The Enlightenment Essay Sample

The Enlightenment of the eighteenth century greatly shaped the universe we live in today. By pulling some illustrations from the text edition. depict two ways that the values and beliefs of people today reflect the thoughts of the Enlightenment. Would you depict this influence every bit good or bad? An illustration of the manner values and beliefs of people today has reflected the thoughts of Enlightenment would be ; how the Catholic Church views the Virgin Mary. Although they are really spiritual. they have missed who we truly should be concentrating all of our attending to. The nazarene! “They have swapped out a spiritual icon for a new God. ” The Catholic Church besides relies on “good works” . and how that is the ticket to acquiring them to Heaven.

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Although it is good for everyone to make good plants for the Lord. we merely can non travel to Heaven without a Jesus. without the blood of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately. this belief isn’t merely the Catholic Church ; it is all around the universe. Another illustration that Michael A. Babcock pointed out is. “how you can’t name it “Christmas” in a public topographic point any longer. ” I hear so many “Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays” . you barely of all time hear “Merry CHRIST-mas. ” There is a gradual lessening in the sum of true religious jubilations we have in this state today. It is genuinely heartbreaking to see. Enlightenment minds frequently attacked spiritual establishments. and the thought that constructs should be accepted without inquiry. They frequently would knock the manner worlds practiced their faith. Because of this. I believe this influence is bad. “Enlightenment philosophers believed that ground and scientific discipline were the foundation of truth for modern adult male ; tradition and religion were progressively being rejected as superstitious notion. ”


Babcock. Michael A. . and Matthew D. Pamer. The Story of Western Culture. N. p. : n. p. . n. d. Print.


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