The elements of design of the movie “300” Essay Sample

Aug. 05. 2013

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This paper will cover the elements of design of the film “300” . it was released in 2007 and the film was directed by Zack Snyder. Snyder desired to make a universe from a popular illustrative novel that gives extraordinary images. To make this. the movie was changeable indoors using green screen that helped to construct the universe that he imagined. He besides added grains and lens flairs to the movie because he desired to accomplish an uneven feel but has a really natural feeling ( Miller ) . Snyder was capable of giving the overall suggestion to assist construct a great originative universe scene in to this movie. The production interior decorator of this movie is James Bisell. He mentioned in an interview before. that he wanted to vouch that he had created a ample universe.

He had created a coastline of over 16 stat mis in the movie 300. Computers were utilized in order to make a 3-dimensional landscape. Most of the movie had landscapes in most shootings. to consist a big constituent of a secret plan when the Spartans chose to use it against the Iranian interlopers ; this design is such a large portion in the movie. In this film. Leonidas. the King. pay war against the Persians and he showed his ability as a combatant. The movie was shot with a really dust-covered illuming sort of feeling. That helped to give award to the world that. the secret plan came from a in writing novel and it attempted to copy that sort of sense in the movie. It besides helped to do a universe where the characters are strong and non frightened about anything. because they know how great they are as a warrior. The overall lighting does non change anyplace in the film. to integrate a certain scene that draws you into the narrative.

The movie is set in an ancient topographic point called Sparta. In the film. you will see fantastic Grecian architectures. The Battle of Thermopylae goes down in history as one of the most brave accomplishment of heroism in any war. The Spartan King Leonidas led 300 Spartan warriors to contend the Iranian interlopers from go throughing into Greece through the mountains of Thermopylae. The costumes in the film are interesting. the Spartans showed some tegument in the movie which is instead of import in the narrative because it shows that the characters are physically fit and tough. and they look more like an effectual warrior. By looking at their muscular. graven organic structures provides the thought how strong they are as warriors and to boot helps carry the audience that they are tough and the best. The hairdos in the film can play a important function in the movie ; it besides helps the histrion to acquire into the character. The mise-en-scene in this certain scene is unbelievable. They were able to speed up and decelerate down the whole scene in order to concentrate on the ability of Leonidas every clip he beats the enemy. They besides showed the force in a really originative signifier. Between the use of slow gesture and the dust-covered expression of the scenes. this image in fact has conquered the cardinal elements in the movie.


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