The King? s Man Essay

1564William Shakespeare was born. He spent his early old ages in Stratford upon Avon where he attended Stratford Grammar School until he was 14 old ages old. 1582Marriage to Anne Hathaway ( 26-years old ) . 1583William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway`s foremost kid was born – six months after their nuptials. 1585The twins. Hamnet and Judith were born. 1592William was established in the London theatre universe as an histrion. dramatist and poet. 1593Begins composing the sonnets which were likely completed in 1597. 1594Founding member of an acting company. 1595-96“Romeo and Juliet. A Midsummer Night?

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s Dream” edifice in Stratford. 1597Shakespeare buys New Place. the 2nd largest edifice in Stratford. 1599The Globe Theatre was built on Bankside in London ; Shakespeare is portion proprietor. 1605His moving company ( The King? s Man ) performs 11 times before the male monarchs and seven of the public presentations are plays by Shakespeare. 1606Macbeth was published. 1609Sonnets of Shakespeare were published. 1610Shakespeare foliages London and settees in Stratford as a rich adult male. 1616William Shakespeare dies. holding written 38 dramas. 1623The first complete aggregation of his plant was published. The Elizabethan Era.

* Queen Elizabeth reigned 1558-1603 ; called the Elizabethan Era * Often considered to be a ‚golden age‘ in the history of English literature * The Elizabethan theater grew during this clip * The Elizabethan Era was a short period of comparative peace. stableness and prosperity * The Elizabethans thought that every unusual event ( e. g. inundations. storms and unexpected decease ) was an unnatural thing * In the Great Chain of Being everything was connected in a hierarchy * God was at the top. so came the angels and liquors. male monarchs and Lords. the lower categories. animate beings. workss. stones and minerals at last.

* They all knew their responsibilities and topographic points to be * In the Elizabethan household married womans were expected to be obedient and respectful and the hubbies were expected to supply for their households and married womans * The childs had to raise regard towards their parents * Unmarried female parents frequently lost their occupations Shakespeare in connexion with the Elizabethan Era * In this clip William Shakespeare became celebrated * He was the greatest author * His dramas dominated the English literature * He wrote about 40 plaies and most of them are still on a regular basis performed today * He wrote histories. calamities. comedies and love affairs.

* In all of them prevail supernatural powers * his calamities show timelessness and contain passionate supporters * jealousy plays a major function in “Othello” and aspiration is picked out as a cardinal subject in “Macbeth” * The mastermind quality of William Shakespeare is reflected in the character development and the lingual format every bit good as in his reinterpretations of already bing stuffs The Elizabethan Theatre * The public presentations took topographic point in daytime on alfresco phases * Backdrops and phase scenes were about non used.

* The imaginativeness of the audience was provided * The audience stood straight in forepart of the phase * Stage was unfastened on three sides * The inexpensive entryway tickets about enabled every category of population to come to the theater * Some public presentations were enact at paces * The typical Elizabethan phase widely abdicates from backgrounds and props * On these evidences it wasn’t necessary to advert matching phase waies in the book * The audience stood around the phase in daytime.

* Alleged ‘word backdrops’ were used so the audience could break conceive of the several state of affairss * It was a phase puting which was merely evoked with linguistic communication * The deficiency of scenery on phase had a direct influence on the lingual version of the play * That is the ground why you should ever confer with the historical context into consideration * The elaborate description of the environment is necessary to acquire the right feeling of the scene and general position of the drama Shakespeare?

s sonnets and linguistic communication Sonnet: * A sonnet is a 14 line verse form Shakespeare? s sonnet is made up of three quatrains and a reasoning pair * the ryme strategy in Shakespeare? s sonnet is frequently “abab cdcd efefe gg” * normally. the quatraibs abd the pair signifier should demo a line of statement. a job is described in the first 12 lines and “solved” in the last two lines with a signifier of a witty sum-up or commentary * the sonnet frequently contains a “turn” or a alteration of idea. e. g if there is a “but” in the beginning of one line Language:

* Start of 16th century there were really small serious composing in English – Latin was the educated linguistic communication during this clip * One difference between Shakespeare? s English and modern English: The signifier of reference: “thou”-used in informal context “you”-were the more formal signifier of reference * Shakespeare? s verb signifier were different from the verb signifiers today: For illustration: Modern: Shakespeare do-dost does-doth did-didst.


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