The consumer pull demand in packaged milk

As the subject of the research is “ The consumer pull demand in ( Packaged milk ) industry ” so it involves an in deepness survey about the nature of the consumer, gustatory sensation the consumer likes, penchants of the consumer, trade name trueness and many other features related to the consumer and every bit good as to the merchandise. Harmonizing to this research topic the most suited research type suppose to be used is Descriptive Research. This will assist to find the mark market and cleavage done in the drinks ( packaged milk ) industry. Descriptive research is most normally used and the basic ground for transporting out descriptive research is to place the cause of something that is go oning. Descriptive research is used to obtain information refering the current position of the phenomena to depict “ what exist ” with regard to variable or status in a state of affairs The descriptive research will farther assist to carry on descriptive studies to place the features of consumers who purchase soft drinks, for illustration largely consumers tend to populate in larger metropoliss ; purchasers are largely childs, homemakers, working people and so on ; it will assist to find the market potency ; it will assist to place the extent of differences in the demands, perceptual experiences and attitudes of the subgroups.

3.2 Research Hypothesis

The undermentioned hypothesis will be formulated and tested by the research worker.

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Holmium: The impact of advertisement will non consequence on consumer demand.

H1: The impact of advertisement will consequence on consumer demand.

Holmium: Consumer penchants will non be checked about the type of milk they buy.

H1: Consumer penchants will be checked about the type of milk they buy.

Holmium: The ground why clients will non know apart among different trade names

H1: The ground why clients will know apart among different trade names.

Holmium: Extent of competitory forces in the market will non be checked.

H1: Extent of competitory forces in the market will be checked.

Holmium: To analyse the consumer trends non in the market.

H1: To analyse the consumer tendencies in the market.

Holmium: To supervise the extent to which consumer demand will non be affected by nucleus characteristics of merchandise.

H1: To supervise the extent to which consumer demand will be affected by nucleus characteristics of merchandise.

3.4 Theoretical Framework Diagram

The theoretical model has been made with the aid of the variables which are related to the consumer pull demand in drinks ( soft drinks ) industry. With the aid of the variables it becomes easy to the survey about the relationship between different factors impacting the consumer pull demand.


Market planing

Market incursion

Target market

Brand image

Product Diversity

Brand Consumer Choice



Brand Image

Gross saless

External Factors








Brand image

Eye catching packaging

Use position


Consumer perceptual experience

Consumer penchants

Brand image





Need fulfilling

Brand image

Consumer Buying Power

High family income.

More than one gaining member.

Brand image.

3.4.1 Variable Reference List

Dependent Variable

Consumer pull demand

Independent Variable

Market phase




Product diverseness.


Consumer Buying Power

Selective Distribution

Core Merchandise

Need Satisfying


Consumer Percept

Consumer Preference

Market Penetration

Marketing Planing

Target Market


Use Status

Brand Image

Attention-getting Packaging.

External Factors.

Product diverseness.

3.4.2 Theoretical Justifications of Variables

In the model each variable is related to the consumer pull demand and they show that how each of them affects consumer pull demand in the drinks ( milk industry ) industry.

The variable used market phase effects the gross revenues of milk ( packaged milk ) industry. Market phase helps to find the market state of affairs and consumer behaviours harmonizing to the alterations in the market state of affairss. Market phase includes to find market life rhythm, consumer behaviour, merchandise demand which includes that whether the demand is inelastic or elastic and these all end up to see the gross revenues of the soft drinks industry. After making study on these all constituents of the market phase the gross revenues can be maximized.

The 2nd variable used in the theoretical model is distribution this besides helps in maximising the gross revenues in the packaged milk industry. It ‘s really of import to do the merchandise available to all the locations so that consumers may experience easiness in purchasing the merchandise. Distribution helps to do the merchandise available and convenient. Distribution besides includes giving the clip and topographic point advantages to the consumers so that they are able to buy the merchandise because through all these ways merchandise will be placed at every store and consumers will hold a good image about the merchandise. This will assist to increase the gross revenues of the packaged milk. Packaging is a really of import facet in increasing the gross revenues of a merchandise. The packaging of the packaged milk will assist the company to derive trade name ocular and trade name individuality. For positioning a merchandise good packaging is really indispensable. Boxing helps to pull the consumers towards the merchandise and from packaging.

The merchandise is differentiated from other merchandises. So packaging is considered to be an of import component for increasing the gross revenues in soft drinks industry.

Ad is besides an of import component for increasing the gross revenues of a merchandise. Ad can be done above the line ( ATL ) and below the line ( BTL ) . Ad can besides be done through mediums such as telecasting, wireless, streamers, hoardings and newspapers. Ad helps the merchandise in deriving popularity. This will assist to increase the gross revenues.

Pricing besides helps for the success of the merchandise. Pricing includes the schemes such as market planing and market incursion. With the aid of pricing it becomes easy to place the mark market and by this company can offer the monetary values which consumers are ready to pay. If the consumer finds the merchandise sensible so this is positive for the gross revenues of the merchandise.

Product diverseness plays an of import function for deriving the increasing tendency in the gross revenues. Product diverseness creates trade name consumer pick and trade name image, it besides makes the consumers to acquire attracted towards the merchandise. Consumers get assortment in merchandises so they do n’t acquire bore and they keep of purchasing new assortment of merchandises.

External factors besides increase the gross revenues of the merchandise. External factors include survey on demographics, economic conditions, competition, societal and cultural forces, engineering and in conclusion the political and legal forces. In marketing external factors have a major influence on merchandise ‘s selling chances and activities. So the survey of all related factors helps in increasing the gross revenues in the soft drinks industry.

3.5.1 Examples

The inquiries to be asked from the respondents would be based on their liking and what factors make them to purchase their referred milk trade name.

Q1. Do you utilize packaged milk or loose milk?

a?? If yes so why — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

a??If no so why — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Q2. Which milk trade name do you utilize?


a?? Good milk

a?? Nestle Milk Pak

a?? Haleeb

a?? other please stipulate — — — — — — — —

Q.3. which packaged milk do you prefer but unable to buy due to other factors like expensive, wellness issues etc?


a?? Good milk

a?? Nestle Milk Pak

a?? Haleeb

a?? other please stipulate — — — — — — — —

Q.4. you use packaged milk for which intent?

a?? Strong castanetss

a?? Calcium

a?? Diet witting

a?? Other — — — — — — — — — — — —

Q.5. you prefer to purchase your peculiar milk trade name foraˆ¦ .

a?? Disposal packaging

a?? Expensive packaging

a?? Attractive packaging

a?? Health jeopardies issues

a?? other please stipulate — — — — — — — —

Q.6. How frequently do you purchase milk?

a?? Daily

a?? Bulk purchasing

a?? Weekly

a?? Monthly

3.5.2 Population, Working population and Planned sample

The population of whole Pakistan is targeted for this study. Working population is Punjab and planned sample is Lahore. The study is limited to Punjab and further it ‘s restricted to the metropolis Lahore due to the clip restraints. As survey is confined to Lahore merely, hence, the consequences may non be generalized good in other metropoliss.

3.5.3 Sample Size Consideration

For this survey questionnaire will be made to be filled by a sum of 100 consumers, populating in different locations in Lahore.

3.5.4 Choice of Sampling Technique

This is transverse sectional survey, which will be conducted in a natural scene and it will be covering both descriptive research and every bit good as causal. It will be based on primary and secondary research. The degree of probe in this survey will be focused on the aggregation of informations about consumer penchants in packaged milk industry.

In this research the sampling technique used will be chance. And farther under chance the technique used will be convenience trying technique. Convenience sampling is utile in obtaining big figure of completed questionnaire rapidly and economically and big figure of respondents can be obtained rapidly.

3.5.5 Field work and Respondents profile

This is transverse sectional survey, which will be conducted in a natural scene and it will be covering both descriptive research and every bit good as causal. It will be based on primary and secondary research. The degree of probe in this survey will be focused on the aggregation of informations about consumer penchants in drinks ( soft drinks ) industry.

The relevant information will be collected through a study. For this intent a questionnaire will be designed and distributed among consumers. The questionnaire will include information sing consumer ‘s personal penchant, trade name trueness, gustatory sensation penchants and other factors that attract the consumer.

The mark population will consist of both male and female clients but chiefly targeted to household married womans because they better understand the values and demands of their family members, specially kids and childs and by doing their pick a penchant they can judge more easy what they really want. Consumption of milk is common in every age. For this survey the mark population will consist consumers populating in different countries of Lahore

Chapter 4: Estimates, Analysis and Conclusion

4.1 Estimated Consequences


Holmium: The impact of advertisement will non consequence on consumer demand.

H1: The impact of advertisement will consequence on consumer demand.


From my findings and analysis from questionnaire and pilot survey it is estimated that advertisement will non impact the consumer demand so, Ho is accepted.

4.2 Analysis of Findingss

The ratio I found from my analysis is that the maximal age group ranges from 18-25 and 25-35, means that largely the age group is immature and can analyse the factors which can impact the consumer demands. Percentage of age group ( 35-45 ) is 22.3 % , which is slightly lower than the age group ranges from 18-35. Age group of 45-55 has a per centum of 8.0 % . For above 55 per centum was 5.45 which was relatively lower than the old 1s. Monthly income of family scopes till 30 % , Mostly consumers has a monthly income above 50,000. And so per centum for income 25000-50,000 is 23.3 % , for 10,000-25000 consumer ‘s per centum was 16.1 % which was comparatively lower than the30 % . Valid per centum I found is 30.4 % which for the income group of above 50,000.When I analyzed the business for consumers the consequence collected are that pupils has a frequence of 15 and their per centum is 15.0 % of 100. House wives was the major mark market for me so it has a frequence of 60 and per centum I found out is 53.6 % , and valid per centum for house married womans is 60.0, and most of the consumers were self employed the per centum for ego employed consumers is 18.8 % and their frequence is 21. Another ratio is 3.6 % which is for man of affairs out of 100.and the valid per centum is for homemakers which is 60.Percentage for male is 26.8 % and frequence is 31. As questionnaire was designed chiefly to aim the homemakers because penchant for packaged milk was required, so they have a per centum of 61.6 % ad frequence for female is 69.Marital position for married work forces and adult females is 59.8 % with a frequence of 67, whereas for single it was 29.5 % with a frequence of 33.When consumers were asked that either they used “ packaged milk ” or “ loose milk ” or “ both ” the greater per centum is for both, packaged milk and loose milk every bit good, packaged milk has a per centum of 42.9 % and that for both the per centum it is 46.4 % .and there is a really little per centum for merely loose milk. Consumers prefer to utilize both packaged milk and loose milk for different intent and in different ways.For a milk trade name consumers has a higher per centum of 33.9 for Nestle milk battalion with a frequence of 38 which is higher than olpers which has a frequence of 28 with a per centum of 25.0 % which means that consumers are still loyal to their peculiar milk trade name they try a new merchandise for one time but as their gustatory sensation is developed through out so they are satisfied with their peculiar milk trade name, whereas Haleeb has a per centum of 16.1, Good milk has relatively lower per centum of 2.7 and consumers has other penchants every bit good such as flavored milk other than apparent milk, they have different picks for milk. Percentage for other milk is 10.7 % which includes Nurpur, Nesvita, Nirala and Dairy Queen and flavored milk every bit good. Higher per centum for Nestle Milk battalion shows that still after confronting a really tough competition in market with Oplers Haleeb and other rivals Nestle Milk Pack still has its ain base in the market and consumers still prefer Nestle Milk Pack. After analysing about 37.5 % of the consumers prefer to purchase Nesvita, Dairy Queen, Nurpur and Nirala if they are unable to buy their peculiar milk trade name due to wellness jeopardies issues and expensiveness. Although 25 consumers prefer to purchase Olpers, and 11.6 % from them has a penchant of Good milk whereas Haleeb has a per centum of 10.7 as comparison to other trade names. About 28.6 % of the consumers buy their peculiar Milk Brand for Stronger castanetss and 33 of them buy for the intent of Ca which can do your castanetss and organic structure strong and fit, 17 of them were diet witting. Consumer prefer their peculiar milk trade name for wellness jeopardies issues with a frequence of 48, to avoid bacterial effects which are included in loose milk, 8.9 % of consumers prefer their milk trade name for attractive packaging which attract them through TVC, Billboards, adds in intelligence paper etc. although 4.5 % of them are position witting and they buy their peculiar milk trade name for Expensive packaging. Almost 69.6 % of the consumers would purchase their peculiar trade name if their trade name is changed into uncommon form and with new characteristics etc, and 18 of them with a per centum of 16.1 would non wish to purchase it. There are consumers who strongly agree that demand of their peculiar milk trade name is affected by the monetary value cut and their per centum is 14.3 with a frequence of 16.and 47 of them agree with this statement, whereas 34 of them are impersonal about their determination whether the demand of milk trade name is affected by the monetary value cut or non, 34 consumers agree that their demand of purchasing a peculiar milk trade name is affected by advertizement, and 64 of them does non hold. Although advertizement of a milk trade name is really of import for publicity and converting consumers and giving consciousness about their trade name, through advertisement consumers can do the head of consumers to purchase their trade name, 41 consumers are trade name loyal that ‘s why they buy their peculiar milk trade name with a per centum of 36.6, and 23.2 % are attracted towards advertizement for the trade name and they buy their peculiar milk trade name by watching Television commercials and through different mediums. Consumers are besides attracted towards a milk trade name for their packaging and their per centum is 24.1. Consumers ranked their quality of milk trade name with a per centum of 61.6 and frequence for norm is 7.this agencies that they are satisfied with their milk trade name. And for boxing consumers besides have a high per centum of 36.6. For pricing consumer has a penchant 34.8 being the highest and 7.1 as satisfactory. Availability of their peculiar milk trade name is good as highest per centum is 42.0. While purchasing milk 52.7 give penchant to whiteness of milk, 38.4 % gives penchant to thickness, where as 50.0 % prefer gustatory sensation of their milk trade name before purchasing and 46.6 % of consumers prefer to purchase a milk trade name which is easy to utilize. Most of the consumers buy milk daily as their per centum is 51.8 with a frequence of 58. Whereas 24.1 % of them do bulk purchasing, and 15 consumers consume milk hebdomadal.Preference of family member is calculated which is 48 those who often ask and 25.9 % ask their family member seldom before purchasing a peculiar milk and 17.9 % of them ne’er asked before purchasing a milk trade name, ground being that largely inquirers were filled by the homemakers and they are cognizant of pick and penchant of their family members. Highest per centum of devouring milk is 1 litre and ingestion for more than A? and 1 litre is 50.9 % .and consumers like to purchase a milk trade name from any good reputed departmental shop and 36.6 % of them buy their milk trade name from near by store. After analysing packaged milk there are consumers those who use loose milk and they use loose milk for assorted intents like tea, desert, imbibing etc with a per centum of 25.9. Consumers those who loose milk over packaged milk has an issue of monetary value as their per centum is 28.6, because monetary value of loose milk is relatively lower than the packaged milk. And most of them use loose milk for handiness intent as good with a frequence of 14.

4.4 Restriction of the Study

The survey is limited by the undermentioned factors:

The survey is confined to Lahore merely. Therefore, the consequences may non be generalized good in other metropoliss.

There are many other variables which affect consumer pull demand but will non be considered in this survey.

It is hard to find the precise sample size.

The consumers may change in their reading of inquiry

4.5 Decision

Peoples consume milk in fresh dried and concentrated signifiers ; in food market shops most normally sold merchandise to consumers is liquid milk. All types of milk ( pasteurized, sterilized, UHT, Packaged ) or in majority are required in a state or vicinity. New boxing system of milk is a popular and for practical intents packaged milk pulverizations. From my analysis and finings of questionnaire, pilot survey and arrested development analysis I found out that 58.0 % consumer consume milk, and widely used packaged milk is Nestle Milk Pack with a per centum of 33.9. Peoples have different penchants and gustatory sensations and they consume milk harmonizing to them, consumers besides use flavored milk for e.g. cocoa milk, Pakola etc but their per centum is low as comparison to kick liquid milk. Peoples populating in good developed and classy countries of Lahore like Defence and Gulberg have more penchants of taking packaged milk, while people with lower income bracket prefer to take milk from milk-man. Biggest ground what I find is the extent and the degree of predominating fight in the milk industry. The selling programs are of cardinal importance in this respect. Consumers are attracted more to the good that is marketed good. There are many advantages of packaged milk, delightful, hygienic, Status symbol and prevailing monetary values are justified. Milk is one of the indispensable diets for every age, it helps constructing strong castanetss, and milk is loaded with eight indispensable vitamins and minerals which are really of import and plays a critical function in a human organic structure, and per centum of consumers those who buy milk for wellness jeopardies issues are 42.9, and 29.5 % of consumers buy milk for disposal packaging, this shows that consumers are rather witting about their wellness issues and at the same clip they prefer to purchase milk which can assist them forestalling from bacterial affects like cholera, malaria and Diarrhea etc. monetary value but is non affected for consumers because they have to imbibe milk, and if monetary values are increased people can non halt imbibing milk but they adjust consequently. Although advertisement do affairs for consumers to cognize more about their merchandise, and kids are attracted towards the jangle that now-a twenty-four hours ‘s milk trade names are utilizing in their advertizements, because kids are more attracted towards packaged milk than loose milk ground being the gustatory sensation of the packaged milk is more tastier than loose milk packaged milk is healthy, and has no bacterial affects as comparison to free milk.


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