The Effectiveness Of The Film Bad Boys Film Studies Essay

The aim of this study is to analyse the effectivity of the Bad Boys 2 dawdler. An effectual dawdler is one that has qualities such as: entreaty to the coveted audience ; equal secret plan disclosure of the film ; and temptation, go forthing the spectator with the desire to desire to see the film. The Bad Boys squad of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are intended to pull a immature demographic. The well-established production squads of Colombia Pictures in association with Sony Pictures has created a dawdler concentrating on action and comedy in this film, scheduled for release in July 2003.

Genre, secret plan and subject

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Action films, in peculiar, rely to a great extent on dawdlers as it is possible to exhibit the more exciting, adrenalin pumping parts of the film which are likely to appeal to the mark audience. This dawdler is set in an urban environment, with fast paced action sequences. The action and comedy subjects can be witnessed within the first few scenes of the dawdler as the spectator sees hi-tech heavy weapon, followed by Martin Lawrence doing a sap of himself. This introduces the chief genre of the movie rapidly, pulling the involvement of the intended “ immature, fetid, style-conscious, street-smart coevals ” demographic. The Bad Boys 2 dawdler expressions to hold a great trade of action, with some really fast-paced auto pursuits and more guns than people. However, more action by and large implies less room for character development thereby appealing to younger, action-seeking viewing audiences.

Lighting and colour

Lighting contributes a great trade to the feeling of action. High-key and subdued visible radiation effects play an of import portion in the dawdler. Low-key light effects indicate danger and make more tenseness, whereas, high-key light effects reveal more item. The dawdler starts out with dark bluish lighting, doing the dark seem cryptic, furtive, and insecure. This allows the audience to place the action genre of the movie. In add-on, blinking visible radiations, particularly at the start of the dawdler, grab the attending of the spectator by doing them experience unease. As the dawdler progresses, Will Smith is seen in forepart of an combustion cross, lighting his build. His place in forepart of the fire, makes him seem unsafe. Near the terminal of the dawdler, a sign of the zodiac explodes in daytime in a dramatic array of winging house shrapnel. It is high-key because light reveals more item. These utilizations of high-key and subdued visible radiation effects help specify the genre of the film.


Sound makes the viewer more involved with the dawdler. Loud, frequent gunfires, noisy auto engines and the cheerful techno music pull the younger coevals as it is more energetic and a mark of high-paced action. Although the “ clump ” at the beginning of the dawdler is a small off-putting and makes it difficult to concentrate on what is being said, it is at that place to emphasize the tenseness and is successful at catching one ‘s attending. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith create wit through irony and gags. The audience can therefore anticipate that the film has both elements of action and wit.

Camera shootings and redacting

Many different types of camera shootings can be observed in the dawdler. The dawdler starts with a high-angle shooting of a quickly traveling chopper overviewing a metropolis. This warns the audience that danger is at hand. Many scenes are cut after merely a few minutes for tenseness, exemplified merely after the car-chase. The cuts create a fast gait and pull the attending of the spectator. Title sequences presenting the famous persons starring in the movie are seen in fiery bold letters, doing it difficult to disregard their presence in the film. Fans of those famous persons are hence more intrigued by the dawdler and will most likely want to see the movie. Will Smith is frequently shown with the camera in a low-angle shooting bring forthing the feeling that he is superior and commendable. The point of position shooting used assorted times in the dawdler helps maintain the audience immersed in the action.

Mise en scene

Many people avoid watching low budget movies. To show the high budget, sign of the zodiacs, choppers, fancy autos, and posh boats are seen. Additionally, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were cast as they contrast each other in many ways. Martin Lawrence is the “ butt ” as his organic structure linguistic communication is in general entertaining and many amusing shootings of him show him in hurting. His slapstick is exemplified by his diverting facial look after being changeable thenceforth which he begins reasoning about who shot him alternatively of worrying about medical aid. On the contrary, Will Smith is serious, confident, determined and shown as being in-charge. His attitude is epitomized clearly when he is seen in the bluish suit and sun-glasses. Such contrasting characters attract younger audiences who enjoy the comedy when a comic and a consecutive adult male interact. Will Smith ‘s apparels are tight and purpose at exposing his organic structure whereas Martin Lawrence by and large wears baggy apparels which do non demo off his organic structure. Hereby, the dawdler aims at pulling adult females viewing audiences to see the movie.

Other characteristics

The Unique Selling Point of Bad Boys 2 is that it is the long anticipated subsequence to the popular Bad Boys movie. Its distributer, Colombia Pictures, is a large name in the film industry and manager Michael Bay has directed some really successful rubrics, such as Transformers. In add-on, the subject vocal is sung near the terminal of the dawdler. Viewing audiences frequently remember tunes and will therefore retrieve the first movie.

Summary of findings and rating

The dawdler gives the audience the feeling that the movie is a fast-paced action-comedy and is strong on the five points listed supra. Overall, the dawdler was effectual as this dawdler would appeal to the younger coevals. This dawdler can decidedly be recommended in the usage of your advertizement run.


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