The Marketing Aspect Essay

The Marketing Aspect is said to be the lifeblood of all feasibleness surveies. It makes a large impact on the survey because it serves as the footing for the advocates to hold a clear image whether to prosecute the concern or non. It will find the factors to be considered in set uping and coming up with the concern every bit good as the fiscal footing through the jutting demand. This chapter seeks to find the chances and menaces. the mark market. the entire demand and supply of the merchandise. the competition and the selling plan which refers to the merchandise. monetary value. topographic point and promotional schemes.

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Aims of the Marketing Aspect:

1. To place the chances and menaces of Camias bleach in the market.
2. To find how much will be the demand for Camias bleach.
3. To cognize the merchandising monetary value of Camias bleach.
4. To cognize where the mark market is centered.
5. To be able to cognize how to present the merchandise to the market.
6. To discourse the effectiveness of Camias bleach that will convert the purchasers to purchase to purchase the merchandise.

Industry Analysis

The industry analysis is affected by the chance and menace analysis. environmental analysis which consists of the demographic environment. natural environment. technological environment. and political environment.

Opportunity and Threat Analysis

In set uping a concern. some factors which may impact the concern activities that can non be prevented or avoided.


Opportunities refer to which are expected to work favourably towards the company operations. a. The chief stuff is abundant here in the Philippines. * The chief natural stuff. which is Camias. can be found and bought everyplace. It grows copiously in the Philippines. therefore. doing it available for production. B. Low cost of natural stuffs.

* The Camias fruit is abundant in the state and can be bought locally at a bargained monetary value.
c. Environmental-friendly.
* The merchandise being made from a fruit. it is decidedly environment-friendly as it does non incorporate some of the harmful effects other chemically-based bleach has.
d. Bleach made from a fruit is new to the market.

* Consumers are used to bleaches that are chemically-based. It will be intelligence to them to happen bleach made from Camias in the market and may promote them to seek the merchandise.


Menaces are those factors that are expected to hold a negative consequence on company operations in the external environment.
a. Some consumers may be loath to seek new merchandises.
* Consumers are used to the merchandises that presently exist in the market. They may be hesitating to seek new 1s.
B. Natural catastrophes.
* Natural catastrophes such as typhoons. temblors. etc. . may impede the supply of natural stuffs and may hold a negative impact to the concern and can do hold to the industry of the merchandise.
c. Competition with other makers.

* Competition with other merchandises that are longer in the market may be tough. d. The hostile economic state of affairs of the state can impact people’s income. * Our country’s unstable economic standing can impact people’s income which may take them to purchase merchandises which are more low-cost.

Environmental Analysis

Establishing a concern is non easy. There are certain factors which can impact and are needed to be considered in set uping a concern. Environmental Analysis comprises of 5 forces in the External Environment viz. : the Demographic. Economic. Natural. Technological and Political Environment.

Demographic Environment

The chosen mark market. North Bay Boulevard South. Navotas. has a entire land country of 254 sq. m. of the entire land country of Metro Manila. This is one of the 14 ( 14 ) barangays in Navotas.

North Bay

Boulevard South has a population denseness of 267. a entire population of 67. 730. Citizens aging from 5 – 9 dominate the metropolis and most of the people populating there are male.

Economic Environment

Harmonizing to BPLO. last 2009. Navotas City is holding an economic growing from 5 % to 10 % . Out of the 100 % of its economic system. 10 % of its economic system are of high income while. 20 % of them are of mean income. and 70 % or bulk are of low income. There will be an advantage in the merchandise because harmonizing to per centum above. 70 % are of low income. At the same clip. the merchandise is to be sold at sensible monetary value that is why ; people who have low income can purchase it.

Natural Environment

Since the merchandise is made of Camias fruit. which is readily available in our state. it is a tropical fruit that are produced all – twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Most of Camias trees are available in provincial countries but there are some trees that are besides available here in Metro Manila. Camias trees are bearing little hemorrhoids ( tumbok ) that can besides be bought in the moisture market. There will be no more deficit on the supply of Camias. However. due to the alteration in the conditions status here in the Philippines. there will be an consequence on the supply of Camias in the market and its production procedure will be lessen.

Technological Environment

The usage of engineering in a concern venture is a great aid particularly in the fabrication concern because it makes the production procedure of a certain merchandise easier and faster. The usage of engineering is needed since the merchandise is bleach.

Political Environment

There are several paperss that are needed to be filed in seting up a concern venture. These paperss are to guarantee that the concern venture will follow regulations and ordinances enforced by the jurisprudence. Filing these paperss can be clip devouring. but in the terminal it will be favourable since the company itself has complied with the demands of the authorities and there will be lesser possibility of legal jobs in the concern constitution. Examples of the activities under the political environment include: the filing of concern license. and registering and/or paying revenue enhancements to the B. I. R.


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