The National Counter Terrorism Centre Criminology Essay

The nature of terrorist act today is switching from traditional international terrorist act of the late twentieth century into a new signifier of multinational non-state warfare. An discharge of extremism now extends across the Middle East and touches states far outside that part including India. This is a wholly unconventional type of war. Several onslaughts in India, 9/11 in the US, 7/7 in the UK, 11/3 in Madrid, the infinite terrorist onslaughts in states every bit disparate as Indonesia or Algeria, what is now go oning in Afghanistan and in Indonesia, the go oning struggle in Lebanon and Palestine, these are all symptoms of this disease[ 1 ]. Therefore we must contend terrorist act wherever it exists, because terrorist act anyplace threatens democracy everyplace[ 2 ].

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2. The instance of India nowadayss an wholly different scenario. It is placed in a unsafe and hazardous environ. It is vulnerable to surprise panic onslaughts from sea, land and even air. It has to be ever alarm to guarantee security of its boundary line in West, north and east. It could hold been an easy victim of surprise air onslaughts. There have been serious boundary line struggles with neighbors during the past few decennaries[ 3 ]. India ‘s location in a disturbed and unstable vicinity, which is rocked by shudders emanating from a assortment of hostile administrations, internal every bit good as external, is besides impacting its security. The chief menace is from the jihadi fundamentalists sponsored by the covert warfare subdivisions of the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence ( ISI ) , like the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba ( LeT ) and its Indian outgrowth, the Indian Mujahedeen. Other radical groups like Naxalites and tribal guerillas besides contribute to the quantum of overall menace[ 4 ]. Beside these, India is besides affected by armed motions which resort to terrorist act pertains to certain cultural, tribal and nationality entities seeking a free province for their place lands. The nor’-east of India is full to the lip of such groups[ 5 ]. Thus one finds India as the most targeted victim of multiple terrorist act. Possibly, no other state finds itself in a mode awkward environ as India is placed[ 6 ].

3. The Intelligence Bureau ( IB ) is the designated nodal bureau in India for counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence, but the terrorist invasion of Mumbai on 26/11 diagrammatically highlighted many serious lacks in Indian intelligence and security systems. It re-emphasised, one time once more, the demand for renovation of the national counterterrorism attempt. The proposal for creative activity of such an bureau at the national degree to collate, analyse, integrate inputs from all intelligence beginnings at Central every bit good as province degrees and program coordinated counter-terrorist and counter-espionage operations had been amongst the of import recommendations of the Kargil Study Group set up in 2001 to analyze the struggle and draw lessons from it[ 7 ].

4. The initial stairss to better coordination to counter terrorist act was the constitution of a Multi-Agency Centre ( MAC ) , which later required to be upgraded to National Counter Terrorism Centre ( NCTC ) but its logical extension into an integrated NCTC has non been formalised to day of the month. The MAC was created out of bing resources without any extra accumulations and is non to the full effectual because of deficits of resources and forces. Part of the ground for these lacks and holds in execution are internecine turf conflicts between assorted authorities bureaucratisms viing for control of the proposed Centre[ 8 ].

5. National Counter Terrorism Centre of India is an ambitious undertaking that aims at contending the turning threat of terrorist act in India[ 9 ]. The NCTC proposed as a theoretical account for India is based on the American system, which Mr Chidambaram the so Home Minister had the chance to analyze during his four-day visit to the US in September 2009. Much of the organizational and legislative substructure required to set up NCTC already exists in India within the MAC, which can be expanded and redesigned as needed[ 10 ]. The bureau was proposed to be operational from 01 Mar 2012 but the thought has run into unsmooth conditions due to difference of positions of non-congress ruled provinces on the proposed powers of NCTC. Similarly internecine departmental competition amongst intelligence services sing the sharing of information is a ground-level obstructor in India but if NCTC is to win what truly requires to be steadfastly overcome is the prevailing mentality of reluctance towards constructive common cooperation[ 11 ].


Statement of the Problem

6. To analyze and analyze the Indian construct of NCTC, issues impacting its executing and to propose steps for its execution.


7. The NCTC would efficaciously beef up national response to turn to terrorist act.

Justification of the survey

8. National Counter Terrorism Centre of India is an ambitious undertaking that aims at contending the turning threat of terrorist act in India. However, from the really get downing it is in stagnations. Fears of it going an all powerful and centralized point for terrorist act related issues have ne’er allowed it to take a start. Besides, there are many “ practical troubles ” that may forestall the existent execution of the much needed NCTC[ 12 ]. India has overplus of intelligence and security bureaus that include Research and Analysis Wing ( RAW ) , Aviation Research Centre ( ARC ) , Intelligence Bureau ( IB ) , National Technical Research Organisation ( NTRO ) and Defence Intelligence Agency ( DIA ) , etc. These bureaus soon are runing in a decentralized mode under different Department/Ministries and there is no centralized authorization or ministry to organize or join forces amongst them[ 13 ]. All these factors directs to oppugn, should we non decide the issues of isolation and work towards constructing national capacity in turn toing terrorist act?

9. In the yesteryear, the success of joint attempt brought fruitful consequence in controling or nailing the panic operatives. However the success of Delhi constabularies on 29 Feb 2012 is a glowering illustration of effectual coordination among security bureaus, when Delhi police arrested in a joint-operation with cardinal intelligence bureaus and constabularies forces of Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir, two suspected Lashkar-e-Toiba secret agents who were allegedly be aftering to transport out a major panic work stoppage at a crowded market in the National Capital. Home Minister while complementing security bureaus expressed his concern on the demand for a NCTC for coordination. India has burst some 59 little and large panic faculties during the past three old ages. Not merely this MAC ( proposed to work under NCTC ) has provided real-time inputs during the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Seasonably flow of accurate information to the concerned states/agencies and thenceforth organizing the attempts amongst them is the demand of the hr as terrorist onslaughts against India are on addition and we need a “ specialized establishment ” like NCTC to supply and analyze valuable intelligence inputs and leads.


10. This survey concentrates on the generations, map and power of NCTC and issues set uping its execution. The survey limits itself to the followers: –

( a ) The Improper Activities ( Prevention ) Act of 1967.

( vitamin E ) The recommendations of Kargil Review Committee and Second Administrative Reforms-Eighth study on Counter Terrorism 2008.

( degree Celsius ) The relevant commissariats of Unites States NCTC and non with other states Counter Terrorism Centres ( CTC ) .

( vitamin D ) Centre and provinces issues which emerged during the clip of survey.

( vitamin E ) The unfastened beginning of information ‘s.


11. The particular footings used in the thesis are defines as below: –

( a ) The Improper Activities ( Prevention ) Act, 1967. An Act to supply for the more effectual bar of certain improper activities of persons and associations and for affairs connected therewith[ 14 ].

( B ) Terrorism. The UN ‘s academic consensus definition given by Alex P Schmid, “ terrorist act is an anxiety-inspiring method of repeated violent action, employed by ( semi- ) clandestine single, group or province histrions, for idiosyncratic, condemnable or political grounds, whereby – in contrast to assassination – the direct marks of force are non the chief marks. The immediate human victims of force are by and large chosen indiscriminately ( marks of chance ) or selectively ( representative or symbolic marks ) from a mark population, and serve as message generators. Menace and violence-based communicating procedures between terrorist ( organisation ) , ( imperilled ) victims, and chief marks are used to pull strings the chief mark ( audience ( s ) ) , turning it into a mark of panic, a mark of demands, or a mark of attending, depending on whether bullying, coercion, or propaganda is chiefly sought ”[ 15 ].

( degree Celsius ) Terrorist Act. The Improper Activities ( Prevention ) Act, 1967, which was amended in 2004, defines a ‘terrorist act ‘ therefore – ” whosoever, with purpose to endanger the integrity, unity, security or sovereignty of India or to strike panic in the people or any subdivision of the people in India or in any foreign state, does any act by utilizing bombs, dynamite or other explosive substances or inflammable substances or pieces or other deadly arms or toxicants or noxious gases or other chemicals or by any other substances, ( whether biological or otherwise ) of a risky nature, in such a mode as to do, or probably to do, decease of, or hurts to any individual or individuals or loss of, or harm to, or devastation of, belongings or break of any supplies or services indispensable to the life of the community in India or in any foreign state or causes harm or devastation of any belongings or equipment used or intended to be used for the defense mechanism of India or in connexion with any other intents of the Government of India, any State Government or any of their bureaus, or detains any individual and threatens to kill or wound such individual in order to oblige the Government in India or the Government of a foreign state or any other individual to make or abstain from making any act, commits a terrorist act ”[ 16 ].

( vitamin D ) Counter Terrorism. The most common definition of counterterrorism ( besides spelled counter-terrorism ) on the Internet is the patterns, tactics, techniques, and schemes that authoritiess, armed forcess, constabulary sections and corporations adopt in response to terrorist menaces and/or Acts of the Apostless, both existent and imputed[ 17 ].

( vitamin E ) Counter Terrorist Centre. An bureau that helps the Director of Central Intelligence coordinate counterterrorist attempts in order to preemptive bid and disrupt and defeat terrorist activities at the earliest possible phase.[ 18 ]

( degree Fahrenheit ) Multi Agency Centre ( MAC ) . An bureau which acts as the nodal authorization on all counter-terror maps of collating, analyzing and circulating panic inputs in the state since the 26/11 Mumbai panic onslaughts.[ 19 ]

( g ) National Intelligence Grid ( NATGRID ) . An bureau established to supply the indispensable database to intelligence and probe bureaus for antagonistic terrorist act attempts[ 20 ]. NATGRID would ease speedy entree to information on an single, like inside informations of banking, insurance, in-migration, income revenue enhancement, telephone and Internet use[ 21 ].

( H ) Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems ( CCTNS ) . It is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan of Govt of India. CCTNS aims at making a comprehensive and incorporate system for heightening the efficiency and effectivity of patroling through adopting of rule of e-Governance and creative activity of a countrywide networking substructure for development of IT-enabled-state-of-the-art tracking system around ‘Investigation of offense and sensing of felons[ 22 ].

Method of Data Collection

12. Datas used for this thesis will be collected from a big figure of books, periodicals, magazines, diaries, newspaper, GOI studies and NCTC US studies available in the Defence Services Staff College ( DSSC ) Library and on cyberspace. NCTC arguments and interview of at hand personalities/Chief Curates on Television and questionnaire were besides used for informations aggregation. The bibliography of beginnings will be appended at the terminal of survey.

Method of Data Analysis

13. Quantitative analysis of the informations would be carried out to foster the survey and to do recommendations.

Administration of the Dissertation

14. It is proposed to analyze the topic in the undermentioned chapters:

Chapter- I: Introduction & A ; Methodology. This chapter introduces the capable ‘National Counter Terrorism Centre. ‘ It besides lays down the ‘Statement of Problem ‘ supplying a justification for the survey and defines the range of the thesis.

Chapter-II: Genesis of NCTC. This chapter brings out the generation of NCTC.

( degree Celsius ) Chapter- III: Administration, Functions and Power of NCTC. This chapter highlights the organizational construction, maps and powers of proposed NCTC.

( vitamin D ) Chapter- IV: Issues refering NCTC. This chapter surveies assorted issues raised by province Chief Ministers, Director Generals of Police, administrative and legal concerns. It besides highlights assorted steps initiated by cardinal govt to decide province concerns.

( vitamin E ) Chapter -V: Analysis of informations. In this chapter informations would be analysised and the US theoretical account of NCTC would be studied to foreground the advantages of NCTC construct.

( degree Fahrenheit ) Chapter- VI: Recommendations. This chapter recommends options for India to countervail assorted issues to implement NCTC.

( g ) Chapter- VII: Decision. This chapter summarises the thesis.


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