The Peugeot family

I- Introduction:

The Peugeot household and the corporation history is straight linked to eastern France, Montpelier. The Lion, the badge created is besides on the symbol of Franche-Comt & A ; eacute ; , the hometown of the household. The company with Lion trade name became one of the primary Gallic makers, before come ining the planetary market.

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In 1810 the company Peugeot Bros was created by the brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Fr & A ; eacute ; vitamin D & A ; eacute ; ric Peugeot who changed a factory into a steel metalworks and topographic point for industrialized proverb blades. This is the beginning for the Peugeot household ‘s fabrication business. In 1858, the Lion trade name name is officially registered, actions become more developed and diversified. By difficult work, continuity and its pioneering capablenesss, and Peugeot forge its standing for quality and the stamina of its merchandises.
In 1885 a bike industry was set up by Armand Peugeot at the Beaulieu works. He introduced the primary steam-powered trike at the 1889 Paris World Exhibition. The undermentioned twelvemonth Peugeot discarded steam to back up gasoline.

A fresh concern was set up in 1896, ‘Soci & A ; eacute ; t & A ; eacute ; diethylstilbestrols Automobiles Peugeot ‘ , and committed wholly to vehicle industry, while the boies of Peugeot continued the fabrication of bikes and other industries. Both houses merged under the name ‘Soci & A ; eacute ; t & A ; eacute ; Anonyme des Automobiles ET Cycles Peugeot ‘ in 1910. It attacked the emerging car market. The smooth design influenced auto design until World War II, it culminated in the novice of the 402 in 1935.

In 1960 Peugeot transformed from specialising to generalising ( the industry of authoritative saloons and little theoretical accounts ) . In 1974 the Peugeot Group gained control of Citroen. The gaining of the stripe trade name was settled in 1976, giving bringing to a vehicle group with two different makes.

After the 2nd oil crisis in 1978 Peugeot decided to set itself without delay to an environment that had highly changed. This concerned guaranting the long-standing endurance of the industry, and keeping its freedom. Attainment of the European subordinates of Chrysler and the Talbot escapade agitate the company ‘s strength at the start of the 1980 ‘s. The success of the 205 and a major reform of the organisation put Peugeot back on the route to success.

1997 book the start of a major industrial reform, with the execution of a phase scheme and common fabrication tools at Peugeot-Citroen. Each merchandise gained its name, character and its ain gross revenues web. That was the starts of a huge apply in rejuvenating the aggregation, get downing with the 206, followed by the 607, so the 307, and recently the 407.


The first king of beasts is calculated for taging proverb blades and steel goods. It symbolizes the robustness of the dentition, the snap of the blade, and the celerity of the piece. In 1850 the king of beasts figure appeared for the first clip, ab initio put on proverb blades, this symbol was registered in 1858, and for a batch of old ages would blot the cogwheels manufactured by the trade name.

1889 was a singular twelvemonth for the trade, with the novice of the original vehicle keeping the Peugeot name which was the consequence of the cooperation between Leon Serpollet, the steam expert, and Armand Peugeot. To descry the merchandises, Armand Peugeot, who had founded the corporation Automobiles Peugeot, wrote the words ‘Automobiles Peugeot ‘ on the radiators.

After the amalgamation in 1910 between the rhythm and car activities, the company ‘Automobiles et Cycles Peugeot ‘ would merely put the old PEUGEOT on its autos and on some theoretical accounts off the record king of beastss made their outgrowth.

The heraldic king of beasts made its visual aspect on the 203. It is rise uping up on its dorsum legs, to implement the familiar place of the king of beasts on the coat of weaponries of Franche-Comt & A ; eacute ; , beginning of the company. Having bend into an investing concern underneath the name Peugeot S.A. , the alterations on the mark were completed, like seting the king of beasts ‘s caput on a triangular shield so after Three old ages the king of beasts caput is boxed in a square, making the hallmark mark as it is today.

In 1976 there was a amalgamation between the two companies Peugeot and Citro & A ; euml ; n where the new company purchased the Chrysler Corporation. There were so many events to problem the individuality of the Peugeot trade name. To construct up its figure, Peugeot has return to its heraldic king of beasts, with an advanced design.

The figure personality of Peugeot alterations one time more: the paws, added in the same graduated table, beef up the power and balance of this elegant ; the blue, piercing oculus symbolizes the long-run thought of the concept. The king of beasts is now complete and metalized to use to the trade name ‘s values, and is integrated in the design of its most recent theoretical accounts.

At the present called the ‘Blue Brand ‘ , the symbol changes another clip to better uncover the Peugeot trade name ‘s aspirations. Still whole and metalized, it has had black extra to the blue to show the king of beasts ‘s shadiness. Balanced in signifier and size, the symbol and the auto Brand are by now inseparable: integrity creates strength.


In 2007 Peugeot Company has increased its market portion by 6.1 % , it had made a three twelvemonth scheme of gross revenues and this is the first stage, and they did accomplish their first end. The 2nd purpose is to increase the gross revenues by 7 % . They introduced the 207 CC Peugeot that made a immense roar in the Gallic market. ( Business Car, 2007 ) .

In 2007 in France the two taking company have merged together organizing one company which is Peugeot and Citroen in one Company called PSA. After this combination the gross revenues have increased by 7 % like Peugeot selling program and scheme wanted and moreover their European market portion has increased from 14 % to 14.2 % , and besides the gross revenues gross has increased by 1.7 % .

PSA Peugeot Citro & A ; euml ; n maintained its market portion in Central and Eastern Europe in 2008 at 7.2 % , selling 191,000 vehicles ( down 3.4 % on 2007 ) . In the first half of 2009, the market portion of the Group even increased up to 8.2 % . But Group presence remains inconsistent from one state to the following. While the Group is now the 2nd graded maker in Central Europe, where it has doubled its portion of the market in 10 old ages to 11.3 % , Ukraine, Turkey and Romania still offer existent growing chances.

The Group is turning strongly in Russia, with enrollments up 67 % in 2008 to 60,400. In the first half of 2009, the Group market portion about doubled to 3.1 % .
After a loss of 1 billion Euros in 2008, the company estimation to raise the gross revenues about 1 billion Euros in twelvemonth 2009 to breakeven with the loss that they have made in the old twelvemonth, they besides are anticipating that the hard currency flows will be positive. The program is to hike and increase the production by 30 % in this first one-fourth of twelvemonth 2009, increase the gross revenues to minimise the spread between Peugeot-Citroen and the other rivals. The 2nd purpose is that in twelvemonth 2010-2012 is to take down the cost of production and more over to hike the gross revenues and increase it till it reaches 3.3 billion Euros and have a market portion of 33 % , this means that they will be the first in France. The company has concluded that the spread between the operating border and the mean runing border with the five chief rivals will diminish. As they are the 2nd largest company after Volkswagen they are taking to please their clients by doing new salesrooms and from this action they will be able to increase their gross revenues because they have an purpose is to make figure one market portion in Europe. Harmonizing to their fiscal director they have taken 14 % of the market portion in the first one-fourth of twelvemonth 2009 and at the terminal they are non merely taking the autos but they will hike new merchandises related to Peugeot.


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