The High Regarded Litrature Of The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

The on-going argument reasoning whether literature should be studied in an educational scene seems slightly absurd. It is unbelievable to believe that people could reason that literature has no relevancy to modern society, when in fact analyzing literature is critical in assisting us understand and do sense of the universe around us ; it gives us the chance to develop our heads analytically and larn ways to get by with certain people and events.

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After analyzing several literary texts, including F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘s The Great Gatsby, a extremely regarded piece of literature, I have come to the decision that literature is an highly appropriate text for high school pupils to be analyzing. The novel is basically a societal commentary on society during the post-war period, which was characterised by unprecedented wealth and richness, known as the boom mid-twentiess. So how can one relate to a fresh written in the ’20s about the ’20s? And how can it be made relevant to a clump of adolescents who feel that unless it is modern-day, why read it? Fitzgerald represents the 1920 ‘s as an age of diminution in traditional societal and moral values ; in a society obsessed with wealth and the empty chase of luxury and pleasance that assorted characters in The Great Gatsby demonstrate. He presents a corrupt society which exhibits a lecherousness for uninhibited consumerism ; philistinism and the overpowering desire for wealth. Sounds familiar, does n’t it? Even though the novel was written about 100 old ages ago, it still unimpeachably relates to the cultural positions of present twenty-four hours society. Money still creates more jobs than it ‘s worth.

and a perfect portrayal of American society during the Roaring Twenties. Its narrative is besides 1 that has been told 100s of times: a adult male who claws his manner from shreds to wealths, merely to happen that his wealth can non afford him the privileges enjoyed by those born into the upper category.

It is hard to analyze The Great Gatsby without money being portion of this equation.A An digesting subject which still resonates today is the chase of wealth. At first glimpse, it does non look appropriate in a high school schoolroom ; nevertheless, on closer review it becomes clear that it is wholly relevant to the manner modern society operates.

In the novel, people have large houses, nice autos and a privileged life style. The semblance of ownerships, both inanimate and homo, is still frequently the footing of how we measure success. At first, money is the entry to a munificent life, astonishing parties, and a universe of extravagancy. Then in the terminal, it brings everyone down. The bulk of the characters in the novel are eager to make full their lives with wealth in the hopes of finally making a satisfactory province of being. i love prick Unfortunately, the efforts to accomplish either a common loving relationship or echt contentment in life through money prove to be every bit ineffectual. Gatsby, the supporter, is a perfect illustration that wealth does non supply true felicity. Gatsby had so come a long manner from the poorness of his upbringing in North Dakota. “ He ( Gatsby ) had come a long manner to this bluish lawn and his dream must hold seemed so near that he could barely neglect to hold on it. He did non cognize that it was already behind him, someplace back in that huge obscureness beyond the metropolis, where the dark Fieldss of the democracy rolled on under the dark ”

He had made a great luck, bought a immense sign of the zodiac, and acquired every stuff ownership he desired. However, his money did non carry through his dream. He did non happen felicity because Daisy remained beyond his range. His dream was “ behind him ” , No sum of money would alter the fortunes of his birth and no sum of money would do him acceptable in Daisy ‘s upper category universe of familial wealth. He had all the money in the universe, but he could non afford what he had ever wanted.

Fitzgerald makes it clear that one of the mistakes of this scene, and “ the Jazz Age ” in general, is the thought societal credence is based on the premiss of wealth and privilege.A This foundation is weak and tenuous, shallow and insincere. In present twenty-four hours society, we are still obsessed with deriving more and more infinite mercenary possessions.A We work harder, gain more money and pass more money.A This makes reading The Great Gatsby more relevant than of all time for today ‘s pupils because they are invariably surrounded by the ideal that material points equal great felicity and this is non the instance.

The Valley of the Ashes, it was the part, situated between East Egg and West Egg, where the hapless lived. Among its dwellers are a bright illustration of the hapless, Myrtle and George Wilson. In the Valley of Ashes the decay is blended with arrant poorness. Fitzgerald gives readers an thought about how this country looks like: “ About half manner between West Egg and New York the motor route hurriedly joins the railway and runs beside it for a one-fourth of a stat mi, so as to shrivel off from a certain bare country of land. This is a vale of ashes-a antic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardensaˆ¦ ”

The Valley of Ashes is a topographic point which shows the differentiation between the life of the hapless and the rich, in contrast to the luxury of Gatsby ‘s life suites and Buchanan ‘s Colonial sign of the zodiac, the Wilson ‘s lived in wretchedness, the linguistic communication they spoke was non every bit aureate as at the parties in West Egg, their manner of life and demands were rather simple and non so pretentious.

The manner wealth affects the societal position is demonstrated by Gatsby. Gatsby is a typical representative of those who pretended to match to the degree of blue people. He was born into a hapless household but metabolisms ‘ into a affluent concern adult male, and is hence able to mix with people of higher societal standing. Gatsby believes he can affect Daisy with his sign of the zodiac and his huge aggregation of apparels. Daisy was impressed with his wealth but still refuses to be with Gatsby officially because of his societal standing.

Social position and wealth besides mould characters and their felicity with their state of affairss. For illustration, Myrtle Wilson, who lives in the Valley of Ashes despises her hapless life style and dreams for a life of money and glamor. She believes this dream will do her happy and allows it to impact her individuality, demonstrated by her mimicking what she has read in Town Tattle through the ornament of her flat. It shows a sad position on how societal position affects the characters. Myrtle ‘s hubby George has devoted his whole life working seeking to do her happy but is unable to make so and looses everything for her.

The Great Gatsby would work good in a schoolroom scene because all the characters are simply merchandises of the societal environment they live in, much like people today. Gatsby ‘s symbolic effort to reconstruct dealingss with Daisy turned out to be unworthy. He hoped to derive regard and love of the lady whom he loved and desired but lived in dreams which were far from platitude world.

The deficiency of moralss and values within the novel is a great moral for high school pupils. They need to gain and understand that there is small in the manner of pure ethical motives or ethical behavior which exists outside of the sphere of economic sciences and category based political orientation.

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