The Poem Of The Trojan War English Literature Essay

In “ The Dream of the Rood ” there are many times when personification was used to depict the narrative better to the reader. The personification starts in the really get downing in line 7, “ gems glistening. ” It continues throughout the full verse form. “ fantastic tree, winsome, reflecting, have oning a worthy covering. ” “ quivering face of the Earth ” ( line 36 ) .A The personification in this narrative helped me to understand better, and envision what was go oning about as if I were at that place, or if it was a film. The writer uses personification all the manner until the terminal of the verse form. In the concluding scene the poet continues to body to help the reader in better apprehension this “ fugitive life ” ( line 140 ) .

A A A ” The Dream of the Rood ” is more of a verse form of feeling ; Beowulf is a narrative being told. There are constructs to hold on and emotions to experience while reading “ The Dream of the Rood ” . While reading Beowulf you are reading precisely what the writer wants you to read, and there a small, if any, emotions that are experienced while reading it.A Although they both were written in the same century and utilize similar English, that is the verse form ‘ lone similarity. They are written for two wholly different grounds. The Dream of the Rood is besides bodying, in my eyes, A Jesus Christ being all that we will of all time necessitate to last. Beowulf, once more is merely a narrative being told of a hero who tries his best to make whatever is right for his state.

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In the beginning of the verse form the poet seems like he is in a dark topographic point, seeking to acquire out. He is contending to get away. He sees this tree that he knows will alleviate him from all of his discord. He is combating to acquire to the tree because he knows it is wholly he needs to acquire by. As he gets closer and closer he gets more reassurance that he will be happier with the tree. In the terminal of the verse form he is overflowed with joy and felicity. Nothing could delight him more than being in the company of this tree. He knows it saved his life.


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