The effects which the economic downturn had on Sainsbury



The purpose of this study will be to analyze the effects which the economic downswing had on Sainsbury fiscal market and public presentation over the old ages of 2008 and 2009.

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The study will be dissected into four chief countries. First, an analysis and

rating of Sainsbury fiscal public presentation utilizing ratios as a tool will be

obtained from the one-year studies of 2008 and 2009. A tendency analysis will be

done to show the form of Sainsbury fiscal public presentation over the

old ages 2005 to 2009. Furthermore, an analysis and rating of

developments in the supermarket industry will be done for the old ages 2008 and


In add-on, a ‘what if ‘ analysis of the likely fiscal public presentation of

Sainsbury, had the downswing non ensued will be conducted. Finally,

decisions of the study will be discussed to uncover if the company was

prepared and how good they handled the force per unit areas of the downswing to

minimise impact on their fiscal public presentation.

QUESTION 1- An analysis and rating of the informations available in the organisations ‘ one-year studies. 30 %

QUESTION 2- An analysis and rating of the development in the fiscal markets during the last two old ages with mention to their effects on your chosen organisation. 20 %


Sainsbury ‘s plants in a extremely competitory market. The UK nutrient retailing industry is chiefly ruled by four large players- Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrison ‘s. Together they all control about 75 % of the UK ‘s market. Market leaders are following low cost scheme which is benefited to consumers and increasing demanding. High competition in market makes market leaders to go extremely advanced to turn market portion by concentrating on value, monetary value, advertisement and client satisfaction.


The supermarket in the UK are no longer commanding themselves to merely providing nutrient merchandises to consumers. In 2008, fiscal downswing made supermarket industry to distribute their hazards at a clip when nutrient rising prices climbed, to diverse into countries such as finance, Mobile and broadband markets. This variegation provides chances to lag gross revenues in nutrient merchandise, as they achieve gross revenues in other countries. In 2008, the supermarket industry recorded & A ; lb ; 123 billion in consumer disbursement a immense difference when compared to & A ; lb ; 119.8 billion in 2007. This show clearly to stay competitory their schemes and fiscal strength were successful during the downswing period.

.PESTAL Analysis

Political Factor

Taxation Policy- rate of corporation revenue enhancement was decreased by authorities from 30 % to 28 % . This means supermarkets net income will be greater by salvaging significant sum of money.

Government interference- authorities put his rights of monetary value repair among major supermarkets which poses a menace as they may hold to command monetary values.

Economic Factor

Addition in employment- in UK employment figures rise to 164,000 in 2008.

Inflation- because of autumn in monetary values of rough oil, rising prices rate decreased.

Rate of interest- involvement were decreased by 2 % in 2008, consumer disbursement were increased.

Disposable income-


· Interest Rate – Decreased by about

2 % in 2008, which can increase

consumer disbursement.

· Disposable Income – ONS revealed

that with net incomes growing on a

downward tendency due to the

weakening labor market, households ‘

existent disposable income can be

‘squeezed ‘ . This can impact gross revenues fro




· Lifestyle Changes – Peoples are

buying healthy nutrients and are

being more wellness witting.

· During the downswing, more

people are get downing to fix homecooked

repasts ; a alteration in tendency

from eating out which is expensive

due to nutrient rising prices.

Technological FACTORS

· Increase in Technology – New

engineerings can do service more

convenient and increases client

satisfaction, taking to a competitory

advantage and addition in gross revenues.

Environmental FACTORS

· Green Issues – Supermarkets are

puting in green issues by utilizing

less fictile, recycling wastes and

switching to environmentally friendly

processs. Net incomes are used for this

but gross revenues can increase because

consumers are demanding

environmentally friendly merchandises.


· Foreign trade limitations – Imports

attract revenue enhancements and duties doing goods

more expensive. Customers may

so demand replacements


In 2008, Sainsbury experienced a slow growing when compared to past consequences. Due to the downswing Sainsbury adapted some steps to increase its profitableness in 2009. Some of the alterations they made are discussed below.

Addition in nutrient rising prices, rise in employment and lessening in disposable are the effects of the downswing that made Sainsbury to accommodate some alterations for a better public presentation.

Household budget were under load from the consequence of the downswing. Sainsbury had to cut down the cost of basic merchandises which client faced as the biggest squeezing of income in 50 old ages. To better layout, addition infinite, future hedge with providers and cut down unneeded cost, selling scheme need to be shifted to concentrate more on cost every bit good as adjust value concatenation. As clients were demanding low cost merchandises, Sainsbury adjusted harmonizing to demand.

Interest rate and CPI one-year rising prices rate decreased and criterion of life alterations are besides the effects of downswing. Due to decreased involvement and CPI rising prices rate it benefited Sainsbury as more clients were able to take advantage of lower adoption. Sainsbury took advantage of this by cut downing monetary values and strengthened selling of their cheaper ain label merchandises. Peoples populating of standard alterations as the economic system dipped, more people decided to do place cooked repasts merely to cut down the cost attached to eating out. Penny pinched consumer were dependent on Sainsbury to supply low cost veggies and meats.

Competitive competition and client dependability caused Sainsbury to concentrate more on monetary value, value and advertisement while strengthened first-class client service. Sainsbury one-year study ( 2009 ) specified that a clear scheme was developed to concentrate on five countries:

Sainsbury one-year study ( 2009 ) stated that a clear scheme

was developed to concentrate on five chief countries: great merchandise at

carnival monetary values, addition growing of non-food scopes, extra

selling channels to make more clients, addition infinite

and active belongings direction ( includes disposal of

belongings and investment in increasing infinite in profitable countries ) .

Sainsbury increased publicities and selling schemes

such as ‘Making Sainsbury ‘s Great Again ‘ , trueness price reduction

cards, online shopping, cheaper and high quality ain trade name

goods and addition in engineering and faster check-out procedure clip.

They to boot branched out distributing hazards into the

fiscal sector, oil-related countries and section shops.

QUESTION 3- ‘What if ‘ analysis of the possible fiscal public presentation that might hold existed had the downswing non occurred. 30 %




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