The Different Types Of Banks In Banking Industry Finance Essay

Chapter 1

Banking is the industry of supplying fiscal services to consumers and concerns. The cardinal services a bank provides are look intoing histories, which can be used like money to do payments and purchase goods and services ; nest eggs histories and clip sedimentations that can be used to salvage money for future utilize ; loans that clients and concerns can utilize to get goods and services ; and basic hard currency direction services such as cheque cashing and foreign currency trade.

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A broader definition of a bank is any fiscal establishment that receives, collects, transportations, wages, exchanges, lends, and invests money for its clients.

Chiefly all Bankss gather in the interim inactive money for the intent of loaning to other and investing addition in the signifier of return, net incomes and dividends etc. nevertheless, due to the truth of resources of money and the diverseness in loaning and investing operations, Bankss have been place in assorted classs, such as

Commercial bank

Savingss bank

Merchant Bankss

Mortgage Bankss

Consumer bank

Investing bank

Central bank

Commercial bank:

The commercial Bankss acknowledged sedimentations from the general populace, which are repayable on demand upon written orders of the depositors. As their most alone characteristic the commercial Bankss maintain the checking histories for the fundamental laws.

The commercial Bankss are besides well-known for supplying short-run finance to merchandise, commercialism and industry to ease these sectors to spread out their productive activities

Merchant Bankss:

Merchant Bankss are those, which have been largely financing the domestic and international trade. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries the trade between states was financed by measure of exchange by well-reputed merchandiser ‘s houses for which they would

Charges a fee for their services.

Savingss Bankss:

The basic intent of these Bankss is to reiterate the wont of salvaging in the people. The savings bank ‘s sedimentations are non repayable upon merely the written order of depositor but the depositor of his agent has to demo personally at the salvaging Bankss to do backdown and for this intent he must show a base on balls book a certification of sedimentation or some similar paperss to corroborate his right to have his payments.

Mortgage Bankss:

These Bankss chiefly deal in loans for purchase or building of existent estate against the securities of mortgage.

Consumer Bankss:

These Bankss supplying finance for buying outgo goods for the usage of Brewers.

Investing Bankss:

These Bankss assist concern houses and governmental governments to raise money through the sale of stocks and bond for normally long term intents. These Bankss perform the normal maps of raising sedimentations of inactive money from the populace and finance the concern houses other governments.

Cardinal Bankss:

Cardinal Bankss occupy the sole place in banking construction of a state because they have been interested with the liability of commanding the money supply, involvement rate, and fiscal market of a state for the intent of economic advancement.

History Of Banking In Pakistan

The separation program was announced on June 3, 1947 and August 15, 1947 was predetermined as the day of the month on which independency was to get down. It was determined that the Reserve bank of India should go on to work in the district of Pakistan until September 30, 1948 due to administrative and proficient complexnesss involved in instantly set uping and runing a Central Bank.

At the minute of divider, entire figure of Bankss in Pakistan were 38 out of these the commercial Bankss in Pakistan were 2, which were Habib Bank Limited and Bank of India. The entire sedimentations in Pakistani Bankss stood at Rs.880 million whereas the progresss were Rs.198 million. The Governor General of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah issued the order for the initiation of State Bank of Pakistan on 1st of July 1948.

Under theA province bank of Pakistan order 1948, the province bank of Pakistan was exciting with the responsibility to “ command the issue ofA bank notesA and maintaining of militias with a position to procuring pecuniary steadiness inA PakistanA and usually to run the currency and recognition system of the state to its betterment ” .

A immense subdivision of the province bank ‘s responsibilities were cleared when theA State Bank of Pakistan Act 1956A was introduced. It required the province bank to “ command the pecuniary and recognition system of Pakistan and to promote its growing in the best national involvement with a position to procuring pecuniary stableness and Fuller operation of the state ‘s utile resources ” . In February 1994, the State Bank was given fullA liberty, during the fiscal sector reorganisation.

On January 21, 1997, this liberty was farther addition when the authorities issued three accommodations Ordinance. Those incorporated were the State Bank of Pakistan Act, 1956, Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962 and Banks Nationalization Act, 1974.

The State Bank of Pakistan performs two chief responsibilities:

The primary undertaking including issue of notes, guideline and control of the fiscal system, bankers ‘ bank, banker to Government, and accomplish of pecuniary policy.

The secondary undertaking including the society maps like direction of public debt, direction of foreign exchange and other maps like reding the authorities on policy matter and keeping unafraid relationships with international fiscal establishments.

Types of Banks

In Pakistan, there are 5 public sector Bankss, 5 Muslim Bankss, 4 specialised Bankss, 18 private Bankss, 6 foreign Bankss, 8 micro finance Bankss.

Public sector Bankss

National bank of Pakistan

First adult females bank

Sindh bank limited

The bank of Khyber

The bank of Punjab

Private Banks

Allied bank limited

Askari bank limited

Bank al-falah limited

Bank al-habib limited

Faysal bank limited

Habib bank limited

Habib metropolitan bank limited

JS bank limited

KASB bank limited

MCB bank limited

My bank limited

NIB bank limited

SAMBA bank limited

SILK bank limited

Soneri bank limited

Standard chartered bank limited

Summit bank limited

United bank limited

Muslim Bankss

Al-barka bank limited

Bank islami limited

Dawood Islamic bank limited

Dubai Islamic bank limited

Meezan bank limited

Foreign Bankss

Barclay bank

City bank

Deutsche bank

HSBC bank

Oman international bank

The bank of Tokyo

Specialized Bankss

Industrial development bank of Pakistan

SME bank limited

The Punjab provincial corporative bank limited

Zarai taraqiati bank

Micro finance Bankss

KASHF micro finance bank

Khushaki bank limited

Network microfinance bank limited

NRSP microfinance bank

Pak Oman microfinance bank

Rozgar microfinance bank

Tameer microfinance bank

First microfinance bank limited

Introduction of NBP

National Bank of Pakistan ( NBP ) was established under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance 1949, it is known as a prime bank of Pakistan, which is the largest commercial bank runing in Pakistan. The Head Office of the Bank is at Karachi. Ever since its constitution in 1949 it has been taking bank. NBP besides have the recognition evaluation amongst Pakistani bank ; JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co. Limited awarded highest standalone Credit Rating of AAA to NBP. Primarily the Bank had started its operations from November 20, 1949 at six of import jute centres in the former East Pakistan and directed its resources in funding of jute harvest. State bank of Pakistan after its formation demanded from the Indian Reserve Bank the assets against the Indian currency retired from Pakistan district. The Government of India rejected to manus over the assets worth about five hundred million rupees. The clang is still unsettled and these assets are still non delivered to Pakistan. Until June 1950, the Bank was engaged entirely on jute operation. Thereafter, it was realized that it could spread out its concern to include other trade goods as good. Bank took a large measure in 1952, when it replaced the Imperial Bank of India, as an agent of State Bank of Pakistan. By the manner its operation diversified as they take over the map of different establishment with the transition of clip like in yesteryear they took over the map of Imperial bank of India and now of NDFC ( national development finance corporation ) It is working as the agent of the province bank of Pakistan and performs its maps wherever province bank of Pakistan is non present. National Bank of Pakistan is now the biggest fiscal establishment with assets numbering over Rs.762194 million with 1256 local and 22 foreign subdivisions and figure of employees are 14079. The bank is the higher financer in agribusiness and trade good operation sector. The chief maps of bank are as under:

The NBP playing really of import function in commercial and retail banking demands of the state. NBP retails banking plan taken by the bank, and have shaped outstanding consequences since the twelvemonth 2003 as several new merchandises were commence which were appreciated by the market. In a short period of clip NBP has transformed into a taking market participant in banking sector. On the investing banking forepart, the bank advised and arranged several landmark Debt and Equity Capital rise. The Equity portfolio under direction of the C & A ; IB group besides proved a really singular public presentation as the “ entire return attack ” adopted by the bank in a lifting stock market supply to be the best scheme. NBP have boosted the banking sector ‘s largest exchequer operation by good value of being the chief bank for managing the treasury ‘s concern. In forepart of the current competitory involvement rate environment, the bank has realized the demand to develop its plus output through the usage of derivative merchandises. NBP has traditionally sustained a strong presence in Pakistan ‘s cardinal trading spouse states and plays an of import function in advancing the state ‘s economic program of export led growing. Abroad operations concentrate on some specific aims for the concern development and growing in trade finance and remittals. NBP has been granted licence to subdivisions in Saudi Arabia. In add-on, NBP has besides planned to get down operations in Canada and India, and open more subdivisions in Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. NBP follows the societal corporate civilization. It sponsors the Pakistan National Hockey squad and arranges the argument competitions and Kamran Akmal ( Wicketkeeper batter ) and Wahab Riaz ( All libertine ) are on its panel.


To be recognized as a leader and a trade name synonymous with trust, highest criterions of service quality, international best patterns and societal duty.


Commiting a virtue and public presentation civilization

Making a typical trade name individuality by supplying the highest criterions of services

Adopting the best international direction patterns

Maximizing stakeholders value

Dispatching our duty as a good corporate citizen of Pakistan and in states where we operate.

Core values

NBP purpose ‘s to be an organisation that is founded on

Highest criterion of unity

Commiting squad work and public presentation civilization

Excellence in service

Promotion of accomplishments for tomorrow ‘s challenges

Awareness of societal and community duty

Value creative activity for all stakeholders

NBP Goal

The primary end of NBP is to heighten profitableness and maximization of NBP portion through increasing purchase to back up bing clients and diversified scope of merchandises.

Training Facilities

The National Bank of Pakistan has provided its ain staff college for the preparation of its employees, which has four staff colleges in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar for the preparation of lower staff and one JNMDC Jamil Nishter Management Development Center in Karachi for the preparation of executives.

Awards won by National Bank of Pakistan

The NBP has won following awards internationally:

“ Bank of the Year ” awarded for the twelvemonth 2010 by the universe renowned “ The Banker ” magazine owned by the Financial Times Group, London.

NBP is awarded “ President of Pakistan Trophy ” , a top slot award by Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2010.

NBP is awarded “ Prime Minister of Pakistan Trophy ” , a top slot award by Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2010.

Among the planetary prima Bankss, NBP is the lone Pakistani bank looking in top 500 Bankss of the universe in “ The Banker ” magazine owned by the Financial Times Group, London.

“ Bank of the Year ” awarded for the twelvemonth 2008 by the universe renowned “ The Banker ” magazine owned by the Financial Times Group, London.

“ World ‘s Best Foreign Exchange Bank 2008 ” awarded by universe ‘s prima fiscal diary “ Global Finance ” .

Stable AAA/A-1+ ( Triple A/A-One Plus ) evaluation ( Standalone Basis ) by JCR-VIS ( July 2007 )

Branch Network of NBP

NBP has an huge web of 1256 subdivisions within Pakistan, which are 641 subdivisions in Punjab state, 216 in Sindh, 213 in khybar pakhtoonkha, 60 in Balochistan, 88 in Azad Kashmir, 24 in federal capital and 14 subdivisions are working in gilgit baltistan. It has divided into 29 parts. It has about 298 on-line subdivisions all over the Pakistan. The entire figure of ATMs located in NBP have 104 with in Pakistan among them 17 ATMs are located in Islamabad part. The NBP besides provides client facilitation centres where there are 4 client facilitation centres in Pakistan.

Its subordinates are:

NBP Capital limited

NBP Modaraba Management Company limited

NBP Exchange Company limited

Taurus Securities limited

NAFA common fund

NBP has 16 SWIFT Local Centers in Pakistan and 10 SWIFT International Centers all over the World. NBP has a big figure of ATM subdivisions in all over the Pakistan.

Organizational chart















Merchandises and Servicess

There are different Merchandises and services offering by National Bank of Pakistan to its clients which are categorized into four types that are as fallow:






National bank offers different types of sedimentation to its client which are as follows: –

Current History

A current history largely business communities clears, because in this caput of history sum one time deposited can be withdrawn at anytime ( during banking hours ) , and in any measure of hard currency, without any anterior notice. Because of the bank can non put this sedimentation in any long term undertaking and ca n’t gain net income thereon that ‘s why it does n’t give involvement on it. The minimal bound for this history is Rs.5000.

NBP premium saverC: UsersshujaDesktopPremium-Saver2011.jpg

It is known as a economy history which is besides known as net income and loss economy histories. It require for an gap history minimal balance to open this history is RS.20,001/- and maximal balance for this histories is RS.300,000/- Net income is calculated on monthly footing and given after six months and involvement is given to account holders 7.5 % p.a. for this history holder two debit backdowns allowed in a month and no bound on figure of sedimentation minutess.

Degree centigrades: UsersshujaDesktopAamdanyNew2011.jpg

NBP premium Aamdani

It is besides known as monthly income strategy, which requires minimal sum to open the history is RS.20,000/- The Investor can put amount up to RS. 5,000,000/ Investing periods for this history is 5 old ages. Net income is given on these histories on monthly footing and besides involvement given to investor upto 12.25 % p.a, but net income rates are changed after every twelvemonth. Free check book and NBP ATM card is besides given to investor. Zakat and keep backing revenue enhancement will be deducted as per regulations.

Foreign currency history

These histories are maintained in foreign currencies to ease occupant and non-resident Pakistanis and foreign subjects who wish to maintain their sedimentations in foreign currency.

NBP SaibanC: UsersshujaDesktop
bp merchandise logoSaibanNewImg2.jpg

National Bank of Pakistan initiatives the NBP Saiban which are in the form of

loan progresss for those people who want to buy, concept or restitute their place. This is the flexible and convenient place funding installation. ( Up to period of 20 old ages ) . Following are the points of NBP Saiban:

Home purchase

Home building

Home redevelopment

Purchase of land + building

Balance transportation installations ( BTF )

Degree centigrades: UsersshujaDesktop
bp merchandise logoAdvance-SalaryNew2011.jpg

NBP Advance Salary

NBP has launched this plan really vastly in the form of Advance Salary, the taking personal loan merchandise of the state, which is keeping its exclusivity of all time since it was launched. Government and semi authorities employees can take up to 20 net wages with easy refund installments. ( From 1-60 months at borrowers on pick ) . Charges of bank are 20 % on progress wage.

NBP Kisan Dost

National bank of Pakistan has initiated merely for husbandmans for which they can develop state ‘s agribusiness. The husbandmans can obtain the loan from National bank of Pakistan without any trouble. The continuance of loan is merely for three old ages, and the Markup for this loan is merely 13 % per twelvemonth.

The NBP has announced following are the strategy for husbandmans for which they can obtain loan from any of the National bank branch.C: UsersshujaDesktop
bp merchandise logoKisan-DostNew2011.jpg

NBP kissan dost production loan.

NBP kissan dost Micro loan.

NBP kissan dost tractor strategy.

NBP kissan dost Milk processing loan.

NBP kissan dost Milk cleaving works loan

NBP kissan dost incorporate station direction loan.

NBP kissan dost Cold storage loan.

NBP kissan dost motor rhythm loan.

NBP kissan dost Development loan.

NBP kissan dost Tube good loan.

NBP kissan dost forest development loan.

NBP kissan dost irrigation loan.

NBP kissan dost unrecorded stock loan. ( This include loan for domestic fowl farms, fish farm, bee farms etc ) .

NBP Cash Ns Gold

The hard currency N gold is a type of loan for which the borrowers can run into their demand for ready hard currency against their idle gold jewellery. National Bank of Pakistan gives this loan to them on the undermentioned footings and conditions:

Facility of Rs. 10,000 against each 10 gram of net contents of gold.C: UsersshujaDesktop
bp merchandise logogoldMainImg2.jpg

No maximal bounds of hard currency.

Refund after one twelvemonth.

Axial rotation over installation.

Merely gold decorations acceptable.

Weight and quality of gold to be determined by NBP ‘s appointed napes.

No punishment for early refund.

NBP Investor AdvantageC: UsersshujaDesktop
bp merchandise logoInvesterAdvantageNewImg2.jpg

The National Bank investor advantage is the funding installation for the retail investors. Following are the chief characteristics of the NBP for the Investor advantage:

Very easy and safe environment for trading.

NBP funding at really easy footings necessitating minimal certification.

Minimal bend around clip.

No security demand from the client except for the client ‘s equity.

Customer ‘s equity freely available for investing.

Equity acceptable in hard currency or approved portion.

Following individuals are eligible to take this installation

Pakistani National with valid computerized national ID Card.

Over 21 old ages of age.

An history with NBP designated Branch.

Equity in the signifier of hard currency or NBP approved portions.

No default with any fiscal establishment.


The word Remittances means transportation of money from one topographic point to another. NBP has the largest subdivision web within and outside of the state boundaries, so it is a demand of good organized and consistent method of reassigning money from one topographic point to another. In this affair, it utilized its resources for canalisation and transportation of financess. The Following are the instruments that can be used as remittals by the bank:

Demand Draft

Demand Draft Remittances are used for transportation money or financess from one metropolis to another or to a foreign state. Demand Draft can be drawn merely on the subdivisions of the same bank, a subdivision of National Bank can non publish at the top of the bill of exchange, publishing bank and subdivision name is printed, and the name of having bank is written at underside of the instrument.

Traveler ‘s Cheque

Traveler ‘s checks are really popular instrument among travellers and business communities those who travel often. These are for fixed sum and are treated as Order Cheques collectible merely to the buyer whose specimen signature appears on traveller ‘s check itself. But if the buyer want to manus over his travellers cheque to person else, he can non make so without seting his signature twice on the back side of the check and compose a sentence about encashment of this check to the individual of this name and a/c no.A this in specified branch.A

Wage Order

Wage orders are besides used for transportation of money because NBP provides another ground to reassign money utilizing this facility.A It is really unafraid and easy manner to travel money from one topographic point to another.A And, as usual, their charges for this service are highly competitory.

Inter Branch Transaction

Inter subdivision dealing ( IBT ) it is said to be as on-line transportation in local subdivisions. This installation is non available all over in Pakistan. Merely few subdivisions provide this installation for financess transportations. Due to this installation client of National Bank of Pakistan can reassign their financess from one metropolis to another in merely few seconds. And charges for this service are highly competitory.


The national bank of Pakistan offered chief merchandise and services to its clients which are as under:

NBP Online-Aasan Banking

National Bank of Pakistan has besides initiated the Online Banking for its clients, which is known as Aasan Banking. The clients of National Bank of Pakistan can avail the undermentioned services:

Balance Enquiry.

Statement of Account.

Stop payment.

Cash backdown through check.

Cash sedimentation to have and 3rd party history

NBP Cash Card

NBP Cash Card is a 24-hour direct entree ATM/Debit card to bank history, which pays straight from client history as an alternate payment method to hard currency. The dealing is authorized and processed by come ining PIN. The NBP Cash Card holders are able to transact at any of the 4000 + Merchants where Oryx logo is displayed and can retreat hard currency from NBP, 1-Link & amp ; M-NET ATM ‘s across the state. Account holder can retreat their sum up to Rs. 20000/- per twenty-four hours.


You wo n’t necessitate to transport a batch of hard currency with you every clip you go out.

Secure and Safe dealing.

Account Information on tips ( like: Mini Statement, Balance Inquiry, Utility Bill Payment etc. )

Enable To Withdraw Cash From 1-Link ATMs / MNET ATMs.

Enable to Make Purchases from Around 4000 POS ( Merchants ) Countrywide including 2500+ POS in Karachi.

No Card Issuance Fee for first 12 Calendar months

NBP PakRemit

It is an cyberspace based Home Remittance Service, for which it is merely available to U.S. occupants for directing money to their household and friends in Pakistan. It should hold a valid US Dollar history with a U.S. bank or a US Dollar recognition or debit card in order to remit financess through this channel.

Remitters in USA can log on to NBP user friendly website, and easy remit financess to Pakistan from the comfort of their places, in a affair of proceedingss.

This service is to the full unafraid with progress encoding application and is available for usage 24 hours a twenty-four hours, 7 yearss a hebdomad. Fees and exchange rate have been set at competitory degrees and the remitters have the ability to track bringing of financess every bit good.


Remitters log on to and after finishing the enrollment procedure, are able to remit financess.

The whole procedure takes a few proceedingss.

Fundss in Pak Rupees can be sent to donees, holding an history with any bank in Pakistan, including NBP.

While financess are credited straight to donees keeping histories with NBP, a wage order or demand bill of exchange is couriered to other Bankss for their clients.

Pay order or demand bill of exchange can besides be couriered straight to the donee ‘s office or place, if requested by the remitter.

Fundss in US Dollars can be sent merely to a Beneficiary keeping a US Dollar history with one of NBP ‘s Foreign Exchange Branches

NBP protection shield

The NBP has introduced an insurance screen in the form of protection shield which covers to all its PLs history holders against inadvertent, decease anyplace in the universe. It is really sole insurance strategy offered by the bank to its history holders at a minimum cost Rs 20 per month or 240 per annum. This plan provides a screen of Rs 200,000 per individual on his decease in accident, terrorist Acts of the Apostless, public violences, work stoppages, natural catastrophes like temblor, cyclone, storm, etc.

NBP Help line

NBP has introduced the aid line which heightened client demands and increased their competition, call centres have became crucially mechanism to be efficaciously to function their clients and sell the merchandises. So NBP realized that it needed non merely to set up its call centres but reengineer its bringing procedure. To run into this objective the bank has introduced a client relationship direction system to decide client ailments with solutions. NBP has taken a measure towards bettering client services by set uping a province of the art Call Center with a Help Line Toll Free Number 0800-80080 working in two displacements from 8:30 am till 10:30 autopsy to supply instant service to all the bing & A ; prospective clients on all the NBP merchandises being offered by the bank specially NBP Karobar.

Chapter 2

Introduction of Topic

Introduction of Topic

Our subject is client services jobs in National Bank of Pakistan but we foremost like to specify our subject, “ What are client services? ”

Customer services

Customer service is the support of any concern. You can suggest publicities and cut monetary values to convey in every bit many new clients as you want, but except you can acquire some of those clients to come back, your concern wo n’t be good for long.

Customer service is all about conveying clients back. And about directing them off happy – happy plenty to go through positive remark about your concern along to others, who may so seek the merchandise or service you, urge for themselves and in their bend become replicate clients.

If you are a better sales representative, you can sell everything to everybody one time. But it will be your attack to client service that determines whether or non you will of all time be able to sell that individual anything else. The kernel of good client service is constructing a relationship with clients

A good client services organisation performs these activities really good.

Answer your phone

Do n’t do promises unless youA willA maintain them

Listen to your clients

Deal with ailments

Be helpful – even if there ‘s no immediate net income in it

Train your staff ( if you have any ) to beA alwaysA helpful, gracious, and knowing

Take the excess measure

Throw in something excess.

We have chosen this subject because there are tonss of client services jobs in National bank of Pakistan. National bank is a authorities organisation and has a really large apparatus and has high work burden. So, the direction of NBP can non go able to present good client serves to its all clients.

The good thing about NBP is that it is a learning organisation. If you are an employee of NBP, your every twenty-four hours is a new twenty-four hours in the bank with new responsibilities and hurdlings. You deal with all type of clients like lower center category, in-between category and upper category.

Chapter 3

Problem statement

Problem statement

First we like to specify, “ What is job statement? ”

AA job statementA is a brief study of the issues that need to be solved by a job work outing squad. A goodA job statementA should reply these inquiries:

What is the job? This should explicate why the squad is needed.

Who has the job or who is the client? This should explicate who wants the solution and who will make up one’s mind the job has been resolved.

Our undertaking job statement is, “ Customers services jobs in National bank of Pakistan. ” NBP is a prime bank of Pakistan and it has subdivisions all over the Pakistan and outside Pakistan. It has a really large apparatus and big figure of history holders as compared to other Bankss in Pakistan. It is besides a learning organisation but in malice of all these facts it ‘s largely clients are non happy with the services provided by the NBP. Whenever a common adult male finds the name of NBP, his head chinks about the rode behaviour of employees with the clients and really big rows of people.

We are seeking to happen all the client services jobs in NBP and give our recommendations to work out all these jobs. As we mentioned earlier that National bank has batch of subdivisions about 1256. It is non possible for us to take a study of all these subdivisions due to some restrictions in resources. So, we selected chief subdivision Islamabad.

Chapter 4



“ It is a subdivision of logic that trades with the general rules of the growing of cognition ” .

Our research methodological analysis is general observation. Observation is a signifier of roll uping information. We went to chief subdivision Islamabad and with the permission of operational trough ; we started to detect different scenarios which are:

Which type of clients comes in NBP?

How is the behaviour of employees with the clients during minutess?

How long a dealing takes portion?

How much clip consumes by the client of NBP as compared to other Bankss?

What is the feeling of the clients about NBP, s employees?

Is there any drawback in the IT system of NBP as compared to others?

Is the employees of NBP are satisfied with their occupations? If they are non satisfied than what are the solutions to increase satisfaction degree?

How is the behaviour of employees with other their occupation chaps? Do they prefer squad work?

What are the installations provided by the NBP to its clients?

What is the nucleus benefits give by the NBP to its employees?

To happen the reply of these inquiries, we went to NBP chief subdivision Islamabad at 2nd of May. We selected this day of the month to see NBP because in the starting yearss of month, the work burden is high and batch of history holders come for the withdraw of their wages. So, we could easy detect the clients jobs and happen the solution of our inquiries.

We besides made a scheme to detect the client of MCB ( Muslim Commercial bank ) . One of our squad members took observation of MCB, s clients and observed the dealing clip at that place.

This activity took 3 yearss and able to happen the solutions of our inquiries.

Main Branch Islamabad

We have focused on the Main Branch Islamabad. It is located in Islamabad part. This part contains 23 subdivisions all over Islamabad. This subdivision has 74 employees it has more than 35000 current histories, 28000 PLs salvaging histories. Approximately, 1000 people visit this subdivision on day-to-day footing and in the wages yearss, 8000 to 9000 clients visit this subdivision because there are 55000 authorities salary histories in this subdivision. This subdivision has 2 ATM machines. There are 12 sections in this subdivision. The section ‘s names are given below.

Account gap section

Cash section

Deposit section

Credit section

Remittance section

Foreign exchange section

Foreign trade section

PTCL Department

Clearing section

Hajj section

Government history section

Conformity section

All these sections have their ain caputs which are called troughs and these troughs describing to operational trough and operational trough is describing to its Chief Manager. This subdivision has besides desk of FBR, NAFA common fund ( A subordinate of NBP ) , Western brotherhood money transportation.

Chapter 5

Discussions & A ; Recommendations


We took some interviews with clients and the employees of NBP. We took interview of Mr. Muhammad Akram ( AVP/manager operations ) , Mr. Syed Mahboob Hassan Gillani ( AVP/Head of PTCL Department ) , Mr. Sami Ullah ( OG1 ) and some clients. They told us some relevant information which is really helpful in finishing our undertaking. We made two types of questionnaires ( one for employees and other for clients ) which help us a batch during interviewing, which are attached in annexure

First, we took the interview of Operational director, he is really concerted individual and really sincere with his organisation. He has been working for 15 old ages in this subdivision. He ever tries to ease people. He is really experient individual. He has joined NBP in 1994 and now basking the portfolio of Assistant Vice President. We asked different inquiries from him and he gave us some productive replies which are really helpful for our undertaking.

He had done his Master of science from Agriculture University Faislabad and saw really ups and downs during his professional calling.

He told us that this subdivision has 47000 history holders from which 20,000 and more are active histories and we are here to work out the jobs of clients. He besides told us that Rawalpindi and Islamabad part has 85 subdivisions and merely in Islamabad part, there are 20 ATM machines. He told us about work burden in NBP is really much high and so due to high work burden ; employees of NBP can non concentrate on all its clients. One employee of NBP has to cover so many clients and it is human nature when a individual has over work burden, he can non cover with the people in proper manner. That is the chief ground that NBP, s employee ‘s behaviour is non so good with the clients and besides there is issue in client service job. He has told us that there are no: of pensionaries histories for which we confronting heavy burden of clients and can non present a proper attending to our clients. So that ‘s why increasing in client service job in our subdivision. He besides mentioned that NBP is far behind in IT sector as compared to other Bankss.

He besides gave some suggestions which are given below.

Try to happen some ways to better the employee ‘s motive degree by appreciating on their good public presentations.

Try to make friendly environment

Cares all both clients and employees

Give employees some good tips for work efficiency betterment

Give employees public presentation awards

Bank should have its edifice at territory degree

Better the substructure of the Branches

Better the satisfaction degree of stockholders

Better IT system

Improve internal control

Non-fund income should be increased

Decrease in non-performing loans

Give proper value to old and new employees

Do non degrade old employees because they are extremely experienced than the new 1s.

He told us that he is seeking difficult to better the working environment of the Branch and attempts had to fulfill the clients and being an operational director, he is much satisfied from his occupation.

Following, we took the interview of MR. Samiullah khan ( OG1 ) . He is graduate from Quaid-e-Azam University. He is working as in charge Foreign Trade section. He told us about foreign trade and currencies rates. He is besides really satisfied with his occupation. We besides discussed client ‘s jobs in NBP. He told us that the clients who visit NBP are largely less educated that ‘s why, they can non able to understand the instructions. He told us that NBP is a prime bank and it is non possible for NBP, s direction to supply all installations to clients. Although clients are non so much happy from the client services provided by NBP but NBP is accomplishing highest net incomes bound in the twelvemonth 2010.

He besides gave some suggestions which are given below.

Improve the IT system of NBP

Try to more counterbalance the employees

Decrease work burden between employees

Try to better squad work between the employees

He told us that NBP can non supply the all installations to its clients because of really big apparatus. But he and his occupation chaps are seeking difficult to fulfill their clients in limited resources environment.

Then, we took interview of MR. Syed Mahboob Hassan Gillani ( AVP/ Head of PTCL Department ) . He has 13 twelvemonth of banking experience. He is much happy and satisfied from his occupation. He besides helped us a batch and answered our inquiries really courteously.

He told us that all type of clients ( Lower middle, Middle, Upper category ) visit NBP and they treat with the clients harmonizing to their behaviour. If client, s head is against services of NBP and he/she thinks ever negative about NBP, they can non alter their thought. So, they are executing their responsibilities.

He besides gave us some suggestions for betterment which are:

Improve the IT system of NBP because NBP is much behind in the IT system as compared to other Bankss.

Try to take manual working

Try to construct squad work between the employees because largely employees try to devaluate their occupation couples.

Try to increase the motive degree of the employees by supplying them compensations bundles

Try to better the substructure of the subdivision

After questioning these NBP, s governments, we went towards the clients who were sitting on the benches and waiting for their bend. We introduced our ego and so, started a general treatment with them about the behaviour of the staff and the jobs which they are confronting during minutess. We besides asked inquiry about the ATM services of NBP. Mostly clients were non satisfied from the services of NBP and some told us that the behaviour of NBP, s employees is non satisfactory with them, they have really ill-mannered behaviour. Some clients besides spoke in the favour of NBP, s employees that they have high work load so that they can non able to concentrate on all the clients really good.

ATM services and Account opening process are the chief jobs because largely times, NBP, s ATM remains out of order and people have to remain in long rows for the backdown of money. Customers told us that there is deficit of employees and one employee is handling with 100s of clients.


“ National Bank of Pakistan, the largest Bank by assets posted a net net income of Rs 17.56 billion in 2010 ” .

This was written on the NBP, s newssheet. The people critic on the NBP but it is prime bank of Pakistan and easing one million millions of clients all over the Pakistan. NBP, s direction is seeking hard to convey alterations in the on the job environment of NBP. Their Moto is, “ Change is ever for the better ” . NBP should look after their clients which are immense ratio of clients as compared to other domestic/ national Bankss.

But, we have some suggestions which may be helpful for NBP in bettering its client services jobs

NBP staff lacks professionalism. They lack the needed preparation to make the occupation expeditiously and decently. Although staff colleges in all major metropoliss but they are non executing good. For this purpose these staff colleges should be updated and their class lineation should be made in such a manner to assist the employee understand the of all time altering cosmopolitan economic scenario.

NBP should set up some preparation plans for their employees which teach them about the moralss.

Increase the handiness of Staff in the Branches so that staff can easy counterbalance all the clients in clip.

It has to better its IT system for the competition of fiscal industry

Now a twenty-four hours, online banking is really celebrated among the Bankss and clients. So, NBP should increase its on-line banking subdivisions. Due to online banking, clients can easy reassign their money from one metropolis to other.

The director should supervise all the employees really carefully and award fillip to those employees who are executing really good.

Increase the parking country for the clients so that they can easy park their vehicles.

There should be information desk for the clients which help them towards traveling their concern section.

Eliminate item system and convey new engineering. So, clients can salvage their clip in the bank.



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