The Korean Telecom Company Marketing Essay

The Korean telecom company called KT has published that the major client of smart phone is work forces and adult females in their 20s and 30s who live in capital country. They have a demand to purchase new nomadic phone when their bing phone is out of order or behind in manner. Even some Macolytes who is enthusiastic in apple merchandises tend to be dissatisfied at non acquiring new iPhone. After acknowledging jobs, they get tonss of information about new nomadic phone from their friends, relations, cyberspace community and media.

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As the figure of smartphone users is increasing, many smart phone companies have been seeking to perforate Korea ‘s smartphone market. Apple ‘s biggest direct rival is Samsung. While Apple sells merely iPhone series, Samsung keeps a rich mixture of goods. Samsung sells cheaper Mobile phone targeted at adolescents or a small spot expensive Mobile phone which includes a batch of maps aimed at grownup and CEO. Like this, Samsung does non overpower with material high quality but marks section market. Therefore, clients can do a pick what they want in their monetary value class.

As I mentioned earlier, Samsung sells assorted sorts of smartphone for different age groups. The Left marks at adolescent and the Right purposes at grownups. Contrary to bing galaxy series smartphone, galaxy dad offers assorted colour and it can fulfill immature people ‘s desires and their personality with cheap monetary value. A famous person who is popular with adolescents appears in commercial advertizement, and the ad encourages immature client to purchase it. On the other manus, galaxy s4 is equipped with the latest and the best public presentation. Samsung installs a batch of hoardings to publicize the merchandise. The company offers flip screen with discounted monetary value merely for several yearss and even gives verifier which can bask nomadic Television.

Smartphone market Trends with PEST analysis in Korea.

Political Factor – Abolition of WIPI duty

WIPI ( Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability ) is a platform used in South Korea. It is basic package which is same map as OS used in personal computing machine. Korean nomadic communicating companies made their ain radio cyberspace platform in a different ways and tonss of contents makers had to do same contents in assorted ways. Therefore it caused unneeded waste. Government carried out ordinance to cut down waste to a lower limit. However, Apple, Nokia and other companies made their nomadic phones with their ain platform. So that companies had to alter their platform to entry Korean mobile phone market. With these troubles, many companies are loath to perforate Korean market. Finally, Korea authorities abolished the WIPI duty. After Multinational maker come ining Korean market, nomadic market became more competitory. Particularly, Apple affected assorted positive effects for bing apple client and this affirmatory response continued.

Economic Factor – Consumption Promotion

With the smart phone, more and more people use nomadic contents which called application plan. In application market, there are tonss of classs so consumers are able to purchase what they want. As people are utilizing smartphone, tonss of applications are activated of course. Even some people develop their ain application plan and make net incomes. At the same clip, they make a great part to mobile contents market. Finally smartphone is one of the chief factor which promotes application ingestion and makes nomadic market more active.

Social Factor – consumer tendency, assorted age groups

Originally, merely immature people who can accept alter rapidly prefer to utilize smartphone. As clip goes by, nevertheless, assorted age people started to utilize smartphone. At first, they are non familiar with utilizing smartphone and application, but now many people get accustomed to using their smartphone. Another factor is consumer tendency. Many people want to acquire tonss of information in existent clip. Even in public transits like tube or coach, consumer hunt latest information. Customers want to acquire a batch of information every bit shortly as possible.

Technology Factor – Camera, GPS,

Peoples consider Camera as of import factor in smartphone. They do n’t hold to transport their ain camera when they want to take images and they can merely take images with high pel camera in smartphone. With GPS, consumer can cognize where they are now and how to travel to their finish. Consumer are no longer afraid of acquiring lost due to GPS.

Apple Analysis


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Figure Apple organisation construction.

Apple organisation is so simple and non conventional. It is immensely different from other companies ‘ organisation chart. At first, Apple does n’t hold commission and organisation direction. The company merely has CFO which controls net income and loss. Most of companies tend to see net income and loss as ultimate consequence of direction duty nevertheless, in Apple, merely CFO pays attending to their net income and loss. As a consequence, workers can portion their thoughts with underside up non exceed down.


Brand Strength

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Figure Apple ranked as World ‘s most valuable trade name

Apple ‘s strengths are retail shops, client service, taking pioneer and fiscal studies,

First of all, Apple opened ain retail shops all over the universe. It is estimated that about 280 shops in 10 states. Most of retail shops are a success because consumers have an chance to larn and utilize about the merchandise in shops. Second, Apple is known for good client service. Apple is home to many gross revenues representatives who are trained client service and information. Apple besides offers free online confab map and replies the reply to consumers ‘ enquiry.

The Third strength is prima pioneer. Apple is regarded as most advanced company. The company can bring forth advanced merchandises and its ‘ invention affects another nomadic company. Concluding strength is fiscal studies. The fiscal public presentation of apple is better than many companies. It has high gross net income border.


Apple offers assorted applications and service through iTunes and app shop. This is chief placement of apple and that ‘s why the company ‘s chief consumers are in their 20s and 30s who have strong buying power.

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Figure Past iPhone run history.


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