The Popularity of Cell Phones

The Popularity of Cell Phones English 102 Dr. Jermiah March 1, 2010 The Popularity of Cell Phones In today’s society, technology is becoming more advanced. It is becoming a necessity for people to use advance devices in their daily lives. Over the years, the cell phone and other communication devices had played an important role in people lives. Unfortunately, meeting face to face is becoming scarce and making cell phones more popular. Some major reason why cell phones are popular is because of its ability to use internet, communicate mobile and entertain people.

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One of the major reasons why cell phones are popular is because of the ability to access the internet. The internet can be used to check e-mails or important documents online. No longer does someone have to go to stable computer to check his or her e-mail. In addition a person can track the weather is his or her car as they are diving. Also the internet on the cell phone can be use for social networking. A person has the chance to reconnect with different people across the world. For instance, website such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace are examples of social networking websites.

In comparison to internet, making and receiving calls mobile is other advantage the cell phone give. Cell phones are small handheld devices. In the past, people had to stand near landlines connection to receive calls. In recent years, people with cell phones are about to talk mobile. For example, if someone was in danger or needed help, the person with a cell phone is able to call someone for help. For the most part, On the other hand, the cell phones have a great deal of entertainment. People have the chance to capture special moments in their lives by taking pictures or by recording videos.

For instance, family members are using cell phones during weddings, funerals, and birthday parties. Another entertainment the cell phones give is the process of playing video games. Most games that are offered on the cell phones are either free or has a relatively low price. A game on a cell phone gives its user hours of enjoyment. In conclusion, all the benefits the cell phones make it popular. Some benefits of the cell phone is the ability to use the internet, communicate mobile and the entertainment its gives. Over all, cell phones and other communication devices are becoming more popular and more advance each day.


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