The Poetry of Derek Mahon Essay

Derek Mahon is a poet of outstanding accomplishment and exceeding ability. I tremendously enjoy Mahon because of this. He takes on hemorrhoids of different personnae as a poet. It is clear to see that people and topographic points are a prevalent characteristic of his verse form. The six of his verse form I have studied for my Leaving Certificate are chiefly based around a individual or a topographic point. Mahon writes about a wide array of subjects in a assortment of tones. In his verse forms his linguistic communication is used meagerly but efficaciously. Person – I found the poesy of Derek Mahon to be alone and I look up to his power to conceive of how other people think and feel. Mahon evokes assorted human personalities as he tries to do us understand his thought of how a character feels. Captain Oates. of the verse form Antarctica. sacrifices his life to salvage the life of the other members of his expiditon squad.

He simply announces. “I am merely traveling outside and may be some time” He is hence going a hero for seting the public assistance of others before him. -A individual who Mahon besides writes about is Bruce Ismay who is the complete oppisite of Oates. After the Titanic is a relation of his life and feelings after the sinking of his pride and glorification The Titanic when he cowardly put his life before others by acquiring off the sinking ship. He is merely a shadow of his former ego by his endurance of the tragic sinking ” I sank as far that dark as any hero” . Mahon besides makes us sympathize with him because he is imprisoned and left about wholly stray “lonely house behind the sea” .

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Mahon uses the sea itself as a barbarous reminder. rinsing up “broken playthings and hatboxes” . Ismay is made out the have a certain selfishness to himself. He wants people to experience regretful for him and for his ain “poor soul” . —¬Mahon does non merely compose verse forms about people who are in the public oculus. he besides writes really personal poesy which is presented in Grandfather. Mahon expression upto his gramps and has great regard for him. a dedicated craftsman in Harland & A ; Wolff who can non allow travel of his work even when he is “Wounded” . He is so passionate for his work that Mahon tells us “Mornings he is up at six with a block of wood

Topographic point _Mahon is truely outstanding in his description of topographic points. His descriptive authorship is idealised in the rural coastal beauty topographic point in Day Trip To Donegal “the nearby hills were a deeper viridity than anyplace in the world” Mahon in this verse form besides presents the reader with the elaborate image of fish caught by the urban fisherman. The fish are depicted brightly. seen “flopping about the deck in attitudes of torment and grief. ” -_Mahon in the verse form As It Should Be takes on the character of a vindictive and baleful violent overzealous. Mahon makes him out to be determined and unshakeable. The barbarous universe of the overzealous is one in which there is a definite sense of right and incorrect.

He describes the unsmooth landscape in the West of Ireland ” Through bog. moor land. stone. to the starlit west” he uses this as the violent overzealous Hunts for a “mad bastard” through this picturesque landscape _Futhermore if I havent dicussed his description of topographic points plenty is when he sets a vivacious tone in his verse form Kinsale. In Mahons poem Kinsale. he makes it out to be a jubilant and colorful topographic point. perceived as an ideal town for beautiful positions of the bay. The opening line of this verse form was an optimistic idea from Mahon himself by stating. ‘the sort of rain we knew is a thing of the past’ . The usage of imagination in this verse form is both graphic and warming. The image of ‘Yachts clinking and dancing in the bay’ is a dramatic image as it is both beautiful and positively uplifting. The Sun is an image of hope and the ‘future forbidden to no-one’ while the rain is the changeless reminder of a force filled history.


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