Mauritius is a little island in the Indian Ocean, but still it is considered to be the tiger of the ocean. Red, blue, green and xanthous are the four colourss of the Mauritian flag which reflects 1000000s of ideas and the forfeit of our sire of the independency. Mauritius was known to be a monocrop island with the major importance attributed to the agricultural activities, but really Mauritius is a cognition based island with all the advancement. With the rapid gait in the technological promotion our Mauritanian economic system had become more and more dependent on the touristry sector which is one of the major beginning of gross for Mauritius.

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Hotels and eating houses are mushrooming in the coastal country of Mauritius at a light velocity, both direct and indirect occupation are being created. Behind the proper running of this peculiar sector there is a batch of attempts needed in footings of capital, land, labor and endeavor. But nevertheless labour had a great importance in the running of the economic system. The most cherished resource that states can posses is the human resources because it is the people who bring prosperity.

1.2: Problem Statement

With the rapid gait in the engineering advancement, the aggressive competition and the globalisation the manner of life had witness some alternations. The impact of globalisation had lead states to be more competitory and in order to contend against the ferocious competition ; states are developing new sophisticated techniques of production to be more dominant on the market. All these modifiers had besides prone the person to be competitory and in order to vie against each other ; the latter must be efficient both mentally and physically. One of the major jobs associated with the hotel industry is that the employee deficiency accomplishments to go to the demand of the tourers.

Training is one of the major maps in the human resource section, the human resource director must guarantee that the work force is sufficiently trained both in the present and in the hereafter. But nevertheless preparation is frequently ignored and this might do the hotel with unsated aims, due to miss of accomplishment the employee might non be able to go to the demand of the client fleetly. The employee might non experience so motivated to work if they do n’t hold the needed accomplishments and cognition to react to the client.

1.3: Reason OF THE STUDY

The most basic ground of this survey is to analyze the importance of preparation for an employee and how preparation can assist to increase the employee ‘s efficiency and how it can actuate them to work.


The chief aim of the survey is to analyze the impact of developing upon the employee in the touristry industry and to cast light upon whether preparation can assist:

to actuate the employee

to increase the efficiency and public presentation of the employee

the employee to hold occupation satisfaction in their work

the employee for authorization

Chapter 2

2.1: Training

Harmonizing to ( Manpower Services Commission, 1981 Glossary of preparation Footings.London: HMSO ) “ Training is a planned procedure to modify attitude, cognition or accomplishment behavior through larning experience to accomplish effectual public presentation in an activity or scope of activities. Its intent, in the work state of affairs, is to develop the abilities of the person and to fulfill the current and future demands of the organisation. “ Therefore preparation is an effectual tool in work outing job in a peculiar organisation. Training may assist an employee in assorted ways ; like heightening their public presentation, actuating them and assist to make a ladder for their calling.

Harmonizing to ( Nadler, Leonard, and Wiggs, Garland D. ( 1986 ) . Pull offing Human Resource Development. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ) “ Training focal points on larning the accomplishments, cognition, and attitudes required to ab initio execute a occupation or undertaking or to better upon the public presentation of a current occupation or undertaking, while development activities are non occupation related, but concentrate on broadening the employee ‘s skylines. ‘

Peoples are the cardinal resources for an organisation it is the most cherished plus which administrations can posses. Training is besides an effectual tool in work outing societal job in the society ; it helps to eliminate the job of unemployment by infixing accomplishments and cognition in the unskilled labor.

2.2: Training IN THE Tourism INDUSTRY

Training in the touristry industry is going really important. It is of import that the hotels have the needed figure of staff with the appropriate accomplishment so that to guarantee client satisfaction. Hotels are directing their employee on preparation so that to get by with the rapid altering demands of the tourer. Training of an employee in the hotel industry is really aboriginal because it is through people that the hotel will be able to accomplish its overall ends and mission.

But nevertheless there must be a strategic integrating between the human resource direction and the overall ends and mission. Harmonizing to ( Guest, D. ( 1989b ) ‘Human resource direction: its deductions for industrial dealingss and trade brotherhoods ‘ , in Storey, J. ( erectile dysfunction ) New positions on human resource direction. London: Routledge. ) Strategic integrating is defined as “ the ability of organisations to incorporate HRM issues into strategic programs, to guarantee that the assorted facets of HRM cohere and for line director to integrate and HRM perspective into their determination devising. ”

An investing in people may increase the public presentation of the hotel, since the employee will be more competent with particular accomplishments and cognition. It is useless to employee an unskilled labor it is better to infix accomplishments and cognition in the employee so as the employee can react swimmingly to the demands.

Harmonizing to ( Rowley, J. ( 1995 ) , “ Management development: new docket for information professionals ” , Library Management, Vol. 16 No.1, pp.5-10. )

“ Training and development is of import for the care of the human resource base of the administration and must be viewed as an built-in portion of the nucleus organizational scheme, instead than an ad hoc operation issue. ” Thus it is important to put in the preparation and development of the employee so as to be dominant on the market


Training is indispensable for the endurance of the hotel and its signifiers portion of the map of the human resource section. The human resource director must guarantee that the work force in the hotel is sufficiently trained both in the present and for the hereafter. The rule purpose of preparation is to assist the hotel to thrive by infixing cognition and accomplishments in the employee.

Harmonizing to Armstrong 2001: ” Training means puting in people to enable them to execute better and to authorise them to do the best usage of the natural abilities ” so preparation will assist to modify the employee in the hotel industry by bettering their public presentation and accomplishments, employee will acquire the chance to develop accomplishment and heighten the competences

Another purposes of preparation is that it help to fix the employee for authorization. After an effectual preparation plan, the employee will hold adequate accomplishments to accept duty from higher-ups, furthermore preparation, has the aim to do an employee competent with adequate accomplishments and cognition.

2.4: Benefit OF Training TO THE EMPLOYEE

An effectual preparation can hold a positive impact both for the hotel and for the staff member. But, nevertheless if the preparation is wrongly interpreted between the trainee and the leaner it can hold certain drawbacks. Harmonizing to ( Boyatzis, R.E. ( 1982 ) The Competent Manager: A theoretical account for effectual public presentation. New York: Wiley ) . Competence may be defined as “ an implicit in feature of a individual which consequences in effectual and/ or higher-up ‘s public presentation in a occupation. ”

With an effectual preparation plan the employee will get different accomplishments and will be able to get the hang different phases and may comprehend himself as a specializer. After being trained the employee will hold a multiple scope of accomplishments and may execute in different country from the pastry section to the nutrient and drinks section

Furthermore, an effectual preparation helps the employee to heighten their competencies. Training will do the employee more competent and assist the employee to execute better in the hotel. Furthermore while increasing the competence of the employee this will assist the hotel to offer better quality of servicers and guarantee that the tourer obtains client satisfaction.

Effective preparation besides helps the employee to hold a occupation security in the hotel industry and aid for calling development. By holding equal accomplishments and cognition from preparation, the employee will be able to hold a secure occupation where he will non hold the fright to acquire fired at any clip due to miss of accomplishments.

Harmonizing to ( Van Ruyssevelat et Al 1995 ; 3-4 Comparative Industrial and Employment Relations. London: Stage. ) “ Security no longer depends on the occupation or on the organisation, but on the employee ‘s competences and willingness to larn and accommodate to alterations in the organisation about the labor market. ”

Harmonizing to ( Pugh, S. ( 1984 ) , “ Management preparation versus preparation in library direction ” , Information and Library Manager, Vol. 3 No.2, pp.35-37,51. ) “ The proviso of preparation will further an addition in professionalism and farther development of direction methods, whereas a deficiency of preparation can do defeat and deficiency of occupation satisfaction. ” Training is a utile tool in actuating the employee since its create a occupation satisfaction, the employee will comprehend a certain grade of satisfaction when they perform a undertaking good by utilizing the accomplishments obtain in their preparation plan. Furthermore developing aid to avoid defeat in the employee head, the employee will experience more devoted to the work with the needed accomplishments and cognition.

2.4: Reason OF Training

Harmonizing to ( Cherrington, David J. ( 1995 ) . The Management of Human Resources. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. ) “ Training can be used in a assortment of ways, including ( 1 ) orienting and informing employees, ( 2 ) development coveted accomplishments, ( 3 ) preventing accidents through safety preparation, ( 4 ) providing professional and proficient instruction, and ( 5 ) supplying supervisory preparation and executive instruction. ”


Training can be an effectual tool for the organisation merely if the preparation demand analysis is being carried. In the hotel it is aboriginal to do a prognosis before puting since it have a monolithic cost if it fails. As ( Hall, D.T. ( 1984 ) ‘Human resource development and organizational effectivity ‘ , in Fombrun, C. , Tichy, N. and Devanna, M. ( explosive detection systems ) Strategic Human Resource Management. New York: John Willey. ) remarks, “ many organisation invest considerable resources in preparation and development but ne’er truly analyze how preparation and development can most efficaciously promote organisational aims or how developmental activities should be altered in the visible radiation of the concern programs. “ The human resource director has the function to guarantee that the proper preparation is given to the employee but the director must besides look into whether the employee demand to be trained. It will be ineffectual to put in preparation to heighten the public presentation of the employee, without cognizing whether the employee is executing inefficiently. Training need assessment refers to treat used to find whether preparation is necessary

The preparation need assessment consists of 3 analyses ;

the organisation analysis

the personal analysis

undertaking analysis

Organizational analysis

organisational analysis is whereby we analyze whether the hotel end will be achieve through preparation, whether the resources is sufficient for preparation and whether we have the support of the director

Personal analysis

Person analysis is done to cognize whether what type of individual need preparation, it is besides judge the personality of the employee in the hotel, whether he is inefficient and he need developing or he need motivation. This analysis besides judge the willingness of the individual to be trained, whether he truly desire to be trained

Undertaking analysis

Undertaking analysis is merely to measure the type of undertaking that is whether the undertaking needs person with needed accomplishments and cognition.

2.5: Importance OF Training NEEDS ASSESMENT

Training is fundamentally of import in doing an single competent and in doing the administration successful. The chief importance of a TNA is that preparation could be used unneeded. That is if the job is concerned with motive there is no demand to put in preparation of the employee but it would be more convenient to actuate the staff utilizing an effectual wages direction system. As ( Odiorne and Rummler ( 1988 ) have pointed out “ the quality of the preparation end product is merely every bit good as the preparation needs assessment informations input. If the preparation needs appraisal have non been decently identified, so both the preparation class and the preparation map are in hazard ” ( Odiorne and Rummler, 1988, p. 130 ) .

Furthermore preparation might non accomplish the end and aim of the hotel, if proper developing need appraisal is non conducted, the preparation might accomplish another aim that was non truly expected by the direction. It is really easy to direct an employee on preparation but the hotel must guarantee that the employee is willing to be trained. Thus a preparation demand analysis will assist the direction to cognize whether the employee truly desire to be trained. It besides helps the hotel to avoid unneeded cost. If a preparation demand appraisal is conducted and after the appraisal it is noted that the preparation is non truly required, therefore the preparation demand appraisal had aid to avoid unexpected cost.


In the hotel industry, there are many tools which have been developed for developing need appraisal. It is fundamentally necessary for the hotel to travel through a preparation demand appraisal to analyze whether the staff need developing. There are several methods which could be used like observation, interviews and questionnaires

2.6.1: Observation

Observation is merely detecting the manner the employee is executing in the hotel, the manner the latter respond to the demand of the client. Experts merely observed the employee and so analysis his public presentation.

2.6.2: Questionnaires

In the preparation need assessment methods questionnaires is the most effectual manner to measure whether an employee demand preparation. Several inquiries are being asked on the questionnaires refering the accomplishments and competencies of the employee

2.6.3: Interviews

Interviews are conducted face to confront between two people. Questions are being asked to the directors or developing officer whether the work force demand preparation. It is more convenient to do usage of an interview to measure whether the work force truly need preparation, there will be more interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee and during the interview there is true feeling of the employee it will assist the interviewer to judge the employee.

2.7: Type OF Training

There are several different methods of preparation, but nevertheless the right methods must be selected so that the aim of developing plan is achieved. There are two celebrated methods which could be used by the hotels to develop their employees ; on the occupation preparation and off the occupation preparation. However there are besides other methods which exist like the anterooms preparation, apprenticeship and mentoring but in the hotel industry it is more convenient to do usage of the on the occupation preparation and off the occupation preparation.

2.7.1: initiation preparation

Initiation preparation is aboriginal whenever a new employee articulations in the organisation. When there is a new recruit the person is new to the system and is incognizant about the civilization of the hotel and the regulations and ordinance, therefore initiation preparation is done so as to develop the new employee about the civilization of the hotel, the mission statement of the hotel. Induction developing removes the defeat which usually takes topographic point when a new employee joins the organisation. Furthermore it besides helps for the better integrating of the employee in the hotel and make a certain relationship with other workers.

2.7.2: on the occupation preparation.

( Siele 1988, p. 73 ) has seen OJT as “ an informal type of developing given at the employee ‘s work topographic point, where the trainer plays the function of the immediate supervisor of the employee. The intent is to better the employee ‘s working accomplishments, efficiency and productiveness ” . On the occupation preparation is the most celebrated type of preparation which could be used to heighten the public presentation of an employee but nevertheless it have certain restrictions. On the occupation preparation is being on the workplace itself. The employee is being trained by detecting an experient worker and so it merely copy the manner the experience worker is working. On the occupation preparation is really cost effectual, the hotel do n’t hold to direct their employee outside their hotels to get cognition. But nevertheless there are certain restriction associated with the on the occupation preparation, the scholar might non be able to larn everything good if the experience worker lack the instruction accomplishments and sometime the competitory ambiance prevailing does n’t let the new employee to larn. Harmonizing to ( Tracey, 1971, p. 30, reported by S. Jones, 1988 p. 11 ) .On-the-job preparation was claimed to be “ the most common, the most widely accepted and the most necessary method of developing employees in the accomplishments indispensable for acceptable public presentation. ”

2.7.3: off the occupation preparation

Off the occupation preparation is merely directing the employee out of the workplace for preparation. The employee can be sent to particular establishment so to acquire cognition. Particular establishments are being built to welcome the employee who needs to be trained. But nevertheless off the occupation preparation might hold certain restriction it does non reflect the existent environment of the work since the employee is off from the workplace. Harmonizing to ( Storey, J. ( 1991 ) ‘Do the Nipponese make better directors? ‘ , Personal Management, August, pp. 24-28 ) , ‘the preference for directing employees on classs which do non look to hold relevancy to the employee of the occupation merely enhances the negative position of this type of preparation. ”

2.8 Training VS MOTIVATION

Motivation and preparation may be closely linked together. Training aid to work out an job of the employee and attempt to develop a new employee with new accomplishments and cognition. Training can besides assist to actuate a staff to work better.

Many wagess like fiscal wages and non fiscal wages are being used to actuate employee in the hotel industry. A good wages direction system might be effectual in assisting the employee to obtain occupation satisfaction in the hotel industry. It will be useless to honor the employee when there is disaffection between the employee and the work. Employee might non experience so motivated to work because they lack accomplishments and cognition to execute. The deficiency of accomplishments might non promote the employee to construct a new calling in the hotel industry. When puting massively in the preparation of an employee it might hike up the willingness of the employee.

Training besides help the employee to incorporate better in the hotel, the employee will experience that their presence is aboriginal and the direction is taking the employee into consideration. Employee will non experience out of sight out of head since the direction is caring for them by directing them on preparation

Harmonizing to Abraham Maslow ‘s hierchie of demands self actulisation of demands is the last demands that an employee will desire to accomplish. Self realization includes self -fulfillment, accomplishment, single growing, and the realisaton of potencies. The self realization demands is non so hard to accomplish but nevertheless if an employee want to fulfill the ego realization needs accomplishments and cognition is needed to make a calling and to gain possible. Therefore developing aid to accomplish an employee demands.

Harmonizing to Frederick Herzberg ‘s two – factor theory of motive there are two factors ; the hygiene factors and incentives in the work environment that aid to actuate an employee. Frederick herzerb contribute that the hygiene factor does n’t actuate the employee at all but it ‘s the other set of factors “ the incentives in the work environment ” that help to actuate the employee. The “ incentives ” includes interesting and meaningful work, accomplishment, acknowledgment, duty, personal growing and promotion. But nevertheless it is obvious that an employee will non be able to accomplish power to be recognize and develop their calling if there is a deficiency accomplishments and cognition. Therefore in the hotel preparation may assist to actuate the employee since it will assist to fulfill the 2nd set of factors of Frederick Herzberg.



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