The International Entry Strategy Economics Essay

This essay will chiefly depict how and why many companies prefer and willing to fall in the international market. In the last few old ages internalization is increasing by a batch so we are seeking to happen out the grounds for this behavior. The above inquiry is seeking to happen the grounds for the international entry scheme of a company of my pick. In this instance I have chosen the motor fabrication industry and in more elaborate the Ford Motor Company. I will discourse about them and analyze why they chose to run in other states excessively such Brazil and India. In the undermentioned session I will advert the existent thought of this procedure decided by them and what was their scheme for come ining this international market. Furthermore I will observe down the advantages and disadvantages of this and give a more analysed account. Added to that I will speak about joint ventures and confederation every bit good as exporting to give an thought of how international entry and markets work. Examples of international entries will be given non merely by Ford in order to demo the increased demand of companies, which want to work and supply services to other states except their original 1. But before making all that I will get down by utilizing some definitions so that is all clear what I am speaking about. Completing with those I will travel in deepness and measure the international entry scheme of the company I chose.

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International scheme can be defined as the merchandising planetary merchandises and utilizing similar selling techniques worldwide. In other words this means that any company can really sell its merchandises or services to any other state around the universe. This will depend on how profitable will that be and if it is truly necessary. It will besides depend on how efficiency that is and easy developed. There are several sorts of schemes such as multinational, planetary and local. In multinational scheme companies and industries are looking for locations with advantages and at the same clip deriving economic efficiencies from working worldwide. This will be beneficiary if they find the right location for them and we are mentioning to primary resources and natural stuffs. Furthermore there is the planetary scheme whose chief purpose is to turn up all around the universe and conducting concern. They besides seek to happen topographic points of high demand and quality but at low cost interim. This will enable the companies to accomplish higher gross revenues and supply. An illustration of this planetary scheme can be any large company or industry that comes into your consideration such as McDonalds ‘ Food Industry. Last there is the local reactivity scheme which refers to reacting differences in the markets in all the states in which the company works. This is seeking to explicate the different manner that markets work all around the universe. If the company wants to success so it has to be able to understand the construct of some other markets and how they work in order to give good consequences. This is a might be sound as a challenge for some companies that are willing to run abroad.

Added to this and acquiring into more inside informations the name of such as companies that are seeking to derive the universe are called Multinational Companies. This can be defined as any company that engages in concern maps beyond its domestic boundary lines. An illustration of a transnational company and this of my pick is Ford Motor Industry. Its central offices are located in the United States and is runing in over 70 installations worldwide. I have chosen this specific industry, since motor industry is one of my front-runner and besides for the ground that Ford Company is good known and good win. Over the big figure of states that Ford is runing I will speak about Brazil which is in South America. The ground for taking this state is to underscore the grounds why large multinational companies prefer to work to states of 2nd or 3rd word. In the early 1990 ‘s the car industries of developed states including Ford were transformed and were deriving more and more infinite. This was as a consequence to the enlargement of the car industry. Tariffs, limitations and investing controls lost their power and this gave the chance for car industry to take advantage and get downing its enlargement globally.

The grounds for internationalise refers to take down barriers to international trade, investing and migration. Besides to low cost travel and rivals ‘ planetary schemes every bit good as planetary merchandises, services and clients. Low cost states are besides a chief ground. In the above instance with Ford Motor Industry the grounds for this internalization was the fact that they were attracted by the short-run strong gross revenues growing and long-run growing as good. Besides the possible decrease in cost of incorporating and moreover the low cost in fabricating locations. This would assist the company to distribute the cost of vehicles throughout a great figure of markets. Multinational companies have as a chief intent to derive net incomes from the exportation or operating to other states of their pick. The grounds mentioned above that have to make with internationalise are the chief 1s, which companies take into consideration before taking any action. Not in all instances runing in other states is a simple undertaking, since revenue enhancements are manner excessively high in some occasions. However the sum of these revenue enhancements can be covered by companies in other ways.

The other ways which companies can take their money back or even salvage some of them is due to the fact of low cost of labor in states such as India and Brazil in our instance. Ford decided to run in Brazil taking into consideration this ground. It is a really positive ground for transnational companies. The ground for this low cost in labor has clearly to make with the bing authorities ordinances and the minimal pay rate. Companies coming from abroad have nil to make with that instead than taking advantage of this state of affairs. Another really of import ground that has to make with salvaging money refers to the extraction of natural stuffs and the transmutation of resources into goods and services. Ford holding to turn up and get downing its concern In Brazil finds it easier to transform natural stuffs into goods and services. The use of land helped them construct their industry and the installations needed for the production and building of autos. They used the bing natural stuffs of Brazil which that saved them a immense sum of money, since they did n’t hold to travel or convey all of the needed resources and elements for the production of autos from United States. So transfer costs were traveling to cut down a batch. Furthermore and a more important factor is that of low cost of labor. A large company such as Ford can give many topographic points of employment to a large figure of people. This is a positive thing for authorities of Brazil and it really reduces the degree of unemployment at some point. It besides helps the locals since it offers monthly rewards to people working at that place and money are coming in the state. These are some advantages that Brazil can hold but at the same point are advantages for Ford every bit good. The cost of labor in Brazil does n’t really trouble oneself Ford Motor Industry and that was a chief ground for make up one’s minding to run at that place.

Ford ‘s chief concern was to accomplish higher gross revenues and great economic systems of graduated tables. In Brazil quantitative limitations were eventually stopped in 1991, although duties on vehicles were still high and besides companies had to equilibrate their foreign exchange. They did that by exporting 1dollar every 1 dollar of imports. However these twosomes of limitations were replaced by some authorities inducements, such us cut downing to half the duty of importing autos by the houses there and besides constituents used for autos were imported at decreased rates. These alterations influenced Ford Motor Industry to travel to Brazil together with other companies as good. Making Ford internationalising was the ground that other companies took the advantage of going along Brazil and invest at that place. This was an excess motivation that convinced Ford ‘s people that they should travel on excessively. The other houses that decided to run in Brazil every bit good were GM, Volkswagen and Fiat. So this can be added to the grounds mentioned above refering why some companies may desire to internationalize. Competition has a major function on the determinations of some companies.

Entering to the universe of internationalization there are benefits but at the same clip some disadvantages excessively. Some of the advantages and disadvantages refer to the state where these companies work such us Brazil. Some benefits are that companies can supply occupations and increase the wealth of local people. Besides the state can derive wealth by revenue enhancements paid by transnational companies. On the other manus some jobs might be that a batch of money from companies ‘ net incomes goes out of the state and besides the fact that these companies are seeking for net incomes and higher gross revenues leads them to relocate at any clip they think is right. Leaving a state and in this instance Brazil so this leads to lose of occupations every bit good as loss of money coming in the state itself. Equally far as has to make with Ford Company so the advantages will be more or less same as I mentioned above speaking about salvaging money. Some disadvantages could be deficiency of scheme tantrum and this is when a company does n’t do full usage of considerable moves and ideas ensuing to market failure sometimes. Deriving great economic systems of graduated tables is good but losing control is nearer plenty. Another disadvantage is the 1 of cultural differences. In a state like Brazil which is a 3rd universe state jobs of low skilled labor might happen every bit good as organizational differences in behavior. Furthermore increased complexness might take topographic point and this has to make once more with low skilled labor. These jobs are really important to a large company like Ford, since it does n’t let them to travel frontward and in front agenda. They have to develop their employees and increase their degree of accomplishments. This would be a asset on company ‘s scheme.

The theoretical account of internationalization has different entry manners and companies have to take between them in order to get down operating in other states excessively. The entry manners are exporting, joint ventures and confederations, licensing and foreign direct investing besides known as FDI. Empirical surveies such as the 1 at ( University of Tartu ) show that exporting degree is concentrated on the exportation effects and non really on the different methods of exporting methods. So those surveies try to happen whether exporting is good or non by a transnational company. Exporting does n’t intend that a company is literally traveling to another state, but this can be done through cyberspace. Some contacts have to take topographic point and nil more in order to get down exporting. An advantage is that no installations are needed in the host state. However company may detain its exports sometimes ensuing to consumer ‘s letdown. Joint ventures and confederations is an understanding between two companies of different states on ownership. This gives them the chance to co-operate and portion gross revenues and grosss. On the other manus struggles and statements may look between the two companies. Licensing and franchising has to make with a contractual understanding once more between two companies, a domestic one and a foreign one which provides technological and trademark support to the foreign company. Equally good as franchising, this refers to a licence understanding that passes the usage of concern to the franchise. Lastly FDI which means foreign direct investing is simple to understand, since it refers to a transnational company that operates to another state. Ford Company seems to utilize FDI for its theoretical account entry and this is due to the fact that it moved its installations to Brazil and operates at that place. This gives them the opportunity of full control of resources and it can besides let market entry over the period of clip. A disadvantage is that investing in a host state may take to economic and fiscal exposure. Mentioning to the article I used Humphrey, J. ( 2003 ) the car companies invested in emerging markets in 1990 such as Ford became globally strategic. They achieved growing and potentially low costs. Compared to Europe market and the bing limitations with China gave Ford a comparative advantage. This shows that runing in Brazil was a good investing.

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