The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini English Literature Essay

The narrative begins with the storyteller, Amir, remembering an incident that happened to him a long clip ago, stating that the event transformed him. Chapter one takes topographic point in San Francisco, United States. But the reader shortly recognizes that the narrative will take topographic point in Kabul, Afghanistan. In Kabul, the immature Amir lives with his male parent, whom he refers to as “ Baba ” . Baba is a really affluent and successful adult male and he is good known by all in Kabul. They besides live with their Hazara ( racial minority ) retainer, Ali, and his boy, Hassan. Hassan and Amir grow up together and they form a really strong brother like friendly relationship. However, Amir shows occasional resentment and jealousy towards Hassan. Baba and Amir ne’er truly hold a good male parent boy relationship at the start of the narrative. Baba criticizes Amir for non being adequately manfully. Amir felt that his dad held him responsible for the decease of his ma since she passed off giving birth to him. However, Baba ‘s friend and concern spouse, Rahim Khan, serves as a paternal figure for Amir.

One twenty-four hours, after Amir won a celebrated kite contending competition, Hassan ran to convey the last defeated kite to Amir. Unfortunately, Hassan came across Assef, the ill-famed neighboorhood bully. Assef wanted the kite but Hassan refused to give it up. Assef so went on to ravishing Hassan. Amir see ‘s the colza take topographic point, but is excessively afraid to interfere. Amir returns place feeling guilty and ashamed. He rapidly becomes unable to populate in the same house as Hassan because he is excessively frequently reminded of his cowardliness and his guilt. To acquire rid of Hassan, Amir frames him for larceny by seting money and a wrist watch under his pillow. Baba meets with Hassan and Ali. Hassan admits to stealing the money although he did non. Baba forgives him although he despises the act of larceny. “ There is merely one wickedness. And that is theft ” . Ali and Hassan travel off against Baba ‘s wants.

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After a few old ages, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Baba and Amir decide to get away the state. They fled to Pakistan, so to Fremont, California. Baba worked at gas station and Amir went to school analyzing to go a author. On Lord’s daies, they would sell old material they got from garage gross revenues at a local Afghani flee market. One twenty-four hours, they come across one of Baba ‘s old friends, general Taheri. Amir falls in love with the general ‘s girl, Soraya. At this point in the novel, Baba ‘s wellness status is weakening, and he is diagnosed with lung malignant neoplastic disease. Amir rapidly marries Soraya so that his male parent can populate to see the twenty-four hours. Baba dies one month subsequently. Fifteen old ages after his matrimony, Amir gets a call from Rahim Khan, who is deceasing from a illness. Rahim tells Amir that he can deliver himself. Upon his reaching, he learns of the decease of Ali, Hassan and his married woman Farzana. He besides learns that Hassan had a kid named Sohrab. Rahim besides informs Amir that Hassan was his half brother ; Baba had impregnated Ali ‘s married woman. Rahim asks Amir to travel bring Sohrab from an orphanhood in Kabul. Amir agreed to travel bring Sohrab. Upon his reaching in Kabul, Amir learns that Sohrab is being held confined by a Taliban functionary who turns out to be Assef. The two work forces engage in a bash. Assef was crushing Amir to decease until Sohrab shooting Assef in the oculus with his catapult. They escape and Amir finds himself in a province of mending for the following few hebdomads. After retrieving, Amir files for Sohrab ‘s in-migration but the issue becomes complex. Amir tells Sohrab that he might hold to remain in an orphanhood until the formalities are taken attention of. After hearing this, Sohrab attempts to perpetrate self-destruction. In the terminal, Amir is capable of conveying Sohrab place to Fremont where he will populate with Amir and Soraya. Even after geting to Fremont, Sohrab does non talk at all. The narrative coatings on a good note as Amir and Sohrab licking another kite at the park and Sohrab smilings.

Fictional character analysis:

Amir is the narrator and the chief character of the narrative. Right from the start of the narrative, the reader learns that Amir is a really cagey and inventive immature male child. We besides learn that he is insecure chiefly because his male parent ‘s disinterest in him. Amir was besides a really covetous kid. “ I already hated all the childs he ( Baba ) was constructing an orphanhood for ; sometimes I wished they ‘d all died along with their parents ” . As the narrative returns, the reader learns that Amir is a coward. We besides learn that he is selfish, unpatriotic and inactive as he did non move while Hassan was acquiring raped. However Amir does germinate. In the terminal, he becomes brave, unselfish and generous. He faces his frights by traveling back to Kabul. He redeems himself by salvaging Sohrab and he proves his trueness to Hassan.

Unlike Amir, Hassan is a inactive character throughout the whole novel. In the beginning of the novel, we learn that he is sort and that he defended Amir constantly. “ “ Yes male parent ” Hassan would mutter looking down at his pess. But he ne’er told on me ” . Hassan did non travel to school like Amir. However, he is still really bright and clever. “ “ Well ” he said, “ if I may inquire, why did the adult male kill his married woman? In fact, why did he of all time have to experience sad to cast cryings? Could n’t he hold merely smelled an onion? “ Although Hassan proposed a simple thought, the educated Amir did non believe of it. Hassan is besides a really loving, Forgiving and dedicated single. Hassan besides proved to be a courageous character as he was non afraid of Assef or of the hurting he would bring down. Most of all, Hassan is loyal. He maintained his trueness towards Amir even after Amir watched him acquire raped. His decease is besides grounds of his trueness as he died protecting the house of his maestro.

Baba is Amir ‘s male parent. He is a successful and affluent man of affairs. Baba is really proud of himself. He is besides really confident in himself even if other people doubt in him. He is a really generous and helpful adult male. He is strong willed, good adult male with ethical motives and moralss. He is really good at concealing his true emotions. He lacks the ability to hold an confidant relationship with his boy. “ If I had n’t seen the physician pull him out of my married woman with my ain eyes, I ‘d ne’er believe he is my boy ” . He is besides really hard-headed. He has problem accepting that his boy non like him. Like Amir, he besides is in the pursuit for salvation. Just as Amir had betrayed his childhood friend Hassan, Baba had betrayed his childhood friend Ali by infusing his married woman. In the terminal, Baba manages to forgive himself. He builds a good relationship with Amir. He dies a happy adult male.

Assef is the celebrated vicinity bully. He is an evil person. He is clearly deficient ethical motives and moralss. After Hassan ‘s colza, it ‘s evident that he is sadistic and merciless. It is besides made clear in the novel that he is racist as he wants to acquire rid of all the Hazara ‘s. He is barbarous and he is really violent. The function theoretical account by whom he is inspired is Hitler. The immature kid even instigates fright in his parents. “ I realized that neither of his parents had said a word ” . That quotation mark displays the fright of Assef ‘s Parents-even to the point where they hardly speak.

Personal Chemical reaction:

I want to get down by stating that I truly enjoyed reading this novel. The imagination in the novel is striking. The manner he describes Kabul before the Soviet invasion truly allowed me to experience as if I am portion of the narrative. The writer describes everything about Kabul ‘s civilization in a graphic mode. For case, the western films that Amir and Hassan would watch, the literature, the prolific parties etc… Besides, I truly liked how the Author Khaled Hosseini lived in Kabul every bit good. Therefore, he truly knows what he is speaking about. I besides truly enjoyed Hosseini ‘s integrating of Farsi linguistic communication. The vocabulary is great ; it truly helped me hold on the novel. I found the Themes and symbols of The kite smuggler to be really absorbing. The subjects in the novel truly let the reader to reflect on his or her life. I besides truly loved how the novel opens the reader ‘s eyes to the hurting and agony in the universe. Not many books are capable of making that. Another facet I truly liked was the narrative. I admire the fact that the narrative is being told by a adult male who is full of sorrow. In today ‘s society, many people can associate to that. This allows the reader to organize an intimate connexion with Amir. I besides appreciated the manner Khaled integrated surprising events throughout the secret plan. Those surprising event kept me emotionally involved to the book. For case, Hassan ‘s colza, Amir happening out Hassan is his half brother, Baba developing malignant neoplastic disease etc… All these events took me by storm. I was upset when I found out that Hassan was killed. At that point, it seemed like Amir no longer had a opportunity at salvation and rapprochement. Amir rapidly gets another opportunity at salvation when he finds out Hassan had a boy who needs to be saved. However, I would hold preferred a closed stoping alternatively of an unfastened one. I feel like there are excessively many unsolved inquiries. For illustration, will Sohrab of all time return to normal? Will Soraya and Amir have a kid of their ain? What happens to Assef? On the other manus, Sohrab ‘s smiling at the terminal gives the reader an optimistic position on Afghanistan hereafter.

To reason, I must state that I truly took pleasance in reading The kite smuggler. It is decidedly one of my favorite novels of all clip.


The return of Assef is a really of import Symbol. Assef as a character symbolizes a batch of things. He is a reminder of sorrow to Amir. He besides represents everything that ‘s immoral in Afghanistan. Therefore, his return has great symbolism. Assef ‘s return symbolizes the impossibleness to run from your yesteryear. “ For me, America was a topographic point to bury my memories ” . Amir merely realizes that it ‘s impossible to run from your jobs when he confronts Assef for a 2nd clip. “ It ‘s incorrect what they say about the past, I ‘ve learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past ever claws its manner out ” . And it was through that realisation that he eventually found happiness. “ My organic structure was broken-just how severely I would n’t happen out until later-but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed ” . The return of Assef besides symbolizes the power of a vow. Assef vowed retaliation on Amir as a kid and he got it as an grownup.

The Punica granatum tree is another really of import symbol. When he was a kid, Amir carved his name next to Hassan ‘s in a Punica granatum tree near his house. The two male childs would frequently travel to that tree and Amir would read narratives to Hassan. “ Amir and Hassan, the grand Turks of Kabul ” . The Punica granatum tree is a representation of their friendly relationship. The province of the tree can besides be compared to the province of their friendly relationship. Before the colza separated the two friends, the tree was blossoming and fruitful. When Amir returns subsequently on in the narrative, he sees that the tree has withered and ceased to bloom ; likewise to his friendly relationship with Hassan.

Hassan ‘s catapult is one more really notable symbol. The catapult is important in a several ways. The slingshot symbolizes trueness and devotedness Hassan has towards Amir. Hassan used the catapult to frighten off Assef and his crew. That act non merely shows that he is loyal, it besides show ‘s he ‘s willing to set himself at hazard for Amir. The catapult is besides a symbol of defense mechanism and authorization. Even though Assef is large and muscular, his stature could non halt the small Sohrab from utilizing the catapult.


Sin and salvation is the chief subject of the novel. Amir ‘s quest to salvation is the foundation of this novel. Throughout the novel we see that Amir is a good individual. However he committed one momentous wickedness that haunts him all the manner through the novel ; he did non move as Assef raped Hassan. Amir so goes through a stage where he tries to get away his yesteryear. In the terminal, he redeems himself by salvaging Sohrab and he proves his trueness to Hassan. This subject is besides present with Baba. Just as Amir had betrayed his childhood friend Hassan, Baba had betrayed his childhood friend Ali by infusing his married woman. Baba, like Amir, is full of guilt and sorrow. Baba started making charitable Acts of the Apostless all around Kabul. “ I ‘d ne’er seen him deny a pedlar ” . He built an orphanhood

Self find is a really of import subject in The kite smuggler. Throughout the narrative, Amir is ever seeking to detect himself. “ This is n’t you portion of me said. You ‘re gutless. It ‘s how you were made ” . Even in such a late point in the book, Amir has non discovered who he is. He is on a courageous mission to salvage Sohrab, but deep down, he is convinced that he is still a coward. Amir besides discovers another facet about himself tardily in the book ; Hassan is his half brother. This find merely deepened his sorrow.

Father and Son Relationships is a really important subject and it occurs frequently in The kite smuggler. First of all, Fatherhood is really of import subject because female parents are seldom present in the narrative. In the beginning novel, Amir and Baba have a debatable relationship. The two lack an confidant relationship. Baba was hard on Amir because it eased the guilt of non handling Hassan every bit. However, in the terminal of the novel, Baba and Amir construct a good relationship with each other and Baba dies a happy adult male. On the contrary to Baba and Amir ‘s relationship, Sohrab and Hassan have a great male parent and boy relationship until Hassan ‘s decease.

Style and voice:

In my sentiment, the success of the novel is because of Khaled Hosseini ‘s manner. Khaled Hosseini ‘s authorship manner is informal and easy to grok for the reader.

Hosseini linguistic communication is frequently conversational ; he integrates Farsi linguistic communication all throughout the novel. Wordss such as kebab, Moalem truly give a nice touch to the text. Hosseini ‘s linguistic communication is frequently extremely descriptive and the novel is packed with graphic item of life in Kabul and in Fremont. “ The streets Glistened with fresh snow and the sky was a blameless blue ” . Passages like that are really common in the novel.

He besides describes Kabul ‘s civilization in the same mode. For case, the western films that Amir and Hassan would watch, the literature, the excessive parties etc… These showy descriptions allow the reader to experience portion of the narrative. The novel is written in a brooding attack that ever lets the reader know he is utilizing flashbacks to state the narrative. He besides uses other literary devices. For case, he uses boding several times in the novel. “ God assist us all if Afghanistan of all time falls into their custodies ” . That transition foreshadows the eventual prostration of Afghanistan.

In footings of voice, Hosseini ‘s presence is strongly felt in the novel. Hosseini makes his ideas really clear. He obviously shows his disfavor of what the Taleban have done in Afghanistan. His grasp of Kabul before the Sovietss invaded is besides really clear. Hosseini besides has similarities to Amir. For case, they both grew up in Kabul, both enjoyed reading and composing and they were both affected by the Taliban. As a consequence, we feel Khaled ‘s voice is present through Amir ‘s narrative.


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