The Lebanese Electricity Sector Environmental Sciences Essay

The sector accumulates immense debt with small to demo for it. To outside perceivers and analysts, the province of the electricity sector symbolizes Lebanons profound challenges of administration, inclusion and answerability.

Lebanon does non confront any important proficient hindrances to turnaround the public presentation of its electricity sector, but the authorities has to do of import determinations and trade-offs in order to accomplish more efficient consequences. Knowing that political benefits ever take precedency in determination devising in Lebanon, I find that the Lebanese authorities demands to alter its attack to reforming this sector. When I started working on this undertaking, I was optimistic about the success of sustainable energy undertakings because the development of renewable energy resources in Lebanon can greatly lend to the socio-economic growing of the state. First, renewable energy allows for a variegation of energy resources. Second, the development of renewable energy engineerings will guarantee increased handiness to available and low-cost energy services. This means that the authorities will non hold to pay EDL one-year subsidies to buy diesel oil. These subsidies can so be channeled to better instruction and wellness attention in many rural countries. Third, renewable energy engineering will open many occupation chances for fabrication, distribution, operations and care, therefore making income chances. Fourth, they will assist cut down CO2 emanations. However, now I think it is really hard that sustainable energy undertakings will win unless we have both the will and the political support and backup to travel on with this undertaking. Unfortunately, I do non believe that determination shapers in Lebanon are committed to this feasible cause, and if they are, they are traveling at an highly slow gait. Below are my remarks on the Lebanese Energy Ministeraa‚¬a„?s answers to my enquiries:

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Q1: Will the authorities exchange the bing power workss in Baddawi and Zahrani from utilizing gas-oil ( diesel oil ) to natural gas?

The ministeraa‚¬a„?s answer is non convincing because the feasibleness survey that he referred to should hold been completed before the authorities approved the edifice of Zahrani works and before the authorities approved utilizing CCGTs as the engineering to bring forth power in Zahrani.

The authorities already knows that LNG is more economically attractive option than the gas-oil presently used. Therefore, the large inquiry is why would the authorities delay for the consequences of a feasibleness survey that compares LNG and pipe natural gas when the job at the minute is the gas-oil. Even if the authorities finds that piped natural gas is more economical than LNG, they will necessitate to acquire the blessing to construct the pipe and they will necessitate to build it and this will take few old ages. Hence, exchanging to LNG is the best option at the minute. Harmonizing to the last study prepared by the World Bank, exchanging the two workss at Bedawwi and Zahrani to natural gas should be of highest precedence as it would consist, on norm, 50 % of the entire subsidy savings up until the period 2015.

Q2: Will the authorities cull programs to construct new power workss that use coal as fuel?

It seems the Ministry of Electricity and Water is merely sing economic factors when make up one’s minding to construct the power workss to utilize coal ; they are looking at coal as a fuel for the new power workss merely because coal is cheaper than other options. If environmental facets were considered, coal would non hold been shortlisted in the first topographic point.

Coal-fired power workss are a major cause of air pollution. In many states and parts, it is hard to site and construct coal-burning power workss due to the deficiency of local public credence and resistances from environmental NGOs. In Lebanon, it should non be different. Currently electricity and heat production are the largest subscribers of CO2 in Lebanon ( about 41 % ) , followed by the transit ( about 26 % ) , fabricating ( 18 % ) and residential ( 12 % ) sectors. Constructing the new mill to utilize coal, would decline the state of affairs because coal is among the largest beginnings of CO2 emanations and to-date there are no coal-burning power workss that are equipped with CO2 emanations control. This is really risky to the environment. If coal planet is approved, the energy and public-service corporations sector leading in Lebanon will take some heat from the general populace who is turning more concerned about clime alteration. There is already a groundswell of public force per unit area because of the addition in pollution in Lebanon and the general public expects this sector to supply the largest portion of C emanation decreases. It is hence incumbent that the Ministry of Electricity and EDL follow schemes that promote a sustainable hereafter.

Itaa‚¬a„?s besides true that technological developments have besides mitigated some of the environmental concerns associated with coal-burning power workss and modern coal-burning power workss are being constructed utilizing province of-the-art engineering under so called clean coal engineerings. As a consequence, local and regional emanations including particulate, SO2 and NOx can be controlled at a degree comparative to natural gas-fired power workss. However, there are three issues with this:

Ash disposal is a large job because Lebanon does non hold appropriate landfill sites. In some states, ash is utilized in cement fabrication, or for building of edifices, dikes and roads. However, in Lebanon this is non executable.

Emission control devices such as high public presentation Electrostatic Precipitators ( ESP ) for particulate control, Flue Gas Desulphurization ( FGD ) for SO2 control and Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems ( SCR ) for NOx control require extra investing, operation and care costs.

CO2 emanations are the most urgent issue because presently no coal-burning power workss are equipped with CO2 emanations control.

Q3: Will the authorities invest in renewable energy and better the use of renewable energies further than hydro?

Before the authorities allocated $ 9 million dollars for renewable energy undertakings, it was falling short in implementing a renewable energy policy and has been merely following guidelines that encourage R & A ; D in the renewable energy field. Obviously, these guidelines do non represent the necessary mechanism towards the integrating of renewable energy within the overall national energy policies and programs. Therefore, I would wish to clap the Lebanese governmentaa‚¬a„?s determination earlier this month to apportion $ 9 million for renewable energy undertakings. This indicates that the authorities is extremely committed to such undertakings by taking actions and non merely through politically-motivated public proclamations and statements. This besides indicates that the authorities is taking by illustration by puting in R & A ; D for renewable energy.


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