The Importance of the Study of Literature to the Christian Essay

After listening and reading lessons about the importance of the survey of literature to the Christian. I agree with the fact that electronic media. chiefly telecasting is non valuable to analyze literature and there are two grounds that can formalize my sentiment. First of all. electronic media makes the society gets lazier. It is due to the fact that Lesson 2 provinces when people watch telecasting. everything is done for them. Peoples merely use the emotional side of their encephalon and they do non hold to believe logically. As a consequence. people are acquiring lazier because they merely accept without believing by their ain will.

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Second. people today are going reliant upon over utilizing electronics. When it comes to really pass on acquisition. people need to believe for themselves and organize images and so they can wholly grok. Unlike watching telecasting goes to short-run memory. it goes to long-run memory. For case. it has ever been benefiical for me to larn from reading and mirroring pattern. When I was a 7th grader. my history instructor let us watch a docudrama about modern history. I was snoozing off in the center of category. Besides. during watching the docudrama. it was easy to be distracted and allow my attending wander.

Hence. I could non concentrate on my category stuff and the memory was enduring no longer. It shows that analyzing with electronic media is non effectual. Consequently. analyzing through electronic media is non indispensable to larn literature because society is going lazier by the twenty-four hours utilizing electronic media to analyze and reading allows people to make critical thought. If people start to recognize that they do hold picks. people should non hold to depend on electronic media. particularly telecasting to analyze. All in all. people can believe logically with their ain will and do their ain determinations.


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