the lord of the flies

The plot of the book describes how the children are destroyed by their The Lord of the Files is one of my favorite books, and has a certain influence on me.Author of the book, William Golding, presents three main human instincts of ourselves formed along with the origin of the mankind containing ferity, autocracy, as well as the indulgent desire. The first point among the three is the lust of control dominating the others under the untouchable authority. ‘Power lay in the brown shell of his forearms, authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape.’(57) Since the start of the plane crash, Jack has never stopped to contend with Ralph for the position of chief which manages the group by taunting and deliberately raising the controversy in the group. Furthermore, as separating the team fulfills his wish, he continued to use violence and power in order to maintain the government exposing the addiction to the power which degenerating Jack’s morality.
As well, he and Roger killed Piggy in order to keep controlling the rest of the group. While the shelters are establishing, Ralph also tend to force and order the hunters to share the job against their wishes and responsibilities with the job of leader. ‘ I was chief, and you were going to do what I said. You talk, but you can’t even build the nuts-then you go off hunting and let off fire- ‘ With the evidences, a clear perspective is demonstrated that adoration of authority and autocracy arouses the compulsion to govern the others’ behaviors as well as the malicious act to control and keep the power which stimulates fear and bloodlust In this work, the author used his unique meditation and calm mining to explore the root of killing each other among human beings, and it is a modern version of the fable evil humanity. In the light of desire and truculence, the human civilization seems to be more vulnerable. From it, I learn that the element that hinders the progress of an individual tends to be…

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