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Famous Speeches
Please choose a speech
In the Discussions folder, type your title and author in the subject box of a new document and send
Do not duplicate speech choices (first come, first serve)Project Instructions
Read your chosen speech
Design a Prezi with the following elements
Create a link to the speech
Complete a SOAPSTone
Identify and explain the significance of 5 of the following Rhetorical Devices (Apostrophe, Anaphora, Allusion, Antithesis, Asyndeton, Chiasmus, Epistrophe, Litotes, Metonymy, Oxymoron, Paradox, Polysydeton, Syllepsis, Synecdoche)
Link a video recording of yourself reciting (by memory) 30 seconds of the speech
Relevant pictures and graphics
Due: March 10, 2014 (in the following order)
1. Hall, Alexandrea
2. Jackson IV, Bennie
3. Knight, Bianca
4. Nichols, Chanease
5. Wooding, Cheldrick
6. Hooks, Christopher
7. Carter, Cory
8. Matlock, Doneisha
9. Betanzo Monico, Elizabeth
10. Cheathem, Georbie
11. Zellous, Jada
12. Scott, Javon
13. Hudson, Kirkglen
14. Simmons, Leonard
15. Shy, Maya
16. Walker, Pittagay
17. Woods, Rakim
18. Joaquin, Renshal
19. Rankin, Ryan
20. Obiago, Samuel
21. Findley, Shamel
22. McNeese, Shawndrica
23. Newell, TeAndre
24. Ealy Jr, Thomas1. Sweeney Jr, Brandon
2. Jackson, Chade
3. Caston, Jaleesa
4. Sellers, Jasmine
5. Baird, Kevaun
6. Booth, Khalil
7. Davis, Kiera
8. Ansere, Lawrencia
9. Taylor, Marcellus
10. Glanton, Maya
11. Smith, Nariana
12. Bines, Nicolas
13. Moore, Shakira
14. Jones-Louis, Taylor
Speeches1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Inaugural Address
2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt First Inaugural Address
3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation
4. Barbara Charline Jordan 1976 DNC Keynote Address
5. Richard Milhous Nixon “Checkers”
6. Malcolm X “The Ballot or the Bullet”
7. Ronald Wilson Reagan Shuttle ”Challenger” Disaster Address
8. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Houston Ministerial…

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