The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Essay

The Curious Incident of the dog of the night-time written by mark haddon contains many ideas and concepts which make this piece memorable. Through the interaction and representation of ideas, Mark Haddon not only has composed a great novel, but a memorable one. From the very start of the book the most memorabele concept shown is that in fact, chapter one is lableled chapter two. This gives insight into mark haddens uniqe style of writing. This also give insight into christophers personality and the interest he has with numbers and maths.

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One of the largest language techniques used is the stream of consciousness. This idea was derived from mark haddon when he decided he would “have to get inside the mind of an autistic boy” not only does this allow the readers to experience what autistic boys are like, but how they think. “but it was not the end of the book, because 5 red cars drove past in a row which made it a SUPER GOOD DAY” The use of stream of consciousness also creates a lot of interest and variety for the reader. Often this language technique gives the illusion of a second story line.

However, stream of consciousness is not used at all in the first chapter, this juxtaposes further writing styles in the rest of the novel. The curious incident of the dog in the night time is certaintly made memorable through Christopher and the way he analyses things to the finest detail. “it was seven minutes past midnight” through the specific details insight is given into christophers personality traits. “I turned my computer on and played 76 games of minesweeper and I did advanced level in 102 seconds which was 3 seconds off my best time which was 99 seconds”.

In particular, one interesting point is that Christopher does not like reality. In chapter one, he closed wellingtons eyes. As soon as christoper felt uncomfortable around the policemen, he also closes his eyes, ears and starts moaning. “I closed my eyes so I would not be scared anymore” Christopher can not cope with reality, so he make his own in his mind “I imagined a red line through the station” The novel is made memorable by Mard Haddons idea to include images and logic pictures which help Christopher to either solve and emotion, feeling or problem. (smiley face)” “fear place + fear new father x fearn = constant” The use of equations and images creates interest and variety. This is a interesting point due to the fact Mark Haddon originally wrote this novel for adults only. Mark Haddon also uses a technique of childish, non grammatical language. “they are faithful……more interesting and cleverer than people” this juxtaposes the fact it was meant for a adult audience. The themes presented within this text are love, friendship, mystery. All three themes are presented in chapter one when Christopher finds wellington dead out the front. I wonder who did this, and why” it is another unique style of Mark Haddons. Traditionally not all themes of the novel are presented straight up. However it is the use of images, stream of consciousness and the many interesting forms of Mark Haddons writing style which keep the audience glued to the book. In conclusion, The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time written by Mark Haddon contains many ideas and concepts which make this piece memorable. Through the interaction and representation of ideas used, Mark Haddon not only composed a great novel, but a memorable one.


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