The Financial Analysis For Non Financial Managers Finance Essay

Fiscal accounting may be define as the procedure of planing and runing an information system for roll uping, mensurating and entering an enterprises minutess, and sum uping and pass oning the consequences of these minutess to users to ease doing financial/economic determinations.

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Primary and Secondary Business Activities

Primary concern activities are straight associated to function client or clients of an organisation. In any concern such activities are aim to help and function the clients of the client. Selling, distribution, operation, gross revenues and building are the illustration of primary concern activities. .For a building corporation, building is primary concern activity of a concern. The corporation which involves in building of their ain belongings and after completing up with building, if company aims for sale of that company so we can state that building, selling and so sale are primary concern activities of such an organisation.

Secondary activities serve as to command the primary activities of a concern, Example of minor activities are: Fiscal Analysis, Human Resource Management, and Financial Management. Risk Management. Hazard Analysis.

In fact we can state that Primary activities rivet the assemblage of natural stuffs of end products and Secondary activities involve transforming the natural stuffs into something ( out puts )

Relation between Finance and Account

There is one to one relation between finance and accounting in any concern. Accounting map is a necessary input into the finance map. Accounting is sub map of finance. Accounting represents the information and information which are related to operation and activities of the house. The terminal merchandise of accounting constitutes fiscal statement such as net income and loss history ( income statement ) , the balance sheet and fiscal beginning and hard currency flow statement. Business information contained in these statement and studies aids fiscal director with the aid of past public presentation and future waies of the house and in run intoing right duty. For illustration revenue enhancement payment.

So that accounting and finance are functionally closely related to each other. Finance and accounting is the two portion of coin, Lack of one another becomes meaningless.

In by and large, we can happen out two cardinal differences between accounting and finance one is related to the intervention of financess and another one different is related to determination devising.

Treatment of financess: –

The position point of accounting associating to the financess of the house is different from that of finance. The income and disbursals measuring in accounting is based on the accrual rule while the position point of finance associating to the intervention of financess is based on hard currency flows. The disbursals are recognised on existent payment, which is hard currency escape and the grosss are recognised merely when really received i.e. hard currency escape.

Decision devising: –

Accounting and finance besides differ in regard of their intent. Collection and presentation of fiscal day of the month is the intent of accounting this aggregation provided systematically developed and clearly interpreted informations on the yesteryear, present and future operation of the house. Company use these informations for fiscal determination devising.

The primary focal point of comptrollers is aggregation and presentation of informations whatever the fiscal directors & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ duty is to doing fiscal planning, commanding and determination devising in general sense we can state that & amp ; acirc ; ˆ?finance begins where accounting terminals & A ; acirc ; ˆA? .

Relation between fiscal and other supportive subjects

Primary Disciplines Other Related Disciplines

Accounting 1. Selling

Macro-Economics 2. Production

Micro-Economics 3.Quantitative Methods

Primary support Secondary support

Fiscal Decision Areas.

Analysis of the investing

Working capital direction

Cost and beginnings of financess

Determination of capital construction.

Policy and dividend

Tax returns and hazards analysis

Consequence in

Shareholders & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ wealth maximization.

Finance and Economicss

The connexion of economic with finance can be defined in the visible radiation of the two wide country of economic, which are macro-economic and micro-economics. Macroeconomic is concerned with the institutional construction of the banking system, money and capital markets,

Fiscal mediators, pecuniary, recognition and financial policies and economic policy covering with and commanding degree of activity within an economic system.

In the same manner microeconomics trades with the both type of economic determination which one is persons and other is administration. It provided the effectual operation of concern houses.

Economic cognition is necessary for a fiscal director to understand fiscal environment and fiscal determination devising. The fiscal director should be familiar with both two countries of economic sciences. Macroeconomic provides the fiscal director with an penetration in to policies by which economic activity is controlled. We can pull on microeconomic theories of the operation of house and net income maximization. So that the footing cognition of economic sciences is necessary to fiscal direction.

Finance and other concern

Expect accounting and economic sciences, finance besides related to marketing production and quantitative methods. The fiscal director should see the impact of new merchandise development and publicity plane made in marketing country since their plane will necessitate capital spendings and have an impact on the projected hard currency flows. Marketing production and quantitative methods are merely indirectly today to determination devising by fiscal director.

Balance sheet and trading net income and loss histories.

The list of assets and liabilities of any concern at the terminal of a given accounting twelvemonth is known as balance sheet. Balance sheet provides information about resource and debts of the coverage entity. Balance sheet is the statement of the fiscal statement of personal businesss of a concern at a specific point in clip.

When we are traveling to do the balance sheet in this clip we have to see and find its five necessary constituents which are,

Fixed Assetss: – The set of assets which are non easy to change over in hard currency within one twelvemonth. Fixed assets are non specifically bought for the intent of resale but to be used in the distribution of those goods which are non usually sold by the concern. It is usually kept by a concern for more than one accounting twelvemonth.

For illustration land and edifices works and machinery, motor vehicles, office equipment, furniture etc.

Current Assetss: The set of liquid and non liquid assets which are usually kept by a concern for less than one accounting twelvemonth. For illustration money in bank, cheque history and hard currency, stocks, trade debitors etc.

Current liabilities: -Current liabilities debts owed by a concern which are wage able within one accounting twelvemonth for illustration bank overdrafts, trade creditors etc.

Long term liabilities: – The set of liabilities which are debts owed by a concern that are non due until after one twelvemonth from the day of the month of balance sheet for illustration bank loan, mortgages etc.

Capital: – Capital is the sum of money invested in the concern by the proprietors in the starting of concern.

Expression at a balance sheet for Go Faster Sports.

Net income and loss history

Net income and loss history shows net income or loss for the twelvemonth. It provides a sum-up of the consequence of concern during a given accounting twelvemonth. To enable users of histories is the chief intent of net income and loss history ; we can easy measure the public presentation of a entire concern for a given accounting twelvemonth by the aid of net income and loss history.

We can specify the net income as the sum which might be taken out of a concern as drawing in the instance of a sale bargainer etc.

Net income is non same as addition in the sum of money the concern possesses.

Expression at a Trading and net income and loss history for Go Faster Sports.


Finance and histories is the two wheels of a concern, deficiency of one another is absent. There is equal chance and equal part of finance, histories and other subjects in any successful concern. Accounting map is a necessary input into the finance map. Accounting is sub map of finance.

Economic cognition is necessary for a fiscal director to understand fiscal environment and fiscal determination devising

Trading, net income and loss histories and balance sheet are prepared at the terminal of the accounting twelvemonth after the trail balance has been completed. These histories provide a sum-up of the consequence of a concern trading activities during a given accounting twelvemonth. We can easy happen out the concern public presentations of any organisation by the aid of these histories. They show the gross and net net income or loss for the twelvemonth.


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