pupils do non hold a good cognition about it.

16 Harmonizing to the above decision, it is obvious that the cognition about the generative wellness instruction is much lower than the other capable affairs. So it is needed to take action to give a better instruction about these facts, which are really much closer to their lives.

17 It is needed to give a better attending even than the other topics towards scientific discipline, wellness and physical instruction topics by the relevant instructors. It may be needed to utilize several tactics to convey this cognition towards the pupils.

18 It is needed to develop activities to fall in the female pupils towards these lessens actively as they keep silence in most of the times. It is needed to carry that this cognition is really much needed in there lives.

19 Plans can be conducted to elate the cognition of the pupils in the rural countries utilizing facilitators such as instructors every bit good as physicians, PHI officers and Midwifes. Teachers must be good trained and supervised, as they do non pay much attending on these topics.

20 Many troubles were identified by analysing the sample, which pupils and instructors face when obtaining the cognition about the generative wellness instruction. So it is needed to make a survey happen out a better manner to convey the cognition avoiding the troubles.

21 It was found that the single instructors face a trouble when learning these capable affairs when some practical inquiries are aroused by male childs, such as onanism, auto-ejaculation. Female pupils may inquire about gestation, fertile period, Virginity.

22 These inquiries are asked anticipating a clear & A ; exact answer and it is needed to give them an exact and broad apprehension. So a proper cognition is non transmitted towards the kids while the instructors are non good experienced and are non interested of learning the topic.

23 Sing the three schools taken as a sample, no any supervising has done to measure the cognition of the instructors who teaches the topic. No instructor preparation sezessions had been conducted excessively. Therefore, there is no manner for instructors to clear up the jobs they face. So it is advisable to prosecute knowing and good experient instructors to give a better cognition particularly in this topic. Furthermore, the instruction ministry must carry on preparation sezessions and regional educational office degrees to educate instructors about the importance of this topic. So it would be truly helpful for the pupils to acquire a better generative wellness instruction.

24 A alteration should be done when set uping lessens in the trial books. For the class, 11 pupils, it is better to learn lessen generative wellness in the beginning of the term than in the terminal of the term.

25 If pictures and true incidents can be used when learning these topics instead than the traditional lecture method, it would be helpful to give a better understanding about the topic affairs. For an illustration by naming a true narrative about what may happen due to insecure sexual contact, the pupils may understand the earnestness. Programs should set up utilizing well-experienced facilitator such as a physician can be used to a better apprehension.

26 By carry oning direction plan in the school degrees, this should be influenced as a common subject to analyze. Instruments should be given relevant to the schools to give a better apprehension to the pupils.

27 It was found that some pupils may hold a particular desire to speak with their equals about these facts. Therefore, the instructors who teach the topic should be as friends to so to give them a better cognition. Sexual torments for misss and unexpected gestation instances are found even in schools. To it is needed to give the pupils a better apprehension to halt these instances.

Students in grade 11 can be divided in to three

I. Student choosing scientific discipline watercourse.

two. Student choosing other topics ( Commerce, Arts, Agriculture etcaˆ¦ )

three. School departers.

28 Here the people who are making at that place A/L in scientific discipline watercourse are focused to give a better cognition about generative wellness instruction as the biological facts are discussed profoundly at that place. But this cognition is non obtained by the pupils of other A/L watercourses.

29 So it is better to cut down the deepness of the topic affairs and widen topic cognition. That is to pay a better attending about Sexual wellness, Reproductive systems and cleanliness etcaˆ¦ A better attending must be given to societal deaths, virginity and menses of females.

30 As no inquiring is done at GCE O/L exam these of import lessen is non given a better attending by the pupils. If the lessen is widen in a manner which the utile for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life, and questioned at the test this topic can be given a better attending.

31 It was so hard to happen experimental thesis on this topic in instruction. So farther experiments can be done related to this and happen out the most suited ways to offer this topic to pupils.


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