The Necessity of Art Essay

What is art? There are many definitions that can be given to art depending on the individual speaking about it and by these definitions ; the undermentioned inquiries can be answered. Why is art necessary? What does it profit us if art is applied in our lives? What can it make for us? What is its importance? These are the inquiries some people think of when they hear the word art. I have learned some things in my GREATWK category particularly the definition of art and how to reply these inquiries. To give a caputs up. I got a quotation mark from Fischer. a author and it says:

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Art is necessary in order that adult male should be able to acknowledge and alter the universe. But art is besides necessary by virtuousness of the charming inherent in it. Art in capitalist society may look as a distinct country of leisure or luxury. but this is entirely exceeding for human society. Art was humanity’s effort to command the universe. Art and thaumaturgy were the same thing: ‘The freshly acquired power to hold on and command objects. to motivate societal activity and convey about events by agencies of marks. images. and words. led him to anticipate the charming power of linguistic communication to be infinite. Fischer. 2012 ) .

In relation to Fischer’s thought of why is art necessary. it is because in today’s clip. more and more people frequently use art as a signifier of communicating. look. imaginativeness. geographic expedition and many more. Art is of import in sing things otherwise. and the universe where we live in. in general. Peoples. specifically. immature people or the young person usage art for their ain creativeness and look. Peoples use art to show what they are experiencing about things which other people attempts to understand what it conveys to them particularly in societal world or in society. instead.

One of the things why art is of import in our society is that art can demo how alteration and betterment may be brought about with a mixture of originative imaginativeness. It may be considered as a usher to our society every bit good but more of that subsequently. We will be discoursing what I learned through this topic in the class of this paper. Art and Its Importance What is Art? First of all. what is Art? This inquiry had been and is still asked and at the same clip answered by several human heads of all time since antediluvian Greek philosophers had lived.

Many may reason that art can non be statically defined. in every bit much as that art is a really complex and dynamic term which can be proven by the drastic alterations of the definition of the term over the old ages. To better understand its importance. we must foremost cognize its definition. Art stimulates different parts of our encephalons to do us laugh or motivate us to riot. with a whole gamut of emotions in between. Art gives us a manner to be originative and express ourselves. For some people. art is the full ground they get out of bed in the forenoon.

It is something that makes us more thoughtful and all-around worlds. Art is such a big portion of our mundane lives that we may barely even halt to believe about it. Art is something that is both functional and aesthetically delighting to our eyes. For some pupils Art is their motive for coming to school and an country where they have success or excel. supplying an of import balance in their entire educational experience. These are some of the definitions of art. Art has its ain distinctive and indispensible characteristics.

It has the ability to convey messages and emotions ; •It is a mere combination of man’s ain cognitive and originative attitudes to world recorded in words. colorss. plastic signifiers. or melodically arranged sound ; •It besides has an ability of holding profound communicative map ; •It besides contains the cognitive. moral and societal substance ; •It makes usage of different manners like pictures and verse forms. There are many definitions of art but to merely set it. art is a diverse scope of human Acts of the Apostless and what it produces. Art is created by adult male and adult male entirely.

It has been characterized. specifically. in footings of look. communicating and emotion. There are other values that characterize art but these 3 specifically qualify it. Another chief definition of art is that it is form and content. intending all art consists of signifier and content. Form merely means the elements of art used. its design rules and the physical stuffs used. Content. on the other manus. is idea-based and it means that what the creative person meant to portray. what the creative person did portray and ow we. persons. react to both the intended and the existent messages. Additionally. content includes ways in which a work was influenced by something like political relations. faith. society or sometimes even the artist’s usage of hallucinogenic substances at the clip it was created. All of these factors. together. do up the content side of art. Why is Art Necessary? Art is born of necessity to a universe of imperfectness. In a sense. we all live within ourselves. within our ain consciousness. within our perceptual experiences. In this simple fact of human psychological science art is born.

Through the humanistic disciplines. we have the capacity to consciously determine our perceptual experience and the perceptual experience of others. The esthesiss created by an art signifier are called aesthetics. Beauty is a portion of aesthetics. but merely a little portion. Often the ground an creative person is compelled to make has nil to make with capturing beauty or flawlessness. The demand to make. the originative jussive mood. is more cardinal and boundlessly more elusive than the platitude of beauty. ( Gregson. 2005 ) . There are many. different grounds why art is of import. Some of those grounds were already mentioned.

There are other grounds of why art is of import and these are the undermentioned: •They are languages that all people speak that cut across racial. cultural. societal. educational. and economic barriers and heighten cultural grasp and consciousness. •They provide chances for self-expression. conveying the interior universe into the outer universe of concrete world. •They develop both independency and coaction. •They make it possible to utilize personal strengths in meaningful ways and to bridge into understanding sometimes hard abstractions through these strengths. They improve academic accomplishment — heightening trial tonss. attitudes. societal accomplishments. critical and originative thought. •They exercising and develop higher order believing accomplishments including analysis. synthesis. rating. and “problem-finding. ” •They provide the agencies for every pupil to larn. ( DoSomething. org. 2012 ) . Importance of Art as discussed in our GREATWK Course Our GREATWK class. provided us. pupils. a opportunity to develop cognitive accomplishments and at the same clip originative accomplishments and helped us develop our imaginativenesss through the treatments made by our professors.

Individually. it besides helped me hold on the definition of Art through the plants of four. non likewise celebrated Philosophers or Artists. The class defined art through the specific plants of Friedrich Nietzsche. Aristotle. Leo Tolstoy. and Frida Kahlo. Nietzsche focused more on Tragic Art through the Birth of Tragedy. Aristotle on Tragedy and Mimesis through Poetics. . Tolstoy on “What is Art” and Frida Kahlo on Visual Art through her celebrated pictures.

The four combined and created a quadrumvirate signifier of definition of what art is and helped me hold on a better and scholarly position on what art is to me. By the treatments made by our professors in our category. art was defined and was discussed exhaustively with the aid of the particular works made by some of the greatest creative persons in history. It was besides discussed why it is truly important in our lives. In the undermentioned subdivisions. each of the four creative persons will be discussed. what is art for them and why art is necessary for us.

Frida Kahlo defined Art largely through her pictures which conveyed her biographical characteristics to the audience. Through Ocular Art. Frida freely expressed herself through the pictures. her experiences. thoughts. and the important occurrences that happened in her life. One celebrated creative person. Leo Tolstoy. who reasonably much defined what art and beauty should be and composed of to be considered as existent art and beauty. Harmonizing to Tolstoy. art must organize some sort of emotional nexus between the creative person and his/her audience. one that emotionally affects the spectator.

With regard to Kahlo. whose work represented a batch of experience and/or events within her life. it is rather really of import for us viewing audiences to cognize the narrative behind the art more than about the Godhead for us to understand the deeper significances behind the figures. Tolstoy shows how the plants of Frida can be considered as perfect illustrations of art and beauty. For Tolstoy. Art can merely be considered as art merely by the artist’s emotions through his/her creative activities. the signifier. and the purposes in making such graphics.

Art is considered beautiful merely if the art portrays the earnestness of the creative person. clarity or lucidity of what the creative person wants to show to his/her audience. and how the artist’s individualism is visibly shown to his/her audience. Freidrich Nietzsche In Nietzsche’s political orientation. adult male is the chief construction of this universe. He believed that without adult male. life is useless and meaningless. In order to achieve significance in this universe. adult male should populate life perilously. one of his celebrated lines. regardless of any effects that may go on. He believed that there is no God and that it is through art that adult male may happen way to going an ubermench.

In Birth of Tragedy. Nietzsche developed an thought of art and nature utilizing the two ancient Grecian Gods Apollo and Dionysus as metaphors for these two cardinal rules. The Apollonian rule is most clearly expressed through the humanistic disciplines of picture and sculpture which. Nietzsche provinces are representations of the universe. But these representations are fantastical in nature and. hence. let us to get away from the world of the universe. instead like a pleasant dream. The Dionysian rule. nevertheless. is more in touch with the barbarous worlds of nature and is most clearly expressed through enraptured music and dance.

It is besides a signifier of forgetting or inebriation. For Nietzsche. dreams represent the kingdom of beautiful signifiers and symbols. an orderly topographic point of visible radiation and visual aspect. Drunkenness. on the other manus. is that province of wild passions where the boundaries between “self” and “other” dissolve. If we are to be genuinely human and experience any signifier of echt apprehension of ourselves and the universe we live in. Ultimately. a individual should endeavor to happen a balance between the Apollonian and the Dionysian forces. In relation to art being a necessity in life. harmonizing to Nietzsche. Art sustains life.

Art is what makes life bearable and therefore possible. Art is what make life worth populating. Nietzsche depicts this through a beautiful metaphor: “Once once more we may see the artistic perkiness and originative joy as a aglow cloud form reflected upon the dark surface of a lake of sorrow. ” Hence. this is another basic function of art: art as a metaphysical consolation. Nietszsche. analysing the Grecian calamity writes: “The metaphysical consolation ( with which. I wish to state at one time. all true calamity sends us off ) that despite every phenomenal alteration. life is at underside indestructibly joyful and powerful. ( Quesada. 2009 ) .

Leo Tolstoy and Aristotle In Poetics. Aristotle proposed that the beginning of Art for the likings of Human being was Imitation. Based from Aristotle himself. Poetry. which is a signifier of Art. imitates life through harmoniousness. beat. and linguistic communication. Tragedy is one signifier of poesy that trades with feelings of commiseration. fright and of Catharsis. or the purification of emotions. The poet is the 1 who serves as the author and storyteller of the calamity who in a manner in which imitates life through commiseration and fright.

The poet is besides the 1 who takes the receiver into a parody type of worldview within the calamity. With that in head. the receiver evokes in himself/herself the thought of knocking the calamity and therefore recollects one time once more and attempts to remember whether he/she truly did felt commiseration and fright towards the tragic hero. For Tolstoy. on the other manus. he described art and explained why art is necessary in different ways in his work entitled “What is Art? ” . First. he described and explained how art can be considered as a work of art.

It is based on these three: •On the greater or lesser individualism of the feeling transmitted ; •On the greater or lesser clarity with which the feeling is transmitted ; •On the earnestness of the creative person. i. e. . on the greater or lesser force with which the creative person himself feels the emotion he transmits. ( Tolstoy. 1986 ) . Then he besides explained why art is necessary. Art acts as a message for the viewing audiences to see and experience. It is based on the fact that a adult male. having through his sense of hearing or sight another man’s look of feeling. is capable of sing the emotion which moved the adult male who expressed it.

Decision In decision. with all the definition of art given by the artists/philosophers aforementioned. I now know how complex and dynamic art as a topic is. Art is a diverse scope of human Acts of the Apostless and what it produces. It can be something that can be expressed through single ideas. emotions. feelings and senses. Art evolves in a manner that when expressed decently with the right standards used in judging if it is a work of art or non. it is transformed into originative signifiers through originative and cognitive accomplishments like novels. pictures. play. dramas. etc.

Every individual has its ain position and apprehension of art. There are many definitions of art. We can specify art based on our ain apprehension and our ain experience. Art is truly necessary for us because it can convey about alteration and betterment. We. as human existences. we are ever capable to alter no affair what because it is who we are and it is how we grow and better to go better. By going better citizens. we can make a better society and by making so. we can make a better universe where we can populate peacefully and in harmoniousness.

Art can be truly of import in our lives because it can be a signifier of communicating. emotion. look. creativeness. imaginativeness and many more. Through art. we have the capacity to consciously determine our perceptual experience and the perceptual experience of others. Art can be considered as manner to link calamity with our lives ( Nietzsche ) . a manner to pour out our emotions and feelings through our pictures ( Kahlo ) . or as an imitation of one’s life ( Aristotle ) and that it is in our ain selves how we criticize and create a life position based on the determinations we make that could either take to a bad luck or contentment in life.


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