“The lost Boy” by Dave Pelzer Essay

Dave Peltzer the writer of “The Lost Boy” tells his narrative from the clip he left his opprobrious female parent and alcoholic male parent. through his experiences in five surrogate places and juvenile detainment. and how he finally made it into the Air Force. He was a defiant. rebellious male child who. despite his background and personality. managed to endear himself to many defenders. societal workers. and instructors. Pelzer writes in an honest. sometimes joging. manner ; he is ne’er acrimonious. and his narrative will happen many sympathetic readers. The chief intent for Dave to compose this book is to demo at what lengths kids and striplings have gone to over come the unmentionable adversities of and opprobrious household. The three most valuable things I have learned from this book are really hard to take. The book was full of many things to assist me in my mundane life. Ranging from how to cover with childs who have be through opprobrious state of affairss to how childs of maltreatment act in general. The first 1 has to be. Dave was really tactful in how he handled his ideas and feelings.

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Many kids his age are running about trailing misss and hanging with the cats. Not him he was analyzing difficult and seeking to be better than his parents were. He would ever waste away what he had. so no 1 could take what was truly his and that includes his life. The 2nd thing that was utile was how Dave was ne’er angry with his state of affairs he would merely look at it as another challenge. Many times through out the book Dave would hold to alter surrogate places after being reasonably settled in the manner of life at that place. Most teens his age can’t manage a great trade of alteration but Dave would merely travel with the flow and ne’er bat an oculus cilium. The 3rd most valuable thing has to be his willingness to assist. I would believe that since no 1 would assist him he would non assist anyone else. On the contrary. Dave was ever assisting with jobs. doing dinner. and making small excess things he didn’t have to make. I subsequently found out through reading the book that Dave’s willingness to assist stems from his demand to experience loved and wanted.

I can candidly state that I could ne’er hold gone through the painstaking tests and trials Dave went though while he was in his adolescent yes. It take a particular individual to make that and Dave is that particular individual.


Dave’s female parent was a really troubled adult female who for some unknown ground liked to aim Dave and fault him for any and all bad things that happened. His female parent was and Authoritative and inattentive at the same clip. Some may state how can one parent be on both extremes of things but there are a few case with in the book which shows both. For illustration Dave’s female parent would do him make all the jobs and ne’er was aloud to play. For some ground even if Dave finished what he was told to make in the clip he was told to make it he would non be fed or worse he would be portion of his female parent “Games and Test” . His female parents “Games and Tests” range from seting him in stop deading cold H2O for 5 hours at a clip to doing him sit on the garage stairss with his custodies under his bottom caput strait a caput for up to 36 hours at a clip no nutrient. bathroom. shower or other demands to populate.

Dave was saved from this horror when he was 15 but he was in surrogate attention and the parenting techniques ranged from autocratic to indulgent. but anything was better than what he had endured at his female parents house.


Dave in his adolescent old ages was for the most portion a really good behaved male child. He was working hard in school and kept to himself for the most portion. Although Dave did hold a little job he like to take things with out inquiring or stealing. Dave’s stealing wonts root from his basic endurance needs that he instinctively put up when his female parent would do him travel with out nutrient. H2O. and basic sanitation. Dave at times would besides flog out at his Foster households so that they would non acquire to shut to him. In some instances when Dave would flog out he would be put into another Foster place and have to readapt to things once more. Dave normally liked to flog out he thought he didn’t necessitate anyone merely himself. He could manage himself since he could manage his female parent “Games and Tests” . Dave’s delinquent actions are reasonably normal of abused and ignored teens.Dave was besides merely being a normal adolescent seeking discovery himself in a universe that had non found him for about 12 old ages.


Dave did hold a great trade of depression in his life. He would believe why does my female parent handle me like I am a piece of *censored* ? Dave’s depression stemmed from he long ours of being with himself. He had many hours. twenty-four hours. months. and old ages to believe about what he had done. His female parent made him out to be an evil unwanted kid who was worthless. Dave thought the chief ground his female parent didn’t like him and his male parent wouldn’t talk to him any more that he had failed as a boy. Not till Dave was in surrogate attention and his Foster parents brought him to a healer did Dave recognize what had happened to him was to his mistake and Dave was a normal male child. His female parent was enduring from alcohol addiction and frenzied depression and her outlasted were targeted at him do he was his male parents pride and joy. His male parent ignored him to delight his married woman ( Dave’s female parent ) . His male parent besides started imbibing to submerge his sorrows. SUICIDE You would believe that since Dave was so viciously abused and his ain female parent stabbed him about to decease with out even imbibing him to the infirmary he would hold wanted even one time to kill himself.

I know that if anyone did anything like Dave’s female parent did to me and I had to alter places 7 different times and had childs picking on me cause I smelled or I didn’t have a existent ma or pa I would desire to kill myself. Not Dave. he merely worked harder to populate and delight anyone including his female parent so that in hopes she would halt this improper actions against him. Not one time did Dave even want to stop his life alternatively of believing negatively he would state “When I get older and out of here. I will be a better man” I will be the adult male my male parent one time was. Dave during his clip at his female parents house ever held his pa on a base. No mater what happened Dave’s pa was Superman to him. Dave would believe of winging off with his pa to a better topographic point where he would be a individual non merely a “Child called “It” ( Peltzers foremost book ) . Dave besides vowed that if her were to kill himself that he would merely be give uping to him female parents wants and even though he tired to delight his female parent that is the one thing he would non allow her hold was his well deserved life.


The manner Dave’s female parent treated him is flooring. There was one manner that Dave’s female parent had complete control over him and that was what he could and couldn’t eat. Most of the clip Dave was non permitted to eat. When Dave went to school he would steal other childs tiffins so that he could eat nutrient that was non spoiled. Dave did acquire in problem for this sever times. After the 3rd clip Dave’s female parent made him run place faster than all the other kids and puke in to the lavatory to see if he had stolen.

Dave’s female parent would some do him eat icky porc and chicken one every 3 hebdomads that is the merely nutrient he would acquire and if Dave purged he would hold another “Game and Test” to make for his female parent. Dave had become so good at concealing what he had Ate that he would purge before he left school so that he could at least bask his place or at least what place he had. Dave at times would seek to steal nutrient that his brothers didn’t eat but if he was caught he would hold to travel in the bath of ice H2O or trade with the pneumonia and bleach combination in the bathroom with no airing. When Dave made is manner out of his female parent house into surrogate attention. Dave would seek to salve nutrient so that if by opportunity the surrogate household would non allow him eat he would be able to hold nutrient. If Dave was caught with the nutrient he had taken and his Foster household went to speak to him he would travel to the bathroom and puke so that he would delight them. I feel Dave Peltzer has been through an impossible childhood and adolescent life. I think the book is a bosom felt narrative of a boys battle for credence and taking to delight those around him. I feel if anyone can over come what Dave has over come that what he tells is accurate in the most chilling manner possible.

Scary in a sense that anyone could manage such difficult ships and still be alive to state about it. Dave was stabbed. poisoned. neglected. beaten. uprooted from him place at age 15. bounced from surrogate place to further place without holding a existent topographic point to name place. I think that this book addressed the existent things that happen to a kid of maltreatment. For there initial place life to the bounciness from surrogate attention place to place. The existent issue in the book that kid maltreatment is everyplace in every grade. Some are concealed ways such as verbal and some are so utmost that a kid has no where to turn but to the maltreatment itself. This book more than anyone could conceive of my anticipation’s and outlooks were met 120 % .

The book was really descriptive and helpful on how to cover with teens in crisis. I would urge this book and Dave Peltzer’s other two books. The chief ground is that the book describes Dave’s journey to happen credence and a topographic point to name place truly touched my psyche. The cryings I cry for all the childs out at that place that need a voice to be heard. Mrs. Gold is God send She was Dave’s societal worker she took the clip to understand Dave’s narrative and be his voice for him. We need more people in the Human Services field like the one’s who have helped Dave in his journey. This book is a good book for people who work in any type of Human Service occupation such as a YMCA or a surrogate household merely to demo at what lengths childs will travel to be safe and saved.


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