The Concept of First Aid And Safety Education Essay

First Aid – is the immediate. impermanent attention given to a patient or victim of an accident before the services of a doctor could be obtained. It is applied to forestall farther hurt. cut down hurting experienced by the patient. and daze from the hurt. Safety Education – is the acknowledgment and turning away of jeopardies doing disablement or decease in modern life. Accident – is defined as unplanned or unexpected event of events in a sequence of events that consequences in belongings harm. hurt. or decease. The Hierarchy of the Seven Bases of Inspection in Case of Accident

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1. Profuse shed blooding
2. Arrest of take a breathing
3. Internal toxic condition
4. Daze after an hurt
5. Nathan birnbaums
6. Fractures
7. Dislocation. sprains. and strains

Features of a Good First Aider
1. Observant – should detect all marks
2. Resourceful – makes usage of things at manus
3. Gentle – should non do hurting
4. Tactful – should non dismay the victim
5. Sympathetic – should be soothing
6. Cheerful – inspires and develops assurance

The General Directions in Giving First Aid ( Standard Procedure ) 1. Don’t move the victim from the place you find him/her in. unless the state of affairs is excessively unsafe that may do further serious hurt. 2. Check take a breathing. In instance of arrest or trouble in take a breathing – a ) Clear the oral cavity and pharynx from lodged nutrient or anything causing obstructor. B ) Apply unreal respiration if necessary. 3. Check the pulsation. If there is no pulse. use CPR. 4. Check shed blooding. 5. If the patient is unconscious but take a breathing usually – a ) Turn the patient to his/her side with the caput lower than the organic structure if there is back or cervix lesion. B ) Clear the oral cavity and pharynx from obstructor.

degree Celsius ) Don’t give anything to imbibe.
6. Cover lesions with clean fabric. patch. or dressing.
7. Put a splint on the fractured or dislocated bone.
8. Name for a physician or take to the nearest infirmary. if the patient’s life is in danger.


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