The Concept Of Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing Essay

In the present word communicating is one of the basic demands and its usage increased enormously from the last decennary. This addition in the usage of communicating resulted high client consciousness about corporate societal duty. In the past the company ‘s chief concern was about how to increase net income. The consumer demand was besides limited to the quality of the merchandise. The state of affairs now was changed because the clients demanded socially responsible and sustainable concern. That ‘s why the concern focal point was changed from doing net income to a more socially and sustainable concern.

In this paper, I have tried to explicate that how the construct of corporate societal duty developed. In the background portion, I give the illustration of different authors that how they contributed in different epochs to develop the construct of corporate societal duty. How the consciousness was increased in concern people and consumers about corporate societal duty ( CSR ) . In the survey portion I take the word taking communicating web supplier company, Nokia. And tried to happen out that how it is following the construct of corporate societal duty construct. The construction of the paper was based on debut followed by a background portion and so analyze and at the terminal the decision.

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Executive Summary

The survey is chiefly based on two parts. The first portion is based on background of corporate societal duty. That how the construct of corporates societal duty was developed how the authors contributes at different epochs of their times. How they were succeeded to do the construct of corporate societal duty clear in the heads of concern community and in society. The background portion besides shows that how the construct of corporate societal duty was changed in practical signifier. How the consciousness was developed in the heads of consumer. That they are now demanding for a socially and sustainable development which forced the concern people to alter their concentration from increasing net income to a responsible and sustainable concern. And cognize the companies are working responsible and they are besides puting in different undertakings to better the life criterions of the society and besides working on bettering the environment.

The 2nd portion is based on survey. In the 2nd portion I try to explicate how the construct of corporate societal duty was pattern by a corporation. In this portion I chose Nokia which is one of the top or infect the word no 1 communicating web supplier company. And seek to happen that how they are following the regulations of corporate societal duty. In the paper I mentioned that what sort of measure they have taken to salvage the environment from pollution. The undertakings on which they are working to salvage the environment were besides maintained in the survey portion.

Chapter 1:


Carroll and Buchholtz ( 2003, p.36 ) believes that Corporate societal duty ( CSR ) can be defined as: “ economic, legal, ethical, and discretional outlooks that society has of organisations at a given point in clip ” . The construct of corporate societal duty was introduced in 1954 when stockholder of standard oil of New Jersey sued the house ‘s director in tribunal, they complained that he missed used their financess by doing part to the technology school of Princeton university. But the tribunal gave its determination in favor of the director by stating that the allotment of such financess was in the range of direction profanation. And after this determination many company take advantage. ( Enquist, 2008 )

With the addition in consumer power many company get down taking involvement in societal and human facet of the market the consciousness between the consumer increased scientist and environmentalist start detecting some bad alterations in the environment and now they start demanding from the corporation to move responsibly. The term corporate societal duty becomes common in 1970 as a batch of Multinational Corporation formed. With the prostration of communism in 1980s bring revolution changed in the universe concern globalisation emerge and the consciousness about environmental alterations and responsible concern increased. Due to which many stairss were taken like formation of Brundtland committee United state planetary compact and World concern council for sustainable development was formed.

In this paper I compare Nokia that how it is working on sustainability. Nokia in the present clip is one of the top telecom fabrication companies. Found in 1865 as a paper factory established by Fredric Idestam in Finland. Where it headquarters is situated. Now it is runing in more than 160 states. And its production units are in16 states. And it has more than 123553 employees in all over the universe. Harmonizing to its one-year study 2009 more than 1.2 billion people connect to one another every twenty-four hours through Nokia. And its operating net income is more than 1.2 billion and net sale is 41.0 billion EUR. ( Nokia 2009 )

Chapter 2:


The construct of corporate societal duty was widely come in usage in 1960 but from the economical ethical and legal point of position it is found in every society of all the times. And it will non be incorrect to state that in every society of every clip there is some outlook from the organisation that they act responsibly. The construct of corporate societal duty was foremost introduced by a Scots philosopher Adam Smith in 18 century by stating that as quoted by Joi Bilson that the best manner of carry throughing the demands and desires of the society is possible by the interaction between single and organisations After Adam Smith with the transition of clip many analyst try their best and give their positions to specify CSR. ( Joi Bilson 2010 ) .

From 1950 we can state that the modern epoch of corporate societal duty ( CSR ) was started. In 1953 Howard Bowen explain CSR as quoted by Thinking displacement that it is the duty of the man of affairs that make concern constabulary that are in the best involvement of the society. In his celebrated book societal duties of a concern adult male he besides explain the duties of a concern people for the society. The construct of corporate societal duty CSR was further explained by Keith Davis in 1960. Harmonizing to Keith Davis as quoted by THINKINGSHIFT that the business communities should non merely think about the proficient and economic involvement of the organisation “ after Keith Davis in 1963 Joseph W McGuire give his position on corporate societal duty in his book Business and society by saying that as quoted by THINKINGSHIFT the organisation have non merely to believe about its legal and economic issues but besides to take attention of the society after Joseph in 1967 C Walton besides contributed in explicating the construct of corporate societal duty he stress the companies to cognize and admit their duties outside the company voluntarily. ( THINKINGSHIFT 2007 )

In 1970 term “ neighbourliness ” become common which means ecosystem or small town. Two analysts Eilbert and Parket explain CSR as quoted by THINKINGSHIFT that we have to believe about our neighbors this construct is chiefly based on two stages. On one manus they are against all the concern activities from which the vicinity is affected and on the other manus they expressed voluntary action to work out the vicinity jobs. In 1970s we see that the consciousness between the people was increased and now they start taking involvement in sustainability issues. And get down demanding to take some practical action to salvage their milieus. Now the analysts and experts besides start jointing the construct with more lucidity. They start to clear up what are the exact duties of the corporation are. ( THINKINGSHIFT 2007 )

In 1971 commission for economic development published its societal duties of concern corporations. Quoted by THINKINGSHIFT the CED outlined a three-tiered theoretical account of CSR is

1. The internal duty of the organisation is to increased net income and growing.

2. The 2nd duty of the organisation is to take attention of the society and concern when he was bring forthing net income

3. The 3rd duty of the organisation is to take attention of the environment and besides aid in bettering environment and societal issues. ( THINKINGSHIFT 2007 )

The theoretical account focused on both interior and outer duties of the corporation. Milton Friedman ‘s besides explain corporate societal duty as quoted by Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak harmonizing to Milton. The lone societal duty of the concern is to utilize it resources and increased its net income within the regulations without fraud and misrepresentation ( Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak 2006 )

1980 we see a most positive attack towards corporate societal duty. CSR was debated worldwide. And the consciousness about sustainable development was emerged. Peter Drucker in 1984 writes about altering societal jobs into economic chances. And in 1989 a first company Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s an ice pick fabricating company published a societal study. In the same epoch 1987 Brundland Report was published by the World Commission on Environment. ( Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak 2006 )

Development ( WCED ) as quoted by Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak in this study ( WECD ) define sustainable development as utilizing the resources in a manner that it fulfil the demands of the present without harming the involvement of the future coevalss ” in this epoch some positive stairss were taken approximately sustainable development. ( Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak 2006 )

In 1990 corporate societal duty CSR literature was non much expended but the old literature was used as a base point. In 1991 the most of import part to the corporate societal duty CSR was made by wood by puting CSR in CSP theoretical account into a broader context. In 1995 Swanson give three chief points of motive for corporate societal duty. ( Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak 2006 )

In 1990s CSR remain the chief subject for argument. A batch of positive enterprise was taken to implement sustainability. In 1997 Solomon declared concerns the most powerful establishment in the universe and now there are a batch of duties on them. In 1999 Carroll suggest as the new millenary approached that corporate societal duty will stay an indispensable portion of concern pattern because people demand sustainable development from concern community today. ( Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak 2006 )

In the twenty-first century the argument for corporate societal duty continues by the authors such as Solomon Smid and Scherer ‘s sentiment that it is the duty of transnational companies to move responsibly for the betterment of societal and environmental conditions. Windsor farther explicate this point in the western African states there is human right maltreatment and corruptness in oil production companies and James Buckee the CEO of one of these companies citing that which is further quoted by Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak that we need to put in those countries where there is elements of popular sentiment find obnoxious. which clarify and illustrate Windsor ‘s decision quoted by Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak that there are difference of sentiment in different portion of the universe harmonizing to Oketch ‘s quoted by Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak it should be insured that on a certain set of regulations the establishment can run in the planetary market. In the new century the literature about corporate societal duty put a good impact on the society and batch of enterprises were taken in this new epoch like the assignment of corporate societal duty minster in UK. United state planetary compact sing human rights environment and labor and the release of European committee ‘s green paper advancing corporate societal duties CSR Indicate that know awareness about corporate societal duty improves. And this success is because of the literature published by different author in different times. And because of this literature the construct of corporate societal duty is being explored. And it will besides assist the universe in the characteristic epoch. And with the transition of clip the construct of corporate societal duty will be clearer in the heads of peoples. ( Gail Thomas & A ; Margaret Nowak 2006 )

Corporate societal duty was followed in all the developed states. And they are basking all of its benefits but in developing states and under developing states we see no marks of corporate societal duties. And cognize it is the duty of developed states to assist these states. Because they have non adequate resources to follow the regulations of corporate societal duty if we want to accomplish the ends of corporate societal duty so we have to work for it in every corner of the universe.

Chapter 3:


Nokia is a really old company founded in 1865 and now it is one of the taking communicating web suppliers more than 1.2 billion people connect to one another every twenty-four hours through Nokia devices runing in over 160 states with strong R & A ; W presence in 16 states because of which it experience a alone client, consumer, stakeholder and stockholder in different parts of the universe. As it is runing in different parts of the universe at that place fore it has more than 37,020 Numberss of employees in R & A ; D which is about 30 % of its work force and 123,553 employees at the terminal of twelvemonth 2009 and put more than 5.9 billion EUR on R & A ; D. and operating net income is about1.2 billion net gross revenues 41.0 billion EUR as it mentioned in its one-year study 2009 and these figures makes Nokia the universe no1 nomadic industry company in the universe. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Employees and Sustainability factor at Nokia:

Nokia believes in committedness and endowment of all of their employees therefor they create an environment where employees work without bias the employees were provided equal chances for their bearer development. And are committed strongly to the highest criterions of ethical behavior for all the employees who work with them, they give value to their employees and give them feedback about the company place and besides maintain them cognizant about the alterations that affect them. Nokia recognized employees brotherhood and they have corporate understandings with many labour brotherhoods. But these understandings are different at different states as every state has its ain jurisprudence and patterns. In Europe employee ‘s representative meet with direction twice a twelvemonth and discourse issues that affect employees for illustration on May 6 & A ; 7 there are 27 employees representative from eight different European states where they discuss about the company concern updates every bit good as about the employees public assistance. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Nokia organized an one-year study every twelvemonth for their employees on the name of listening to you. Survey provides feedback on assorted of import issues. Which help them in doing employee ‘s policies and the study employees were asked about different CR issues? Nokia keeps their labour status harmonizing to the international degree on each and every site of their production units. ( Nokia 2009 )

“ Their planetary employment guideline determines how they handle employment issues at each production site.

aˆ? Compensation

aˆ? working clip and location

aˆ? Employee well-being

aˆ? Equal chances

aˆ? Confidentiality and privateness issues

aˆ? Guidance on external assignments

aˆ? Conflicts of involvement

aˆ? Efficient communications

aˆ? Freedom of association, including corporate bargaining rights ” ( Nokia 2009 )

As Nokia is a portion of human rights assessments they take action on minimising incidents, kid labour every bit good as corruptness hazard at concern units. Labor conditions were proctor at every production unit to look into they compel company employment guidelines and labour status criterions. Bing a planetary company Nokia is confronting challenges every bit good as benefits taking attention of every employ is in favour of both employee every bit good as for the company because he will experience portion of the squad which will assist in bettering company public presentation. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Customer ‘s value through CSR

Nokia provide merchandises harmonizing to the demand of their clients. A research study was organized every twelvemonth to cognize precisely about the demands and demands of the clients. They besides receive appraisal about environmental and societal public presentation from their operator clients and the besides give response to the clients. They were besides in touch with their client through electronic mail, online and through client call centre service on which they provide information about the merchandise and merchandise related issues. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Nokia is really responsible in making concern they are making concern in a manner that is non harmful for the environment and people infect they are really caring and esteeming and seeking to do things simple for the people and these peculiar things make them a really human company. Nokia manner of working is really simple they are really straightforward in covering with providers and clients. Nokia is really flexible in determination devising they give chances to the people to portion their thoughts and besides see their thoughts in determinations doing ( Nokia, 2011 ) . Nokia is besides working on cut downing the CO2 emanations harmonizing to their one-year study 2009 they have reduced CO2 emissions up to 20 % and up to 2012 they are taking that the will cut down it more. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Nokia besides work on recycling in 2009 they work on making consciousness in consumer globally on the potency for nomadic phone to be recycled. Harmonizing to their study an mean house clasp has around five trim nomadic phones. They foremost try to promote people to go through the fresh phones to other peoples that the can utilize it. And if they are non utilizing them so they recycled them. The chief intent behind it was remotion of unserviceable merchandise from domestic waste to protect the environment. At the terminal of 2009 they recycled about 373 dozenss of vitamin E waste which include up to 4.7 million Mobiles phones. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Stakeholders and Sustainability at Nokia:

For Nokia understanding stakeholder outlook from the company is every bit much of import as they understand their client outlook about the merchandise. For them the most of import stakeholder is stockholder, client and employees. They keep good relation with supply concatenation authoritiess sector spouses NGO ‘s and other community. And engagement with them is the portion of their normal concern pattern. And duologue with their internal and external stakeholder helped them in predating their farther activities. Like it assist them in placing of import issues, strengthens their societal investing plans and besides helped them in measuring stakeholder satisfaction. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Nokia maintain its interest holders cognizant of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours company advancement and maintain them engaged in company activities. Their chief beginning of prosecuting stakeholder is internet and public runs big and little group engagement studies and feedbacks. Feedback from stakeholder battle and acknowledgment from external beginnings means that their interest holder trust on them and they believe that Nokia had made a good advancement in many countries of sustainability. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Shareholder value and sustainability at Nokia:

Stockholder is one of the most of import stakeholders for Nokia. They organized an one-year meeting every twelvemonth in the last hebdomad of April. In which every stockholder have the right to subject his proposal and agenda points to general meeting one-year meeting boards of managers and other top direction is present to reply the inquiry of stockholders. In 2009 the CEO of Nokia address the meeting about sustainability issues and many sustainable related issues were approve by the executive board. ( Nokia, 2009 )

Chapter 4:


Corporate societal duty now yearss are the most growing construct in the heads of the society. The society has a great involvement in the issue related societal duty and sustainability. This addition of involvement in corporate societal duty put a great impact on the concern society now they are forced to alter their heads from lone generate net income but to derive net income responsibly and besides spend a portion of that net income for the public assistance of the society. And because of this increased involvement of people in sustainability forced the organisations to move responsibly and sustainable. And now yearss the concern individuals are taking portion in the environmental and societal issues. They are puting a batch of money in societal and environmental undertakings. And which have a really positive impact on society and environment.

In this portion consequence and rating I will state that Nokia in many ways is seeking to follow the construct of corporate societal duty. Nokia is involved in many undertakings from which we can state that Nokia is a sustainable company. And it is besides working for advancing the construct of corporate societal duty ( CSR ) .

Reducing CO2 emanation:

Nokia is working on cut downing CO2 emanation in their one-year study they claimed that they have reduced CO2 emanation up to 20 % in 2008 and they are seeking to cut down it more in the following twelvemonth. From this measure of Nokia that they are cut downing CO2 emanation shows that Nokia is serious in protecting environment from pollution. And it besides proves that Nokia is making a responsible and sustainable concern. Because CO2 emanation is one of the most of import issues that the modern word is confronting. It has a really bad impact on ozone bed and if the organisation did non command CO2 emanation so it will destruct the environment. And it is a large menace for the society. Different NGOs and authorities sectors are working to make consciousness between the society and concern sector about the decrease of CO2 emanation. And now the society besides demands from the corporation to cut down CO2 emanation and because of the consumer force per unit area. The organisation is working on this job.

Recycling old phone sets:

Nokia has besides get down a plan in partnership with some other companies for recycling fresh sets. Harmonizing to their study every norm house clasp has more than five fresh or trim Mobiles phones. They foremost promote the people to go through the fresh phone to their household members or friends or other people who will utilize them. But if they are non utilizing them so they will recycled them. They encourage people by presenting different bundles. And so they recycled these phones. Harmonizing to the one-year study 2009 Nokia has recycled more than 373 dozenss of fresh and old phones. It include up to 4.7 million of nomadic phones. The chief intent behind this complains was the remotion of unserviceable merchandise from the domestic waste. It is unsafe for the environment when the waste was assorted in the dirt for break uping. This plan is besides an illustration of Nokia that they are working for the improvement of the society and environment. Nokia is working harmonizing to the construct of corporate societal duty. Nokia is a socially responsible company.

Investing in societal undertakings:

Nokia is besides puting in societal undertakings. In the partnership with other societal sectors organisations and authorities sectors Nokia is puting in instruction and wellness sector in different states of the word. And it proves that Nokia is socially and sustainable company.


Corporate societal duty is at the bosom of all the concern procedures of the Telecom Giant known to us as Nokia. It has been given acknowledgment by the strategic direction as the market enlargement and sustainable value can merely be attained by the duologue between stakeholders and holding a displacement in thought every bit good as action from individual to treble bottom line. Customer perceptual experience can be controlled and positive messages can merely be sent to the universe through “ Doing Well ” .


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