The Importance of Studying Popular Culture In Relation to The Critiques of Capitalism and Patriarchy on Fight Club and Blood Diamond Movies

The Importance of Analyzing Popular Culture In Relation to The Critiques of Capitalism and Patriarchy onFight ClubandBlood DiamondMovies

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Popular civilization is all of the thoughts, memes, positions that have influences on everyone and all categories belongs to society. Popular civilization is non merely in thoughts but everyplace. It is portion of the corporation, and it has been affected by mass merchandises. Popular civilization can non be separated from multitudes, their effects and mass media. Films, books, advertizements, histrions or authors all are portion of it. Many theories and thesis have been written to discourse and to indicate out the primary involvement of popular civilization and what sort of job it faced with in its history. At first, it has been argued that civilization has been in the control of the elitists and on custodies that have the power. There has been societal hierarchy because of separation of popular civilization with multitudes, but today, it belongs to every portion of society. Due to mass productions and its media, it has reached every category of the corporation. It includes illustrations of thoughts that annoy multitudes and unfavorable judgment of these impressions. Analyzing popular civilization is of import because it gives an chance to reviews of patriarchate and capitalist economy as in filmsFight ClubandBlood Diamond. Capitalism, patriarchate and the civilization industry footings have high importance on popular civilization surveies. Many movies, books have been produced to knock capitalist economy and patriarchate, but besides, these merchandises as popular civilization merchandises have been marketed and industry of civilization has made many benefits and gross from these books or movies.

Fight Clubis a book written by Chuck Palahniuk and in 1991, it was adapted to cinema by Jim Uhis. As a drumhead, Jack is the chief character who faced in society with capitalist economy. He is in struggle with society that has no order in it and besides, he has interior struggle. Jack ( Edward Norton ) meets with Tyler ( Brad Pitt ) . Jack is confused, and Tyler starts to happen out the ideas and feelings in Jack’s caput. He wants to do Jack faces with his struggles and his job. In irregular society, Jack and Tyler ( in his caput ) want to plug capitalist system and society without order. This movie and besides it’s book have won many awards and these


popular civilization merchandises have got an tremendous gross non merely for managers of the film but besides the author of the book because this are the merchandises of the civilization industry.

The other movie analysed isBlood Diamond. Subject of the film is that an American soldier ( Danny Archer-Leonardo DiCaprio ) is in an African state which is colonised by greater states such as America and in it people work to happen diamonds from the rivers. Danny meets with black Solomon, who finds a large pink diamond and hides it and besides tries to happen his boy Dia, kidnapped by rebellious of the African state. Besides, Danny Archer meets a journalist adult female and ever attempts to protect her. The movie has criticised a colonialism, a sort of capitalist economy, and racism. In fact, this film has great gross, and the histrions won many awards.

It is discussed that popular civilization and mass civilization have been used for capitalist economy and many footings have existed. One of them is “the civilization industry” . Some intellectuals have instituted The Frankfurt School has been set up 1923. Even if the Frankfurt School activities have been wanted to forestall by Nazi Party’s mistreating power, many intellectuals have been fortunate to develop their theories about popular civilization. Adorno is one of them, and he has made many surveies to turn out his statement “the civilization industry” . He argues that the popular civilization became portion of capitalist economy, and many merchandises of it are started to be sold to growing “the cultural industry” . Every merchandise that belongs to popular civilization is non useless for the civilization industry. Harmonizing to Adorno the term of “the civilization industry” is:

In all its subdivisions, merchandises which to great extent determine the nature of that ingestion, are manufactured more or less harmonizing to program… this is made possible by modern-day proficient capablenesss every bit good as by economic and administrative concentration. The civilization industry deliberately integrates its consumers from above. To the deterrence of both it forces together the domains of high and low art, separated for 1000s of old ages. The earnestness of high art is destroyed in the guess


about its efficaciousness ; the earnestness of lower perishes with the civilizational restraints imposed on the rebellious opposition inherent within it every bit long as societal control was non yet entire. Therefore, although the civilization industry undeniably speculates on the witting and unconscious province of the 1000000s towards which it is directed, the multitudes are non primary but secondary, they are an object of the computation, an extremity of the machinery. The client is non a male monarch, as the civilization industry would hold us believe, non its topic but its object ( Adorno, 85 ) .

Culture industry merchandises has included many unfavorable judgments of thoughts which disturb multitudes such as capitalist economy and patriarchate, it convinces multitudes to them and makes people feels as they are the foreman and they feel superior, but really this is the fast one of the industry and due to this sort of method, it sells its merchandises. It continues like that. In fact, multitudes can non be foremans anytime. Adorno supports this thought and moreover he humiliates multitudes in a manner. InFight Club, for case, Jack starts to oppugn being of furniture. This duologue gives thought about how the civilization industry works:

Jack: “ … like many others, I have become a slave to the Ikea nesting inherent aptitude. When you buy furniture, you tell yourself ‘that’s it that’s the last couch I’m gon na demand. Whatever else happens, I’ve got that couch job handled. I had it all … I was near to being complete.”

And so Tyler concludes:

Tyler: “The things you own stop up having you.”( Fight Club)

When it is considered that the civilization industry gives merchandises more than multitudes demands, it makes people hungry to merchandises whatever industry green goods. Multitudes who watch or read Fight Club think about the messages that it gives and criticizes, but they ne’er questioned themselves about what they do. The civilization industry makes them like “machinery” .

The other illustration is fromBlood Diamond. Maddy Bowen is a journalist in the movie, and she ever warn Danny about what he does because he besides takes diamonds and sells them and


gets money. Because of this work people who lives in this state are killed. When Maddy warns Archer once more, he reacts as:

Danny Archer: “We are spouses in offense. It ‘s misss in America who want a fairy narrative nuptials with a diamond ring. They want inexpensive diamonds, and we are assisting them acquire it ‘ hits your senses like a cock. How frequently do we wittingly endanger others? ? Are you non in the class who pays a paltry payoff to the RTO and gets a drive License without cognizing how to drive? ? Or is it uncommon for you to name up your overseas telegram operator inquiring him to televise a freshly released film without worrying about what jobs he might confront? ? Or is it non your nature to transport pyrotechnics in trains during Diwali even if you know that its illegal to make so? ? Or do n’t you purchase pirated Cadmium s and books on the pavings merely yearss after their release? Then good. Very good.” (Blood Diamond)

Many popular civilization merchandises have been made to be sold or to be used by multitudes to make full their leisure clip. Peoples watch the movie or read the book, and it makes multitudes a portion of the civilization industry. Adorno argues that multitudes consume the things that made the industry like stupid. That is a sort of drama which amuses them. They spend their times and devour the trade goods that create the industry.

To make this for the efficient today is still the map of the market, which is otherwise proficiently controlled ; as for the market’s freedom, in the high period of art as elsewhere, it was freedom for the stupid to hunger. Significantly, the system of the civilization industry comes from the more broad industrial states, and all its characteristic media, such as films, wireless, wind, and magazines, flourish at that place. It ‘s advancement, to be certain, had its beginning in the general Torahs of capital. ( 47 ) .

The characters complain about the capitalist economy and besides colonization but so, the movie is a merchandise of the capitalist system. It won many awards and got tremendous gross. There are many book, films, advertizements, vocals which included many reviews of capitalist economy and patriarchate, but every sort of merchandise belongs to the industry. Tyler hits his girlfriend and ever battles in the streets or in the nine and Danny Archer after a piece tries to protect the


miss, Maddy and moreover, he kills and demo force in the film, but in existent, all they are parts of “the civilization industry” . Even if the impressions themselves are anti-capitalist, they are the merchandises of capitalist economy at the same clip. Analyzing popular civilization is necessary for the makers because it is really paid, and they commercialize merchandises that have popular civilization effects really good.

Devouring the impressions is a portion of capitalist economy. Analyzing popular civilization in relation to the reviews of capitalist economy on its merchandises made by the civilization industry is of import. Many books are written to knock capitalist economy, many films have thoughts and inside informations about anti-capitalism and besides, there are really assorted vocals that anti-capitalist themselves. Fight ClubandBlood Diamondare the illustrations of anti-capitalist and anti-colonialism, a sort of the capitalist system. The author of theFight Clubindicates a affecting fable of the cultural and societal contrasts brought by the capitalist socio-economic system. It pretends to be anti-capitalist. The writer involvements in the facet of the capitalist system. The work of the writer gets about another interesting position of capitalist economy and the novel. The storyteller works for a auto company. His business lies in to take between a benefit and life. A definition of his work is stated that:

If a new auto built by my company leaves Chicago going West at 60 stat mis an hr, and the rear derived function locks up, and the auto clangs and Burnss with everyone trapped indoors, does my company originate a callback ( Palahniuk, 58 ) .

He goes on to specify his manner to make up one’s mind how much life is deserving when he states:

You take the population of vehicles in the field ( A ) and multiply it by the likely rate of failure ( B ) , so multiply the consequence by the mean cost of an out-of-cour colony ( C ) . A times B times C peers x. This is what it will be if we don’t originate a callback.


If X is greater that the disbursal of the callback, we recall the autos and no 1 gets hurt. If X is less than the cost of a callback, so we don’t recall ( 58 ) .

That shows an illustration of capitalist economy at both of it good side and the harmful sides. On one manus, the company has perfected a manner of salvaging money perchance. If people look at this capitalist position, it can be said that the corporation is working in their best involvements, salvaging money, but on the other manus, the company has debased the worth of the life into dollars.

The other illustration of how capitalist economy showed is a transition from Blood Diamond.

Danny Archer: Let me state you something. You sell blood diamonds excessively.

Maddy Bowen: Truly?

Danny Archer: Yeah.

Maddy Bowen: State me, how is that?

Danny Archer: Who do you believe buys the rocks that I bring out? Dreamy American misss who all want a storybook nuptials and a large, glistening stone like the 1s in the advertizements of your politically-correct magazines. So, please, don’t come here and do judgements on me, all right? (Blood Diamond )

Even if happening out the diamonds and purchasing them make people of the African state, American misss, so about all of the misss want to hold large rings. That is the insatiateness of the humanity and this capitalist system and “the civilization industry” have made people like that stupid and monster ( 47 ) .


Analyzing popular civilization and its merchandises makes possible to analysis and do a review of patriarchate as good. Many popular civilization merchandises which have effects of the civilization industry are discussed and analysed in footings of patriarchal sides. Female character of the movie is showed as necessitating the protection of a adult male, or she is demonstrated as she is a weak animal. The character can non contend, can non travel to her place lonely or can non do occupations of a male character. Even sometimes, she is exposed to force and is shown as a sexual object. It is non merely in movie of popular civilization or the civilization industry, but besides once more in the advertizements, vocals, and books. In an proclamation, a coffin nail likens to a adult female who seems beautiful and sexy. These trade goods have messages on it, so these merchandises are sold rapidly. It is once more a fast one of “the civilization industry” and capitalist economy.

The female character ofFight ClubMarla Singer is introduced as an adversary of storyteller by Pallahniuk. She challenges against commerce, and she is a figure of gender. She is in struggle with Tyler, who is the masculine character. This struggle is treated to demo how cultural trade goods have included review of patriarchate. Violence, maleness and patriarchate are argued that:

Violence inFight Clubis treated as a athletics, a important constituent that lets work forces link with each other through the overcoming of fright, hurting, and weariness, while delighting in the semblances of a paramilitary civilization. For illustration, in one vivid scene, Tyler initiates Jack into the higher ranges of homoerotically charged sadism by pouring caustic lye on his manus, observation as the tegument bubbles and coil. Violence in this case signals its important map in both confirming the natural “ ferocity ” of work forces and in supplying them with a concrete experience that allows them to link on some cardinal degree. Equally grotesque as this act appears, Fincher does non prosecute it — or similar representations in the movie — as looks of pathology. On the contrary, such mindless ferociousness becomes important to a signifier of male bonding, glorified for its psychotherapeutic and cleansing belongingss. ( Giroux, 1 ) .


The male characters ofFight Clubmake-believe to look strong. They fight with each other, and they think that is a symbol of power. They can non demo their weak side. Though they make their nine as their land, they besides hide the nine from anyone. It displays the consequence of the authorization. In fact, they are under control of the capitalist system and power and even if the book or a film is against capitalist economy and patriarchate. Again the state of affairs is acceptable forBlood Diamond. Danny as a soldier and a male character is unsmooth, and when he meets Maddy, he is non so polite to her. Then he starts to alter his thoughts and becomes more merciful to her and to other characters. Besides feigning to protect her from danger is a sort of patriarchal act. Besides, in both of the films, there is a minuscular figure of a female character. Even if civilization industry commercializes its merchandise successfully, many trade goods of it include review of patriarchate.

In decision, analyzing popular civilization is of import because it gives an chance to reviews of capitalist economy and patriarchate as inFight ClubandBlood Diamond. Merchandises of “the civilization industry” knock capitalist economy for making character in rebellion against capitalist economy in books or films. Their characters and addresss represent thoughts of multitudes. Besides, to set down the review of patriarchate, weak female characters are created, and the figure of female characters is less than male traits. Despite that, makers of “the civilization industry” market these merchandises competently. In fact, the manner they use to merchandise trade goods is selling non the merchandises, but the thoughts that multitudes have so studying popular civilization has great importance in footings of reviews of capitalist economy and patriarchate.



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