The Effects Of Climate Change On Cambodia Environmental Sciences Essay

The universe clime is ever altering through a natural sequence, and it grows up rapidly due to the human activities which make the universe concern approximately. As we all know that worlds depend on a sustainable and healthy environment, and yet we have damaged the environment in legion ways which lead the clime alteration and planetary heating occur. So, what is climate alteration and planetary heating?

The clime alteration is an accommodation in the norm conditions for old ages. Normally, when we speak of clime alteration on a planetary graduated table, we are mentioning to alterations in the clime of the Earth as a whole. Whereas, planetary heating is the growing up of the mean temperature of the Earth ‘s surface. Although, the universe clime and planetary heating are frequently used interchangeably, the NASA web site has given the definition of these two footings that planetary warming refers to come up temperature additions, while climate alteration includes planetary heating and everything else that increasing nursery gases sums will impact. For case, if we look back to the 18 centuries till now, we can many places, mills, and transits increase dramatically. Those topographic points are the chief topographic points where more coal and oil are firing ; so those release nursery gases such as CO2, SO2 to the ambiance, which cause the Earth to warm rapidly. Furthermore, since the late 1800 ‘s, the planetary mean temperature has increased approximately 0.7 to 1.4 grades F ( 0.4 to 0.8 grades C ) . Many experts estimate that the mean temperature will lift an extra 2.5 to 10.4 grades F ( 1.4 to 5.8 grades C ) by 2100. This can go on due to the addition in entire sum of nursery gases in the ambiance which trap infrared radiation from the Earth.

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Causes and Effectss of Climate Change to the World

There are two chief causes of clime alterations and planetary warming-natural and human activities. First, it is caused by natural activities like Continental impetus and vents. Million of old ages back, the continental that we live today is the formed of a bit by bit floating apart of land mass that changed the physical characteristic of the land mass, and the place of H2O organic structures. For illustration, the Indian land mass is mobing towards the Asian land mass easy, but steadily due to the addition by 1mm of Himalayan scope. Furthermore, the big sum of SO2, H2O vapour, dust, and ash were thrown out when the volcanic eruption occurred. Those gases have serious consequence to the ambiance. For case, so2 combined with H2O, it produces the acid rain which causes trees to fall their foliages, land eroding, and do the colour of edifices become igniter.

Second, climate alteration is caused by human activities. If we look back the industrial revolution in 19th century, we can see more industrial grow and the big graduated table of auto addition today. Peoples besides continue to fire more fossil fuel in their mundane activities like utilizing modern transit, make more mills and for family usage. Burning fossil fuel, it release nursery gases to the ambiance which cause to Earth to warm rapidly.

Those causes produce most serious impact to the word today as it increases of the planetary temperature. When the temperature addition, north-polar sea ice, glaciers and permafrost are melt ; hence, the sea degree is besides rise. Therefore, the lowland country like Newzaland will travel to deluge and it will destruct the home ground of animate beings. Furthermore, higher temperature will do the universe drouth so that people and some animate beings may decease or travel to the ice chest topographic points. In add-on, heater temperature besides has bad consequence to human wellness. Peoples will hold more allergic reactions due to heat moving ridges and the consequence of direct UV from the Sun. More animate beings that carry disease like mosquitoes are besides growing more rapidly.

The Effects of Climate Change and Global Warming on Cambodia as a State

Climate alteration and planetary heating affect Cambodia in several ways. First, it causes inundation and drouth. Flood and draught are two chief utmost clime events and occur every twelvemonth in a figure of states such as Stung Treng, Kratie, Kampong Cham, Kandal, Kampong Thom, Kampong Chhanang, Battambang, Siem Reap, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, and Takeo. Severe inundations have resulted in a high figure of casualties and devastation of substructures. For illustration, the recent inundation caused by Ketsana at this terminal of September and early October 2010 caused 43 deceases and USD132 million of GDP loss due to the devastation of production sector, substructures, and societal sector USD132 million, 19 % of GDP loss in, and 33 % of GDP loss in societal sector.

Besides, drouth in Cambodia causes Mekong has low H2O degrees which harm to people around 60 million who live along the Mekong River. For case, the most terrible drouth, which later occurred in 2002, affected more than 2 million people and destroyed more than 100,000 hour angle of paddy Fieldss ( Analysis of Policies to Address Climate Change Impacts in Cambodia by Ministry of Environment, March 2005 ) .

Second, it causes typhoons which strike the Kampuchean coastline every 2 to 5 old ages and usually occur at the terminal of the rainy season. In November 1997, Typhoon Linda hit the Gulf of Thailand. At that clip, the air current spread in Sihanouk reached 60m/s. Over five yearss, about 400mm of rainfall was recorded in coastal countries. It destroyed 81 fishing boats, claiming some 100 victims and most of the paddy Fieldss of the Sihanoukville country ( MoE, 1998 ) .

Third, clime alteration and planetary heating affect to Cambodian wellness particularly the rural people. Those have high hazard in confronting to the disease such as dandy fever febrility, enteric fever and diarrhoea. Harmonizing to the Cambodia Ministry of Health ( MoH ) in 2004, it stated that Cambodia already has the highest malaria human death rate within Southeast Asia, and 500 deceases per twelvemonth. It was predicted by MoH that the changing of clime will increase the Numberss of Malaria by 16 % .

How Cambodia Respond to the Effect of Climate Change and Global Warming

Cambodia is a little a state that got impact signifier clime alteration and planetary heating as I have mentioned in the old MC. The below are the response of Cambodia include single, province, and international degree to climate alteration and planetary heating.

As persons, we play a critical function in assisting to protect our environment by seeking to cut down the green house gases that emit from our mundane life. Peoples can utilize bikes to go or walk from topographic point to another alternatively of utilizing autos or coachs which burn fossil fuels that consequence to our environment. Furthermore, we can utilize some methods of recycle and reuse for some merchandises in order to cut down the emanation of Chlorofluorocarbons into the ambiance and so decelerate down the procedure of increasing our planetary clime which will consume the ozone bed. Nowadays, we got a modern engineering so that mills can utilize those techniques to use in their mill to cut down pollution and devastation to the environment. Persons entirely can non do an consequence manner to cover with the clime alteration and planetary heating.

State besides plays an of import function to react to the consequence of clime alteration. As we can that Cambodia is the most vulnerable to the consequence of clime alteration due to our economic system depends chiefly on agribusiness. Due to 80 per centum of Kampuchean people are husbandmans and they facing terrible drouth and inundation which cause serious jobs to their rice output, the authorities of Cambodia introduced some new techniques to them. In order to accommodate to the clime alteration, he suggested some methods consist of altering the manner of agriculture by stating them to take the right seed, practising rice growing techniques, advancing multi intent of agriculture, and bespeaking them to make research for new techniques. Furthermore, he can do a determination and implement the environmental jurisprudence such as non to cut down the tree, and set the upper limit of emanation of GHGs for each industries.

In add-on to the province actions, it has to collaborate with international degree in order to acquire an effectual to get by with clime alteration. For illustration, the Kyoto Protocol was adopted at the 3rd Conference of the Parties ( COP-3 ) , held in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997. It commits 39 developing states to cut down their GHG emanations of approximately 5 % below their 1990 degrees during the period between 2008 and 2012. Furthermore, Kampuchean Climate Change Alliance ( CCCA ) funded by Climate Change Trust Fund of 8.9 million US dollars from European Union, UNDP, SIDA, and DANIDA to cover the period 2010-2012 in the purpose of back uping the integrating of clime alteration.

Taking everything into history, we can do a decision that climate alteration and planetary heating is a hot issue that the universe is worry about and it is truly related to the planetary administration that we have learn for a semester. The ground is that clime alteration has no boundaries. For illustration, the forest fires in Sumatra Island which located nearby Singapore and Malaysia caused a serious haze to Southeast Asia by fouling the ambiance. When it happens, it will destruct our hold economic system, substructures, and our wellness ; Cambodia is an illustration. To cover with those jobs, we have to take clip and pass more money by saying from ourselves to international degree.

However, I can nail the challenge in this subject that the authorities may acquire troubles in covering with the clime alteration in the instance of air pollution. As Cambodia is a underdeveloped state, we have to believe and construct up our economic sciences foremost. Therefore, we have to entice the investors to put our state. In this instance, industries will turn so it leads to increase the emanation of CO2, CFCs which cause more pollution to the ambiance. Furthermore, I think our authorities still non yet gets successful in assisting the husbandmans to get by with clime alteration although he introduced some new techniques to them. As more than 80 per centums of Kampuchean people are husbandmans, non all of them acquire support from the authorities.

Global authorities plays an of import function in reacting to this issue. As we can see that in 1988, the United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP ) and the World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) to supply a believable appraisal of the province of scientific cognition on planetary heating. Furthermore, Untied Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCC ) adopted in 1992 which consists of 194 states to turn to planetary clime alteration. Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) is created to let developed states to run into portion of their decrease duties through undertakings in developing states that cut down emanations or sequester CO2 from the ambiance.


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