The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd Finance Essay

Of all the elements that that go into a concern, recognition is possibly the most important 1. The best of the programs can come to naught if equal finance is non available at the right clip. Entrepreneurs need recognition support non merely for running the endeavor but besides for variegation, modernisation of installations, capacity and enlargement. Banking and fiscal system should guarantee that the supply of timely and equal sum of recognition should be provided to the enterpriser in order to develop the economic system.

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Development in the banking system

Due to rapid growing of the economic system, Bankss can anticipate to see rapid addition in expense ; this challenges the recognition assessment system followed by Bankss. Hence the acceptance of planetary best patterns under these fortunes is necessary.

Furthermore, the Mauritian Banking System has seen assorted betterments during the last few old ages, including, improves solvency, better hazard direction and greater entree to capital. However, due to greater complexnesss of the corporate and loaning concern, the demand for stronger hazard direction appraisal is required. A well developed and implemented recognition assessment system will ensue in:

Growth in the volume of recognition expense

Reduce the non-performance assets of Bankss and improves the quality of plus portfolio

Improves the bottom line of Bankss

Ensures seasonably and equal supply of recognition to the industry.

Therefore, this survey is carried out to understand the recognition assessment procedure carried out by a bank. Furthermore the client satisfaction degree will besides be reviewed.


The rubric of the undertaking is ‘A survey on the effectivity of the recognition assessment procedure for working capital loans at the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd ‘ . The company is the market leader in the banking sector of Mauritius and is engaged in all type of banking services. The survey will be conducted to place the effectivity of recognition assessment procedure of MCB for little and average endeavors. It must be noted that the undertaking will be carried out on little and average endeavors ( SME ) . I will continue with a comparative survey with other Bankss for merchandises associated with working capital loans. Here, I will make a instance survey in which I will choose a little endeavor which will be a client of MCB and analyze its fiscal statement to acquire familiar with the assessment system follows by the bank. Then, I will near 5 Bankss, which will be the chief rivals of MCB on the market, with a questionnaire to place the techniques followed by them to measure their borrowers and compare it with the MCB. In add-on, it is good to cognize that clients ‘ perceptual experience besides place an of import function in judging the overall effectivity of assessment. To happen out, I will run into 50 clients of the MCB with a questionnaire and happen out their degree of satisfaction after taking a on the job capital loan. The information collected will be so analyse with statistical tools like chi-square trial and interval appraisal.

Traditionally, banking is defined as the procedure of accepting sedimentations from excess unit with the aim of imparting these financess to the shortage units. Presently, the Bankss are offering a broad scope of loans such as auto loans, educational loans, lodging loans, concern loan and so on. Furthermore, Bankss are besides concentrating on the section of concern endeavors and are offering working capital loan to SME. However, before supplying such loans, the Bankss must measure exhaustively the credibleness of borrowers based on fiscal land and non-financial evidences.

Recognition assessment procedure is a technique by which a bank or any fiscal bureau including fiscal establishments estimates the soundness of a recognition proposal. The recognition assessment for SME starts with understanding the demand of loan to the borrower, that is, for which purpose the loan is required. The following measure is to analyze the fiscal statement of the company to whom the loan is to be sanctioned. The chief things which are taken into consideration while analysing the fiscal statement are type of statement, nature of activity, accounting policy, qualities of assets and liabilities, unit wise public presentation consequence of the company & A ; manager ‘s study.

Aims of the survey

To happen out the effectivity of recognition assessment system of MCB by comparing it with other Bankss appraisal system for working capital loans.

Carry out client satisfaction study to happen out the position of the client towards the assessment procedure.

To analyze the process adopted in measuring recognition proposal utilizing instance analysis and working out and construing the fiscal ratios in instance of working capital loans.

Restrictions of the survey

Coverage: The survey aims at covering the MCB merely.

There might be inclinations among the personals of Bankss to magnify or filtrate their responses due to clip restriction.

Recognition assessment for working capital finance is a survey that needed specialised cognition of the country, so there might be a opportunity for interpretational mistake on my behalf.

Problem statement

Commercial loaning is the pillar of Mauritanian banking, its staff of life and butter activity. Therefore many Bankss wish to maximise market portion in commercial loaning. However, Bankss should besides concentrate about commanding and cut downing its non-performing loans. This highlights the importance of hazard direction system in commercial loaning so that Bankss do non travel bankrupt. We will seek to benchmark the recognition assessment procedure of MCB in respects to SME with other Bankss to cognize the dependable variables to include in a recognition assessment. Furthermore, the survey will seek to roll up information among bing clients to cognize about their satisfaction degree with respects to assorted facets of MCB service. This can be helpful to turn to the jobs of clients to the bank and to happen ways to better their satisfaction degree.

Literature reappraisal

Previous researches refering recognition assessment.

Banks manage a broad scope of assets, liabilities and equity capital that support their activities. Proper hazard direction is hence a critical and built-in portion of effectual bank operations. During the past 20 old ages, Bankss used different tools such as recognition hiting system to measure certain types of loans more objectively and efficaciously. Nowadays, the banking industry started to implement recognition evaluation as a mechanism to better pull off its recognition evaluation and to better its overall portfolio public presentation. It helps Bankss to cut down default hazard, addition liquidness and so on.

Furthermore, Treacy and Carrey ( 2000 ) suggest that in planing a recognition evaluation system, Bankss should see legion factors, including cost, efficiency of garnering information, consistence of evaluation produced, staff inducements, nature of Bankss ‘ concern and uses to be made of the internal evaluations. They notice that the proportion of classs use to separate among riskier base on balls credits tend to differ with the concern mix of a bank. A evaluation system with more classs is better than a system with merely a few classs.

Furthermore, they have besides found that despite assorted progresss in the hazard appraisal plan, human judgement is still of import. Harmonizing to, Treacy and Carrey ( 2000 ) , the evaluation procedure about ever involve the exercising of human judgement because factors to be considered in delegating a evaluation and weight given to each factor can differs significantly between borrowers.

In add-on, Crouhy et Al. ( 2000 ) suggest that Bankss should analyse 3 different classs of variable when delegating a loan applier to a peculiar class which is: qualitative, quantitative and legal. Quantitative analysis concentrates chiefly on fiscal analysis based on a houses ‘ fiscal statement. It is the procedure of ciphering ratios of a house. Qualitative analysis is based on a borrower ‘s direction. That is, it reviews the house ‘s fight in the industry. And eventually, legal analysis refers to the capacity to borrow. The Bankss must do certain that a client has the authorization and the legal standing of subscribing a binding understanding.

Banking in Mauritius

In the late 1980 ‘s and early 1990 ‘s, the Mauritanian fiscal sector was marked by the procedure of fiscal liberalisation to overhaul the fiscal sector. The Mauritanian banking industry comprises of 20 Bankss, of which 7 are local Bankss, 8 are foreign owned subordinates, 1 is a joint venture and 4 are subdivisions of foreign Bankss. All the Bankss are licensed by the Bank of Mauritius. There is a good and strong regulative model for Bankss in Mauritius. Since 31st March 2009, Bankss have to the full adopted the Basel II Framework. As at November 2011, Bankss in Mauritius had a entire plus value of Rs 924.2 billion. As at March 2011, Bankss in Mauritius had a regulative capital to risk-weighted assets of 17.2 % , a regulative Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets of 14.6 % and non-performing loans cyberspace of commissariats to capital of 8.2 % .

Overview of the Mauritius commercial bank

Mauritius Commercial bank ( MCB ) started its operations in 1838 and has ever been active within the Mauritanian economic system. The bank has played a accelerator function in the sugar and fabric industry and today is still responsible for 60 % of the funding of the Export Processing Zone and finances about 50 % of the touristry sector. It holds the figure one place among the Bankss of the island ; with about 45 % of the market portion in footings of “ nest eggs ” that is 700,000 nest eggs histories for a population of 1.2 million. The bank besides has some 40 subdivisions throughout the state every bit good as 10 agency de alteration. Servicess they provide are: working capital loan, term loan, hard currency recognition and overdraft, measure price reduction, missive of recognition, cyberspace banking and so on.

Small and medium endeavors in Mauritius

A Small Enterprise is defined as an endeavor which has an one-year turnover of non more than 10 million MUR and a Medium Enterprise is defined as an endeavor which has an one-year turnover of more than 10 million MUR but non more than 50 million MUR.

International findings

It has been found that the world-wide size of the largest 1000 Bankss grew by 15.5 % to make $ 60.5 trillion in 2005. Furthermore, banking crises have developed many times in history. Outstanding illustrations are: US salvaging and loan crisis in 1980s, Nipponese banking crisis in the 1990s and the great depression and more late the fiscal crisis in 2007.

Proposed Methodology

A research design is strictly and merely the model for the survey that guides the aggregation and analysis of informations. Basically, the survey will be divided into 3 methods.

Case survey analysis

Comparison analysis with other Bankss

Customer satisfaction analysis

Since the research carried out will be descriptive in nature, we will necessitate both primary and secondary informations to do our analysis.

Primary informations

Primary informations will be the first manus information collected from the five Bankss, which are the chief rivals of MCB in the industry for benchmarking of recognition assessment by utilizing unstructured questionnaire. Furthermore, to happen out the position of client towards recognition assessment, the informations will be collected through a structured questionnaire. This will assist me to understanding the recognition evaluation and appraisal of working capital loans of the company.

Secondary informations

The secondary informations will be collected through assorted paperss and official files like the one-year study which would be required for understanding the methodological analysis used by the Bankss. Furthermore, related articles, newspapers, magazines, in-house diaries of Bankss etc. will be used to roll up secondary informations. This will enable me to cipher fiscal ratios and do the instance analysis.

The research attack

Surveies will be used for cod primary informations from different Bankss and clients. It is of import to cognize about the manner to take a sample. The sample will be taken to be 50 for client study and 5 for benchmarking of assessment. Simple random trying technique will be adopted to roll up required informations by questioning recognition directors from assorted Bankss for benchmarking recognition assessment. The information will be analysed with statistical tool like per centum analysis and interval analysis.

The Gantt chart

The Gantt chart will enable me to do a clip program so that the research will stop on clip.

Degree centigrades: UsersasusDesktopCapture.JPG

Budget analysis

The research work will necessitate the undermentioned disbursals and attempts

Cost of doing photocopies of the questionnaires

The cost to publish the research work

Cost of going to run into different people in Bankss and to roll up informations

The sum cost which will be incurred for this undertaking is estimations to be at least RS 2000.


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