The Differences Between the Lifestyle of the Vietnamese Youth and Their Parents

Name: Ngoc Phuong Vy Nguye Student ID:2432855 THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE LIFESTYLE OF THE VIETNAMESE YOUTH AND THEIR PARENTS Vietnam is one the Southeastern Asian countries where the relationship between the young people and their parents play an important role in the culture and society. Because of this, Vietnamese young people frequently trend to learn and follow their parents ‘experience. However, everything has changed following the period time. In the past, the parents frequently taught and required their children to keep and follow the lifestyle of family.

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They could not have their own voice in their family if they were staying in their family. As a result to this, they established their attitude and behavior based on the background of their family. In other words, if their parents were doctors or teachers, they would be trained to be the same in their future. The reason why in the past, the young people’s lifestyle were imitated their parents is because the family ties or social phenomenon at that time did not allow the young people to create their own conceptions of the lifestyle.

Nowadays, when the global media is developing in Vietnam such as social network on the internet, television or newspapers which bring Vietnamese youth to the international trend, the differences between the lifestyles of young people and their parents is gradually occurring. The current lifestyle of Vietnamese young people has totally changed towards in the past. They are enterprising whatever they believe that it is right. A key contributing factor in this regard is that today they are sharing their own experience of their lifestyle and get knowledge from the others by the media technologies.

For example, Facebook is considered as a social page online for everyone who wants to share their thinking each other. Therefore, the Vietnamese youth incline to speak more and listen less from their parents. They try to represent their thinking in front of their parents by their fashion, words and behavior. While their parents hope that they can keep the traditional values of family ties, they try to show that their parents’ thinking is very old-fashioned and slow in the development of society and the world.

It is really necessary to understand that today the lifestyle of Vietnamese youth is totally different from their parents because they are pursing the development of technology and a modern life more than family or social values. In conclusion, the development of media technology brings the western thinking to the Vietnamese youth and it makes it easy affect to their lifestyle. They are more confident in whatever they determine and listen more to themselves then to their parents. That is really different from what their parents were done in the past.

THE DIFFERENCES ABOUT ATTITUDES, IDEAS OR INTERESTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES It is important to understand that the development of areas in the world is not balanced, hence the attitudes, ideas or interests of the young people are hard to be similar. In the developed countries, young people are equipped with all modern conveniences to get the knowledge about the world. Their life is too adequate to expect simple things such as food, water, freedom or technologies.

As result to this, they tend to have individualistic ideologies. They are pursing the material goals; for instance, it is evident that there are two common groups in the developed countries that is a group of young people trying to earn money to satisfy their material demands such as fashion, cars, or mobile phones and a group of young people trying to come in what they find it available in their life. In the developing countries or poor countries, the young people do not have sufficient technologies to approach the world.

Therefore, they seem to expect to get knowledge to have a better life more than purse the material demands. They have more opportunities to understand the family value or social phenomenon more than the young people living in the developed countries. For example, it is hard to see that in the developed countries, young people want to stay with their parents in the living room to watch the television after the dinner while they easy to use their own laptops or computers as an entertainment tool.

In contrast, towards the young people in developing countries, the television might be the only tool for their entertainment; hence it can be said that the lack of modern technologies get them close to their family and help them to have more connection with their families. Generally, the development of technology divides the world into many parts such as the developed, developing or poor countries. There are big differences among the parts all over the world. The young people who come from different parts will establish their attitudes, ideas and interests differently.


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