The Housing System In Singapore Economics Essay

Singapore is as a unitary republic independent on 9 August 1965, and it is a purportedly democratic province. It is one of the universes most comfortable states. The economic system usually is dominated by services, and this is besides a major maker of chemicals and electronics. In Asia, Singapore is a smallest in footings of entire country. The size of the state is 707.1 square kilometers, which equates to 270 square stat mis.

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Singapore is a modern widely distributed state. After centuries of in-migration, Singapore has three major cultural ; they are Chinese, Malay and Indian. Therefore, each group fosters a assortment of linguistic communication, cultural properties and spiritual which becomes the multicultural face of modern Singapore. These influences have crossed the boundaries of ethnicity with most Singaporeans basking the nutrient and spiritual jubilations of each of the three chief ethic groups. Thence, there are four chief linguistic communications in Singapore – Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English. English is the official linguistic communication, unifying all cultural groups with a common linguistic communication.

Singapore besides is one of the wealthiest states in the universe and a hub for touristry, scientific research and fabrication. With a big population dominated largely by Chinese people, Singapore is one of the human dynamos in Asia, with a big export economic system and a solid foundation in world-wide organisations such as the United Nations.

In Asia, Singapore is one of the most of import states which has grown into an economic human dynamo and a extremely developed free market economic system. It has an unfastened concern environment, is comparatively corruption-free and crystalline, and has stable monetary values and one of the highest per capita gross domestic merchandises ( GDP ) in the universe. There have many airy investors will be looking to Singapore ‘s existent estate, as a same clip they have many favorable conditions become a batch of existent estate investors interested.

“ Singapore is a freshly industrialized state with the celebrated moniker of ‘garden metropolis ‘ . Since 1964, the Singapore authorities has introduced the Home ownership for the People Scheme to assist the group of low-income people to lease or buy a public house for their household. Four old ages subsequently, the authorities allowed people used their Cardinal Provident Fund ( CPF ) to be the down payment as portion of their lodging buying fee. More and more people in Singapore had own their house, since having a house was non a hard thing for them. Housing and development board ( HDB ) is the authorities going formed to response implement the public lodging strategy including pull off the new lodging planning and development procedure and allotment the low-rent lodging to people needed. The Public Housing Scheme of Singapore is one of the most successful illustrations of low-cost lodging production in the universe. More and more states try to larn the experience from Singapore public lodging strategy to work out the lodging development job in their states.

For the public lodging policy, the truth is lodging state of affairs in Singapore that ‘More than 80 % of Singapore ‘s population lived in HDB flats, with 95 % of them having their HDB flat ‘ . This accomplishment based on the lodging policies of Singapore are concentrated on solve lodging job for occupants and formed societal wild sense that ‘everyone has the right of equal lodging ‘ . Under these lodging development schemes of authorities scene, Singapore achieved more than one 17 clip successful but make the national lodging sustainable development. ” ( Jingchun Lin, 2011 )

The lodging market in Singapore, private householders and public householders are good segmented by place ownership. The public place ownership sector is the ruling sector suiting 85 % of entire families.

Table 1: Housing System Tenure Changes in Singapore ( 1970-2000 )

3083_alt.pdf – Adobe Reader

Beginnings: Department of Statistics ( 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000 ) , Singapore.

From table 1 show that in old ages 2000, Singaporean family ‘s renters constitute 6.6 % . Most of the families are in the lowest income group, to lease one or two room public lodging.

The lodging system in Singapore

Harmonizing to the 1948 Report of the Housing Committee, 72 % of the population was housed within the cardinal country with densenesss of about 1,000 individuals per acre in Singapore. In add-on, the authorities established the Housing and Development Board ( HDB ) on 1 February 1960, to proviso of low cost public lodging and related installations for sale or rent to aim families. HDB undertakes responsibilities from lodging production, lodging direction, and lodging finance to preparation of lodging policies.

The HDB is the exclusive authorization to implement and command public lodging production and direction enterprises, funding steps and subsidies every bit good as specific plans and policies. The public homeownership sector is divided into three sub-markets, viz. , the new public lodging market, the resale public lodging market, and the Executive Condominium market.

Since 2002, the allotment of new public lodging is based on two chief allotment systems: the Build to Order ( BTO ) Scheme and the Walk-in Selection ( WIS ) Scheme. The sites launched under the BTO Scheme offer 4-room and 5-room public lodging flats for sale. For the WIS Scheme, on the other manus, is a more convenient and faster allotment system that enables families, peculiarly those in pressing demand of adjustment, to buy their new public lodging, and travel into their new places within three months. ( Zhang.X.Q, Grace.W, 2011 )

Although the homes within the three sub-markets are constructed likewise in high rise high-density developments with 99 old ages leases, the new and resale public lodging are differentiated from each other by the locations, brooding sizes, designs and ages, and besides from the Executive Condominiums in footings of the locations, brooding sizes, ages and designs every bit good as installations and comfortss.

Two constituents clearly reflect the Singapore authorities ‘s committedness to lodging, that is, the subsidised involvement rate for the lodging development loans every bit good as the subsidy in the land monetary values. The other two constituents are non as obvious. One is the possible net income that is equal to the difference between the merchandising monetary value of a new public lodging unit and the market monetary value for the same home. The other is the authorities grant, which is utilised to cover HDB ‘s one-year budget shortage originating from sale, rental and other operations.

There are two types of mortgage funding loans in the public lodging market: the mortgage loans provided by HDB and those provided by commercial Bankss. The mortgage loans provided by HDB are targeted at public homebuyers who qualify for subsidised mortgage loan involvement rates. These loans are repayable by the HDB to the authorities over 20 old ages at the predominating CPF nest eggs involvement rate. The HDB uses these loans to supply mortgage loans to public homebuyers and charges them at 0.1 % above the prevailing CPF savings involvement rate, repayable to the HDB over 20 old ages.

Figure 2: Structure of Singapore Housing System

Degree centigrades: UsersUserDesktopSingapore lodging system.jpg

two ) Economic factors that are bound to impact the lodging markets.

They have few type of economic factor to impact the lodging markets:


Economic growing is dependent upon income, people who with higher economic and lifting income will be able to pass more on their house and increase their demand. For the new and resale lodging markets they will aim the low or middle-income families, the Executive Condominium market aims to supply high quality condominium lodging for the in-between and upper-income families, and this is fundamentally driven by market forces for the little extent as its monetary values are subsidized, there are a few limitations sing its resale.

Another ground is unemployment ; it means the related to economic growing is unemployment. We can see that when the unemployment is addition, so will be able to afford a house. Without employments, people will lost fiscal ability to do rent and mortgage payments. Therefore, the unemployed can non busy any type of residential belongings.

Interest rates

There are two basic classs of involvement rates exist ; they are long-run and short-team. Each one has wholly different intents.

“ When the long-run rates rise, so do capitalisation rates. They rise for the same ground: fright of rising prices and increasing demands on the supply of money. As long-run rates rise, the pricing of existent estate acquisition beads by the same ratio, unless offset by a coincident rise in rents. Conversely, as long-run rates decline, the pricing of existent estate will get down to lift. It takes about 12 months for the impact of a rate alteration to trip a reaction among agents, agents, Sellerss, and purchasers. Therefore, about 12 months after a rise or autumn in rates, monetary values will get down their converse motion. ” ( ft Editorial Staff,2008 )

“ Short-run rates are incompatible with existent estate ownership since existent estate is a collectable. The short-run rate is driven chiefly by the Federal Reserve in its battle against either rising prices or deflation in the monetary values of consumer goods, the prototype of short term depreciable assets. The rate charged is extremely volatile and does non factor in the rate of rising prices, nor is a alteration in short-run rates reflected in the pricing of long-run mortgage rates, existent estate ownership, or rents. ” ( ft Editorial Staff,2008 )

After all we can see that when the involvement rates are low, purchasers can give more to pay for houses and monetary values across the market tend to lift. But if the involvement rates are higher, purchaser can non afford to do larger payments and stop up take downing their monetary values. So when the market involvement rate is decrease, this tends to slowly raise the monetary value of lodging.

Gas Monetary values and Road Tax

Gas monetary values can hold a direct consequence on the values of house. Low gas monetary values average people can afford to transpose to work from long distances so they can hold a bigger house. If gas monetary values addition, people may desire to travel closer to the metropolis. Therefore, monetary values in these suburbs diminution and it has a ripple consequence on the remainder of the market. Besides that, route revenue enhancement will besides impact of personal economic jobs, because in Singapore this is one of the major portion of the operating expense.

Consumer Assurance

Assurance is a really of import for finding whether consumer want to take the hazard of taking out a mortgage. An particularly outlook towards the lodging market is of import ; if consumer fright house monetary values could fall, they will postpone purchasing. Therefore, when consumers are confident in their economic fortunes and the stableness of the lodging market, they ‘re more likely to do a purchase.

three ) The importance of lodging market to the economic system.

The lodging market has a high profile. The figure of people who have a direct interest in this market has increased. In effect the lodging market has grown from being of great economic, societal and political significance.

There has a few type of focal point discuss about the importance of lodging market to the economic system:

Employment chances

When more aliens to travel to populate in Singapore, the lodging market is the first of import portion to them. This is non merely to advance the economic beginnings ; it besides can advance more employment chances. The inhabited topographic points there will be the operation of the economic system. Consumer likes to prosecute a good supply and demand, so they will increase the demand to do their life much better than earlier. Therefore, when they buy what they need, while advancing economic exchanges. This will take to other companies to engage more staff members to serve these consumers.

General Price degree

There are different types and different monetary value of lodging in Singapore. If you are looking for a “ monetary value ” to stand for the monetary value of all points, that is call “ monetary value degree. ” With the transition of clip, the monetary value will lift or fall, so that the mean monetary value degree will hold a opportunity to alter. Assuming a lodging country in the following few old ages, lifting monetary values, so the money will gain more.

National income and end product

A diverseness of steps of national income and end product are used in economic sciences to gauge entire economic activity in a state, including gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , gross national merchandise ( GNP ) , and net national income ( NNI ) . To cognize a state that how wealth or poorness, you can see the degree of national income. Has been a batch of economic experts are through the comparing the national income between a states with another states, to mensurate the economic capacity national public presentation. Housing market is the 1 of the of import portion of Singapore income.

Attract foreign investing

A state with good lodging market will demo the foreign investors a good feeling ; it will pull more foreigner invest to those houses. Singapore is a strong national economic system ; it is besides a rapid technological development of the state. Seven back-to-back old ages, was selected as the most livable metropolis in Asia, with its low revenue enhancement government, bilingual instruction, a comprehensive public assistance system, and a stable political environment to pull planetary investors ‘ immigrants populating in Singapore.

four ) Direct and indirect economic impact of lodging.

When the state ‘s economic system began to increase, as a same clip it will besides increase in rewards and wages represent a direct addition in incomes and are likely to excite demand for a higher criterion of lodging from persons. This will take to an addition in the figure of minutess in the lodging market.

Indirect addition can hold an indistinguishable consequence on incomes as direct addition in rewards and wages. For illustration a decrease in the degree of income revenue enhancement efficaciously increases incomes and can increase demand for lodging. Cuts in involvement rates enable people to take out larger loans and so efficaciously increase income. Conversely an addition in involvement rates has the consequence of cutting income, and cut downing the demand for lodging.

Employment chances

This can besides straight increase employment chances, to let more people want to come to work in Singapore. It will besides indirectly heighten the repute and prosperity of the state. As the same clip, it will pull more investors to come to put in Singapore.

General Price degree

For the general monetary value degree will straight to stand for the monetary value of all points of the lodging. But for the monetary value will indirect to raise or fall with the transition of clip, so that the mean monetary value degree will hold a opportunity to alter.

Interest rates rise straight affect existent estate monetary values

The existent estate monetary values is a concentrated look of the existent estate market state of affairs, the bulk of financess from bank loans for existent estate development, the degree of involvement rates straight affect the cost of existent estate development and its net income. As external factors, alterations in involvement rates is bound to the financess invested immense existent estate investing is big, hence, alterations in involvement rates on existent estate monetary values play a regulative function.


When a state ‘s economic earning more, it will straight impact the prosperity of the local economic system. This is besides indirect local to be able to hold more development. When people ‘s income is acquiring better and better, more people will do in their house demands. Therefore, they are willing to pay to adorn or to purchase a house.

V ) Recommendation/suggestion to better lodging system.

Low-cost Housing in Singapore

Housing is substructure, and puting in low-cost lodging, by new development, acquisition or redevelopment contributes to the economic wellness of communities, the state and the state through building, the purchasing of goods and services and the decrease of costs in other service countries.

Any support plans need to be flexible to turn to local issues. New building is of import in other countries, but so is the ability to restitute bing market lodging to continue and better affordability.

Fast-track the development of the Singapore Affordable Housing Strategy

The late released Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy acknowledged the importance of low-cost lodging as an effectual manner of cut downing poorness and of edifice healthier and more vivacious communities. The authorities should set about the development of a comprehensive provincial Affordable Housing Strategy that addresses the function of lodging in the full scope of policy countries.

Of equal importance is the development of local lodging schemes that can associate together policies and plans in all service countries to guarantee a more joined-up attack to service bringing.

Besides that, it can construct on the Success of the Low-cost Housing Program. When we keep traveling, we will see that there is an pressing demand to make new lodging chances by constructing new rental places, to assist homebuyers for their first clip, reconstructing societal lodging communities or lodging benefit enterprises, or supplying rental aid.

Inclusive communities are fitter

Governments need to do a more perfect and more comprehensive attack to lodging because of the function that lodging dramas across a plan countries and broad scope of policy, particularly long term attention and wellness. Economic benefits lodging is indispensable for successful economic development and increased employment. Supports to assist people live in the topographic point are more cost-efficient than constructing new institutional lodging. At some state, some of the public investing in societal lodging is being lost because bing policies limit the ability to do best usage of the lodging stock, and attacks to wellness and societal plans remain disconnected, disregarding or doubling the important assets that already exist. Provincial policies across all plan countries need to be driven by “ joined-up ” results across Ministries, and where necessary, across legal powers, and resources targeted suitably.

Take advantage of engineering

We can utilize all signifiers of electronic communicating to your advantage. Construct a web site, advertise online and contact to your clients through societal media. More and more consumers are looking to do purchases online ; this is an of import selling chance.

Continue the bing market lodging stock

Funding for new development is of import, but lower cost market lodging is being lost across the state due to transitions or merely increasing costs to set units into the market. Leting acquisition of bing lodging every bit long as it is converted to long-run low-cost lodging should be allowed. Provincial revenue enhancement ordinances could help with this procedure by cut downing capital additions or supplying other tax-based inducements to promote long-run saving of bing low-cost lodging stock. In general, supplying support that can be used to run into local demands and chances instead than plan specific standards would enable communities to maximise the results of these of import investings.


Inform salesman himself about technological developments and other tendencies in their industry. Make certain that the concern is remaining on top of the latest promotions, and do certain that the selling conveys this fact to the clients. Show your committedness to remaining on top of the latest tendencies in the market.

six ) Decision

Singapore ‘s lodging market was active globally as Singapore has a perfect and systematic undertaking line. A batch of resources were at that place of course that to supply better services to consumers. In Singapore, there is no such thing as stateless people as hapless or affluent people are able to purchase a house.

Therefore, investors are besides really reassuring to put in Singapore. The perfect equipment and environment to pull more people came to populate in Singapore. It besides indirectly makes Singapore become one of the most comfortable states.

Peoples are willing to put in Singapore as there are comparatively corruption-free and crystalline, stable monetary values, low revenue enhancement rates. This makes the investor feel valuable, security and safety to put into Singapore market.

In my instance survey, we can see that Singapore ‘s economic system good into the cause of many facets of the development such as employment chances, high criterion of life and etc.


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