The Globalization Of Youth Culture Cultural Studies Essay

In their article ‘The Glocalization of Youth Culture: The Global Youth Segment as Structures of Common Difference ‘ , Kjeldgaard and Askegaard provide an analysis of planetary young person cultural ingestion based on an empirical survey. In our modern life, planetary teens play an of import portion in the planetary civilization, and the “ adolescent civilization ” on a planetary graduated table reflects a vernal life style and affects the fundamental law of planetary civilization ( Kjeldgaard and Askegaard, 2006 ) . Hence, Kjeldgaard and Askegaard ‘s research has a particular significance for us to cognize more about the planetary young person cultural ingestion. From the article the fact can be besides found that the immature value alterations and leads the future tendency and manner. Through the analysis of the planetary young person section which may hold common difference, readers can hold a clear apprehension of youth civilization.

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In the article ‘The Production and Consumption of ‘Japanese Culture ‘ in The Global Culture Market ‘ , the writer demonstrates an expressed procedure of the production and ingestion of ‘culture ‘ , and presents the fact that ‘Japanese civilization ‘ crosses national boundary lines and has deeply influenced the planetary civilization. In the procedure of economic globalisation, local civilization crosses boundary and penetrates into other states. This procedure can be called cultural globalisation ( Golstein-Gidoni, 2005 ) . In this article, civilization is presented in forepart of different people as a merchandise, which is an attack for readers to understand the procedure of civilization transportation in globalisation. The writer focuses on ‘Japanese civilization ‘ as a planetary cultural production to explicate the planetary civilization market. Meanwhile, both of the two articles demonstrate the fact that in globalisation, civilization has important impact on people ‘s modern-day manner of life. The essay will notice the two articles from the following four facets: the first 1 is about material civilization and consumerism determining people ‘s modern-day manner of life ; the 2nd one is on cultural and societal representations ‘ reproduction ; the 3rd one chiefly analyzes the production and building of individualities through consumer society and planetary cultural industry ; the last 1 discusses the societal branching of civilization industry by turn toing the relationship between the consumer and the market place.

2, Critical Review

Material civilization and ingestion have a close relationship in the modern universe. Due to the particular relationship, they affect and shape the modern life style. In the first article, the writer shows readers different civilizations of immature people by comparing the differences of immature consumers in Denmark and Greenland. Yong people set up their ain civilization, and they pursue manner and have their ain values. Young civilization affects the life style of immature people. Young people advocate fast-paced life and prosecute their ain life styles, because they are profoundly affected by the immature civilization ( Abrams, 1959 ) . Although immature civilizations in the universe have some differences, they besides have some common evidences that have an impact on immature people and determine the life style of immature people. In the 2nd article, readers can cognize more about the Nipponese civilization ‘s influence on the modern-day manner of life. Consumer civilization is a civilization of life after all. The Nipponese life style is different from other states by the affect of ‘Japanese civilization ‘ . Every state has their ain civilization, which can separate them from the other people. Duo to the differences of civilization, people may hold different life styles.

Different societal representations create different civilization of their ain, and different civilization can besides organize different societal representations. Young people form their ain civilization. aˆ?Coolaˆz is popular with immature people, and they regard the cool as a manner. Nowadays, aˆ?Coolaˆz civilization has become the popular civilization between immature people. Culture shapes gender, tribal, and cultural individualities as a signifier of ingestion. On the one manus, they have their ain music gustatory sensations, vesture manners, and media wonts, which distinguish them from the other people. On the other manus, immature have become a societal class, which has been closely related to the development of modernisation. Young civilization represents the immature people, and immature people develop the immature civilization. ‘Japanese civilization ‘ crosses national boundary lines, which leave a deep feeling on the people of other states ( Featherstone, 1990 ) . Because Nipponese form a alone civilization of their ain state, ‘Japanese civilization ‘ can differ from civilization of other states. Gravity and enthusiasm are frequently read in the ‘Japanese civilization ‘ , and they have become the particular symbols of Nipponese.

Consumer society and planetary cultural industry affect the individualities of different people. Peoples portion the different civilization and they have different ingestion in their day-to-day life. Consumer society supplies a positive and fast-paced environment for the immature people, and immature people have become a societal class by the consequence of consumer society and planetary cultural industry ( Thomas, 1997 ) . The theoretical account of immature people gain cultural significance in the early of this century, and the immature consumers are deficiency of duties. As a consequence, the teenage individuality become inevitable a symbol of leisure and hedonistic ingestion. In the context of cultural globalisation, Japan has generated its ain ‘Japanese civilization ‘ , which makes Nipponese people different from people of other states. ‘Japanese civilization ‘ has given Nipponese people particular individualities that belong to their ain.

Since post-World War II, immature people have been seen as a immense market section and the new mass popular civilization, so more and more societal branchings of civilization industry are created by the market cleavage. Selling industry begins to tap into immature by the drive of this cultural point of view. As a consequence, some new dawn industries enter the market and transport out the scheme of market cleavage. Culture industry can bring forth all sorts of societal branchings, and immature civilization is no exclusion. ‘Japanese civilization ‘ develops into a particular civilization industry by the scheme of ‘exporting ‘ and ‘importing ‘ ( Theodore, 1989 ) . In the long procedure of development, representations of ‘Japanese civilization ‘ are going more and more, such as Nipponese art, soldierly humanistic disciplines, ink picture, tea ceremonial, and some of them have become new industries by turn toing the relationship between the consumer and the market place.

3, decision

From the two articles some cardinal subjects can be found that on the one manus, material civilization and consumerism form modern-day manner of life, and civilization has a batch to make with the life style of people. On the other manus, material civilization such as immature civilization and ‘Japanese civilization ‘ can besides bring forth different industries, which are all in the context of cultural globalisation. Culture distinguishes people from other people. In the procedure of cultural globalisation, people should defy the invasion of unhealthy civilization and survey first-class civilization, in order to accomplish their ain development.


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