The Marketing Strategy Of Nokia Corporation Marketing Essay

Nokia Corporation applied the selling scheme and helps the organisation achieve the maximal net income potency. Selling scheme is a procedure that company applies to concentrate its limited resources on the best chances to increase gross revenues achieve the ends of the company and derive the competitory advantages in the markets. Marketing scheme is an of import planning that involve the basic and long-run activities of company with the considered of the state of affairs and challenge of company faced and hence contribute to the company ‘s ends. Actually marketing scheme is one of the functional schemes. The functional schemes are the determination regulations or guidelines in each functional country of company. Functional countries that company may implement a functional scheme include research and development, finance, public relation, human resources and selling sections. 4 P ‘s of Selling

Selling is non merely approximately delivered the merchandise or service to the terminal user, should incorporating the benefits to the terminal user. Inside the selling scheme of Nokia Corporation contain the selling tool call Marketing Mix which introduced by Neil Borden in twelvemonth 1953. Marketing Mix is one of the most cardinal theories in marketing country and is a combination of component of company in advancing company ‘s merchandise or trade name to accomplish selling aims and client satisfaction. The element combination of marketing mix is merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity and was proposed by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960.

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Merchandise is the first component in the selling mix and can see as client solution. Merchandise should fulfill the client ‘s demand or wants, more advanced is the high quality of the merchandise against the rival and what advantages the company addition from it merchandises. Harmonizing to the selling rule of Philip Kolter, the merchandise should be in three constituents. The three constituents were core merchandise, existent merchandise and augmented merchandise. Since the Nokia primary merchandises are nomadic telephones and portable IT devices. The nucleus constituent is the terminal benefits of merchandise for the purchaser. The existent merchandise is the features of merchandise such as quality degree, characteristics and stigmatization. The augmented merchandise is the support points of merchandise like the after-sale service, guarantee and bringing. On 11 February 2011, Nokia ‘s CEO Stephan Elop have announced a new strategic to alliance with Microsoft Corporation. This scheme purposed is to replace the Mobile runing system Symbian and MeeGo with the Microsoft ‘s Windows Phone runing system. The Windows Phone Lumia is the major shooting of Nokia to winning back a market lost to Apple, Samsung and Google. Windows Phone Lumia had been announced by Nokia as the universe ‘s most advanced smart phone. The characteristics of Lumia are incorporating the Carl Zeiss lens that can capture blur-free picture even in the non-ideal environment status, the new engineering PureMotion HD+ show make the Lumia is the universe ‘s brightest, fastest, and most sensitive touch screen and the radio bear downing that enable clients charge up without stop uping in. All of these characteristics are for the intent of clients convenient and satisfaction when utilizing Nokia ‘s merchandises. Nokia besides provided after-sale service for clients. If clients confronting some job of merchandises can reach nokia support through the phone or straight visit to the Nokia shop and besides can give some feedback through the societal web such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers besides can download games, subjects, ringtones and wallpapers at Nokia Ovi shop. For the merchandise ‘s features, Nokia Lumia have more beautiful colour and people was said this is to against Nokia biggest rival ; Apple Computer. Inc. This is because Apple merchandise, IPhone merely had black and white colour.

Monetary value

Determination of the monetary value of company merchandise is of import because this is related with net income of company. When company releases a new merchandise, the monetary value is estimate by the cost and merchandise ‘s value and must be cognizant because it has a great impact to the demand and gross revenues. The basic pricing schemes are market planing pricing, market incursion pricing and impersonal pricing. Market planing pricing scheme is the procedure puting the highest monetary value ab initio based on the merchandise value to do highest net income. After the demand of first group clients is satisfied, company will take down the monetary value to pull another. The Impersonal scheme is process set the monetary value by the general market and rival ‘s monetary values. The disadvantage is company ca n’t maximise net income although this is the most safety manner to vie with other company. Nokia had cut the monetary value of Lumia 900 after Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7 wo n’t be upgradeable to the Windows Phone 8. Nokia cut about monetary value about half is to pull more demands to unclutter the shop and to cut the cost. Penetration scheme is about the deepest monetary value cuts to do certain company merchandise ever the lowest on the markets and largely use when new merchandise are release. Price Nokia Lumia 920 in US is $ 100 less than Samsung Galaxy S3 and $ 200 less than Apple ‘s IPhone 5 and the AT & A ; T, 2nd largest telecom operator in US besides sell Lumia 920 in $ 99.99 is less $ 100 than other Windows Phone 8-HTC 8X.


Promotion is about the bringing of information of merchandise to the several parties through the method such as advertisement, personal merchandising, public dealingss and gross revenues publicity. Nokia has used its “ Connecting People ” since 1992 as an advertisement motto. This slogan significance is Nokia nomadic aid people connect with each other wherever near and far in assorted geographical locations. Nokia besides popped up their Lumia commercial on their YouTube Channel. Nokia had sold over 85 million devices and 4.5 million of those are Lumia in the Quarter 4 of 2012. This is because Nokia announce Lumia as a encouragement for Q4 gross revenues to puting the merchandise in forepart the media and public.


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