The Global Perspective of India as an investment hub

Since the early 90s India has taken really of import stairss towards gradual procedure of liberalisation and openness of its economic system. Stability has been a changeless factor in recent old ages for the Indian economic environment which is guaranteed by a democratic system which has provided the gap procedure of credibleness and security ; this is reinforced by tradition and credibleness of our judicial system.

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Abundant and low pay labours, widespread use of English in Government and Commercial Level, high degree of proficient preparation of high per centum of the work force gives Indian work force an border over the following few old ages among Asiatic states and therefore one of the universe ‘s most attractive finishs for investing. It ‘s apparent the India is the topographic point where the universe can bring forth a batch of great concern chances in the long tally and will be one of the great economic powers of the hereafter. A study of concern assurance by AT Kearney, India is the 3rd favourite finish for foreign direct investing worldwide.

India ‘s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) has amplified 7.90 % in the last 4 quarters. We portion 1.96 % of the universe economic system which stands at 1217 billion dollars. Indian service industry has been the major driving force in economic growing ; it contributes more than 50 % of India ‘s end product. India is the 2nd fastest turning state in the universe and has shown sustainability in the times of fiscal crisis therefore heightening the assurance, attraction and trust among the foreign investors for India.

Some factors responsible for favourable foreign investings are-

Political- At present, the Congress is in its 2nd term of administration. In 2009 Indian populace gave Congress clear authorization to organize the authorities. Hence as such the cardinal authorities is really stable and do n’t hold to confront fits of Left parties which stalled so many enterprises of Congress by endangering to retreat support. Still the rural populace which constitutes more than 70 % of India ‘s population calls the shooting in elections. The chief factors which will move as entry barrier for foreign establishments into India are Corruption and Red Tape/bureaucracy. India ranks 70 in the corruptness Index of 2006. Small concerns have to undertake local corporators and authorities officers whereas MNCs have to confront left-of-center local parties and local anterooms for authorities blessing and paperwork. Indian political parties whichever it may be, hold ever supported the foreign investing growing in the state but the worst portion is they extent their support unethically excessively as seen in Bhopal gas calamity instance with Union Carbide.

Economic- There is many recent economic developments which have put force per unit area on bottom-line of industries. Some of them are- addition in monetary value of industrial inputs and natural stuffs, lifting rewards and fuel monetary value alteration. The move from PLR government to Base government is seen as a menace by corporates which feels that it will increase their cost. High borrowing cost due to the tight pecuniary topographic points of RBI has made the recognition dearly-won for the concern. Inflation rates are rather high which makes the macro status weak farther.

Social- India is the 2nd most thickly settled state in the universe. As a consequence of which it is chiefly a immature state. Besides the labour and mind is rather cheaper than other states. Skilled English speech production labour is one great advantage India as compared to the adjacent firedrake China. A Goldman Sachs survey says say ‘s India will add 110 million workers to their work force by 2020, followed by another 100 million in the subsequent decennary. The demographic enlargement will be a critical driver of the state ‘s economic growing adding 4 % to the economic growing rates. The average ages of Indian ‘s are 24 old ages, The Indian Labour Report 2009 which makes India a pool of immature heads. India has ability to supply universe category rational capital with really low cost. The rational capital is the biggest determiner of India ‘s success in IT. Combined with its high population, India can supply lower cost- merely 40 to 50 % of the cost spent by the US companies with the same or even higher quality.

Technology- India is fast emerging as Hub for cutting border R & A ; D undertakings for MNCs like- Microsoft and Motorola. More and more companies are now pass throughing from merchandise development to research. The linkages between planetary houses and Indian educational establishments are bettering. Intellectual belongings government of India has besides improved. The encephalon drain has reduced a batch from 70 % to 30 % and we can see many change by reversal drain instances besides. Government is doing attempt to better degree of basic research in Indian educational institutes.

India in Global Competitive IndexA

We will seek to understand assorted factors lending to India ‘s growing with the aid of Global Competitive Index. GCI is used to rank states harmonizing to 12 steps which measures states chances for economic growing and assesses its ability to supply high degrees of prosperity to citizens.

In the twelvemonth 2009 when developed states were stealing down GCI, BRICS state really rose.



India raised 1 topographic point to 49 and Brazil raised 8 places whereas states like Korea slipped by 6 places.




Now we will compare the GCI Score for 2009-10 of BRIC companies with norm for other 133 states.



India is above the mean in-



Fiscal Market Edification

Market Size

Business Edification



These are really of import factors in pulling Investings to India.


As per GCI 2010-11, India slipped by 2 places to 51st place.




As can be seen from the figure above that the top 3 factors in detering the concern from coming to India are-

Inadequate supply of Infrastructure


Inefficient authorities bureaucratism


Now we will discourse factors indispensable for pulling Investment and rate India on each of them.


Irregular Payments and BribesA

India tonss severely in this factor and is raked 83 with a mark of 3.7 average being 4.3



Favoritism in determinations of authorities officialsA

India once more ranks ill in this factor with a low rank of 72 with a mark of 2.9 ; average being 3.3



Burden of authorities regulationA

India ranks at low rank of 95 with a mark of 3.0 average being 3.3



Business Cost of TerrorismA

Business Cost of Terrorism is really high for India. It ranks terribly at 127 with low mark of 4.4 average being 5.6



Quality of Railroad InfrastructureA

India ranks at 23 with mark of 4.6 ; average being 3.2


A Quality of Educational System

A India ranks at 39 with mark of 4.3 ; average being 3.8



Local Availability of specialised R & A ; D servicesA

India ranks at 51 with mark of 4.4 average being 4.1



Soundness of Banks

A India ranks at 25 with mark of 5.8 ; average being 5.1



Regulation of Security Exchanges

A India ranks at 15 with mark of 5.3 ; average being 4.2



Availability of Latest Technology

A India ranks at 41 with mark of 5.6 ; average being 5.1



Above informations indicates that India leads few other states in favourable conditions for concern like-


Availability of Latest Technology

Regulation of Security Exchanges

Soundness of Banks

Local Availability of R & A ; D services

Quality of Educational Systems and Railroad substructure


These all factors are the forces behind pulling immense foreign investings in recent few old ages and will stay so in hereafter besides.


But other factors like Corruption, favouritism in determination of authorities functionaries and authorities ordinance has to be improved if India has to prolong the investing flow into the state.

Let ‘s hold a comparing among the top development states the universe is interested for puting in, the BRIC states and expression at India ‘s base.


Soviet union




( GR: Growth Rate 2008 )


Growth Rate worsening

GR: 0.969 %



GR: -0.1562 %


Young population average 24

GR:1.34 %


Follows one kid urban policy

GR: 0.512

Consumption Outgo in footings of GDP ( 2008 )

60.7 %

48.5 %

55.7 %

36.9 %

Average Age





Key Advantages


Agribusiness and trade goods can be said as chief economic drivers

Domestic ingestion driven

Blessed with abundant natural resources ( natural gas and rough oil )

recognition growing is the lowest degree in the BRIC states is expected to turn exponentially

The states natural resource monetary values are driven by strong capital investing and strong ingestion in developing states

Young population

Highly skilled labor

2nd largest English speech production state

Stable authorities system

Rising in-between category

Good quality of instruction

Double figure GDP growing 10.7 % ( 2003 to 2009 )

Deregulation and plus accretion, marked by the outgrowth of new companies is dining domestic consumer demand

Leader in Mass fabrication

Government sharply focused and dedicated towards states growing


The high domestic ingestion rush has encouraged investors to pump money into Brazils economic system.

Global investors are aroused puting in Brazil, the FDI is expected to turn by 33 % in 2010 – from $ 30 billion to $ 40 billion. Brazil had universe ‘s largest stock market listing in 2009

Can anticipate high recognition investing in future

Natural resources monetary values are expected to stay high

Opportunities in restructuring of power coevals and gas

With considerable portion of economic system under private control, considerable sum of direct investing can be expected

Economy can prolong

growing rates of approximately 8 % until 2020

Reverse encephalon drain

Emergence as planetary R & A ; D hub

India ‘s GDP per capita might quadruple ( 2007-20 )

Addition in urbanisation, hence substructure undertakings and growing

Future growing besides ensures the market potency for trade goods, every bit good as for multinationals bring forthing consumer goods in China for the local market

Investing growing will be high

Ripening is likely to profit specific sectors such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, biotech

and wellness nutrients.

GDP Comparison among BRIC states ( Source )


India in the coming times will still stay to be a low-income state for several decennaries, with per capita below its BRIC equals. But if it can accomplish its full growing potency so it will go a motor for the universe economic system and a major Global Investment Hub. Besides it has possible to go cardinal subscriber for bring forthing disbursement growing.

With the clip India is going more and more urbanised which will increase demand for lodging, urban substructure, and demand for consumer durable goodss.

But the World ‘s 12th largest economic system has to get the better of many hurdlings like- corruptness, authorities ordinances and apathy of authorities functionaries to prolong this economic growing. Besides it should go on to beef up its advantage of being technological higher-up, emerging Global R & A ; D hub, sound fiscal establishments and good quality educational institutes.

“ With great power comes great duty ” . India should now demo the preparedness to take on the greater function in World economic order with its sustained fiscal and economic growing.


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