Research Type

In order to understand the impact of rising prices on the economic growing of Pakistan, quantitative research is carried down.

Data Type

Secondary information is collected from assorted web sites and informations bases.

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Beginning of Data

In order to roll up the secondary informations, web sites are consulted.


Arrested development analysis will be used as the statistical technique in this research after garnering secondary informations. Once the informations have been collected consequences will be analyzed through arrested development analysis.


Data is collected from 1997 -2007 for all the variables from the WDI web site.

Theoretical Model

Interest rate

( Mugwump )


( independent )

Economic Growth



( Mugwump )

% Growth in money supply

( Mugwump )

Definitions and relation of variables.

Economic Growth:

Economic growthA is the addition of per capitaA gross domestic productA ( GDP ) , described as the one-year rate of alteration in existent GDP. Economic growing is driven by a alteration in productiveness, which involves bring forthing more goods and services with the same inputs of labor, capital, energy and stuffs. Economists say that there lies a difference between short-run economic stabilisation and long-run economic growing. But the subject of economic growing is chiefly concerned with the long tally.


It is an addition in the cost of trade goods that are necessary for worlds to populate, such as staff of life, milk, cheese, oil, shelter, vesture, medical services, cotton, electronics, etc or a lessening in the value of money so that it takes more currency to purchase the same goods and services it did in the yesteryear.

Higher rates of rising prices are traveling to hold inauspicious effects on the economic growing. There is less economic growing when there is high rising prices normally.

Interest rates:

It is a rate which is charged for the usage of money or the monetary value for borrowing money. An involvement rate is expressed as an one-year per centum of the principal. Interest rates frequently change as a consequence of rising prices and Federal Reserve policies. Interest rates may change doing a alteration in other factors. Investors want to continue the “ purchasing power ” of their money. If rising prices is higher it will ensue in higher hazard and investors will be sing higher involvement rate to impart their money. Therefore, when the involvement rates are likely to lift, it gives an addition to rising prices ensuing in less economic growing. Peoples will salvage more and invest less as they are likely to gain more net income on their nest eggs.


Investing is the usage of money in a manner that it earns you more money.Or it can be termed as the procedure of puting financess in an plus that is likely to gain you great money in the hereafter. Gains that might come from the plus invested in could be in the form of involvement, income or grasp in the value of the plus. Foreign direct investing is defined as a concern or a concern from one state doing a physical investing into another country.A A The direct investing in edifices, machinery and equipment with doing a portfolio investing, which is considered an indirect investing. Foreign direct investing plays a positive function in the procedure of economic growth.FDI helps in developing new merchandises and engineerings faster than local houses. This is one of the causes why developing states are acute to pull FDI.

Broad money:

Broad moneyA is a gage of theA money supplyA that includes more than merely physical money such as currency and coins.It includesA demand depositsA at commercial Bankss, and any dues held in easy approachable histories. Components of wide money are still really liquid, and can normally be converted into hard currency really easy.

The most normally used step of wide money isA M2, which includes currency and coins, and sedimentations inA look intoing histories, A savings histories, nightlong repos, and non-institutionalA money market histories. This is the major step of the money supply, and is theA economic indicatorA normally used to measure the sum ofA liquidityA in the economic system. With the relaxation of money supply by the Federal Bank, there ‘s traveling to be a rise in rising prices taking to decelerate economic growing in most of the instances. But if the money supply is loosened for a shorter clip period, there is a likeliness that economic growing would raise.

Research Hypothesis

The aim of this survey is to mensurate the impact of rising prices on the economic growing

H0: Inflation does non hold an consequence on Economic growing

H1: Inflation does hold an consequence on economic growing

The aim of this survey is to mensurate the impact of wide money on economic growing

H0: Broad money has insignificant relationship with economic growing

Hour angle: Broad money has important relationship with economic growing.

H0: B1 = 0

Hour angle: B1 =/= 0

The aim of this survey is to mensurate the impact of involvement rates on economic growing.

H0: Interest rates have undistinguished relationship with economic growing

Hour angle: Interest rates have important relationship with economic growing

H0: B2 = 0

Hour angle: B2 =/= 0

The aim of this survey is to mensurate the impact of investings on economic growing

H0: Investing has undistinguished relation with economic growing

Hour angle: Investing has important relation with economic growing

H0: B3 = 0

Hour angle: B3 =/= 0


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