The Importance Of Accountability Essay

The Importance Of Accountability In The United States Marine Corps Today is really important. There are a figure of different sorts of answerability in the Marine Corps today. The different signifiers of answerability scope from the answerability of the Mariness in your squad or platoon. I will touch a small spot on this topic and hopefully be able to successfully explicate to you why each signifier is of import in its ain manner. First of all sick start with the answerability of your Marines and so finally do my manner through to the other signifiers of answerability. Having proper answerability of your Marines is really of import and important in many different ways. Most significantly when you have the proper answerability of your Mariness. you succesfully know that the said name Marine is safe and non in problem or in harms manner. and more significantly you know precisely where the said name Marine is and you know if they are in the proper topographic point that they are supposed to be and if they are at that place on clip.

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Knowing where the said name Marine is at all times eliminates the cachexia of of import clip looking for them or inquiring where they are. and can maintain you from giving mission achievement. But this can work in a figure of ways. For case. if a said name Marine is seeking to acquire information on something they need or info on a specific undertaking. the said name Marine can happen person to assist steer them in the right way alternatively of blowing of import and important clip looking for something every bit simple an reply to their inquiry. The Marine Corps has a difficult adequate clip seeking to maintain path of their Mariness already as is. even without human carelessness and misinterpretations. There is a batch of otiose clip in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours matter of a marine already without all the jobs of the universe seeking to mess things up. Poor communicating seems to be one of the biggest jobs in the Marine corps. If good. crystal clear. proper communicating were used more in the Marine corps today there wouldnt be…


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