The Novel Of Catcher In The Rye English Literature Essay

The sarcasm of Holden Caulfield is that he spends most of his clip runing hypocrites, when in world, he is the biggest hypocrite of all. The novel, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger, is about a 16 twelvemonth old adolescent with the aspiration of a 7 twelvemonth old. He invariably is moved from one homework school to another because he fails to hold any motive to seek difficult in school. As a consequence, he flunks every category he has of all time attended, except English. “ Though Holden is friendly with many people at school, and though he has several friends in New York, he is invariably only and in demand of person who will sympathise with his feelings of disaffection. ” His lone true friend is his 12 twelvemonth old sister Phoebe, because he feels that she is the lone individual in his life that does non judge him for the picks that he has made in his life. As the novel progresses, J.D. Salinger constructs the subject of one ‘s inability to accept the rhythm of life. He indicates this construct through Holden ‘s ceaseless failures, his insufficiency to represent intimate relationships, and his reluctance directed towards obtaining adult-like duties.

Holden ‘s chief job with accepting life ‘s rhythm is that he is continuously neglecting anything that he tries to put his head to. His parents have sent Holden to legion prep-school ‘s over the old ages, because he literally failed all of his categories. He has been to Elkton Hills, Pencey Prep, and many other schools. Holden ‘s uninterrupted weakness in school ties in with his neutrality in turning up into a mature grownup. Alternatively, he is resilient and Rebel ‘s against what his parents and what society wants from him. The lone instructor that Holden liked was Old Spencer. But even Old Spencer ‘s instructions were non plenty for Holden to acquire a nice class. One twenty-four hours, when Holden went to travel visit Old Spencer, he was read to by Old Spencer an old paper that was written by Holden. “ Dear Mr. Spencer [ he read out loud ] . That is all I know about the Egyptians. I ca n’t look to acquire really interested in them although your talks are really interesting. It is all right with me if you flunk me though as I am failing everything except English anyhow. Respectfully yours, Holden Caulfield. ” ( p.17 ) This paper that Holden wrote shows how careless he is. He merely wrote about a sentence or two about the Egyptians, and it was information about what the idea he knew, non what was fact. Holden is one of those people that do non acquire really motivated by the thought that he could make something great with his life, and it ‘s unfortunate that he will hold to populate his life moving like a kid trapped in an grownup ‘s organic structure.

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Holden has a job with being able to make and keep relationships at a more intimate degree. His skewed relationship with Jane Gallagher is a great presentation of Holden ‘s issue with being close to other people. He has ever been really fond of her and finds her extremely attractive, yet he ne’er truly had any involvement in farther developing their relationship. He is comfy with them being merely friends, and that is the large job with Holden. He is ever comfy, but he ne’er takes a hazard with anything. He does non desire to take a opportunity and seek something out of his comfort zone. From how he acts, it seems that Holden likes to be in control, and organizing closer relationship means allowing your guard down and being unsure of what is to come. He is non able to manage the uncertainness. Another illustration was his brush with the cocotte, Sunny. Holden was deliberately traveling to hold Sunny pass the dark in his room, but one time she eventually came to his room, he realized that he could n’t travel through with it. Holden said to Sunny, “ Look, I do n’t experience really much like myself tonight. I ‘ve had a unsmooth dark. Honest to God. I ‘ll pay you and all, but do you mind really much if we do n’t make it? Make you mind really much? ” ( P. 125 ) Holden shied off from Sunny because if he did make anything with Sunny, that meant that he would hold to allow his guard down. Holden is non mentally stable plenty to keep back relationships that require more attempt. He can non manage the truth about himself, and the truth is that he is a coward. He is excessively frightened to allow himself travel and put on the line that he could lose everything to acquire anything he of all time wanted in his life. Holden ne’er pointed it out straight, but he is uninterested in being able to develop a relationship is because he ne’er wants to turn up.

Holden Caulfield has another job with being able to accept adult-like duties. Holden does n’t experience comfy or willing to make anything that would do him experience more like a grown up. He has no involvement in of all time go toing school. He knows that if he of all time was to seek difficult in school, it meant that he wanted to make something with his life, and that he wanted to make good in school and be successful. Holden defends, “ One of the biggest grounds that I left Elkton Hills was because I was surrounded by hypocrites. That ‘s all. ” ( p. 19 ) Holden uses hypocrites at the school as a screen to protect what his existent feelings are. He does non desire to seek and win, because so that would intend that he wanted to turn up and go a successful grownup, when all he truly wants to make is remain a kid everlastingly. Holden besides has a job with non being able to socialise decently with people. He can non maintain relationships, whether it be as friends or more confidant, because he know that if he of all time began to move more mature and societal than he was, that would intend that he was turning up. Another issue that Holden has is that he is non able to stand up for himself in any state of affairs that needs supporting. When Sunny, the cocotte, and Old Maurice came back to Holden ‘s room to roll up the staying money, Old Maurice came towards Holden in a manner that made Holden believe that he was traveling to crush him up, and that made him really nervous. “ When I said that, he got up and started walking towards me and all. He looked like he was really, really tired or really, really world-weary. God, was I scared! ” ( p.133 ) Holden is mature plenty to be able to manage grownups like Old Maurice. He acts like a kid, and he can non fend for himself when he feels like he is in danger. Alternatively, he cowers in a corner and hopes that person could protect him, alternatively of him protecting himself. He has so many qualities that kids possess, and he is non willing to give that up because, good, he wants to remain a kid forever.


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