The Failure Of The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

Tom and Daisy Buchanan, the rich twosome, seem to hold everything they could perchance desire. Though their lives are full of anything you could conceive of, they are unhappy and seek to alter, Tom drifts on “ everlastingly seeking aA littleA wistfully for the dramatic turbulency of some unrecoverable football game ” ( pg. 10 ) and reads “ deep books with long words in them ” ( pg. 17 ) merely so he has something to speak about. Even though Tom is married to Daisy he has an matter with Myrtle Wilson and has flat with her in New York.. Daisy is an empty character, person with barely any strong beliefs or desires. Even before her relationships with Tom or, Gatsby are seen, Daisy does nil but sit around all twenty-four hours and inquire what to make with herself and herA friendA Jordan. She knows that Tom is holding an matter, yet she does n’t go forth him even when she hears about Gatsby loving her. Daisy lets Gatsby cognize that she excessively is in love with him but ca n’t convey herself to state Tom adieu except when Gatsby forces her excessively. Even so, one time Tom begs her to remain, even so Daisy everlastingly leaves Gatsby for her old life of comfort. Daisy and Tom are perfect illustrations of wealth and prosperity, and the American Dream. Yet their lives are empty, and without purpose.A

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Though Myrtle Wilson makes an effort to get away her ain category and pursue felicity with the rich, she ends up deriving nil and finally dies. She is fundamentally a victim of the group she wanted to fall in. Myrtle tries to go like Tom by holding an matter with him and taking on his manner of life, but in making so she becomes unsated with her life. Her changeless vesture alterations show that she is unhappy with her life, she changes personalities every clip she changes her frock: “ with the influence of the frock her whole personality had besides undergone a alteration. The intense verve… was converted into impressive arrogance ” ( pg. 35 ) . “ Myrtle raised her superciliums in desperation at the shiftlessness of the lower orders. ‘These people! A You have to maintain after them all the time. ‘ ” ( pg. 36 ) . . Myrtle attempt ‘s to make a new life for herself but finally falls victim to it while seeking to be person she wasn’t.A

For the past five old ages, Gatsby sees Daisy as the perfect adult female, person that Daisy could be, “ no sum of fire or freshness can dispute what adult male will hive away up in his apparitional bosom ” ( pg. 101 ) . Gatsby is disappointed that the adult female he loves is non truly who he wants her to be be. Gatsby wants a better life and he thinks he can make it if he puts his head to it, which is besides a of the American Dream. However, Gatsby ‘s dream collapses when he fails to win Daisy and is non accepted by the upper category. All his money can non assist him when old adult male Wilson fires a gun at him. Gatsby sees himself as a failure when Daisy chooses Tom alternatively of him. The failure of Gatsby ‘s hoped for life relates to the failure of the American Dream. Without his dream Gatsby has nil, nil to maintain him traveling, no way, and no intent to live.A

Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald shows how dreams are destroyed, no affair what the dreams consist of, money, stuff position, or merely merely to be happy. Fitzgerald besides shows that the failure of the American Dream is ineluctable in a sense that nil can be every bit perfect as one could conceive of. Without hopes or dreams life would be empty, as shown by Tom and the Buchanan ‘s. The American Dream is something every individual works for throughout his or her life. Although the American Dream is admirable, it is impossible to accomplish ageless satisfaction. The American Dream is merely that, a dream.A


the most outstanding relates to the corruptness of the American Dream.A TheA

American Dream is that each individual no affair who he or she is can becomeA

successful in life by his or her ain difficult work.A The dream besides embodiesA

the thought of a self-sufficing adult male, an enterpriser doing it successful forA

himself.A The Great Gatsby is about what happened to the American dream inA

the 1920s, a clip period when the dream had been corrupted by theA

covetous chase of wealth.A The American dream is empyreal motive forA

carry throughing 1s ends and bring forthing accomplishments, nevertheless when taintedA

with wealth the dream becomes barren and hollow.A


A A A A A When the American dream was pure, motive and aspiration were someA

cardinal facets of the pure American dream.A “ He stretched out his weaponries towardA

the dark H2O in a funny manner… and distinguished nil except a singleA

green visible radiation. “ ( page.26 ) This shows how Gatsby was endeavoring for his goalA

and seeking to carry through it. When the dream was pure, motive andA

self-denial were present. This quote negotiations about Gatsby ‘s day-to-day agendaA

and how in the earlier yearss he upheld the pure American Dream “ No wastingA

clip at Shafter ‘s, No more smoke or mastication, Read one bettering book orA

magazine per hebdomad, Save $ 3.00 per hebdomad, Be better to parents ” ( page 181-A

182 ) . Nick says “ I became cognizant of the oldA islandA here that flowered onceA

for Dutch crewmans ‘ eyes-a fresh green chest of the new universe ” ( page 189 ) .A

This quotation mark shows the pristine ends of where the possibilities were endlessA

and one could carry through anything through difficult work.A


A A A A A The American dream became corrupted ; its chief purposes were wealth andA

power.A Gatsby became corrupted because his chief end was to hold Daisy.A

The lone ground he want Daisy was that she symbolized wealth and took onA

the features of money. “ Her voice is full of money ” ( page127 ) A .

Gatsby needed to hold an tremendous sign of the zodiac so he could experience confident enoughA

to seek to win Daisy. “ That immense topographic point over at that place? Do you like it? A I loveA

it ” ( page95 ) .A A The corrupt dream was so empty that holding accessories ofA

wealth couldA even incite feelings of love. “ He ‘s the adult male who fixed theA

World Series back in 1919 ” ( page 78 ) . The dream became so focussed onA

money that any agencies of a obtaining it were condoned, even if it wereA



A A A A A Result of American dream being corrupted is that the motive andA

aspiration were gone and the dream is left with the chase of an empty goal.A

This is displayed when Daisy says “ Do you ever watch for the longest dayA

of the twelvemonth and so lose it? A I ever watch for the longest twenty-four hours of theA

twelvemonth and lose it. ” This quotation mark shows the deficiency of motive and meaninglessA

to which the empty rich society has turned to.A Another consequence of thisA

corrupted dream is that the famine of the thought that each individual no matterA

who he or she is can go successful in life by his or her ain difficult work.A

This ignorance is shone when Tom says “ The thought is if we do n’t look out theA

white race will be absolutely submerged. It ‘s all scientific material ; A A it’sA

been proved ” ( page 17 ) .A


A Ignorance and the ideal of looking out for oneself is prevalent.A Whereas,

in the pure American Dream, endeavoring to carry through 1s ‘ ain personal goalA

is 1s chief focus.A


A A A A A One should utilize the American Dream for motive and hope that oneA

can accomplish 1s personal goal.A The American Dream should non be centeredA

on money and other mercenary things but on a existent goal.A


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