The Lovely Bones Book To Film Analysis Film Studies Essay

Alice Sebold ‘s best seller The Lovely Bones is another book that you do n’t rather cognize what to anticipate when you pick it up, but when you read it you get it really rapidly. It affects you emotionally as a reader and makes it interesting. Mass market book publication is, like films, a deliberate and insistent concern. Sebold came with something truly different. She was lucky to acquire her book published, and when she did, no 1 expected it to sell over 2 million transcripts or be on the New York Times bestseller list for over a twelvemonth ( Bradshaw ) . This bestselling book became the footing for the movie, taking on the same name, and directed by Peter Jackson ; who besides is known for directing Heavenly Creatures, The Lord of the Rings, The Lord of the Rings the Two Towers, and The Lord of The Rings the Return of the Ring ( York ) . Having read The Lovely Bones and so watching the movie it became clear that non merely was there an obvious difference between the film and book screen, but there were many differences and alterations that were made on behalf of the movie.

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The Lovely Bones is set in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the early 1970ss. It ‘s about the Salmon Family ; hubby, married woman, three kids and the calamity that occurs within the household. They were in the prime of their lives, the following thing you know the constabularies have arrived and cipher truly knows what happened to the chief character, Susie Salmon, a immature miss who is murdered in a maize field merely beyond the dorsum of her house. In the book Susie is traveling through her procedure of traveling up into Heaven and looking down on her household fighting to cover with the decease of their girl and sister. A major facet of the book is how she directs her household towards her slayer in some kind of requital ( Sebold ) .

As the book was translated to movie the differences that are frequently seen in book to movie interlingual renditions can be more apparent as it goes along. As the procedure of interpreting The Lovely Bones to movie was approached it became “ the ultimate mystifier for screen authors ” harmonizing to the manager Peter Jackson. ( Filming ) Geting movies out to the populace for managers or the selling squad of any film has become easier and easier with Amazon, YouTube, eBay, and personal web sites, film makers have direct entree to the populace ( Garon xix ) . Jackson seemed to trust for a similar result from the film as the book. If he had stayed truer to the book, he may hold gotten what he wanted.

In an effort to bring forth from within the pages of the novel, the movie, and book, take topographic point during the 19 1970ss and is narrated from the position of a 14 twelvemonth old miss named Susie Salmon. She is a passionate lensman, has the love and support of her household, and is even acquiring expressions from the male child she has a crush on in school. Life is all good. And so she is viciously murdered by her creepy neighbour George Harvey. ( The Lovely Bones ) It begins with the same line from the first page of the book:

“ My name is Salmon, like the fish, foremost name Susieaˆ¦ ” ( Sebold 6 ) .

Even though the book and movie begin the same, the narrative in the movie and the narrative in the book are really, really different. In the book the existent procedure and the crisis of the decease in the beginning of the book is covered in the first chapter. This first chapter covers forty five to fifty proceedingss of the movie, which is most of the film. Susie Salmon the lead in the film, played by Saoirse Ronan, and the chief character of the book is portrayed surprisingly. She truly does capture the tone and the artlessness along with the development off from the artlessness of the character of Susie in the original text. Mark Walberg plays the male parent and is a monolithic character in the book. The best casting to the book is Susan Sarandon, as the Grandmother, even though physically they have a wholly different description of the Grandmother in the book ( USA ) . However, interlingual rendition to movie does non detail you the torture that the household goes through chapter after chapter. For illustration, the devastation of the household unit, the drawn-out leave of the female parent, insomniac darks of the sister and obsessional focal point on happening Susie and her slayer. There is no word picture in the movie of the hideous nature of the abduction, slaying, or more specifically the in writing colza and taking apart of Susie. The film is rather sugar coated compared to the book. It about appears that the film writers for this film pulled an old teenage fast one of reading the first chapter and so jumping to the last. ( York )

Many differences continue to blossom as the film shows Susie experiencing life melting off from her as she grabs onto the top of a flower, coercing herself into the mediate. There, she is baffled and entirely until she meets Holly, who helps her navigate her new universe. It ‘s merely the two of them in Utopia, a perfect universe of their ain devising, at first. As it plays out Susie and Holly merely exist with a turning figure of misss that Harvey has killed. Jackson creates a ocular footing for the mediate that is about like a dream. Creative licence took form when the manager topographic points visions of ghostly Susie come ining the kingdom of the existent universe to animate alterations in events. ( The Lovely Bones )

Among one of the larger differences in the movie to book interlingual rendition, which was n’t a job until the screening of the movie, was it became ill-defined in the book what sort of province or position Susie was in when she died ; instead she was in a sort of purgatory or they call it the mediate in both the book and movie. It was made clearer in the film that she was traveling on a specific journey, and they really created that universe really visually, which was really good. The lone issue with these visuals was as a reader you have your ain images in your caput that were antecedently described in the book. Visually the movie is dramatic, but for a reader there are no immense bottles with ships inside and visions of her in the eyes of her household. These events merely do n’t be in the text.

Contrary to the production, book Susie puts her dismembered organic structure back together and meets Franny, her intake specializer, who helps her navigate this new universe. Susie refuses to travel to heaven until she can make her household and aid catch her slayer ( Sebold 8 ) . Merely so does she run into Holly, her roomie ( Sebold 17 ) . Susie lives in her vision, with people everyplace throwing javelins and rolling about in their ain versions in the distance, similar to the existent universe. She creates cool swing sets and a semidetached house that she ever wanted and portions it with her new friend Holly. Susie ‘s reading of Eden is populated with existent work forces and adult females, of all ages, from all background, who died and now resides in overlapping universes ( Sebold 19 ) .

Because this film is based off a three hundred page book it feels like it moves excessively fast losing cardinal constituents in the timeline. Several proceedingss into the movie George Harvey lures her to his concealed lair in a field, triping exhilaration and involvement in Susie. Harvey tries to conceal his title and happen other victims as her household tries to cover with the calamity every bit good as seeking to happen out merely who is responsible for her slaying ( Filming ) . It so becomes confounding for readers when the film cuts to a point where Susie appears to get away from the belowground den in the maize field and so is running through the streets. It ‘s non instantly evident that she is dead or how she died. This apparitional visual aspect does non happen and the decease scene is clearer in the text. The book is detailed and crisp which leads to the confusion of the timeline within the film.

Timelines within the movie acquire more bleary as we read farther into the novel. It diagrammatically describes the colza followed by him slaying her with a shaving razor ( Sebold 12 ) . Then, he dismembers her organic structure, seting her remains in a safe that he dumps in a swallow hole ( Sebold 53 ) . This timeline is skipped in the movie as they focus more on Jack, Susie ‘s male parent, and his hunt for a slayer. He is compulsively seen roll uping personal files and delving up revenue enhancement records on a figure of fly-by-night work forces, every adult male he can believe of ( The Lovely Bones ) , although, Mr. Harvey is the first, and merely, suspect of Jack in the book. He knows it and experience it after assisting Mr. Harvey with a undertaking in his backyard, conveying about another difference, a ceremonial collapsible shelter in the book and a duck blind in the film. However, this occurs two old ages subsequently in the film. It ‘s within the first month in the book. It takes 11 months before the constabulary even turn up Susie ‘s hand-knit chapeau. Within the book Susie ‘s cubitus turns up three yearss subsequently, the chapeau within hebdomads. The movie skips or turns more and more item and leaves you anticipating and waiting for them to blossom but, some ne’er come and others do n’t come until about the terminal, and so it is obscure and contained in sudden flashbacks with no account. ( Sebold 55 ) ( The Lovely Bones )

In footings of the secret plan line the movie efforts to acquire it, though it does non travel into the deepness that they do in the book. Jackson takes his clip in carefully puting up the secret plan merely plenty so that we have a good clasp on the universe of the narrative the full clip ( USA ) . The clip period is reflected good and the chief character is sympathetic and person who we can sympathise with easy, but non because she is a adolescent miss that dies. Her personality and narratives are what do it alternatively. The movie moves back and Forth between what the book and film call the mediate or hereafter and the existent universe and comes across in the film really visually ( Visual ) . The visuals are merely arresting and there is a alone feel approximately them as though you are in a dream while they play in forepart of you. The structuring of this film is besides sort of Wyrd ; gratefully with so many other differences this did n’t do the film so confusing as to lose the audience wholly ( Filming ) .

In movie it diverts back and Forth to Susie concentrating on holding her first buss with Ray, the visually excessive mediate, and warning her household ; whereas the book, although narrated by Susie, explores so many other characters and life experiences. In contrast to the film, the book is more of a coming of age narrative about a miss who will ne’er acquire the opportunity to turn up. Susie can merely turn spiritually by watching her household and friends as they each range mileposts, leave for college, acquire married and have childs of their ain. For book readers she ‘s already had her first buss and after watching her sister and Samuel make love she longs to make the same with Ray, the male child who was traveling to travel out with her, her crush ( Sebold 237 ) . Susie subsequently possesses Ruth, her former schoolmate and friend. Ruth, who has a religious connexion with Susie, is overwhelmed by the feeling of her presence. Susie so enters Ruth ‘s organic structure and makes love to Ray, which is once more diagrammatically described in text ( Sebold 300 ) . The film focal point once more takes off from the book journey extinguishing this sexual growing facet to the teenage miss.

Like many versions found with book to movie undertakings ; you do lose a huge figure of truly of import events. Such that, the scenes where we follow Harvey are good thought out in merely how they show his life and his manner of thought in the movie really mistily. His evident uneven psychological province of head, expressed with his demand for an dismay to motivate him to open his window sunglassess, does non interpret every bit good in the film ( The Lovely Bones ) . His uneven psychological province and inability to follow societal norms are described in item within the chapters as he devices ways to look normal to the outside universe ( Sebold 130 ) . In the book you get more in deepness descriptions which develops the characters of non merely Harvey and Susie but, her sister, her male parent and, particularly, her female parent. You learn a batch about her female parent which is of import nevertheless, in the movie you learn really small.

It is played out in the text that Abigail, Susie ‘s female parent, ne’er wanted kids, withdraws from her household and has an matter with constabularies detective Len Fenerman, the research worker to Susie ‘s instance ( Sebold 196 ) . You besides do n’t larn in the film that the female parent abandoned the male parent, sister and brother. You see her in the movie leave with one bag in a cab as though she is taking a holiday or merely a pickup to unclutter her caput. However, in the book narratives she suddenly leaves and takes a occupation at a wine maker in California and attends College. Abigail foliages and creates a life for herself with her fellow, Samuel Heckler, who she becomes engaged to after completing college. Merely after hearing that Jack has had a bosom onslaught does she return eight old ages subsequently ( Sebold 220 ) . This immense spread in clip and events are non portrayed in the film. The relationship between Abigail and her kids is so laid out in item as their boy Buckley expresses resentment for her abandoning the household for most of his childhood ( Sebold 264 ) . The film makers cut this out wholly ne’er even giving a intimation that this break happened within the household. She is about ignored in the film by giving us merely little glances of an disturbance and lost ma, until Jack is about beaten to decease and so appears once more making an image that she was at that place the whole clip, possibly distant in her bereavement ( The Lovely Bones ) . This information could hold made the movie semen to life as more realistic, alternatively it is projected on the screen that the household besides lives in their ain Utopia of kinds.

Both the book and movie terminal with a similar event. Mr. Harvey, her raper, her liquidator, and the evil adult male that exists in the universe is killed in the book when he is trying to go against a immature miss and an ice reaping hook falls from a tree hitting his shoulder. As it hits him he is put off balance and falls into a deep ravine. He lies at that place, being buried by the cold snow, non to be found for hebdomads ( Sebold 327 ) . It is similar in the film ; he is besides hit by an ice rhythm and falls down a big ravine so suddenly ends. You have an thought that he is dead from the in writing autumn, but still no closing, it is left unfastened ended. ( New Zealand ) .

When watching the film you find that it seems to entwine three narrative lines. First, is that of Susie in the mediate, the 2nd trades with her mourning household and the 3rd, interestingly, trades with her slayer. Although this film has a consecutive slayer on the loose and its portion of bulls it is in no manner like a offense or retaliation narrative. Alternatively this is a film about household bonds and about a loss. It ‘s about the presence people can hold in our lives even when they are gone ; it ‘s about understanding what closing truly means, and differs from the novel.

The Lovely Bones is a really compassionate narrative the manner it is told from the miss ‘s point of position and the artlessness that she has in the manner she looks at the universe she has left behind. Alice Sebold gives us a expression at how the Salmon Family is everlastingly changed as a consequence of Susie ‘s slaying. Susie watches as her parents float apart and her siblings and friends grow up and hold experiences Susie can merely witness. Through the experiences of the Salmon Family in The Lovely Bones, readers can analyze their ain feelings and reactions to loss and bereavement. Susie is on this unbelievable escapade into the universe of the hereafter, described as the mediate. The regulations of our universe no longer use. She has to come to footings with where she is and has to somehow influence events back down on Earth that enable her slayer to be caught. It is an improbably superimposed narrative acquiring its rubric from a subdivision at the terminal of the book ( Mehegan ) .

“ These were the lovely castanetss that had grown around my absence: the connections-sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but frequently magnificent-that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a manner that let me keep the universe without me in it. The events my decease brought were chiefly that the castanetss of a organic structure that would go whole at some unpredictable clip in the hereafter. The monetary value of what I came to see as this marvelous lifeless organic structure had been my life ” ( Sebold 320 ) .

Throughout this treatment you can see that as the book was translated to movie, by manager Peter Jackson, the differences that are frequently seen in book to movie interlingual renditions are more apparent and clear as it goes along. Due to clip restraints and reading, we find that a bulk of book to movie undertakings do non keep fidelity to the writers. It has besides been found that many books to movie correlativities create added characters or extinguish characters for theatrical benefit ( Cohen 1 ) . It may even be better to watch the movie and so read the book. This might forestall you from doing judgements about this movie on the footing of the book such as, ocular effects, timeline, and content, due to it being three hundred pages turned into two hours, which in text signifier are really merely about one hundred pages.

Predictably, Peter Jackson ‘s reading of The Lovely Bones is non equal to the reading of the writer Alice Sebold. Clearly you can see that this narrative has been interpreted in really different ways, both in movie and in text. Differences within the film make a moire down and non-confrontational attack to the existent capable affair of the novel. Therefore, if you are looking to research any book by watching its film retrieve you are likely traveling to be losing about two tierces of the book, if non more. As exampled here, with The Lovely Bones, the differences between book and movie interlingual renditions can be utmost doing confusion and deformed world of the content and capable affair of the writer ‘s original constructs.

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