The Practicality of Solar Photovoltaic Cells

The Practicality of Solar Photovoltaic Cells

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Misconceptions about Solar Energy

There are many misconceptions associated with solar energy. Among these are the cost of buying solar panels, the cost of put ining a new solar system, and the peculiar conditions required for the panels to be efficient ( 2 ) . Because the information about solar energy production most people are secluded to is disused, the hinderance of the solar market is mostly consequence of information that is no longer accurate ( 1 ) . The mean householder is non cognizant that the solar industry has lowered the cost of solar energy by making cheaper, more efficient hardware. Consumers assume that the monetary value of solar energy is higher than traditionally produced energy as it was 40 old ages ago. In world, nevertheless, solar energy has become comparatively inexpensive over the past decennaries. As shown in Figure 1, the mean monetary value of energy per W has dropped from $ 76.67 per W in 1977 to $ 0.74 per W in 2013 ( 1 ) . The cost in 2013 is over one hundred times less than in 1977.

Furthermore, the nest eggs the mean solar energy consumer accrues as a consequence of transition to a solar energy system supports transition as a financially smart determination ( 1 ) . InFigure 2, the mean nest eggs and cost for the installing of solar panels in choice provinces is displayed. The norm for the state as a whole exceeds three thousand dollars over the class of 20 old ages, with much higher nest eggs in countries with greater exposure to sunlight ( 1 ) . The dependance of optimal sunlight exposure conditions on geographical location, season, and clip of twenty-four hours, nevertheless, is a true drawback of solar energy ( 9 ) . Even in countries with a lower sunshine exposure, nevertheless, solar energy systems still save the consumer money over clip ( 9 ) .

As a consequence of higher nest eggs, solar power is much more popular in countries that receive more sunshine ( 1 ) . After the system pays for itself through nest eggs, energy is produced at no cost whatsoever. If the solar panels are placed on the grid system, which means they are connected to the local energy grid, extra energy can be sent through the gridlines to the energy company.

The graph below shows the alteration in the mean monetary value of solar energy per W from 1977 to 2013.

The graph below shows the alteration in mean cost of put ining solar energy systems in places throughout the United States in 2011 compared to the mean savings the householder will roll up over 20 old ages.

Solar Power’s Influence on the Economy

Solar energy has long been criticized as economically damaging and unprofitable by sceptics of the industry. Data recorded by The Solar Foundation’sSolar Job Census 2013debunks this myth ( 8 ) . In 2013 there were 140,000 workers employed by the solar industry in the United States entirely ( 8 ) . This is a 20 per centum addition from 2012 ( 8 ) . These employees are scattered around 7,800 locations that are home to 6,100 concerns ( 8 ) . The installing of solar engineering has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, exceeding a net worth of $ 13.7 billion in the United States in 2013 ( 8 ) . This shows a growing of $ 2.2 billion from the old twelvemonth ( 8 ) . In the first half of 2014, a solar undertaking was completed every 3.2 proceedingss ( 8 ) . With the part of its late dining industry, solar energy is going a critical component of the United States economic system. In a market that has non to the full recovered from a recession in the past decennary, this growing is important to the full recovery of the economic system. New solar undertakings predicted to be completed in 2014 are expected to increase solar energy to an sum sufficient to power 1.5 million mean American places, harmonizing to the Solar Energy Industries Association ( 8 ) .

Furthermore, the United States authorities has put policies in topographic point to advance the growing of the solar industry. When a householder installs a solar energy system, the value of their belongings additions, as it does with any place betterment. When solar panels are installed, nevertheless, the value the new clean energy system adds to the place is exempt from revenue enhancements ( 8 ) . For illustration, if adding a solar system to one’s place additions the value of their belongings from $ 140,000 to $ 160,000, they would go on to pay belongings revenue enhancements merely on the original $ 140,000 value. In add-on to this freedom, there are presently 29 provinces that offer gross revenues revenue enhancement freedoms for renewable energy merchandises ( 8 ) . This means when a solar system is purchased, the consumer does non hold to pay the customary province gross revenues revenue enhancement. Raw energy nest eggs combined with revenue enhancement freedoms have proven the use of solar cells to be profitable, as shown inFigure 2.

Photovoltaic Cells’ Benefit to the Environment

The conditions on Earth are indispensable to prolonging life. These conditions are met merely in a perfect balance of complex environmental factors. The degree of C dioxide in the air is one of these many factors that have the possible to impair the planet’s potency of life. Worlds are interrupting the Earth’s fragile system as this paper is being read. As we pump more C dioxide gas into the ambiance, the usually good nursery consequence becomes progressively strong. As the nursery consequence becomes increasingly intense, it causes planetary temperatures to lift. The consequence of this higher temperature is higher sea degrees as ice caps around the universe Begin to run. Harmonizing to National Geographic, sea degrees have risen four to eight inches in the past one hundred old ages ( 5 ) . In the past two decennaries, sea degrees have been lifting at about.13 inches per twelvemonth, duplicate the rate of the 80 old ages prior ( 5 ) . If worlds do non take down the sum of C dioxide emanations that are speed uping the nursery consequence, 1000s of square stat mis of coastal land will be lost ( 5 ) . The most efficient manner to control our Carbon monoxide2end product is to cut down or wholly halt the combustion of fossil fuels to bring forth energy. The lone manner to make this is happening an option, more environmentally friendly, means for bring forthing the energy.

The best solution is the widespread execution of solar energy devices. Solar cells produce energy flawlessly, without degrading the environment. With the industrial power of world, we have the ability to change over the universe wholly to a clean energy system bit by bit. The full world’s energy demands could be sustained by 25,000 square stat mis of solar panel coverage ( 4 ) . The land that would be developed for the solar energy farms is an tremendous country to give, but a little monetary value to pay for salvaging the 1000s of coastal metropoliss that will shortly be submerged by lifting sea degrees ( 5 ) .

What Conversion to Solar Power Will Cost You

Prospective solar energy consumers are frequently turned away by the intimidating upfront cost of change overing from conventional energy beginnings to solar energy. In 2011, the mean cost in the United States to reassign to a solar energy system was $ 17,056 ( 1 ) . The mean nest eggs over 20 old ages was $ 20,080 ( 1 ) . Although the immediate cost is high, the nest eggs are greater ( Visit hypertext transfer protocol: // to find more exact figures of possible nest eggs. The page contains a “Solar Savings Calculator” that gives accurate anticipations of possible nest eggs from solar energy based on location, energy ingestion, and other cardinal variables ) .

There are two primary types of solar systems available to consumers: the grid-tie system and the off-grid system. Both systems gaining control sunshine and change over it to electrical energy. However, when the householder is non utilizing the whole of the energy being produced by the solar panels, grid-tie systems send the extra energy back to the energy company. The householder is so paid at the terminal of the month for the extra energy they produced. The off-grid systems alternatively are wholly self-contained and store the extra energy in big batteries connected to the solar panels. These systems are more vulnerable to malfunctions due to the greater sum of hardware. The grid-tie system is by and large the most economical pick because it does non necessitate the expensive, bulky batteries that off-grid systems do. Besides, the potency for nest eggs is increased in grid-tie systems as a consequence of the chance to sell extra energy back to the energy company.

The mean American place uses about 903 kilowatt-hours ( kWh ) per month ( 3 ) . At, a solar grid-tie system that can prolong an energy ingestion of this size costs $ 10,738 ( 12 ) . An off-grid solar system of similar size costs $ 27,293 when the recommended battery is purchased ( 12 ) . The cost varies widely with where the solar cells are purchased and the monetary value of the installing. Without exclusion, the upfront cost is well high. However, sing bulk of solar panels come with a 20 to twenty five twelvemonth warrant, the system is about promised to pay for itself ( 10 ) . When puting in a solar system, a consumer is using the same rule makers use when purchasing in majority. They are paying a larger monetary value upfront to have a larger sum of the merchandise at a lower monetary value.


In decision, the world’s energy jobs have been solved- or instead, the solution is available. Solar photovoltaic cells have proven to be a practical replacement for traditional energy production methods. Using solar energy saves money and will help in the saving of the planet. With an mean nest eggs of $ 3,000 over the class of twenty old ages after paying for the cost of installing, transition to solar energy saves money ( 1 ) . When sing exchanging from a traditional energy system to a solar energy system, sunlight exposure and mean energy ingestion of one’s place should be considered. Savingss will change widely based on these conditions. In add-on to the fiscal advantage, change overing to solar power will control the quickly increasing planetary heating consequence. At its current province, the solar energy from the United States entirely is expected to take away 16.8 million metric dozenss of CO2per twelvemonth out of the ambiance that would be emitted if the energy was produced through the combustion of fossil fuels ( 7 ) . With the support of the authorities and conservationists, the solar industry is developing faster than of all time ( 8 ) . Solar energy crops an eternal natural resource to supply a potentially eternal supply of clean energy. Solar photovoltaic cells are proven to be practical and good after installing.


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