The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

The early Roman province was founded in 509 B. C after the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romanss drove out the Etruscan male monarch. Rome was known to be the centre of the universe which lasted for several centuries and the idea of such a world-wide power could worsen was unheard of. Rome started out from a bunch of small towns and into a great imperium. It covered most of Europe. North Africa and parts of Asia. It was so powerful and apparently unstoppable but as the facets that made Rome so dominant started to melt. led Rome to fall. There are many theories in which led up to the autumn of Rome in 476 C. E. Some of which are Christianity. the Eastern Empire. and economic jobs. Most of the jobs that contributed to the autumn of Rome had come from within the metropolis ; political. economic. and spiritual factors to be specific. Although it was slow procedure of decay for the Roman Empire. Christianity played a large factor. It was appealed to the bulk of the people of the Roman Empire.

It was something new for the Romans to set their religion in which led Christianity to distribute. finally taking it to be first legalized in 313 and so going the provinces religion in 380. Christianity gave Romans a cause and it stressed the ideal of endeavoring for a end. When Christian religion came into drama it displaced the current faith of Polytheistic. Polytheistic faith gave the emperor an of import position therefore giving him the feeling that Christianity was going a menace. Many Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romanss had committed their religion to Christianity and it became of import to their day-to-day life. Once the Roman Emperors denied the right of free worship. Romans became enraged. This led to many societal jobs as Romans objected to Roman political relations. The Christian belief was in one God who was non the emperor. in which weakened the power and authorization of the emperor. When the emperors chose to criminalize Christianity this became a major job that contributed to the autumn of Rome. The Roman Empire was a huge metropolis was distributing everyplace. The authorities nevertheless. was designed to command a metropolis province and non a elephantine imperium.

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Unable to command the huge country. two capitals were created with its ain leader and they were called the Eastern and Western Empire. The division of the Roman Empire made things easier to command and regulate. East and west failed to work together to battle outside menaces therefore weakening the divisions. Over clip the east thrived while the West declined. The Western was much weaker than the eastern and it fell in 400 AD. However. the Eastern Empire and its soldiers lost trust of the emperors therefore go forthing the general to run and command everything. With the generals seeking to happen a manner to subvert the emperor. it led to an Empire that couldn’t be controlled. Romans weren’t pleased with the manner the Eastern Empire was being run. therefore go forthing Rome to be ruled by its people.

The economic system was an of import thing in the Roman Empire. Without a strong economic system an imperium can non work at its best. Rome was traveling through a fiscal crisis in which the authorities had many debts to pay. Rome had ne’er developed a system efficient plenty to do money. Many things had to be funded for illustration the roads that were built. building and care of its ground forces. Inflation and revenue enhancement caused money to go worthless. hence dividing the hapless and rich. Some member of the affluent category fled to avoid the revenue enhancement adult male. Paths were no longer up to portion so it became hard and unsafe to transport good to the markets. The flow of trade was being disrupted by buccaneering an onslaughts from foreigners. Trade was worsening as people chose to turn their ain good alternatively of purchasing and merchandising them.

Farming was Rome’s chief economic encouragement and because the paths remained unrepaired. finally little husbandmans died out and their chief economic encouragement was lost. A diminution in good led to higher nutrient monetary values. The wealth of the Empire was worsening so the authorities decided to make coins with less Ag content. The ground forces could no longer be afforded as dedicated and loyal soldiers were replaced with cheaper and less dependable soldiers. Rome was non built in a twenty-four hours. therefore couldn’t be destroyed in a twenty-four hours. Every determination that was made all had an consequence on Rome. in which led to it fall in 476 C. E. It was all a combination of Christianity. the Eastern Empire. and the economic battles. Although there are many more factors that contributed to the autumn of the Roman Empire I believe these three are the foundation for the autumn. . Rulers that didn’t cognize how to govern caused many political jobs.

Poor direction of the roads due to the deficiency of fund from the authorities created a large consequence on the economic system. I believe that if the right leading accomplishments were to be applied. so the reign of Rome could hold been prolonged. Internal and external factors all contributed to the autumn of the Roman Empire. Who would of idea that such a strong imperium would fall? I believe that the economic system played the halfway function in the autumn. What’s an imperium if the economic system isn’t working right? Money is something that was needed but wasn’t there when needed due to the fact that there was no efficient system that brought and income in.

The authorities had no money to fund the roads in which created trade. How could the people trade if they were put on the lining their lives on the roads? I believe that with such a strong imperium. they needed to more so concentrate on a steady beginning on income in order to fund everything in the metropoliss. With no money caused rising prices. Inflation caused merchandises that were already difficult to buy even harder. Farmers could non bring forth and pay their workers because no 1 was purchasing their good due to the high rising prices of monetary values. Therefore ensuing in workers being paid in nutrient and vesture. I believe that without a strong economic system so one can non hold a strong ground forces. or be able to work at its best. This was all due to swayers who had no common sense.


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