The Main Distribution Of 7 Eleven Marketing Essay

This probe of the little concern, 7-Eleven concatenation shop, was conducted over two month period from July, with many beginnings of information, such as the existent shops and the information from cyberspace. The 7-Eleven concatenation shop was established as an ice house in Dallas, Texas in 1927, and it is one of the universe ‘s largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience shops. This article seeks to research a comprehensive description and understanding about 7-Eleven and seek to happen out the secret of success, every bit good as giving some suggestions.

The 7-eleven concatenation shop was started out in 1927 and was introduced to Australia in 1977. An ice dock employee in the Southland Ice Company began to offer milk, staff of life and eggs on Sundays and eventides when food market shops were closed. This new concern thought produced satisfied clients and so the concatenation shop was established.

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In November 2005, 7-Eleven, Inc. became an indirect subordinate of Seven & A ; I Holdings Company, a Japan-based organisation.

Their premier map is to systematically function the altering demands of clients for their convenience.

The shop can ever accommodate rapidly to run into the client ‘s changing demands. It is the most obvious characteristic that makes it different from other convenience shops. With the newest merchandises and services using in the shop, and the newest ways of concern operation, the shop can be operated more expeditiously than others. For short, the ageless betterment made the shop maintaining in front in so many trade names of concatenation shops.

As a convenience shop, 7-Eleven chiefly faces three types of rivals. The first on is supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart. Second, little stores ( likely non has a trade name ) . Third, other trade names of convenience shops, such as Lawson ( founded in 1975 in Japan ) .

The targeted client is immature individual working people, normally un-married, as a consequence, the location of 7-Eleven ever near office edifices, shopping promenades, parking tonss, subway station, et Al. Besides the traveller is besides its chief client. In Australia, “ shops in suburban countries frequently operate as gasoline Stationss ” (, 2010 ) .

7-eleven, Inc. is the word ‘s largest convenience retail concatenation. The company operates franchises and licenses more than 7,100 shops in the U.S. and 7-Eleven licensees and affiliates operate about 31,400 7-Eleven and other convenience shops in states including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Australia, et Al (, 2010 ) . The chief distribution of 7-eleven around the word can be seem in the tabular array holla fig.1

Fig.1 the chief distribution of 7-Eleven around the word


First Shop Opened

Number of Locations

United States



Canada +


















China ( Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou & A ; Macau )

1981, 1992, 1996, and 2005, severally














South Korea









Beijing, PRC



Shanghai, PRC



Dutch east indies



Rsource: hypertext transfer protocol: //

( 4 ) Suppliers

It can be seen from the tabular array holla that the most trade good of 7-Eleven is nutrient, in which the processed nutrient history most. As a consequence, the chief provider of 7-Eleven is nutrient shaper, particularly who produce the processed nutrient. The non-food merchandises providers is assorted, such the supplier of a assortment of postpaid card.

Fig.2 the trade good composing of 7-Eleven

Merchandise Type

Percentage %



processed nutrient


fast nutrient


selling foodi??such as milk, cheesei?‰


non-food merchandises


Data resource: hypertext transfer protocol: //

4. Forces Detailss

To accomplish their concern ends, the shop has many different sections that people or the proficient equipment can assist the shop improve and execute better.

Business Advisers

A Business Consultant is a 7-Eleven employee assigned to the shop and who visits the shop twice a hebdomad.

The concern advisers can assist the shop in the undermentioned ways:

Aid in the development of budgets and concern programs for the shop

Provide advice, training and aid on how to better the concern

Aid with the analysis of the shop ‘s salesA informations

Provide continual preparation and counsel on the ever-improving system of the shop

Promote efficiency to assist maximise the shop ‘s profitableness

Daily Deliveries

Combined Distribution Centers pull merchandises from multiple providers matched to the shop ‘s order and present daily to the store-everything from the proprietary Fresh Foods and Fresh Bakery points to dairy, eggs and bite nutrients.

The bringing clip is scheduled, so the employer know when to anticipate it

The employer receive fewer bringings during the twenty-four hours, when client traffic is heaviest

The bringing cut down the opportunity of running out of stock because it can replenishA points day-to-day

The employer are able to consolidate work, so he/she can pass more clip fulfilling his/her clients and turning the concern

The Advertising Support

The advertisement support can be seen in the undermentioned ways:

Television and wireless musca volitanss


Web sites

Public dealingss

Point-of-purchase stuffs

5. Technology

( 1 ) An efficient information web

Harmonizing to the demands and development of concern, 7-Eleven has established a extremely efficient comprehensive integrated information web. The overall systematic concatenation direction can be realized through it. The chief maps of the integrated information web are follows:

Roll uping the gross revenues information of trade good, calculating the orders, and let go ofing the orders data on a regular basis

Analyzing the telling information of multiple shop by POS System, and sent the consequence to makers and jobbers automatically ; analysing the merchandising informations of different shops and sent the consequence to all shops automatically ; analysing the whole operation direction information of the endeavor.

The goods maker begins to fix the orders after having the information, and the jobbers begin to fix the ordered ware.

The distribution centres begin to administer the ware to all concatenation shops after having the ware particular inside informations of central offices through POS system.

The information web is to the full used in gross revenues, telling, buying, trade good review, accounting, etc. The web takes a mean of automatic processing in having order, information processing and transmission, biddings publishing, recognition managing, et al. , accomplishing concern mechanization processing. The whole efficiency of the operation is improved greatly.

i??2i?‰Advanced logistics and distribution system

Aggregate distribution is the alone distribution system of 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven has set up a common distribution centre which gather the merchandize of the makers that delivered by other jobbers. The conveyance efficiency is improved greatly as the increased of bringing sum of goods to every shops and the reduction of bringing times. The bringing distant and clip is reduced greatly as the shrinkage of the distribution country.

6. Government ordinances

( 1 ) Merchandise

The merchandises they provided are classified in different standards. Besides the basic categorization, the merchandises are classified as merchandises that are needed in the forenoon, afternoon, late afternoon, flushing and late dark, which is extraordinary and convenient for clients to take the goods they need.

( 2 ) Worker

The 7-Eleven Way rules are illustrated in the acronym as the follows: ( See Fig.3 )

I CARE about People & A ; Teamwork.

Fig. 3 The 7-Eleven Way rules about People & A ; Teamwork

ICARE ( the acronym )

I- Integrity

C-Customer Focus



E-Excellent Execution

( 3 ) Selling Principles

The undermentioned four selling rules have been stressed and must be followed by workers.

Complete merchandize — -put the merchandize that client need most ;

Fresh direction — -keep the ware fresh in 24 hours ;

Clean shop — -keep the store clean in 24 hours ;

Smile service — – play the charming of smile service.

7. Global concern environment

On one manus, convenience shop has a wide chance with the urbanisation and economic development. Convenience shop is a really promising new type. As affair of fact, convenience shops has become one of the life style is modern fast-paced life. On the other manus, convenience shops will besides go one of the most competitory retail industries for its nature.

For 7-Eleven, both chances and challenges exist. In over all, it has a good planetary concern environment, the market demand is greater and greater, but the competition between convenience shop has become more and more drastic.

8. The Business Schemes

The key for the success of a concatenation shop is convenience, which is besides the primary factor for its survive. The chief map of the concatenation shop is 24 hours concern everyday. In Adelaide, unfastened 24/7 is the key to success for 7-Eleven. The gap hours of is country is 9am – 5pm, so it is really hard for people to happen store at dark. Besides, merely little portion convenience shops unfastened in 24-hour.

7-Eleven introduced convenience for clients to more profoundly recognize that the “ convenience ” intending the full benefit of the client to make everything. For illustration, the lavatories free of charge to the client unfastened, free usage of parking tonss. Equally long as there is demand, do non purchase goods, and the staff does non hold to state hullo, you can utilize the convenience shop installations. In fact, free usage of merely a smattering, or staff of life, Fan Tuanzi, or a bottle of H2O, consumers will purchase something from the shop back.

Convenience shops are unfastened already from the clip of SEVEN-ELVEN ( from 7 am to 11 autopsy ) , to 24 little concerns development, harmonizing to different shop locations, the aureate hours each store is different ( Fei Ming-shengi??2002 ) . A big figure of consumers go to the convenience shop to purchase tiffin and drinks. In add-on, 7-Eleven shop frequently runing at dark premier clip, due to the phenomenon that work overtime is widespread, many people snack on his manner place about all the convenience shops, convenience that to the full reflects the shop features.

Importantly, the efficiency of the centre in order to supply services, the services they give full drama to the broad differences in the function of the person into the retail market. Best to trail Nipponese 7-Eleven “ differentiated services ” , in order to finish every 7- Eleven convenience shop clients into the “ life state of affairss ” and allow the container on the goods “ of course ” beckoning to clients. Although the pavement country of 7-Eleven convenience shop is merely 30-40 square metres, it operates more than 3,000 sorts of trade goods, day-to-day mean gross revenues of 4 million per unit country of 2.35 million hankerings gross revenues, capital turnover rateA up to 43 times a twelvemonth ( Fu tie-shan, 2004 ) .

7-Eleven convenience shop concern theoretical account is the most lively and diverse, such as convenience shops non merely sell nutrient and drinks, newspapers, magazines, baccy, wellness attention merchandises, such as three repasts a twenty-four hours, but besides pre-order disc Cadmium, seasonal ware, and a assortment of payment services and ATM ( ATM ) services and other fiscal ticket.A Receive electronic mail service launched late, the formation of a truly incorporate attack to ease the centre of place life.24-hour convenience shops and can therefore run into the demands of consumers at different degrees ( Zhou Jia-gao, 2002 ) .

The SWOT manner of 7-Eleven can pull as follows from the analysis above.

Fig.4 SWOT manner of 7-Eleven


( 1 ) Wide selling channels

There are many shops

( 2 ) Related services is many

The merchandise development capablenesss is first-class

( 3 ) A big figure of original merchandises which has great attractive force to clients

( 4 ) Good trade name image

( 5 ) Regularly updated the merchandise information


( 1 ) The demand is big and the market has a great potency

( 2 ) Has a good cooperation and relationship with many companies which will make many concern chances.

( 3 ) The ingestion wonts of people will be changed.


( 1 ) The monetary value is a small higher than other shops

( 2 ) Larger figure purchase is non available


( 1 ) the market of convenience shop will be impregnation

( 2 ) Confronting the menace of gross revenues publicity launched by supermarkets

( 3 ) Peer competition

( 4 ) Can non run into consumer trade name with particular penchant

9. Recommendations

( 1 ) Customer focal point

Why can 7-Eleven ever pull different client groups of different metropoliss and parts? How 7-Eleven maestro the demand of clients. The word of Toshifumi Suzuki, the proprietor of 7-Eleven can ever unveil the concealed significance that the key of retail concern in nowadays psychological science instead than non economic sciences ( Pilieci, 2009. ) . Indeed, the competition between convenience shops is non the gait of enlargement or the monetary value. The chief consumer group is of convenience shop is white-collar workers and individual people, etc. They seldom seek cheaper. Therefore, the competition between shops will finally fall to the service. “

The belief — -the satisfaction of client demands is the key to the success of retail industry — -is the consistent thought of 7-Eleven. As a consequence, 7-Eleven establishes has established the operation dogma of “ follow the demand of assorted client demands ” . 7-Eleven invariably survey and research the merchandises clients truly want and how to run into client demands from the position, thought and action of clients. This is why 7-Eleven can take the good concern schemes I mentioned above.

( 2 ) Brand scheme

Brand direction is an inevitable procedure if an endeavor wants to be success. 7-Eleven now non is merely base for convenient, but besides the representation of safe and secure. Sometimes, even though the monetary value in 7-Eleven is somewhat higher than other shops, client will still purchase things in 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven has become a close friend of our people. We like it and swear it. The laminitis has realized that most of the goods in convenience shop are necessities which are so comment that anyone can open a convenience shop ; merely those who win the favourite of client can win the concern. At the early yearss, 7-Eleven has designed its Son and operated it continually and earnestly.

( 3 ) Characteristic operation

Although the 7-Eleven is a convenience shop, it has carried out the characteristic operation in service and merchandises which make it different from other shop. For illustration, the targeted clients of 7-Eleven is immature individual working people ; 24 hours operation, etc.

Convenience shop is a really promising new type industry. Convenience shops and shopping has become one of the life styles in modern fast-paced life. For the convenience shop, the client demands need to be focused with great attempt. It besides should seek to development its characteristic convenience services and merchandises. Meanwhile, for the development of a company, a good trade name is indispensable.

The successful experience of 7-11 convenience shops non merely worthy propensity of convenience shop industry, but besides left much consideration and disclosure to the development of other industries.

10. Mention, 2010.7-Eleven,

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